NEWSFLASH: Silly Ragheads Slaughtering Each Other by the Truckload

Greetings and felicitations; Conway here, always sure to offend someone with my heartless, foul mouthed, blasphemous, epithet laced observations, this time directed at those indigenous inhabitants occupying the Middle East, referred to by many folks as camel jockeys, musselmen, ragheads, Mohammedans or generically identified by the all encompassing term, sandniggers.
To state that I do not care about the ragheaded Moslem pricks infesting the Middle East is the understatement of the goddamned century, at least to the point of my not caring if they kill each other, down to the last angry, childish, fanatical fucking bastard. In fact, I applaud and further encourage all devoted Moslem believers across the Islamic world to continue in killing each other, in every possible way that they can, like they are currently doing in Libya. You see, I’ve grown rather weary of watching fanatical Moslems running about unfettered, murdering hapless kikes, whiteys, niggers and even the occasional gook in the name of their non-existent shitkicker god, Allah, and I much prefer that they instead slaughter each other in their own nations. In the midst of this amusing carnage, the Moslem god, shitkicker Allah, apparently reigns from his undetectable and invisible abode, a laughable phantasm which in reality is nothing but an imaginary, tyrannical deity hallucinated by the deranged mind of a power mad 7th century Bedouin with an agenda of conquest – an illiteratemurderousepileptic child molester, named Mohammed.
Shitkicker Mohammed, who evidently babbled out his silly Koran tome of death between killing, raping and having epileptic fits, is revered by his fellow ragheads, e.g., those of the Sunni, Shia, Sufi and Druze sects, as the founder of Islam. Moslems continually repeat that Islam is a religion of peace, or perhaps pieces, that determination of course depending on whether one is considered an “infidel” by other devoted followers of Islam, provided they are all of the same sect, otherwise, they kill each other for not believing in the right version of Islam. When no one else is available for the faithful to destroy, Moslems, even of the same sect, often resort to killing each other, perhaps to sate and glorify their invisible, impotent, defenseless desert god of death and destruction. Hey, don’t blame me people – I didn’t invent shitkicker god Allah or fucking Islam, shitkicker Mohammed did, killing anyone who disagreed with his epilepsy induced delusions, setting a fine example for future generations of deluded fools to follow.
Like many simian humanoids, Moslems exemplify the phenomenon of “herd mentality”, albeit on steroids, meaning that if any given individual in their midst disagrees with their collective worldview, those in disagreement can be and are in fact killed for disagreeing with the herd. With vexing “infidels” eliminated as necessary, what results is a sterile, homogeneous, backward society bereft of individual thought, a hivelike collective composed of deluded, superstitious, dunderheaded drones on constant watch for dissenting misfits, who are identified as “infidels” and then annihilated by the herd as “blasphemers”. I swear to Christ, Locutus of Borg couldn’t do a better job of forced assimilation than the goddamned Moslems do, even if he tried for a thousand fucking years. 

