A Nation, Founded on LIES, Part Two

March 11, 2014

Well, I wager my preceding post woke someone up – hits went up like a bat out of hell, courtesy of my good friends at the NSA or the CIA, or maybe even the FBI. I wager someone, somewhere, doesn’t like what I have to say at all, even though there isn’t one thing they can do about it, legallySearching for anything that could be construed as a threat to anyone, they finally closed the page in bitter disappointment, angrily conceding that your friend Conway, whose true identity they already know, chooses his words very, very carefully. 
That aside, speculating further, perhaps they’ll send the IRS after me for daring to tell the truth about this cadaverous farce of a nation, or maybe they’ll elect to use the Secret Service, in a pathetic attempt at intimidation, sternly accusing me of “disrespecting” that disgusting, inept, narcissistic nigger jackanapes Obama, sitting on his goddamned brain in the White House.


Are you fucking kidding me – respect is EARNED, and Obama has not earned mine. Hell, I’d call that banana-lipped mulatto jungle bunny to his goddamned face if I ever encountered him, on national television, mind you. I have more respect for blood-bloated bedbugs than I ever could for a clown like Barack Obama – or his retarded predecessor, empty-eyed honky George W. Bush. Both are excrement under my feet, unworthy of respect or acknowledgement given to mangy felines. 

H. L. Mencken said it best: “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” 

Empty-eyes and the jackanapes are absolute PROOF of that assertion.

Further, according to the First Amendment, whether it is a lie or not, I am allowed to disrespect anyone that I want to, but that’s another story. Refer to the preceding post for verification of that assertion. 

Exploring another scenario, our esteemed betters may even employ a jackbooted gestapo pig to simply pull me over in the name of the law on a dark country road while driving my old, rusty junker home from the local convenience store – for the felonious crime of a bad tag light, and then dutifully blow my brains out all over the well-worn and split Naugahyde front bench seat. Afterward, the duly sworn servant of the people will plant an old, rusty rim-fire .32 on my cooling cadaver, in the name of freedom, god, George Washington, and Civil Rights. The following morning, Goebbelsian headlines will shrilly state that I was a terrorist, or a drug dealer, or a child molester, or that I didn’t love Jesus, or whatever it will take to paint kindly old Conway as as the most despicable fucking creature to have ever lived since Gaius Caligula, Emperor of the Romans. I won’t give a shit what they will say, as I’ll no longer exist, except as a rotting carcass of deanimated meat sitting in a local morgue.
I have yet to see one comment refuting my position that the First Amendment is a lie, though an anonymous commenter stated that they envied my vocabulary, and that Zip Code 12345 was based in Schenectady, New York at the General Electric home office. GE is a company founded by Thomas Edison, another atheist who invented a whole shitload of devices, like light bulbs, DC power distribution, phonographs, and the Kinetograph, an early motion picture camera. I found the Zip Code information to be an interesting piece of trivia, and thanked him or her for their input. The picture at the top of this essay is a nod to the anonymous poster.
That said, this vicious polemical essay will be devoted to exposing the Second Amendment for the LIE that it is, using American history and current events to SHOW the reader that it as nothing but mendacious sophistry used to dupe credulous, mentally-challenged drones, masquerading as the American citizenry.
Reiterating history, Mr. James Madison, hypocrite, wealthy, slave owning elitist, and Fourth President of the United States was the brilliant author of the ridiculous document called the “Bill of Rights”, which contain the First through Tenth Amendments of the Constitution of the United States of AmericaIt is my intention to prove conclusively at the end of each essay that all of them are lies, cunningly crafted as a smokescreen to mesmerize feckless idiots, seducing the credulous into believing that they have “inalienable rights” given to them by some sort of god. Considering there is no proof that god exists, it is safe to assume that god does not exist and never did exist. Expounding the preceding statement, it is evident that our “rights” come from the clever, talking APE called man, and are easily negated by the clever, talking APE called man, by using FORCE, either covertly, through legislation, or overtly, by employing physical persuasion. Oh well, so much for god and rights of man, I guess. Cynically summarizing, is plainly obvious that the American citizenry possessing firearms is a grave threat and very present danger to the evolving Federal and State fascist tyrannies. Therefore, the Second Amendment must, and will be negated by those in power to enable the tyranny to progress further

For example, while perusing the Internet, I have noticed that a group of evident government paid shills are plainly stating that everyone should give up their guns, due to the Federal Government possessing tanks and other superior weapons, with which they will subjugate the people by force. Psychologically, such remarks are tactical; they are a threat, and are being employed by those in power in order to intimidate and demoralize an already alienated population into feeling hopeless. Such clumsy tactics won’t work, and have been tried before, across history. What individuals with such ignorant worldviews do not realize is that governments exist at the WHIM of the CITIZENRY, not vice versa. People with nothing left to lose and everything to gain are not cowered by the threats of those individuals they consider intractable enemies – a cornered rat will fight a fucking lion, even with no hope of survival, and a million rats will defeat and devour one. That is the key; one determined citizen can be defeated easily, a thousand determined citizens, not so easily; with a million determined citizens – success and “regime change” of whatever type is virtually certain. 

Citing our blood-drenched history as proof, the ultimate goal of the cunning, talking APE called man is for a select group of greedy apes to gain POWER and control over the masses, using any means, so the masses can be exploited by those in power – to facilitate the pursuance of whatever perceived want or need that is desired by the controlling group, which has always been wealth, in varying forms – be it goats, gold, silver, slaves, ships, whores, wildebeests, or whatever is considered “valuable” at the time. Those in power can and will use anything to justify their lofty and exalted positions – invoking their perceived intelligence, the need for public safety; “science”, as it is so-called today, e.g., global warming and its ugly sister, climate change, or by even invoking god – when they are truly desperate and have no recourse, other than death. All of the above, contrived measures are very effective at duping dronelike clods, for the most part, until the shit hits the fan, then, all bets are off. Regardless of temporary success, given enough time, coupled with oppression of the masses, the masses revolt, a vicious bloodbath ensues and the victors establish a new government, which immediately sets out to accomplish the very same task that the vanquished regime pursued – to have power over and to control the masses, and to exploit them economically, for the exact same reasons.

Yes, the above could be considered a “Marxist” worldview – sue me.Anyway, the supposed worldviews of those gangsters presently running any nation doesn’t matter at all, whether they be capitalists, fascists, or communists, as long as the dronelike masses have something to believe in, like the easily convinced, dogmatic, gullible fools that they are. Autocratic statism and devotion to such is replacing religion; Stalin’s Soviet Union, Hitler’s Nazi Germany, Mao’s Communist China, and the current United States of America are proof of that assertion. The only discernible differences in the above four entities is that the United States is promoting “friendly” fascism – wanton tyranny disguised as freedom, complete with a with a cynical motherfucking “happy face” plastered over wanton autocracy. Other than that there is no difference in execution of goals – subjugating and forcing the populace to adopt a particular worldview, to facilitate the agenda of the elitist vermin controlling and exploiting the masses. Then, when the masses being exploited finally wake up – things change – FAST, like an unstoppable wildfire. 

That’s all it takes, dear reader; the communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin and his Bolsheviks proved that nearly a century ago; just ask that exiled Trudovik Aleksandr Kerensky – after the Czar was deposed, he offered continuing war for the people, Lenin offered peace for a weary population. The battleship Aurora backed Lenin up, using her GUNS in the October Revolution. Yet another communist, Chairman Mao, said it quite succinctly: “All political power grows out of the barrel of a GUN”, and the worried, tyrannical, fascist despots running the United States today will resort to any kind of subterfuge to disarm and subjugate the citizenry, out of their very REAL fear of becoming the next Louis XVI, Czar Nicholas, or Nicolae Ceausescu. The amoral gangsters running this joint don’t want you to know these things – they make hundreds of thousands of dollars per annum running this moribund nation, while they LAUGH atYOU – how much do you make, and then PAY to them for your REAL labors, in TAXES, so they can live like KINGS over YOU?

Capitalism, communismhave you actually NOTICED – what difference is there? Vladimir Putin is ferried around in chauffeured, bulletproof ZIL limousines, while Barack Obama is ferried around in chauffeured, bulletproof Cadillac limousines – and YOU, a supposed “free citizen of the United States” drive around in some fucking old, common rusty junker Chevy or Nissan with 100,000 miles on it, wondering if the goddamned oil pump or alternator is going to take a shit and cost you a pile of money that you do not have. Hey, credit cards work, and you’d better make sure your insurance and tags are current too, or the pigs will collar you as a “criminal” and cost you even more bucks. Politicians and their ilk live in palatial mansions staffed by servants, you live in a mortgaged dump, at best, owned by a bank, or you rent an apartment owned by those like them; they have the best of everything, and pretty capped teeth, too – you have yellow dentures or rotten teeth at best. Funny thing is – YOU paid for their palatial mansions and their capped teeth, with YOUR taxes, that they BILKED from YOU, via their fellow gangsters at the IRS. If you don’t pay their “protection” in the form of TAXES – they steal what you own and then put you in prison so you can get fucked in your ass, in the name of, justice,  Jesus or whatever – what real difference is there between they and the MAFIA? They LAUGH at YOU, and me, like the parasitical vermin they are – but they are morbidly AFRAID, as the populace has GUNS. They must take them away, at any cost, including your death.

