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NEWSFLASH: Casey Anthony’s Acquittal

July 7, 2011

Well people, the dust has finally settled in the environs of Orlando.
Conway here, with a short missive devoted to a young, marginally attractive, 25 year old slut named Ms. Casey Anthony. Yes, I would fuck her, but she’d spoil it all and say no, just like Christine O’Donnell would.
That aside, sure, Ms. Anthony is a promiscuous, female hairless ape who doesn’t even know who the father of her dead offspring Caylee is, she is a half-wit, drunken, lying trollop, and she is a seemingly all-around disgusting individual, to put it as politely as I can. Then again, who isn’t these days; she kinda reminds me of broads I knew when I was a younger man, i.e., horny, eager sluts looking to validate their meaningless existences by drinking in excess and fucking as many men as they possibly could.

Do any of the above facts make Ms. Anthony a murderer? According to Goebbelsian talking heads like that dogfaced, loudmouthed bitch Nancy Grace; it does, even without any tangible evidence to corroborate the charges. I’ll tell you one thing – I could never imagine fucking the likes of her, even if Grace wanted me to – I’d turn queer first, and start hitting gay bars. Anyway, the description of “Goebbelsian talking head” also goes for other biased rhetoricians of both sexes smelling up the airwaves, pontificating their hatred of Anthony’s acquittal over the likes of CNNMSNBCFOX NewsABCNBCCBS, and NPR. Get this, even hunks of vile, talentless shit like the celebrity “Kardashian” twats are getting involved in this debacle – a disgusting collective of insipid, sallow, brain-dead cunts with the collective intelligence of a goddamned tomato hornworm.
Quite simply, rather than accepting the verdict, they have chosen to attack the jurors, in a bizarre “kill the messenger” scenario. It’s pathetic, even though they have lost their holy crusade to have Ms. Anthony crucified, they are still trying to tell us what to THINK with regard to the case, together with life in general. After all, it is their JOB to brainwash the mindless drones to follow their lead, in the name of their patron saint Goebbels, as they are so much more intelligent and better than the rest of us.
However, a properly voir dired jury of her peers found her not guilty of first-degree murdersecond-degree murderaggravated child abuse, and aggravated manslaughter of a child.
Because those of the jury were capable of critical thinking, that’s why. They had the ability to discern that the prosecution was totally relying on circumstantial evidenceinnuendosupposition and her rather unsavory reputation to facilitate a conviction for first-degree murder. A conviction would have put feathers in the cap of a prosecutor named Jeff Ashton, who apparently didn’t give a fuck as to whether Ms. Anthony was guilty or innocent, he just wanted to get a conviction to show brain-dead, bloodthirsty spectators that justice was being served.
Didn’t work though, due to an arrogant, overconfident prosecutor who is probably as delusional as Casey Anthony is. Stunningly, what Ashton didn’t realize is the State couldn’t even establish a fucking cause of death for the decomposed victim, other than speculative rhetoric, let alone prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Ms. Anthony murdered said victim, her daughter, Caylee.

Face it folks, they had more tangible, incriminating evidence in fucking Lizzie Borden’s case, and that gargoyle spinster bitch walked on June 20, 1893, nearly an entire goddamned century before Casey Anthony was even born. Was Lizzie Borden guilty of killing her stepmother and father? Probably, but she got away with it, and legend says she went on to become “Lezzie” Borden, leisurely eating pussy in her spare time at Maplecroft until she dropped dead in 1927. 
Even the jurors were sickened by having to acquit Anthony, but what fucking choice did they have – there was NO goddamned real EVIDENCE of her guilt at all, not even DNA. On the other hand, there WAS a gigantic pile of speculative, contrived bullshit – a duct tape “murder weapon”, a virginal, forensic geek revealing silly Internet searches for chloroform and broken necks, a smelly automobile trunk, complete with the odor of “human decomposition” and so forth.

Big fucking deal, how do they know that Ms. Anthony wasn’t some sort of weird, obsessive-compulsive freak, and felt that she had to save all the used rubbers from the myriad johns she fucked, together with a collection of soiled tampons from her monthlies? All that would smell rather bad after a while, don’t you think, especially in sunny, tropical, warm Florida, socks and plugs rotting away in the trunk of an old Pontiac. I’ve actually seen such bizarre things in my lifetime; perhaps I’ll write about that someday. 

But Conway, Casey Anthony is a common, wanton fornicatress, a drunk, and a slut!

Yup, that’s a given – who cares? None of those peculiar “qualities” are against the law, that is, unless you are a delusional, shitkicker Allah worshiping raghead lurking about in downtown Sandniggerville, Saudi Arabia, or some other godforsaken place like that. Please remember, this IS the United States of America after all, you know, the land of the free and the home of the brave, and all that trite shit; folks charged with crimes here are supposedly innocent until PROVEN guilty, either by a judge or a jury of their peers, not a bloodthirsty, angry mob of ignorant, uninformed cretins, led by a vengeful, revolting harpy like Nancy Grace. Further, what the living fuck does Anthony’s drunken, barhopping slutdom have to do with anything alleged in the goddamn case? 
Really folks, if the glorious State of Florida is occupied with prosecuting a capital case such as Casey Anthony’s, one would think they would actually try to establish incontrovertible PROOF of the charges, which they did not by any measure of the word; hence, the jury was forced to acquit her of the most serious charges. They did manage to convict her on four counts of lying to jackbooted pigs; I submit Anthony should have kept her money making mouth shut, but those superficial convictions are only simple, meaningless misdemeanors anyway. She will probably be released forthwith on time served, so she can go back to an idyllic life of lyingdrinking and fucking, together with puking her guts up in parking lots and public toilets, between farting out noxious clouds of vile gas derived from hot nachos and peanuts while cruising in a tiny Honda with her “friends”, along with other assorted debaucheries, like popping pills, passing out while pulling a train of 20 men on a pool table, snorting coke and getting abortions, that is until she dies from an overdose of whatever the hell at age 32 in 2018.
Her demise will be no loss, unless she is the mother of Zefram Cochrane, father of warp drive.
Now, getting down to the nitty gritty. Do I, your friend Conway, think that Ms. Casey Anthony slaughtered her offspring?

Answer: Though I do not know for certain, I wouldn’t be a goddamned bit surprised if she did in fact kill her daughter; or was at least complicit in Caylee’s death. I wish Casey Anthony luck in living with that, but as hard and consciousless as she seems to be, it should be a cakewalk for her. I further wager that her loving parents and brother also know the entire story, and will take it with them to their graves.
Yeah, that’s right folks, Casey Anthony got away with it, and I fully agree with the jury’s decision.
A tough call; case closed.




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