That fact of peaceful Islam noted; I find that superstitious people nauseate me to the core, making me want to vomit in their presence. That especially goes for the feckless followers of shitkicker Allah; North Africa and the Middle East are teeming with delusional, angry, ragheaded 35 year old virgins who refuse to stay in their own backward nations, keeping their inane, parochial outlooks in their own backyards, so to speak. Alas, the delusional, miserable, woman-fearing freaks that they are, such children in men’s bodies feel they have to migrate, proselytize and occasionally rape female “infidels” of the host nation, exporting their obtuse, nonsensical Koranic dogma to the rest of the globe. Once taking root far from their homeland, like an ever growing, metastatic cancer spreading over the earth, Moslem males piously and arrogantly espouse mythical fucking sophistry and utter intolerance that even an average kindergartener could refute effortlessly, while engrossed watching their favorite cartoon.
Conversely, this unfolding, hilarious debacle across the Middle East should prove to be very good indeed for commodities like oil and gold, not to mention silver, all of which are again increasing in value thanks to Libya’s role as a major producer of petroleum, along with being in complete chaos due to angry, murderous, delusional sandniggers, mulling about killing one another for whatever reason. In addition, gold and silver are further appreciating in value thanks to their “safe haven” status, especially with many people around the globe realizing that holding intrinsically worthless fiat currencies or “investing” in securitized debt are quite possibly the very best ways to LOSE every fucking thing they have ever worked for.
Libya, located in northern Africa, is a pathetic nation populated by loony, emotionally retarded, hate-filled sandniggers, run by a 68 year old, weird looking, dark spectacled, tent dwelling Moslem tyrant named Moammar Gadhafi, or Muammar Khaddafi, or perhaps even Mu’ammar Qaddafi. Who the fuck knows how this despotic asshole’s moniker is truly spelled, considering transliteration from Arabic script to Roman script is an inexact science at best. Ruling as the Libyan version of North Korea’s “Dear Leader”, Mu’ammar Al-Qadhafi is referred to by brown-nosing sycophants as “Colonel” Gaddhafy, Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution. It is doubtful that Ghaddafi is a real Colonel; perhaps he’s a Kentucky Colonel like Harland Sanders was, but, regardless of that, Overlord Moamar is one mean motherfucker to be reckoned with – “brothers” like Khaddhafi are what the mythical Cain was to his murdered brother Abel. 

Anyway, shit for breath Qadhafy is a real piece of work, and doesn’t take kindly to protesters fucking with him; the penalty for such an egregious offense is death, period. So, the Colonel’s hired band of thugs, otherwise known as the Libyan Army, is “dispersing” crowds of dissenters using rather heavy-handed methods, most achieving what is desired bQuathafi – death of the protesters, who are labeled “rioters” and “terrorists” by Libyan media rhetoricians. Tactics include hurling live hand grenades at protesters, riddling them with slugs fired from Soviet era AKMs, mowing them down using anti-aircraft guns, and even employing military aircraft to drop bombs on them. It is plainly obvious that the Libyan army prefers to drive thumbtacks with sledgehammers, but it must be admitted their methods are an effective way of eliminating those dreadful protesters rioters terrorists.
Illustrated with accompanying color video, it is reported by various Goebbelsian talking heads in the United States that scores of idiotic, dead ragheads litter the streets of downtown Tripoli. Other footage shows graphic scenes of dismembered, unidentifiable cadavers lying about a blood-soaked sidewalk, probably thanks to fragmentation grenades or anti-aircraft guns – heads, arms, torsos, legs and guts strewn everywhere. Some of those antique Russian mini-howitzers fire exploding 23mm projectiles, when such artillery is unleashed on talking simians they are usually blown into pieces no larger than pork roasts offered at the local butcher shop. Look at it this way folks, Humpty Dumpty has a much better chance of being reassembled by the King’s men than the bloody piles of human hamburger created by the Libyan Army have of even remotely being presented in serviceable condition to grieving relatives as the remains of their loved ones. Moreover, if not removed, carted away, and interred in slit trenches lined with quicklime, this deanimated human biomass could quickly become a health hazard, with swarms of blowflies and hordes of other vermin like rats feeding on the mangledbloatedrotting carcasses of the protesters. 
Were I placed in charge of the Libyan sanitation corps by “Colonel” Muammar Qadaffi, I would send out teams of garbagemen wearing bio-hazard suits, equipping them with shovels and plastic buckets, together with employing a fleet of garbage trucks, pressed into service as convenient hearses to collect the slaughtered for disposal at a nearby landfill. Further, if consulted by the Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution, I would advise Moammar Qudhafi to intensify his carnage upon the disobedient, infidel terrorists, in the name of Allah, or possibly Mohammed, or maybe even freedom, or whatever came to me at the time, that is if I could keep myself from laughing like a capricious demon at the ridiculous, blood drenched slaughterhouse that Libya has become. After all, who gives a shit about Libya, other than Libyans. Moslems breed like goddamned rabbits anyway, and the world has more than enough delusional people already – just look at the malignantly narcissistic eightball living in the fucking White House.


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