One of my very favorite movies is “Nicholas and Alexandra”, from 1971 – especially the end, where the entire pampered “Royal Family” is mercilessly slaughtered by the vengeful Bolsheviks – along with the wonderful YouTube videos of Ceausescu and his cunt wife Elena being shot to death on Christmas Day, 1989. I actually laughed at them; I never had a better “Christmas present”, ever – seeing that despotic asshole and his wife coldly knocked off with Kalashnikovs as one would dispatch a rabid dog. Call me sadistic if you like, but I truly enjoy seeing elitists like Louis XVI, Nicholas Romanov or that bastard Ceausescu get exactly what they deserve; I make no apologies for it and I never will. If I live long enough I plan to enjoy watching videos depicting such wonderful occurrences in the good old USA, playing over YouTube for my viewing pleasure, while smiling at the carnage like a vindictive demon.

Enough lengthy diatribe for now – in continuation of this series over the arbitrary date of 2014, CE, I shall also prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that most other amendments adopted after the Fourteenth Amendment were passed to ERODE and DESTROY freedom, with other selected amendments being either patently obtuse, e.g., Amendment XVIII, or put forth in a cynical attempt to thwart revolt, e,g,. Amendment XXVI, adopted during the Vietnam war.Below, the text of the Second Amendment, verbatim:


A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Analysis of the Second Amendment:

Quite plainly, the citizens of the United States ARE the militia, and those citizens of the United States have the RIGHT to keep weapons (e.g., clubs, knives, swords, crossbows, ball bats and specifically, firearms) within their homes and on their persons, and citizens of the United States have the RIGHT to bear weapons (e.g., clubs, knives, swords, crossbows, ball bats and specifically, firearms) if necessary, i.e., USE (e.g., clubs, knives, swords crossbows, ball bats and specifically firearms) for target practice, huntingself-defense and even to defend themselves from governmental tyranny. Further, according to the Second Amendment, Congress MAY NOT promulgate laws that limit or “infringe” the exercise of a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms, period. For the remainder of this essay, I shall only specifically refer to firearms, as they are the very core of the Second Amendment.

At least that’s what the Second Amendment SAYS, but it is, after all, only sophistry written on a page of parchment, it cannot enforce itself, unlike those well-protected, well-armed individuals who make up a government, who can, will and do enforce their will, for good or ill, upon the hapless citizenry. 

The Founding Fathers and others agree with the above interpretation of the Second Amendment, complete, verbatim citations would take up a lot of my time and needless space, so I shall post convenient links for the reader’s perusal:













I submit the above links are enough to prove the intention of the Founding Fathers with regard to individual citizens possessing firearms for personal usefor hunting, for self-defense, and for prevention of governmental tyranny. Some may not believe my assertion, and may choose to split hairs, arrogantly stating that some of the sites are “biased” or “fringe” sites – who the fuck cares – the quotations of the Founding Fathers are their very words, they are accurate, and can be found elsewhere on the Internet – simply look their quotes up yourself on other sites if you doubt my veracity.

Now, using all of the above as a premise, I shall show the reader that the Second Amendment is a LIE. I will accomplish this task using several dialectical steps, as follows:

1) Rights of any type are not inherent, nor do they come from a god, they are given to the citizens by the governing body, and can be easily modified, or even taken away by the governing body if deemed necessary or expedient, by using “laws”, or force.

Expounding on that premise, and illustrating the unabashed hypocrisy of the Founders of this nation; at the time of the Founding Fathers, niggers had no rights at all; they weren’t citizens of anywhere and they were even viewed as animals, by said hypocrites. Then, after the Civil War, they were given rights by those in power who won the war. You see, it wasn’t any god that endowed niggers with rights, nor did their rights magically appear from the ethers – they were GIVEN their rights by other PEOPLE, specifically, Northern whiteys, on a whim, to arrogantly rub the defeated Southerner’s noses in it, so to speak.

Was it “right” or “good” to do any of the above? Who the fuck knows – morality and ethics are completely arbitrarydependent on the given situation – might makes right, and that’s all that counts, or ever did count, in reality, regardless of any rhetorical sophistry stating otherwise.

2) Rights of any type are not “inalienable”, considering that martial law “suspends” our supposed “god given rights” – just ask folks like Abraham Lincoln, and the Territorial Governor of Hawaii, Joseph Poindexter. “Rights” vanished like a fart in the wind – with the proclamations of MEN, that is, Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Poindexter.

3) Several US states and localities during the 1800’s attempted to interfere with gun ownership and the use thereof, promulgating “concealed weapons” laws, but most of those laws were simply a nuisance. However, the fact that they succeeded in passing such legislation exemplifies the Second Amendment for what it IS –  just another cunning lie for credulous drones to believe in. Such legalistic legerdemain was only the beginning of the “slippery slope” that is leading to outright CONFISCATION of legally owned firearms in Connecticut – a state supposedly governed by the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.



So much for your risible, non-existent “right” to “keep and bear” arms, citizen, or more aptly, subject – I maintain that the Second Amendment IS a fucking LIE.

4) With the Federal Government usurping more power originally delegated to the People or the States (the Ninth and Tenth Amendments) in the Twentieth Century, the Congress of the United States of America has, since 1934, blatantly infringed on the rights of American citizens to keep and bear arms, starting with the “National Firearms Act”, signed into law by the cripple, in both body and mind, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The “Gun Control Act” of 1968 followed, signed into law by the crooked, amoral megalomaniac Lyndon Baines Johnson, with the “Brady Handgun Violence Act” of 1993, and the “Federal Assault Weapons Ban” of 1994, signed into law by the mendacious whoremonger, William Jefferson Clinton. 

Links to each “ACT” are provided below:





Although I despise both Democrats and Republicans equally, as both are little more than elected gangsters, it is rather odd that all of the above laws were promoted, passed and promulgated by DEMOCRATS, the vociferous, self-proclaimed “defenders of the Constitution”. Oh well, hypocrisy and mendaciousness are nothing new – just look at the corrupt Roman Senate at the time of Cicero or the utterly disgusting Greek “Democratic” Senate that condemned Socrates to DEATH. Incidentally, the same goes for the major wars of the Twentieth Century, i.e., World Wars One and Two; they were prosecuted by DEMOCRATS, together with their presiding over lesser wars like Korea and Vietnam, but that’s another story altogether. Yes, the current conflicts we are in, e.g., Afghanistan, or have recently exited from, i.e., Iraq, are the products of Republican Administrations, both prosecuted with the overwhelming support of Democrats, mind you; that only proves there is no difference at all between the Democrat or Republican parties of today.

5) Another convenient link, illustrating the concept of the “slippery slope” is now presented for the reader to peruse, further showing before all who read that the Second Amendment is a LIE.


6) Current Goebbelsian propaganda, created by cunning authors to dupe the young into a contrived interpretation of the Second Amendment, supported by the United States Federal Government, as is illustrated by the links below:





Here is an op-ed, from the New York Times, supporting the Goebbelsian rewrite of the Second Amendment:


Lastly, here, for the reader, is an article of blatant, biased, contrived Goebbelsian LIES about the Second Amendment, with opposing comments destroying the author, Thom Hartmann’s, stance:


Analysis completed, I submit, by citing and comparing the above theses, derived  from eight disparate premises, and with only the written words of the Second Amendment as an opposing antithesis, that a credible synthesis can be quickly deduced, with minimal effort:

The Second Amendment is CONCLUSIVELY PROVEN as the goddamned LIE that it is.

I again invite anyone, I even dare you, from drooling drone to Constitutional Scholar, to PROVE my terse assertion wrong, by using FACTS, backed up with supporting evidence in the form of accredited, or at least provable, citations. The onus is upon you to prove me wrong, and, if such is proven, I shall publicly concede defeat at your hands, and post notations of such defeat in a later essay.

Just wait until I prove the idiotic Third Amendment as a goddamned, motherfucking LIE – that’s coming up next. I will succeed in doing that by employing the same legalistic cunning and legerdemain that lawyers use in “proving” that “money can commit a crime”, or that “corporations are persons”, which the former cannot and the latter is not, in any universe that is populated by those considered SANE. Both are logical fallacies and absurd contrivances that would be laughed at by those like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, but what the hell – man is the measure of all things, including definition – just ask Protagoras, or that old, silly kike Noam Chomsky.




A Nation, Founded on LIES, Part One

February 26, 2014

Hello again.

This post is a departure from my usual rants, the first in a series of polemical essays, coupled with analysis, which will prove that Americans have no inalienable rights, given by god or man, and never did. Our supposed “rights” are only privileges at best, which can be taken away at the leisure of those fraudulently elected criminals who control this decadent, moribund society.

Premise noted, I’m a mean, vicious, atheistic old man, and I’ve grown tired of pissing into the wind, posting jaded current events commentary that no one reads, regarding idiotic, non-existent gods, meretricious politicians, crooked pigs, stupid whiteys, dumb niggers, dog-gobbling, slant-eyed gooks, mixed-up half-breeds like Jackanapes Obama, feckless cunts, obtuse pricks, and queers of either sex, together with other assorted worthless flotsam, passing as news.

