Presenting Doctor Kermit "Butcher" Gosnell, MD (Medical Deviate)


There’s so much interesting news to report this week for my devoted readers – all two of them, not counting my many friends sitting on their fat, lazy, overpaid asses at the NSA, watching for anything written that could be construed as threatening or criminal toward the elected megalomaniacs ruling this fragmented, dying, bankrupt nation. They really have nothing to fear from me, as I am quite content with simply watching their arrogant stupidity and knowing that they will destroy themselves. Kindly study the history of “civilized” mankind, starting with Mesopotamia, or consult the writings of Oswald Spengler for absolute proof of this blunt assertion.

That said, gorked out Arizona headshot victim Gabrielle Giffords is evidently trying to walk, and perhaps occasionally think or speak, using what is left of her bullet-scrambled brain. I candidly wager at best she sounds like a female Dick Clark, following his massive stroke some years back. Her grinning, wild-eyed assailant, Jared “Uncle Fester” Loughner, is cooling his murderous heels, locked away in a cell at the Tucson hoosegow, awaiting “justice”, whatever that actually is. Unfortunately, that arduous adjudicative task will take years, if not fucking decades, consisting of multiple criminal trials and sentencing, followed by endless appeals, the final appeals, as always in modern death penalty cases, bordering on the ridiculous. I submit it would be much more efficient to simply shoot his miserable ass and be done with it, as Loughner’s guilt in not even remotely in question, sparing everyone involved from an absurd farce disguised as a trial. Meanwhile, stern faced Goebbelsian rhetoricians of the media are still occupied with blaming silly Sarah Palin for Uncle Fester’s anarchic, lunatic shooting spree, in a determined effort to brainwash the public with lies so brazen that even Pinocchio would blush.

Between being apprised of multiple suicide bombings in the peaceful, idyllic nation of Iraq, the megalomaniacal head nigger of this terminal dump, President Barack Hussein Obama, has been busy french kissing chink asshole so the “commie” slopes occupying China won’t dump our virtually worthless T bonds, assuming they still can dump them somewhere, other than a landfill, where they belong. Really folks, as if anyone in their right would take them, other than the sinister, scheming sheenie Benjamin Bernanke, exalted head counterfeiter of the glorious Federal Reserve Bank.

Oh yes, on a lighter note, the overpaid, under worked “entertainers” infesting Hollywood are pissed off that a limey comedian named Ricky Gervais cleverly identified them before slackjawed, worshipful viewers as to what they really are – pampered, surgically enhanced, narcissistic, superficial, drug addled, drunken, parasitic fucking TRASH who contribute little or nothing of REAL VALUE to society.

All that horseshit aside, for the reader’s benefit, I now humbly offer and will devote the remainder of this post to a pleasant tale of modern, decadent, hypocritical Americana, delivered to you for no charge whatsoever, using my usual foul mouthed, irreverent, epithet strewn fashion.

Dr. Kermit B. Gosnell, 69, a millionaire nigger physician from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has been charged with eight counts of murder, specifically, the murder of one patient, Ms. Karnamaya Mongar, and the deliberate, premeditated murders of seven unnamed, uh, “viable fetal material units”, for lack of a better description. Some insensitive, intolerant, mean-spirited people still call such creatures babies, but as “fetuses” are apparently not protected by the good old, worthless toilet paper US Constitution, I guess they’re not “legally” babies, using the strictest definition of the word. Silly me for thinking otherwise. I venture that I’m not a very “progressive” individual, examples of progressives being talentless know-it-all kike Bill Maher, four-eyed Goebbelsian kraut Keith Olbermann, or the dog faced yenta twat Sarah Seltzer.

The murders allegedly perpetrated by Dr. Kermit Gosnell occurred at a filthy, disease ridden, dilapidated structure, cheerfully dubbed the “Women’s Medical Society”, this clever moniker a nice sounding euphemism for none other than an abortion clinic. You see, most, if not all, abortion clinics don’t call their glorified death factories “abortion clinics”, as they don’t want to “offend” or “upset” the community by advertising that they are actually running little more than “human slaughterhouses”, which is exactly what they fucking are, period. Really people, what the hell should abortion clinics be called, rather than abortion clinics – playgrounds?

