An Election Like No Other in US History

Hello again.

Mean old fucking evil Conway here, who, after a long hiatus, has decided to provide the reader with another pejorative laced missive of my jaded observations, though I really think that composing my vicious polemical essays is about as useless as pissing into an operating fan. Not only would I get warm, smelly piss all over my legs, but I’d probably blow my cock off from the electrical shock. Urine is saline, and does conduct electricity you know, unlike common water, so the effect of piss contacting the AC stator electrodes in an operating induction motor would be a prime example of I = V/R, with my pissing dick acting as the unwitting load resistor. Amperage is the key, and a very unpleasant one.

Anyway, I figure that an update and analysis to the upcoming election is in order, which has been narrowed down to a pair of revolting, verminous scoundrels that make Roman emperor Gaius Caligula appear as an exemplar of human virtue. Perhaps he is, considering what humanity actually is – a cadre of hubristic, self-convinced talking apes that have no more collective value than a maggot infested bucket of shit. On one hand, we have an ancient, stroked out, meretricious, prevaricating bisexual female career criminal named Hillary R. Clinton, a latter day Bitch of Buchenwald who has the ethics of Machiavelli, and the morals of Elizabeth Bathory. On the other hand we have Donald J. Trump, an old, filthy rich serial philanderer with the ethics of Jay Gould, and the morals of Hugh Hefner.

I do confess that I prefer Trump to Clinton, but as I no longer vote for the lesser of two evils, that fact renders my candid observation moot. How in hell did this moribund nation come to this utterly disgusting situation – to have a pair of presidential candidates that thirty years ago would have been as unelectable as fucking Charles Manson? I have no goddamn clue, but that fact does not bode well for the citizenry of America, or even the world for that matter.

H.L. Mencken stated repeatedly that the American electorate was a pack of goddamned ignorant fools, and I agree with him totally, but I wager he would spin in his motherfucking grave if he saw the pair of self absorbed, contemptible, braying jackasses being offered as presidential candidates today.

To say that I despise Hillary Clinton and her ugly Muslim lesbian lover Huma Abedin, who, by the way, is married to and now separated from deviate Anthony Weiner, the hook-nosed kike pervert who likes to show off his cock on Twitter, is an understatement by any measure of the word. That bitch Clinton can, did, and will get away with anything, just look at her history; i.e., Whitewater, Travelgate, Vince Foster, Benghazi, emails – that despicable cunt makes ski slope-nosed Richard Nixon look like the goddamned spic pedophile pope in comparison. The Goebbelsian media makes any and every excuse for her actions, while berating asshole Trump every chance that they get, as he constantly steps on his own dick like the arrogant, clumsy buffoon that he is.

I predict that mendacious cunt Clinton will be elected president by the drooling, slackjawed drones, provided that she doesn’t get indicted for something else we don’t know about, the odds of which are less than that of a snowball in hell, thanks to the thoroughly corrupt Obama Administration, and an Attorney General coon named Loretta Lynch who is even less trustworthy than goddamned Al Capone. For fucking Chrissakes, I can think of many black men or women that would be excellent candidates for president, but to think that nigger jackanapes Obama was elected and then re-elected conclusively proves how utterly obtuse the American electorate really is. Americans are electing presidents they deserve, at least from the time of LBJ.

So, how will Hillary Clinton achieve the exalted position of head gangster? Easily, in one of three ways:

1) She will order Donald Trump killed, which I still wager will happen, if only to ensure her election to the exalted position of head gangster. All she has to do is to buy off the Secret Service, providing an opportunity for an assassin with a Remington 700 chambered in 30.06. Regardless of her lies – she has the dough – the average price for a real hit today on the average schmuck is $100,000, for Trump – ten million will do, in physical gold, probably in an Asian bank account.

2) The elections will be rigged, if they haven’t already, just look at the Clinton/Sanders “Democratic” primary. Sanders has been cheated in so many fucking states that it’s ridiculous – and yet that servile, doddering, senile hebe shoves his nose up her twat, pledging to support her in the effort to stop the the loudmouth Trump at any cost – even his own honor. As much as I dislike Sanders – I once respected him, I don’t now.

3) Trump will continue to fuck up – and simply give her the election, if that wasn’t his function in the first place, which I wager it is.

It is unbelievable that such a two-faced creature is leading in the polls, which is exactly what Clinton is doing, according to the Goebbelsian rhetoricians, perhaps as a clever ploy to discourage Trump supporters, which the polls are in fact doing. Just look at the spin the media manipulators put on what happened on 12 June of this year – a bunch of queers in Orlando, Florida, 50 in all, were blown away by an anchor baby Muslim cocksucker named Omar Mateen, an Afghan closeted homosexual. Trump expressed support and sympathy for the queers slaughtered, but the media has already turned it around, stating that Hillary Clinton, an opportunistic bitch who utterly despises niggers, kikes and queers, is the champion of limp-wristed homos, even as she supports Muslims who loathe gays and hurl them from buildings by the fucking wagonload.

All of this makes no sense to a critically thinking mind – the Democrats support the filthy rich, hypocritical, racist, anti-Semitic bisexual dyke Hillary Clinton without reservation, while Republican elites deride Donald Trump in a pathetic effort to keep their cushy, high paid jobs of bilking the idiotic fools who vote for them, passing bills that fuck the very constituents they promised to represent. They all laugh at you – the taxpayer who makes maybe fifty grand a year while they make $170,000 plus for sitting on their asses and lying to you.

Hell, both parties are no fucking good anyway – what America needs is a revolution, but I candidly submit that the current populace of what passes for citizens are little more than apathetic cowards, who will willingly give up their weapons so that Chairman Clinton can do away with them at her leisure – and they will DESERVE it.

History repeats itself, with an nod to Santayana.


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