So, rather than touting windmills like a modern day Don Quixote, in this post, I have elected to take on the most flagrant example of wanton mendaciousness to have ever appeared on this benighted globe: The Constitution of the United States of America, authored by a man called James Madison of the State of Virginia; specifically concentrating on its ugly sister, introduced by him, the attendant document dubbed the “Bill of Rights“. This long dead honky was a brilliant political theorist, the fourth president of the United States, and a wanton fucking hypocrite of the first degree – an aloof, wealthy elitist who owned a pack of shitskinned jungle bunnies who were charged with raising and harvesting tobacco for him and his family, so he and they could sit on their fat asses, drinking Mint Juleps and profiting from the unpaid labors of his nigger slaves. He rationalized all of the above by claiming to be a “Christian” or deist of sorts, plainly stating that African eight-balls were three-fifths of a human being. I must say, judging from their collective behavior today, I candidly wonder if most coons are human at all, but that’s another story.

All that aside – James Madison created one of the most brilliant compositions to have ever seen the light of day – The Constitution of the United States of America, together with his “Bill of Rights”. These documents were and are supposedly revered by American politicians and the drooling cadre of insensate drones who vote for such criminals, with the vast majority of the fools occupying this nation not even knowing what the contrived sophistry called the Constitution says, or is supposed to mean. No matter, this dying nation is getting exactly what it deserves; hopefully I will live to see it utterly destroyed by its enemies, so I can laugh like a jackal, while bluntly stating “I told you so”.

Looking at the soft-palmed gangsters charged with administering this bankrupt farce of a country, I utterly despise hypocrisy and arrogance, much like a Biblical character who called himself Jesus Christ. He despised the elitists of his day, those frauds called Pharisees, Sadducees, scribes, moneylenders. together with other assorted vermin that infested Roman Judea, parasites living like vampires off the stupid populace. The parasitical vermin running this benighted entity today are no different than they were, and, if history is any precedent, those parasites of today will receive their just desserts, just like the Judeans received justice from the conquering Romans under General Titus, son of Emperor Vespasian – a better leader than the United States has ever produced, or ever will produce.

I shall concentrate on Madison’s silly “Bill of Rights”, and several other Amendments authorized after the first ten, and conclusively prove to all who read that they are nothing but lies – mendacious contrivances that should be exposed before the people as the worthless, rhetorical sophistry that they are. Each Amendment will be noted and addressed, after which blatant violations of said Amendment will be presented. Afterward, using Hegel’s dialectic, a thesis and antithesis will be created for the reader, and a synthesis deduced from the preceding, resulting in the Amendment being ripped apart by me – your friend Conway, employing cited EVIDENCE from history  – in an effort to PROVE the entire “Bill of Rights” and selected later Amendments are nothing but LIES used  to dupe credulous, unthinking idiots, and nothing more.

Listing and analysis follows, starting with the First Amendment, noted verbatim:


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Analysis of the First Amendment:

The Congress is the Legislative Branch of the United States, and the First Amendment of the United States Constitution specifically prohibits the Establishment of a “State Religion” by Congress. 

According to the First Amendment, Congressional interference with the free exercise of ANY religious belief, or the LACK of religious belief, is prohibited, period. Quite simply, if one wants to worship Jesus, or Satan, or Mohammed, or even 1966 Ford Fairlanes with air conditioning, or stand in a public square and shout “Jesus is the Son of God” or “God does not exist“, or “Jesus sucks” or “God hates fags” or even “Mohammed was a murderous pedophile” – it is any citizen’s RIGHT to do so, and Congress cannot do one goddamned, motherfucking thing about any of the above.

Further, according to the First Amendment, the Congress of the United States of America CANNOT stop ANYONE from uttering their opinions or beliefs, no matter how “offensive” such beliefs or opinions may be deemed by politicians or the masses. Neither can Congress prohibit a newspaper or other media from printing or promoting such beliefs or opinions, however “offensive” such beliefs or opinions may be deemed by the politicians or the masses. Congress cannot prohibit the RIGHT of anyone to peacefully assemble to discuss and promote their views, no matter how “offensive” such views may be considered by politicians or the masses. In addition, Congress cannot prohibit the people from contacting THEIR government to address perceived “grievances” in the form of a hearing.

I shall now conclusively prove before all who read that the First Amendment is a LIE, employing minimal ribald expletives to do so. Racial epithets will be liberally used, in keeping with my utter contempt for the talking apes called humanity; if you don’t like that, tough, close the page and fuck off.

How will I prove conclusively that the First Amendment is a lie?

To begin, the historical evidence of wanton mendacity is myriad, starting in, at the very least, the early twentieth century, with other examples going back to 1798, CE, under yet another hypocritical president called John Adams, with his “alien and sedition acts”. Adams hated frogs and micks, because they weren’t Federalists, and he made no bones about it, you see. 

Concentrating on the twentieth century, we will first address the acts enacted under yet another mendacious, hypocritical president, a scoundrel called Woodrow Wilson; may he rot in his grave forever without respite. Incidentally, for those uneducated, simpering ignoramuses that view Wilson as a liberal icon, the man was a true, unabashed racist who despised niggers, viewing them as little more than troublesome shitskins that were barely human. He also lied though his teeth in order to be re-elected, and then immediately involved the United States in the debacle of World War One.

The First Amendment meant nothing to Wilson, in fact, he went out of his way to abridge the freedom of speech of the American people, using the “Sedition Act” of 1918″. This “law” was an extension of the “Espionage Act of 1917”, an earlier law passed to criminalize those who disagreed with this tyrannical megalomaniac’s subjective worldview. Look it up for yourself; I cannot and will not waste time and space reiterating the obvious and easily verifiable charges that I bring. Use Wikipedia to begin, and then consult other resources to verify Wikipedia if you like – I’ll even give you some links for starters, as follows, including hypocrite John Adam’s Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798, and an article on Wilson, a no-good sonofabitch, included for continuity:





How’s that for “freedom”, American drone?

Moving on to the thirties, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was even worse than Woodrow Wilson, if such is possible. Under his watch, the House Committee on Un-American Activities” was created in 1938; “Un-American activities” being  a nebulous term at best, used by the Federal Government to crush dissent – at that time, in the form of those labeled by the authorities as “communists” or “fascists”.


That crippled piece of disgusting, chain-smoking vermin, FDR, also signed the Smith act of 1940, which was and is a complete antithesis to the First Amendment; he then proceeded to round up communists, fascists, Germans, Italians, Japanese and all others he deemed to be “enemies of the United States”. Stalinesque, isn’t it, to imprison and control the lives of others without due process of  law, according to the Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments?

Link to an explanation of the draconian “Smith Act” is provided below:


One would expect such laws to be enacted in places like Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Soviet Union, Mao’s China or Kim Jong Un’s North Korea, but to be promulgated in the United States, the “bastion of freedom“? The Smith Act took decades to be proven as the enemy of freedom it was, via lawsuits, with various Supreme Court decisions during the late forties through the fifties nullifying its most draconian provisions, but not before hundreds of people had their lives destroyed by this gross violation of the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech and the right of the people to peacefully assemble to discuss ideas  – regardless if such ideas are considered “offensive” by those criminals in power, or by the majority of drooling, mesmerized drones who worship them.

A malignant outgrowth of this tyrannical legislation were the witch hunts of Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, a wanton drunk who gleefully proceeded to turn the lives of many Americans into a living hell, due to being accused by McCarthy, et al, of being “communists”, whatever they actually are, considering that Marxism is a rather eclectic worldview. Simply compare Karl Marx’s worldview to that of Vladimir Lenin, and then Lenin to Leon Trotsky, and then all of the former to the likes of Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao. That noted, apparently Mr. McCarthy never bothered to read the text of the First Amendment, or perhaps he was incapable of understanding it, due to alcoholic dementia – you see, according to Amendment One of the Constitution of the United States of America  – The First Amendment –  people have the absolute RIGHT to be communists if they so choose

Further, according to the First Amendment, the people, as free citizens of the United States, have the absolute RIGHT to be communists, anarchistsfascists, or nazis, or racists of any type, be they nigger, gook or honky and all in between. Whiteys can be cross-burning Klansmen, and niggers can be honky despising Black Panthers, and anyone can be an atheist, or a theist, or even a pantheistad infinitum. Further, according to the First Amendment – people have the RIGHT to HATE other people if they so desire, for ANY reason they may choose, or to LOVE them if they wish, and they also have the RIGHT to exclude or include those they deem unsuitable or suitable to associate with, period. 

In other words – anyone has the RIGHT to discriminate, i.e., to be “bigoted” or “prejudicial” in their worldview. Whether those who practice such beliefs are “right” or “wrong” is not the issue here, as morality and ethics are relative; the First Amendment, as written, guarantees that any citizen can entertain and promote ANY of the above ideas, period, and Congress is absolutely forbidden to interfere with those promoting such ideas.

That is what “freedom” IS, reader – if you don’t like it – move to North Korea and worship your one true god – lick the boots of Kim Jong Un, a pampered, despotic, soft-palmed punk who doesn’t know his fat gook ass from a hole in the ground.