Incidentally, have any readers heard of an obscure, expensive culinary delicacy called “unborn veal?” That’s where butchers slaughter pregnant cows, hack them into manageable pieces with saws and electric knives, and market the valuable embryonic calves too, for utterly obscene profits. Yes, slaughterhouses indeed do that, every day, in most countries, excepting perhaps for parts of India, where some delusional Hindu idiots worship stupid goddamned cows as some sort of god. Rich people, attempting to appear sophisticated before their fellow lazy, cap toothed, soft palmed peers, pay lots of bucks to dine on aborted calves, for whatever reason. Unborn veal was offered to me at an upscale restaurant a long time ago; I declined, preferring lobsters, which are, of course, boiled alive before serving, along with being rather tasty fare for discriminating palates such as mine. Don’t blame me if you just barfed your fucking guts up; just Google “unborn veal” if you suspect I’m being mendacious.

Anyway, it seems this four-eyed, freckle faced, mulatto eightball, Dr. Kermit B. Gosnell, was more of a butcher than any sort of physician – a literal latter-day, shitskinned version of Joseph Mengele, minus the swastika of course. Who the fuck knows, perhaps the “B” initial stands for Boofer, Butcher, Bastard, Blue gum, Boot lip, or maybe even Beelzebub, take your pick. Grisly details of the spectacle are still coming out, but briefly, this conscienceless jig monster Gosnell, sporting a MD obtained from god only knows where, ran a literal chamber of horrors at his “Women’s Medical Society”. When the pigs finally arrived to haul this despicable, murderous nigger off to jail where he fucking belongs, they found a veritable morgue, a macabre scene of dead bodies, mason jars filled with pickled human feet, rooms littered with plastic bags containing rotting flesh, and several freezers, crammed to near bursting with aborted fetuses.

For what reason did ghoul Gosnell collect, package, freeze, pickle and hoard such unsavory items? Who the fuck knows, maybe he’s insane, or a cannibal, but it must have been an incredible sight to see – like Victor Frankenstein’s lab or something. Investigating pigs, probably forced to wear pressurized biohazard suits due to the unsanitary and odoriferous conditions, also came across and noted fetal remains in various stages of dismemberment, both preserved and decaying, strewn haphazardly about the facility, and observed dried blood all over the floors and walls. Strangely, “Doctor” Gosnell got away with running his clandestine human slaughterhouse for well over three goddamned decades, apparently because the State of Pennsylvania didn’t give one flying fuck about what he did, as long as he paid his taxes, which apparently he didn’t do very well either, considering that nearly a quarter of a million dollars was found stashed away, in cash, at his residence. I wager the hidden cash is actually “drug proceeds”, which the crooked pigs will confiscate and split among themselves – isn’t America a wonderful place?

As for the murder allegations, I submit, in the interest of justice, that charges in relation to the patient’s demise should be reduced to involuntary manslaughter, as it is highly doubtful that Kermit Gosnell actually intended for Ms. Mongar to expire. On the other hand, charges in relation to the murdered “viable fetal material units” seem to be in order, as Dr. Mengele, sorry, I mean “Doctor” Gosnell, deliberately severed the spinal cords of said “viable fetal material units” with scissors, in order to “dispose” of them after delivering them alive and breathing. Yes, you read it correctly, they were living, viable human babies, referred to as “fetuses” in this instance for the sake of semantical convenience, arrived at by employing the “William J. Clinton” method of variable meaning. Not using standard procedures for “late term” abortions, which are, by the way, illegal after 24 weeks gestation in Pennsylvania, Gosnell would simply induce labor in his “patient”, deliver the unwanted “fetal material”, in some cases as late as 32 weeks gestation, and then kill the “fetus” by severing the spinal cord. Kindly old Dr. Mengele/Gosnell sure sounds like a really nice guy, doesn’t he? And I thought I was a heartless old bastard; this vicious, greedy, amoral nigger murderer makes past creatures like Vlad Dracula or Elizabeth Báthory seem like motherfucking saints by comparison.

