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Utterly Corrupt American Judges on Parade

August 16, 2011

Hello again.
No pictures in this post. It fucks up stats; Osama/Obama is a prime example of this strange phenomenon. Hundreds of hits, regarding a doctored photo of a dead sandnigger, posing with a half-breed nigger sporting the IQ of a polyploid, cyclopic German shepherd with anencephaly. That said, I, Conway, your favorite, hateful misanthrope, is here to entertain you with yet more jaded observation and commentary, guaranteed to elicit some kind of reaction from my readers – all two of them or so.
I swear to Christ, this world is so fucked up that it would take years to address and analyze the multiple insanities occurring at ever increasing rates, so, after perusing selected stories, I then pick the most odious one and focus on it.
We have ragheads of various nationalities slaughtering each other in the Middle East, NATO is still bombing Libya for whatever reason, and we have children being tortured to death in Syria. We have shitkicker Allah worshiping loonies in Iran arresting people for witchcraft and consorting with genies and devils, whatever they actually are. We have jackbooted pigs in America running around shooting innocent people, and we have the latest cadre of political crooks vying for the exalted position of head gangster; currently, a hare-brained nigger with the total intellect of a Briggs and Stratton lawnmower engine is charged with administering this decadent, bankrupt, dying mess.
Anyway, after digesting those current debacles, I came across a fascinating story of unbridled judicial corruption that occurred in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania during 2008; the “Kids for Cash” scheme, with corrupt robed adjudicators pronouncing draconian sentences upon juveniles, reminiscent of the amoral bastards who ran Joseph Stalin’s gulags in Siberia. Some of these kids were guilty of little more than acting up at dinner, and were sentenced to a privately run, capitalist prison, in a scheme run by two greedy bastards, posing as judges, to fill their pockets with kickback loot. It is glaringly evident this decadent shitpile of a nation is rotten to the goddamn core, and has now turned to grinding up its own citizenry, even children, in the gears of “justice” – to make a profit in the name of freedom.
Focusing on the main malefactors in this story, it seems that Mark A. Ciavarella, Jr, 61, and his wacky sidekick, Michael T. Conahan, 59, conspired to make a pile of bucks for themselves by “referring” selected juvenile offenders to “private facilities” built, owned and run by a pair of creepy crooks named Robert J. Powell, a lawyer, and Robert K. Mericle, a real estate developer. The facilities were euphemistically named PA Child Care and Western PA Child Care by these simian creatures, cleverly disguising that they were in fact prisons.
All four of these crooked bastards have been charged and convicted of various crimes, many of them felonies, ranging from a relatively minor conviction and penalties in lawyer Powell’s case, to a more severe conviction and penalties in developer Mericle’s case. Powell, apparently, will only have his law license suspended for a while, and Mericle will probably end up on probation after paying stiff fines as part of a plea bargain.
The two other jokers, “judges” Ciavarella and Conahan, are a pair of arrogant, cunning, amoral bastards who will hopefully get exactly what they deserve, but considering they are wealthy, politically connected felonious criminals, will probably serve out their sentences at a country club “prison” like FCI Allenwood Low. This loathsome situation goes at least back to the early 2000’s, where Ciavarella and Conahan conspired to funnel cash to themselves, courtesy of Mr. Mericle, the real estate developer, by sending juvenile offenders to Mericle’s and Powell’s for profit jails. It is claimed that Powell was unaware of the agreement between the three aforementioned felons, and may explain the lenient penalty accessed against Mr. Powell.
Mark Ciavarella, apparently a wop, is a dead-eyed felonious piece of shit who looks like the crooked warden from the “Shawshank Redemption”, and evidently has the same kind of morals; that is, none at all. He couldn’t have cared less if his actions led to the demise of a 23 year old male named Edward Kenzakoski III, who was railroaded by this greedy fucking bastard, Ciavarella, on a minor “drug paraphernalia” charge when he was 17, which put him on the path to the fate that awaited him – death by suicide. This happened thanks to his loving father, who DELIBERATELY FRAMED him by planting said drug paraphernalia. I wonder how dear old dad feels about his son being DEAD, thanks to his actions. Who knows, perhaps the elder Kenzakoski is a sick bastard, visiting his son’s grave on occasion and gleefully masturbating to his child’s early demise. Continuing, Mr. Kenzakoski III’s mother, a Sandy Fonzo, confronted the four-eyed son of a bitch Ciavarella as he left the Federal Courthouse in Scranton, Pennsylvania, having been convicted on 12 out of 39 counts. Ms. Fonzo cussed out that mealy mouthed, amoral felon like a pro; my hat’s off to her; too bad she couldn’t take a swing at him and knock out a few of his capped, rotten teeth.
Al Flora, Ciavarella’s shyster, tried to but the best spin that he could on a case he LOST, by saving that most of the government’s charges were unproven, and tried to make it appear as a victory for he and his unrepentant, felonious client. Well, he may not have been in handcuffs when he left the court, but crooked Ciavarella discovered to his dismay at sentencing that he’s going to sit on his crooked ass behind bars for 28 long years, considering that he was found GUILTY of 13 felonies.
What should really happen to that soft-palmed, greedy bastard and “racketeer” Ciavarella, is that he should be summarily hurled into the general population of USP Allenwood High. That way, he can have his pretty capped teeth knocked out by double-life, musclebound jailhouse queers with nothing to lose, who would afterward fuck him up his ass, to death, while sworn guards are preoccupied with other pressing tasks, like a coffee break.
The same goes for the other convicted, crooked corrupt “judge”, Michael Conahan, Ciavarella’s partner in crime. If I were running this place, I’d have both of those soft-palmed, crooked bastards CRUCIFIED on a median strip of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, so that passing motorists could pause and enjoy watching them slowly die.


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