Even individual states got into the act of abridging freedom of speech, a glaring example being the State of Alabama in 1956, which attempted to twist a provision of their dubious law regarding “registration of foreign corporations” in their state to prevent NAACP niggers from operating in Alabama. In 1957, the Supreme Court became involved, deciding in the favor of NAACP, specifically recognizing the right of “Freedom of Association“, implied, but not specifically noted in the First Amendment. Honestly, to any critically thinking individual, “freedom of association” is quite obvious and not implied when looking at the phrase of: “the right of the people peaceably to assemble. Why it had to be decided by the Supreme Court strains credulity, though I am quite pleased that they decided in the favor of the NAACP in a rare case of justice actually being done. Really, what part of the phrase “the right of the people peaceably to assemble” did not the idiots running Alabama understand? I wager the the criminal whiteys running Alabama at the time considered the plaintiffs “niggers” and nothing more, and as niggers, the had “no standing”, to use a phrase so commonly employed by the the criminals running the nation today, especially when it comes to the narcissistic, megalomaniacal jackanapes sitting in the White House.

See link below:


You see, according to the First Amendment, niggers have the RIGHT to assemble peaceably to further their agenda and promote their worldviews; so do honkies, spics, kikes, queers, theists, atheists, loony UFO believers, polygamists, animal rights goofballs, bestiality aficionados, and so forth.

Examples of groups “peaceably”, for the most part, promoting their agendas are as follows:















Yes – the bestiality site is based in Germany – I have always thought that krauts are fucked up people, considering their bizarre history, coupled with the above site. They are the same folks who brought you Kaiser Wilhelm, Sigmund Freud, V2s, Volkswagens, BMWs, and Adolf Hitler, deceased fuehrer of the “Thousand Year Reich”. Yes, two of the men in the preceding sentence were considered Austrian nationals, as if there is much of a difference between Austrians and Germans, or bohunks, or even frogs or block-headed polocks for that matter.

Most if not all other sites are American, not that I even bothered to look up the WHOIS on any of the above collection of deranged weirdos, as I don’t really fucking care who they are, and I never want to know any of them, on any level. All are equally crazy bastards in my book, and they can all go fuck themselves. It’s bad enough that this nation is so fucking Balkanized that it is literally on the verge of civil war – I wager the clowns occupying the top of the list truly enjoy pouring gasoline on a raging bonfire.

Tangentially, I never have understood the concept of “racial or ethnic pride” of any kind, let alone the utterly ridiculous term of “sexual pride”, promoted mostly by queers of all varieties, with their silly LGBT “rallies”. Queerdom will never be considered normative in any universe – get over it, and stop trying to force your minority worldview down other’s throats – if you keep it up – it may get you dead, courtesy of a pack of other angry apes who view your lifestyles as “anathema” to their worldviews. I am warning you as a disinterested, aloof, atheistic observer – I don’t care and I never have cared, nor will I ever care if you are gay – but many others do care, religious and irreligious – and they will kill you if you keep trying to promote your unusual proclivities as “normal” with regard to the vast majority of talking apes infesting this tiny, insignificant planet called Earth, orbiting a small star in an average galaxy called the Milky Way, floating about in the middle of nowhere.

Sexual pride – what the fuck is that, anyway – being “proud” of having a dick, or a cunt? Having “pride” in whether you jam your stiff cock up someone’s ass, or their twat? Pride in face-sitting or sixty-nining, like salivating beasts in the throes of heat – now that’s something to be proud of, right? Really, how can anyone be “proud” of being a muff-diver, or a cocksucker, either homosexual or heterosexual? Yeah – people fuck in various ways –  it is a fact of existence – who cares, and how can anyone be “proud” of such actions? Really, how in hell can anyone be “proud” of something they had no choice in being? I candidly submit that those individuals who identify and define theirselves by race, gender or sexuality are very shallow persons indeed, and should look beyond such inane trivialities, even though they never will, due to being incapable of doing so, as they are fixated in a Freudian sense, and downright obtuse.

I can easily see the idea of being proud that one has a Ph.D in medicine, physics or chemistry, or having pride in the ability to compose music, or art, or being good at basketball or bricklaying, but having pride in one’s racial background, ethnicity or sexuality is inane, for lack of a better word.

Moving on, religious or irreligious “pride” is almost just as bad as the preceding absurdities, but at least those clowns have made a conscious choice in the matter, unlike cretins who were born of whatever color, gender, or sexual preference – there isn’t any choice in that, people, wake up and admit it. Further, nationalism, or “pride in one’s country” strikes me as illogical, not to mention jingoistic; you don’t really have much choice as to where you are born; therefore, I, Conway, consider myself as a citizen of the world, presently living in Jerkwater, USA, 12345.

My latest diatribe finished – back to the First Amendment. Using the evidence presented above, it is time to cogitate as to whether Americans have “inalienable rights”, or is the First Amendment, in actual reality, nothing but contrived sophistry, promulgated for credulous drones?

Thesis: According to the First Amendment, Americans have the right to free speech, the right to freedom of religious or anti-religious propaganda, the right to utter their opinions for good or ill, the right to peacefully assemble to discuss and promote dissenting opinions, they have the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances, and they have the right to associate with whom they please.

Antithesis: Historical precedent plainly shows that the Federal and State governments of the United States of America can easily abridge or completely negate freedom of speech, or even freedom of religion, assembly, and association, via “laws”, or even decrees, as with “martial law”. Based on the evidence presented, all one needs to do is to review the laws passed in the twentieth century for proof of the assertion that the people truly have no rights, only privileges which can be rescinded on a whim by the governing body. Further, legal items from the 21st Century, specifically the “Patriot Act”, signed into law by that simpering, empty-eyed motherfucker, George W. Bush, limit all of the above, together with violating other Amendments in and even beyond the Bill of Rights, which will be addressed in later essays, should I live long enough to do so.

Synthesis: The First Amendment, regardless of all of the flowery rhetoric, is a goddamned LIE.

I now invite any and all who read this vitriolic screed to rebut me – prove my synthesis wrong, by using facts, coupled with appropriate citations supporting your position. 

I arrogantly dare you, and I candidly submit that no man or woman on this entire planet can prove me wrong in my assertion that the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States is a bald-faced LIE, written for credulous fools. Go ahead, prove me wrong, using FACTS, and I shall publicly concede defeat, here, on my blog, before all who read and have read these polemical essays. 

I will not bother to hold my breath waiting for anyone, from a drooling, jingoistic American cretin to an accredited Constitutional Scholar, to disprove my blunt contention and assertion that the First Amendment is nothing but a goddamned, motherfucking LIE – I am that confident of my stance. Don’t try pretzel logic either, stating that the fact that I have posted such a diatribe proves that “freedom of speech” is true and inviolable. I carefully choose my words; I advocate nothing, other than my personal RIGHT to freedom of speech – which I have TAKEN, using the law of the jungle.

Emotional appeals based on delusional or nebulous reasoning, i.e., “because my powerful god says it is so”, “you’re a mean person”, or other such fallacious lunacy or ad hominem attacks will be considered inappropriate, but such remarks will be posted in the comments section, verbatim, and then ridiculed and exposed for the rhetorical sophistry that they are. 

You’re angry now – just wait until I come back, attack and effortlessly DESTROY every other laughable Amendment of the United States Constitution, that credulous American idiots believe in, like some sort of ersatz god.



Conway’s Holiday Update

January 1, 2014

Conway here – Merry fucking Christmas, and Happy New Year. If you don’t like me wishing you a merry fucking Christmas, fuck off.

I’ve finally gotten back into the spirit of creating new articles, after a long hiatus; trading stocks and tending to other things in life take precedent over something as silly as composing cathartic diatribes that no one reads.

That horseshit out of the way, a review of the major stories of the past year is in order, launching my latest vitriolic attack on the arrogant, aloof, elitist, apelike creatures charged with administering this dying nation. Let’s see – jackanapes Obama was re-elected, as I predicted, George Zimmerman was acquitted, as I predicted, and the United States has sunk even further into abject insanity, as I predicted. Kermit Gosnell was convicted by a jury of his peers – which – curiously enough, I did not predict; it surprised the living hell out of me that the murderous moolie was convicted, but, considering the evidence, anything other than a conviction was impossible. The cowardly, greedy, arrogant jig agreed to accept a term of “life in prison”, rather than a death sentence, which he deserves – hopefully he will receive justice at the hands of musclebound jailhouse queers who have an attraction to old, freckle-faced niggers.

The only good thing that happened in 2013 are the revelations made by Edward Snowden, the NSA contractor who decided to expose the United States for what it actually is, before the entire world: an arrogant, moribund, two-faced, hypocritical, bankrupt, decadent, totalitarian Orwellian police state run by gangsters – disguised as a “republic”, and dubbed a “democracy” by politicians, brain-dead drones, and the government controlled media. I just love being told by those cocksuckers as to how fucking free I am – I have the freedom to suck dicks and fuck other men in their asses, and slaughter unborn children by the truckload, and I have the freedom to be as fucking obnoxious as I want  to be – but only if I am a queer, or support the wholesale killing of of unwanted brats by some horny cunt who couldn’t use birth control or keep her fucking legs closed. Strange that I am not free to dissent from supporting the above, or to associate with whom I please, or to support others who are allied with my subjective worldview.

I have been told that on various threads I bothered to respond to, posting my disagreement with the herd, sans the colorful language that I use here. When commenting on threads related to articles that I read, I do not use foul language nor racial epithets, nor do I employ ad-hominems; however, I have been banned by such sites as Politico and Topix, along with the Huffington Post, LA Times and CBS, for daring to disagree. I submit for all who read this diatribe: the Soviet Union was freer than this goddamned insane asylum could ever be.