In addition, this monstrous mulatto butcher who masqueraded as a physician is also accused of literally forcing some women to have abortions against their express orders, namely, one Robyn Reid, and another, Davida Johnson, who also acquired a venereal disease thanks to Gosnell’s rather, shall I say, unorthodox methods of “therapeutic abortion care”. Others are coming forward as of this writing, so much for the “right to choose”, I guess. It seems that the “Women’s Medical Society” was more like a “Hotel California” for unfortunate fetuses – judging from the grisly evidence obtained, fetuses could check out any time they liked, via the good “doctor”, but they could NEVER LEAVE. Further, Gosnell’s “bedside manner” consisted of treating his low income patients like absolute dirt, with this tactless, obnoxious nigger monster yelling at them, assaulting them, tearing their clothing from their persons, tying them down, sedating them, with he and his “assistants” gleefully butchering their bodies like ignorant barbers or midwives from the fucking middle ages.

Nine of “Doctor” Gosnell’s fellow monsters at the “Women’s Medical Society” facility have also been collared by the pigs, one dour arrestee being his loving wife, Pearl Gosnell, this evil, murderous wench apparently the reincarnation of the vicious Bitch of Buchenwald. She and other employees of Gosnell assisted this unqualified, uncertified, hairless simian moolie in his barbaric “procedures”, some of which resulted in the spread of venereal diseases due to using improperly sterilized, or perhaps even unsterilized, surgical instruments. In addition, at least two “patient” deaths occurred while being “cared” for by butcher Gosnell, one victim from sepsis and another from a drug overdose arising from blatant incompetence by an ignorant amateur “nurse” hired by Kermit Gosnell. Not content with killing only seven “viable fetal material units”, it is said this greedy ape and his cadre of bloodthirsty ghouls may be responsible for the grisly slaughter of thousands of viable infants over a period spanning 31 years. I wager it’s only the tip of the iceberg, Christ only fucking knows how many of his “patients” died over the years and simply disappeared from the face of the earth, quietly disposed of using a variety of ingenious methods. Alas, none of us will ever know the true death toll of this malevolent, inhuman bastard.

What should be done with this greedy, corrupt, arrogant, obnoxious, murderous nigger medicine man? I suppose it depends on the individual’s point of view; I’d throw him headfirst into a vat of molten steel if I had any say in it, which unfortunately I don’t. I’m sure eightball Obama sees nothing at all wrong with what Gosnell did, considering he supports the idea of infanticide and has bluntly stated so, even voting against the idea of saving living infants that survived abortion, evidently preferring that they DIE instead, apparently in the name of freedom or something. That’s what is running this dying place, arrogant, elitist things, disguised as people, who have no more fucking regard for their fellow man than a goddamned crocodile does for an errant wildebeest snatched from a motherfucking riverbank. Feminist dykes of the militant type more than likely completely agree with Barack Obama, employing hackneyed phrases like “the right to choose”, and other such propagandistic bullshit like “unborn children aren’t human”. Well folks, if unborn human children are not human, I’d love to know what the fuck they really are – perhaps they are actually DUCKS that magically become human beings at birth? Further, with regard to “choice”, two named patients of this barbaric, murderous bastard, one Robyn Reid, and a Davida Johnson, attempted to exercise their supposed “right to choose”. After all, they changed their minds with regard to terminating their pregnancies at the “Women’s Medical Society”, a lot of fucking good that did them. Their choice didn’t matter to the maniac “Doctor” Gosnell, that greedy, monstrous butcher stripped them, tied them down, sedated them and slaughtered their brats anyway, and evidently sent both broads a goddamned bill for doing so.

Welcome, subject, to the decadent, dying, bankrupt United States of America that we all helped to create, by continually electing greedy, power mad, arrogant, two faced, amoral lying bastards who care about no one except themselves, who care nothing for the culture or traditions of those born here, who care nothing for the Constitution and view it as an annoying obstacle to be overcome by sheer force of will, who gleefully promote chaos, rather than order, and who above all, embrace death, rather than life. I may be a avowed godless atheist bastard who despises the very concept of idiotic religious superstition, but I do seem to have something that our supposedly “religious Christian” leaders lack entirely – an apparent inborn sense of right and wrong.




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