I humbly present this short diatribe as a prelude to further vicious polemical essays that will be posted in 2014.



A Future YOU Asked For

December 23, 2013

I had originally intended to post this screed in the summer of 2013, but sheer boredom with the tedium of blogging has prevented it until now – I only am posting it for continuity, and in preparation for future polemical essays.

Greetings fellow talking apes, your friend Conway has finally returned after a long hiatus, having composed more jarring, foul mouthed, politically incorrect vitriol that the reader loves, or perhaps hates with an unbridled passion. Either way, I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks of what I write; you are reading what I think, for good or ill. What anyone else thinks is not very important to me, if at all important – what I THINK is important, and fuck everyone else. Really, I must draw a line somewhere; those individuals who do not appreciate my scrawlings may close the fucking page and move to something more in accordance with their tastes; I won’t care.

Unlike most other blogs, which are unfortunately a microcosm of this moribund society at large, the reader is allowed to disagree with me, and to tell me so by responding to my vicious polemical essays, though at the risk of me pointing out fallacies in the disagreement, or if the reader simply wishes to call me a motherfucker, they risk me calling them a motherfucker, right back.
In disgust I deleted the essay I had intended to post in October 2012 as the elections went exactly as I predicted they would go, without any endorsements from me, mind you. I cannot endorse criminals; I view all of our leaders as meretricious scoundrels, regardless of party, and I refuse to vote for those I consider my enemies, and enemies of the people of the United States. In the months having passed since then, we have witnessed jackanapes Obama’s glorious re-election by a society of brain-dead drones, with a little help from the dead electorate too – voting in rigged elections across the country. Now that the inept eight-ball has been re-elected, it seems he has gone into overdrive in his determined frenzy to destroy what is left of this nation, employing draconian assaults on the constitutional rights of the American citizenry.

Where to start regarding the Head Gangster’s scandals and crimes – well, we have Benghazi, we have the AP wiretapping incident, we have the Holder/Rosen affair and we have the IRS singling out conservative groups, to name a few, not to mention Fast and Furious, together with another dozen or so criminal fuck-ups that occurred before this aloof, obtuse, obnoxious nigger was re-elected in an election that gives new meaning to the word FRAUD. As a side, we also have a young man named Edward Snowden, a government contractor who has proven that the Federal Government and its alphabet soup subsidiaries like the NSA and CIA are little more than a coterie of paranoid, obsessive-compulsive gangsters that have no regard at all for the privacy or rights of US citizens.

For Benghazi alone the smoothtalking moolie should be collared, impeached, convicted and thrown out of office, and afterward prosecuted as a war criminal and jailed for the rest of his life. It seems that condescending bastard can get away with ANYTHING – what hold does this half-breed with no history have over his fellow crooks and the American citizenry?

What the hell has happened to this nation? The American people have always been ignorant, unsophisticated fools for the most part, but the paralyzing apathy that has permeated this dump rivals that of the Roman Empire in the fifth century. For decades the young have received “educations” that have left them even more ignorant  than when they first entered school; some of these “graduates” cannot even find the fucking United States on a goddamn map of the planet. They have been specially conditioned by those in power to be ignorant, parroting drones, inculcated to believe anything they are told by the government and its mouthpiece, the media. They have been brainwashed into believing, with a religious fervor, that they have “rights” that were never even remotely touched upon in the Constitution, and are further mesmerized into disdaining the rights that they were guaranteed to possess by the Bill of Rights.

An insidious cabal of power-mad criminals have facilitated this vexing phenomenon; going back at least as far as the early 20th Century, that set out in a deliberate fashion to destroy the very fabric of Western culture. I submit they have succeeded, considering what this nation has become: a vicious, angry herd of left or right leaning, self-absorbed, alienated, self-convinced, dogmatic maniacs – hell bent on destroying each other at any cost.

I, for one, sincerely hope that they do destroy themselves, to the last man, and hope that I live to enjoy and relish in the destruction of this blossoming evil empire.

That said, The United States of America, for having turned its collective back on the Constitution, now deserves anything and everything it gets – from anyone.




September 15, 2012

Thanks to the urging of several readers of my vicious polemical essays, I shall return shortly, meaner than ever.

Once again the reader will be inundated with jaded, foul-mouthed, epithet-strewn observations, regarding jackanapes Obama, Smiling Cobra Romney, meretricious politiciansshitkicking Moslems, and crooked pigs, along with posts illustrating other thoroughly nauseating examples of the clueless, superstitious, arrogant, bipedal shit factories who laughingly refer to themselves as homo-sapiens.



Moolie Martin/Zooter Zimmerman Redux

April 16, 2012

Note the photo – “Little Trayvon” doesn’t look so fucking innocent now, does he?

Yes, Conway’s blog is now powered by hate, an efficient fuel much better than simple matter-antimatter could ever be – an unparalleled bastion of total political incorrectness, erupting like an exploding volcano from the flaming bowels of hell. My vicious polemical essays are propelled by an unabashed, white-hot hatred of collective humanity’s unbridled stupidity; their hypocrisytheir arrogancetheir religionstheir pseudo-science, and the utterly idiotic idea of all men being “brothers“, along with the inane concept of being “created equal“.
With all due apologies to Jefferson and Locke, I submit history has proven that such assertions are untenable, if not completely ridiculous to any critically thinking mind.
Brothers? Brothers my ass, tell me, how in hell can a delusional, slant-eyed Buddhist chink, sitting on a mountaintop in China meditating, possibly be the “brother” of a swarthy, hate-filled, shitkicker Allah worshiping raghead in Saudi Arabia, a loony fundie Christian snake handler from the Ozarks, or a vicious, nihilistic atheist like me? I candidly wager that the brotherhood of man is a bunch of shit, believed in by individuals who refuse to see facts, period. The only quality that any of the above individuals have in common, including myself, is that they are mostly hairless, talking apes, prone from birth to be dogmatic, intransigent creatures, who in reality know little or nothing about the true nature of the universe.
Created equal? Really, then kindly tell me how a drooling mongoloid idiot, a trisomic aberration that is at least ambulatory, is equal to a theoretical physicist like say, Stephen Hawking, who is a wheelchair bound, paralyzed genius. If you see any form of equality in the preceding example, you’re fucking crazier than I am. That said, the only “qualities” a mongoloid idiot and Hawking possibly share, if one can use that nomenclature to describe such dreadful existences, is that they have both been given the shit end of the stick by mother nature.
Expounding on the premise of “creation” – created by what I ask, and for whom? Perhaps a capricious, malevolent demon with nothing better to do? Why, and for what reason? Perhaps to entertain that lonely, capricious, malevolent demon with nothing better to do? Utterly ridiculous, and completely unworthy of further thought – a universe created by a gregarious monster with needs, masquerading as a god?
God, if such a creature exists, which I firmly believe does not exist – cannot have needs and cannot be an asshole, like man does and IS; if it exists and it possesses such dubious “qualities”, it is not a god by any measure of the word. Face it folks, regarding religion – it’s all unsubstantiated, ontological BULLSHIT promulgated by cunning men to keep credulous, unthinking drones in line. Wake up from your addled torpor and smell what is being shoveled; it certainly isn’t hay, and it smells like a pig’s pungent sphincter on a hot summer day.
Dispensing with “god”, considering that such a creature as man envisions cannot possibly exist anywhere – if evolution is truly correct, which I personally think it is – how the fuck can anyone on this goddamned tiny planet be equal to any other human being, excepting for in a legal sense, which I totally agree with, mind you. Too bad soft-palmed, elitist pigs like Barack Obama or Mitt Romney don’t agree with such a premise, as they and their ilk are so much better than the rest of us. Oh yes, both of these posturing scoundrels claim to believe in “god” too, which, judging from their actions, make them prime examples of the biggest fucking hypocrites who ever lived. Does anyone reading see the glaring mutual exclusivities contained in the absurd conjectures called brotherhood, created equality and religion, put forth in the preceding paragraphs? If not, forget it, and read on if you like; otherwise, close the page and fuck off; what’s coming next is even uglier than what you just read.
Thesis, antithesis, and synthesis regarding man’s myriad delusions out of the way, hello again, your good friend Conway is here, having created yet another hateful, vitriolic missive guaranteed to piss off most everyone, excepting perhaps for Floridian proto-thug Trayvon Martin, who has unwillingly joined the ranks of those individuals labeled as “metabolically challenged” by an individual not so challenged, at least for the time being, i.e., the coroner.
It’s a good thing I write this shit for the hell of it, and I don’t have a deadline to meet, or a boss to bawl me out for being late. Unusually for me, I’ve had to edit and re-edit this portion of the fucking piece thanks to constantly changing data; one minute George Zimmerman’s not going to be arrested, the next, he is arrested. After that, he’s fled to the Peruvian Andes, only to re-materialize inside a Floridian jail moments later, having turned himself in to the pigs. Oh well, at least they’ve finally made up their goddamn minds once and for all, and the swarthy beaner, turned boot lip blaster, is cooling his heels in the Seminole County hoosegow, for good or ill, for the time being.
Perhaps that’s the entire idea – authorities want greasy Zimmerman to be fucked in his ass, to death. That way – no trial need be conducted, saving taxpayers millions of dollars, and no pesky riots either, saving taxpayers even more millions of dollars. Then the eightballs, their lust for blood sated for the time being, can go back to what they seem to do best – complaining about terrible, racist whiteys, spics, kikes, gooks and whatever else in their peculiar habit of blaming others for their problems. I sit here wondering what may happen next in this ongoing farce – before I post this screed I candidly wager Zimmerman may be fucking dead, via “suicide”, of course.
Anyway, pro or con, talking apes over the Internet are calling Trayvon Martin a thug, which he probably was, considering the evidence, with other talking apes opposing that view, vociferously stating that Martin was the virtual reincarnation of another talking ape called Jesus, i.e., an innocent, virginal moolie who was killed by a vengeful, racist beaner/whitey, for no fucking reason at all. Yet others are claiming that George Zimmerman is the very antithesis of humanity, a virtual Satan in human form, pontificating that he should be executed, while other folks paint him as another incarnation of Jesus, Mohammed or perhaps even Zoroaster, whatever they are, or were.
The truth, an ethereal specter, lies somewhere in between these two diametrically opposing viewpoints. Unfortunately, mostly hairless, talking apes are in total command of this absurd situation, behaving like the uncontrollable, instinctive chimpanzees they are related to, making every value judgment based on their personal emotional viewpoint, which is the absolute WORST way to analyze any given situation.
I have looked at the Martin/Zimmerman debacle in the most objective, detached way that I can, and, making a value judgment based on the evidence available, I cannot see how Zimmerman is guilty of anything other than self-defense, period. For that observation, I have been called a racist/nazi/klansman, my sanity has been questioned; even my sexuality has been questioned. What any of that has to do with the Martin/Zimmerman affair is beyond me; all are ad hominems and straw men put forth by morons in a pathetic attempt to discredit my position. Several items not considered by those who attempt to “argue” in such a fashion – I did not and do not know either Martin or Zimmerman, and I never could have known them, considering I live thousands of miles from where the situation transpired. Therefore, it is logical to assume that I really don’t give a fuck what happened or happens to either party, except in passing – a year from now I won’t even remember about it unless prompted. Further, had the roles been reversed, i.e., Trayvon Martin cast as a spic and George Zimmerman as a nigger, based on the evidence presented, I would come to the same conclusion, self defense with regard to the character of “George Zimmerman”. You see people, I truly don’t give a goddamn fuck what “color” they were, black, brown, pink or green – Zimmerman’s story, corroborated by available evidence presented, seems to be the best explanation for what happened, period.
Hopefully, that detailed explanation of my stance on the case is clear enough for anyone reading this screed, though I do have my doubts.
Get this – some smart-mouthed cocksucker on wagist.com perhaps a week or so back wrote that he had advised a “friend” to “report” what I have written here; an empty threat uttered by a child with no knowledge of the law as it pertains to commentaries, polemics, what have you. I personally don’t care if his “friend” reported Conway’s Blog to motherfucking god; I fear no god and I fear no man; I never did, and I never will. Undaunted by his absurd threat, I told the little bastard to send fucking links to the head nigger, Barack Obama, and his scheming henchman Eric Holder – to see what the narcissistic jackanapes would do, which is nothing at all. You see, the top gangster can’t do anything about what I have written, legally, that is, as nothing I have ever composed here can even be remotely construed as a threat to anyone, and is protected, political speech, according to the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. Sure, you and others, along with nigger Obama and his devoted minions, may not like what I have to say, but there is nothing in a legal sense that can be done about it, other than closing the page, cursing my name and moving on to something more in accordance with your tastes.
Could the head nigger have my head blown off? Sure he could, but not legally – since when has that small inconvenience stopped those like him before – just ask JFK, if you are silly enough to believe in “afterlives”, or mediums. Hell, I won’t give a shit anyway, should such an occurrence happen, as I will no longer exist – just like nigger Trayvon Martin, whose carcass sits around somewhere, stinking and gathering mold, rotting away in a box like fucking Michael Jackson.
Returning to the vexing matter at hand, the imprisonment of George Zimmerman, gun-toting spic at large, now in custody thanks to the cunning machinations of a pack of eightballs and their willing facilitator, an ugly, old, upwardly mobile cracker cunt named Angela Corey. You should see the laughable arrest affidavit – some of the most contrived, Goebbelsian horseshit I have ever had the misfortune to peruse. All of it is in total contradiction to ascertained fact – plainly stating that Zoot Zimmerman chased down Moolie Martin and then blasted away for the hell of it, sending an innocent nigger up to Jeebus or something.
The affidavit, of course, ignores the witness supported FACT that Zimmerman was being pounded upon by the arrogant, vicious thug Martin when the shooting occurred. It also ignores the supported FACT that greasy Zimmerman had physical injuries, and it ignores the supported FACT that after five hours of interrogation by duly sworn pigs, sans a lawyer mind you, that Zimmerman was released without charge.
Along with all of that, we have allusions that Trayvon Martin was a clandestine dope peddler, a common thief with an appetite for jewelry, a posturing thug who was into violence, together with the promotion of such – considering his YouTube videos – with the added fact that his scholastic records are “sealed” by his parents. Why? Really, if moolie Martin is such a motherfucking saint – why aren’t all of his records public, and open for scrutiny? It’s not as if “little Trayvon” will give a fuck – considering that he is DEAD and GONE. His parents are stating they want to protect “dear little Trayvon’s” memory, and other nonsense, hoping that Occam’s razor will not be employed by villains like me – that is if they have ever even fucking heard of William of Occam, or Ockham, should the reader prefer that spelling. Fact is, Martin’s parents are hiding something regarding their deceased son/thug, and most people are too fucking stupid to see that. Really folks, if Trayvon Martin did indeed have an exemplary record, and was such a brilliant student, as is promoted by some rhetoricians in the media – why don’t they parade that around like a sideshow spectacle? I certainly would.
All of the above are glaring inconsistencies, especially the “affidavit” – considering the actual evidence presented in the case. That noted, I bluntly charge that dog faced cunt Corey is a cowardly, amoral twat with the ethical outlook of Machiavelli. I further submit the she is only interested in her goddamned career, coerced by opportunistic jigs like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to make an example of a “whitey”, when in reality Zimmerman is no more a cracker than fucking Gandhi was. Further, I do indeed like how amoral Goebbelsian manipulators in the controlled media have deliberately lightened photographs of the accused greaser, in an effort to make his persona appear more “white” to the slack-jawed drones. Hell, to complete the transformation, I suggest they photoshop blue eyes on Zimmerman, and perhaps even give him a Hitler moustache.
In closing this invective strewn polemic, if it were proven beyond a reasonable doubt, using supporting evidence, that beaner Zimmerman was a liar who deliberately went out of his way to kill a hapless nigger, what would I say?
I’d say fry his ass – roast him on a spit like a pig at a luau, or even crucify him in the town square, but the evidence does not at all support the dubious charge that Zimmerman is lying.
Ergo, my call on the affair: Again, justifiable homicide.

Mike Wallace: 1918-2012

April 9, 2012

Just a short note here.

Mike Wallace of “60 Minutes” has died, probably the last journalist who had an even remote sense of OBJECTIVITY when it came to reporting the news.

His loss will be felt by those who admire the concept of critical thinking, but not by anyone else, I wager.

Oh well, life sucks, for the most part – and then you die.

Terminated Teenage Thug Trayvon Martin & Gun Toting Greaser George Zimmerman

March 28, 2012

Greetings, your friend Conway is here with more cynical observations regarding the gigantic insane asylum that is the United States of America, a benighted, bankrupt nation ruled by greedy, elitist, delusional despots and controlled by misanthropic, sadistic malevolents thinly disguised as police.

That noted, I am posting only occasionally as of late, as my writing of articles like these are an uncompensated, self-imposed task, not to mention being a colossal waste of time and effort to compose vicious polemical essays that no one reads – other than being perused by my good friends at the NSA on occasion, diligently scanning my terse screeds for anything that could be considered a threat to anyone, in the name of “freedom” of course. Freedom my goddamned, motherfucking ass – Americans are not free, they never were free, and they have no rights at all and they never did – watch the late George Carlin’s observations regarding American “freedom” and “rights” if you are obtuse enough to think otherwise.
Anyway, to the matter at hand – an apparently shiftless, troublemaking, 17 year old nigger kid and gangster wannabe named Mr. Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by a 28 year old, fat spic named Mr. George Zimmerman down Florida way on 26 February 2012. Yes, Zimmerman is the beaner’s surname; his old man’s a goddamn Nazi kraut from Virginia and his mother’s a swarthy wetback hailing from Peru; talk about opposites attracting. Now, one month later, angry Mau-Maus are on the march across the country, demanding justice for Trayvon, whatever that is or is supposed to be, regardless of what Martin allegedly did to escalate the situation that led to his demise. You see, contrary to what the Goebbelsian media has presented for slackjawed drones to absorb, actual evidence seemingly exonerates Mr. Zimmerman. He, a wannabe pig, allegedly acted in defense of his life, i.e., the shooting occurred after Mr. Martin jumped his fat ass, and yet the jigs want him crucified like Jeebus due to the fact that he didn’t let some angry, banana-lipped moolie beat him to death before the fucking pigs arrived.
Go figure – the coons even have the audacity to say that beaner Zimmerman is a racist whitey cracker, and “Dat it be da white folks fault mafukka”, and other easily predictable, hackneyed bullshit that they’ve repeatedly bleated for untold decades. Really people, what the fuck do honkys even remotely have to do with this idiotic, goddamned debacle? George Zimmerman is not a whitey by any measure of the word – anymore than the narcissistic jackanapes sitting in the White House is, despite having a dog faced, coalburner honky mother who suffered from a bad case of jungle fever. 
Blown out of proportion events like this trigger civil wars; I have predicted a vicious bloodbath for this nation over the past decade, and it seems that its arrival is imminent – welcome, storm, welcome. Get this – none other than the Black Panthers, an ersatz KKK for eightballs, is offering a reward of ten grand for the abduction of the greasy spic’s hide, which is against the law incidentally, and professional, parasitic agitators like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are milking the situation for all it is worth – to fill their bursting pockets with even more filthy lucre. Even the shitkicking Moslem maniac Louis Farrakhan, a delusional shitskin who allegedly visits dead Islamic eightballs in Earth orbit, is publicly stating there will be “retaliation” for this incident. Retaliation for what, and directed toward whom, I ask – what does any other person, of any color, age, or sex, on the entire goddamned planet, have to do with this situation? Yet another troublemaking spook calling himself Spike Lee reportedly broadcast Mr. Zimmerman’s street address over Twitter – that is called “intimidation” and is supposedly against the law – don’t hold your goddamned breath waiting for this nosy, troublemaking bastard to be collared for his crime. Just ask a pair of goofy latter-day nazi crackers named Harold Turner and William White – both were charged and imprisoned for the same offense – publicly posting the names and addresses of those individuals they didn’t like, and nothing more. Fucking double standards sicken me to my core; this decadent, bankrupt, hypocritical, dying nation deserves anything it gets, from being overrun by its enemies to being completely annihilated by thermonuclear explosions.
I candidly submit that all these posturing clowns had better watch their step; this nation is on the brink of armed insurrection, and if when it comes, niggers, a small minority of the population, will be wiped out by pissed off beaners, crackers, injuns and gooks, who will probably turn on each other after the spooks are dealt with. 
I don’t know about you, but I’ll sit back and laugh at all of those glorified chimps, howling like a goddamned jackal when it happens.
EARTH TO TALKING, IDIOTIC, MOSTLY HAIRLESS SIMIANS, AKA HUMANS: Disparate races and cultures cannot live together, as they will resent, oppose, and finally kill each other, like the chimpanzee descendants that they are. Why – who the fuck knows, but it is clearly obvious to anyone capable of critical thinking, simply look at history. Sure, a tiny percentage of people of any color can live together, but there are always exceptions to rules. That said, by and large the races hate each other’s guts, not to mention despising each other’s beliefs and traditions, for whatever goddamned reason.
Oh well, such is the nature of man, there is nothing I can do about it, and even if I could, I wouldn’t take the trouble to bother. Charles Darwin once opined that one race of humanity will eventually supplant all others in a glaring example of survival of the fittest. I agree with his observation completely, and wager the pragmatic gooks will be victorious in the end, having slaughtered everyone else, using any means at their disposal, by the latter part of the 23rd century or thereabouts.

Interesting premise, isn’t it, but it is man’s not so distant future: No more blue-eyed honkys, no more black-skinned niggers, no more blondes or redheads, no more broad nosed, nappy headed hos, no more kikes, injuns or wogs – all courtesy of those scheming, evil slopes. What the hell, look on the bright side – at least we’ll be rid of those nutty, shitkicking, quasi-Caucasoid ragheads, their absurd “religion” of Islam, and their silly fucking Koran, not to mention all that other goofy superstitious prattle hailing from that area. Then, perhaps, the living remainder of man can resume evolving into something other than than the self-convinced, arrogant, apelike idiot that he is, though I honestly doubt it. More than likely, the chinks, japs and other assorted gooks will render themselves extinct shortly thereafter, slaughtering each other in a final Armageddon over whatever silly gods are left, inane political theories, or perhaps over fucking Pokemon being better than Hello Kitty, or vice versa. 

Now to a brief, cursory summary of the Martin-Zimmerman case, as far as I have been able to construct a summary of it, based on woefully incomplete data. To begin, Mr. Trayvon Martin, having been suspended from school for having a baggie in his locker with traces of pot in it, was apparently strolling home from a local convenience store, after allegedly purchasing Skittles, a form of candy, and a can or bottle of “Arizona Iced Tea”. 
For reasons unknown, Mr. George Zimmerman spotted Martin on foot and felt he was “acting suspiciously”, and called the pigs to report Martin’s vexing presence. There had been a rash of burglaries in the area, so I suppose it was not out of the ordinary for an unknown individual in the area to be considered suspicious by those living there. Zimmerman, admittedly a bit overzealous when it came to his “Neighborhood Watch” activities, went against the dispatcher’s advice to wait for the pigs and elected to pursue Martin, calling after him to stop for questioning. Having briefly eluded Zimmerman, according to his statement, Martin reappeared and then began to beat the living shit out of Zimmerman, who then shot Martin in the chest point blank with a 9mm handgun. 
End of story, or so it seems, the police accepting Zimmerman’s version of the story, together with witnesses coming forward, substantiating his statements. As physical proof of the altercation, greasy Zimmerman had a fat lip, a busted nose, a bloodied skull and grass stains on the back of his outfit, signifying that he had apparently been in contact with good Mother Earth during the fracas, with paramedics confirming his injuries. Hence, the police found no cause to place greaser Zimmerman in custody, and later released him to go about his business. In the meantime, moolie Trayvon Martin, probable small time drug dealer and apparent thug, was down for the count, having joined the ranks of the unbreathing, and was unceremoniously hauled away via Floridian meatwagon to the local morgue for an autopsy.
Then, rather than fading away as another dubious example of man’s love for his fellow man, this unfortunate situation was further infected by weeks of rumor, lies and innuendo, turning it into a festering boil that was repeatedly prodded and picked at by determined agitators until it finally morphed into the angry, oozing carbuncle it is today. Shrill spooks are blaming the pigs for having not arrested Zimmerman, blaming whiteys for existing, and employing the pathetic excuse that Zimmerman, a obese beaner, had “asked for it” by accosting Martin, plainly stating that even if Martin had physically assaulted Zimmerman, he deserved it for being a “profiler” and a “racist”. As with Floridian slut Casey Anthony, the mob rules, and be damned if the facts are contrary to what they have been led to believe by the Goebbelsian media – that a terrible racist honky/nazi/klansman had shot a “little black boy” in cold blood. Just look at the ancient pictures of a 12 year-old Trayvon Martin plastered all over the media, in a clumsy but effective attempt to elicit sympathy for him – and to foster anger at Zimmerman, depicted as a dour man whose only mission in life is to kill people.

Really people, seventeen year old, 6’3″, 140 lb nearly full-grown niggers are not “children” by any fucking measure of the word – judging from the available evidence, that aggressive, stupid, smart-mouthed punk Trayvon Martin got a little more than he expected from a short, fat beaner named George Zimmerman, deftly using the “great equalizer“.

Though my opinion carries little weight, judging from the available evidence, at this time I call it “justifiable homicide“, or, using “pig” terminology, a “good shooting.” That may change, though I do have my doubts.

Pennsylvania "Judge" Mark Martin, A Misanthropic Moslem Maniac

February 28, 2012

Greetings reader, Conway here, presenting one of the most odious pieces of “news” that I have ever had the goddamned misfortune to peruse.

I’ve said before that the United States is a dying nation, but after reading this literally unbelievable shit:


I now know for certain that this moribund dump is headed for a fucking bloodbath of epic proportions.

I’m bored and have much better things to do with my time, so I shall dispense with any lengthy or verbose commentary. Readers are already aware of my uncomplimentary opinion of superstitious, shitkicking Moslem cavemen of any variety, along with every other inane religious superstition, so simply read the article for yourself, and make up your own mind.

I will leave you with this thought – delusional religious fanatics like the shitkicking Mohammedans should be rendered innocuous using any fucking means available, or they will eventually have to be completely exterminated, like so many cockroaches, for being the annoyingintolerant, intransigent, misogynisthate-filled, self-convinced, arrogant, murderouscontemptible vermin that they truly are, for the collective good of the rest of civilized mankind.



Josh Powell and Grasping at Straws

February 18, 2012

Hello again.

Your friend Conway has returned with yet another jaded missive, illustrating the utter insanity that has become the United States, a nation where mere suspicions, no matter how nebulous, contrived or utterly obtuse, have seemingly become the norm, and those so suspected are always guilty until proven innocent by a jury of easily led, hopping marsupials cunningly disguised as peers.
Call me an inflexible contrarian, but in a dying nation run from top to bottom by amoral criminals out only for their own interests, I question everything that occurs. I take nothing told to me at face value, excepting perhaps for obvious statements like “water is always wet when not frozen or gaseous“, or “air is generally breathable when not composed of chlorine“. In personal interactions, I remain gregarious though somewhat aloof, and when it comes to “news”, I acquire, digest and ruminate, forming a value judgment only when I determine that sufficient data has been received. Though impossible for anyone called human to achieve, stoic objectivity in deduction and subsequent action is always my goal; I guess that is why I have the guts to trade the bourses during such a volatile period in history. That, or I am absolutely fucking insane, feel free to make the call if you like; I assure you I won’t care.
We shall now examine the dreadful case of Josh Powell, a young man who, after enduring torment for years by both the police and media, actually committed a crime for which he could have been successfully prosecuted – the slaughter of his two children, Braden and Charlie, via hatchet, akin to a latter-day, male Lizzie Borden. Fortunately – or unfortunately, that is, if one is into the idea of extracting pounds of flesh, he afterward committed suicide by burning himself to death in a self-inflicted auto-da-fe. This action of self-immolation saved taxpayers millions of dollars by averting a costly trial, yes, but left behind a plethora of unanswered questions regarding his motive for the murder/suicide, along with the earlier, unsolved disappearance of his wife Susan, that event having occurred on or about December 6, 2009.
As of this writing, even after myriad attempts by pigs to find a grave in the desert using “sniffer” dogs, together with digging up a patch of Utah landfill, there still is no empirical evidence that Josh Powell had anything to do with his wife vanishing. It must be admitted that the circumstances of her disappearance were unusual to say the least, and Mr. Powell, at least on the surface, was a “person of interest”, which is a clever Orwellian euphemism for “the prime suspect”. However, being considered a suspect does not make one guilty in a society where innocence is supposedly presumed under the law. Citing due process, appropriate charges and a trial based on pertinent evidence are required to determine the guilt of a suspect like Powell, and without evidence, all the pigs and prosecutors had were their suspicions that he had done away with his wife. I submit for the record that anyone can be suspected of anything, but without evidence supporting suspicion; all there is is suspicion, and nothing more.
Thwarted and infuriated by Mr. Powell retaining a mouthpiece and exercising his Fifth Amendment right, guilty or not, the pigs labeled him “uncooperative” for not falling into a clever trap they had devised for him. Really, people, what did they expect him to do? I of all people should know how fucking pigs behave – remember, decades ago they took my money and dragged me off to the local pigsty for interrogation. While in custody, the mendacious, manipulative bastards tried to tell me to my face that they had “evidence” of me being a “drug dealer“, while I laughed out loud in their goddamned faces. They even had the audacity to inform me that I was guilty, period, and if I didn’t “cooperate”, I would be “fucked up my ass by big buck niggers“, or words to that effect. While that was occurring their fellow pigs rifled my trunk and helped themselves to my tools, but I guess that’s another story. Cops are pigs, out to destroy anyone they deem worthy of destruction; they are amoral to the core and to be avoided at all costs – what more can I say?
Striking back at Powell for his defiance, the media were apparently instructed by infallible authorities to make the man appear as some sort of evil monster, to mesmerize and herd the drones into collectively denouncing him, led by the snide, obsessed, vengeful, dog-faced harpy, Nancy Grace of CNN. It seems to be a sign of the times; if the reader does not think such travesties occur every day in this benighted country, I suggest you open your motherfucking eyes and actually observe what is now happening here with alarming regularity. You are not free by any means, nor do you have any “privacy” – get used to it and pay your goddamn taxes, you lowly serf!
Anyway, Josh Powell, apparently figuring he could “move away” from his accuser’s velvet gloves, retreated to Puyallup, Washington, occupying a domicile there with his sons and his father, Mr. Steve Powell. So, the pigs and their determined facilitators, together with the media, shifted into overdrive, at first arresting grandfather Steve at their home on charges of child pornography and voyeurism, crimes of which he may or may not be guilty. With dear old dad neutralized, they apparently set about employing any method they could to drive his son Josh out of his fucking mind, clearly succeeding in the end, though with unforeseen consequences, or perhaps “collateral damage“. Leaping at the opportunity thanks to his father’s odious actions, together with the legalistic urging of Mr. Chuck Cox, maternal grandfather of Braden and Charlie, Mr. Powell’s children were removed from his home and placed with Grandpa Cox and company.
The question “why” immediately comes to mind, considering that Powell’s father was the supposed disgusting pedophile and voyeur, and had been placed in custody in the Pierce County hoosegow, but I suppose the authorities wanted to “protect” the kids from the son of a father who is apparently a pedophile. Honestly, I wouldn’t put it past the pigs to simply plant “evidence” implicating the elder Powell to support their position and further their aims, just look at the dreadful case of the Danziger Four, a quartet of corrupt, murderous pigs from New Orleans. The entire scenario sounds ridiculous and contrived to anyone capable of critical thinking, but that’s the way it seems to be. Covering their crooked, power-mad asses, the pigs quickly labeled the younger Powell as a “person of interest” regarding pedophilia and voyeurism that is, sans any evidence of course, and the rest is history, so to speak. 
Moving on, Josh Powell, in an attempt to “cooperate”, then rented a domicile in Tacoma, in a futile ploy to regain custody of his sons. Infuriated by the man’s attempt to meet their demands, authorities countered that “disturbing” depictions of incest and other unsavory items were found on his computer, seized in late 2009, without being specific. In case the reader is unaware, photographs of adult pornographic actors illustrating incestuous situations are not against the law, and there are myriad sex flicks devoted to this particular genre, available everywhere in the United States. Disgusting? Sure, but it’s completely legal, so get over it and move on. 

Therein lies the rub – only until after he and his offspring were dead did authorities reveal that all of the depictions on the younger Powell’s computer were fucking CARTOONS, and nothing more. Possessing graphic depictions of incest, rape, mayhem or even murder, illustrated via cartoon images, are NOT AGAINST THE LAW EITHER, excepting perhaps for backward places filled with stupid troglodyte ideologues, like the state of Florida where they consider them “obscene“. Just ask an artist named Mike Diana; so much for the First Amendment, I guess.

Enough; a concise synthesis deduced from all of the above now follows:
Either Josh Powell was guilty of disposing of his wife in whatever fashion, of which the authorities have absolutely no evidence of at all, or they were determined to maneuver him into a coerced “confession” of the disappearance/murder of his wife at all costs, even to the point of tormenting him out of his goddamned mind. If the latter is the case, while not condoning nor implying that Powell was justified in murdering his sons, the man was eventually driven to the point of abject insanity, and seeing no way out of the situation, decided to slaughter his children and himself in a macabre effort to stop forever his vengeful persecutors. I suppose one could say he succeeded in that venture, if death can be portrayed as success; they definitely can’t fuck with him anymore, that’s a fact.
All that said, the original case of Susan Powell’s disappearance strikes me as rather specious and contrived; an easy way out for stymied pigs, based on the hackneyed conjecture of: “He was her husband; his alibi is questionable, so he did it“, regardless of an absolute dearth of evidence supporting that theory. By employing this peculiar method of “thinking”, one can also present the following example of a logical fallacy, and many more like it, all of them false:
A) Dogs are mammals.
B) Humans are mammals.
C) Therefore, all dogs are humans, and vice versa.
In preparation for ending this lengthy piece, I’m far from a bleeding heart; I support the death penalty, even to the draconian point of legally sanctioned torture beforehand of the duly convicted with regard to particularly heinous crimes, provided there is actual evidence to support the conviction. That aside, judging from history, I submit most humans infesting this globe are little more than arrogant, idiotic, self-convinced, hypocritical, superstitious talking apes who don’t know their asses from holes in the ground, and generally follow the herd. In a sincere appeal to reason, as with the case of acquitted Floridian Casey Anthony, or the executed, probably innocent Texan Cameron Todd Willingham, all I ask for is:
In the future, please submit TANGIBLE FUCKING EVIDENCE of a crime when in pursuit of suspects, rather than relying on subjective criteria like intuitionsupposition, innuendo, character assassination, and woefully inadequate circumstantial evidence. It will make subsequent trials much easier to prosecute, and will spare suspect though legally innocent individuals from being literally ground up in the gears of “justice”, whatever that actually is. Upwardly mobile prosecutors and their pigs may actually save a few lives that way, by not driving folks crazy with their obsessive goddamned zeal, pursuing specters created in their own minds. Unfortunately, even the most well meaning of people hate being wrong; it’s embarrassing, not to mention damaging to one’s credentials, and especially so when it comes to being liable for malicious prosecution. Just ask a vengeful, zealous, former district attorney named Michael Nifong, now a disgraced, disbarred lawyer from North Carolina, of Duke University Lacrosse infamy.

Okay, at last getting down to my take on this situation – do I, your friend Conway, think that Josh Powell murdered his wife?

Answer: Who the fuck knows; probably. I also think the cute honky slut Casey Anthony slaughtered her daughter Caylee, and that nigger O.J. Simpson killed his wife Nicole, together with a hebe named Ron Goldman, but what I THINK is not the goddamn issue here. Putting it another way, do I think authorities had sufficient evidence to PROVE any of these cases in a court of law beyond a “reasonable doubt”?

Answer: Not at all.

You know, it would be ironic indeed if Susan Powell suddenly reappeared, alive, perhaps suffering from amnesia or as an escaped victim of a twisted kidnapper or rapist like Brian David Mitchell – I wonder what the pigs and Nancy Grace would say then? I wager they’d quickly come up with some sort of inane, rhetorical bullshit to appease the drooling, confused drones, and then move on to attacking someone else.

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