Conway’s Jaded Eye on America: Donald Trump is DOOMED, But NOT in The Way You Think

It’s been a while, and I was determined not to bother with this worthless blog that no one reads any further. After receiving two apparent ‘yes’ votes on my query post of 10 July 2015, I elected to resume vitriolic commentary, at least for the time being. 

I wager my good friends at the NSA were those who voiced approval and will eagerly comb over this post in imitation of their hero, Lavrentiy Beria – looking for anything that can be construed as “threatening” toward the filthy rich, unscrupulous freebooters functioning as our ‘leaders’. They’ll find nothing useful, as I’m quite sure they will destroy themselves in the end without the slightest bit of assistance from little old me, history proves that. It is an absolute fact that I wish them every ill, up to and including syphilis of the brain. However, wishing pestilence and myriad poxes upon them is not a criminal offense in the United States, at least not yet; just give them time. If there was a any sort of god to pray to, I would kneel at any convenient altar and pray that the Ten Plagues of Egypt were visited upon them, together with their stupid, mesmerized citizenry, afflicting them first with frogs, lice, flies, disease, boils, hail and locusts. There is no need, when their inevitable day of reckoning occurs, they will tearfully wring their hands and ask themselves why, just like Louis XVI, Nicholas Romanov, Benito Mussolini and Nicolae Ceaușescu did, while I sit back and laugh at them like a vengeful demon.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it – no, I didn’t say it – George Santayana did a long time ago.

Arriving at the focus of this post, I will cursorily examine a billionaire real estate investor named Donald Trump, who is running for the exalted position of head gangster, otherwise known as “president” of the United States. No introduction or biography is needed for Mr. Trump, anyone with even the semblance of a brain knows who he is, and that he is a rather opinionated, vociferous individual with the tact of a sledgehammer.

My personal opinion of the man is generally neutral compared to most politicians, considering what most politicians ARE – devious, duplicitous, hypocritical racketeers, rotten to the very core, with the ethics of Machiavelli and the morals of Cesare Borgia.

The nagging question is – would Donald Trump make a good President? Who really knows, and who really cares anymore – but I wager he’d be better than the past four jackasses that were elected by the mindless American drones – two wealthy, crooked Democrats and two wealthy, crooked Republicans. Look at how all of them managed to completely fuck up what is left of this nation and our relations with the rest of the globe – practically the entire goddamned planet hates us now, thanks to them. Hell, a babbling clown like Charles Manson could have done a better job than any of those bastards, and he’s madder than a goddamned hatter!

That said, the media and corporate America utterly despise Trump – therefore it logically follows that he must be doing something right. Any enemy of them may not be a friend of mine, but I certainly view him in a more favorable light than either of the former.

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you (pointing to the audience). They’re not sending you (pointing again). They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems to us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people. But I speak to border guards and they tell us what we’re getting. And it only makes common sense. They’re sending us not the right people. It’s coming from more than Mexico. It’s coming from all over South and Latin America, and it’s coming probably from the Middle East. But we don’t know. Because we have no protection and we have no competence, we don’t know what’s happening. And it’s got to stop and it’s got to stop fast.”

Donald Trump, June 16, 2015.

The truth hurts.

Starting with Phase One, activated shortly after Trump stated that many illegal aliens are drug dealers, criminals and rapists, the talking heads immediately shrieked that he is a “loudmouth”, a “bigoted man” and that he is “mean-spirited”. The latter phrases are typical catchwords of the condescending, left-leaning “journalists” that pollute the airwaves with their obnoxious, mind-numbing Goebbelsian rhetoric. They have also called him a “liar”, “egotistical” and “narcissistic” – words that describe the detached, megalomanical moolie in the White House perfectly, along with most current American politicians. At this point in time, various “commentators”, following express orders from their esteemed betters, are determined to “character assassinate” Donald Trump, an uncontrollable maverick who has them terrified, and probably for damn good reasons. The man cannot be bought, has nothing to hide, and he speaks his mind, for good or ill.

For example -. Trump bluntly said that Mexico doesn’t send the “best people” to the United States, and that many are criminals, rapists and drug dealers. It is OBVIOUS that many of them ARE in FACT drug dealers, criminals and rapists   try looking at the goddamn crime stats, and do it yourself – I’m not your fucking gopher.

Wait a minute, maybe I am your fucking gopher – at least this time. I won’t have some anonymous, mealy mouthed cocksucker comment that I don’t back up my charges with facts – have a good long look at the following articles with your OWN EYES if you believe I am not being truthful.




Here’s an interesting article from Louisiana: 


Here is another article from Nebraska:


What unbelievable DEPRAVITY – please note that ALL of these crimes occurred long before Donald Trump said ONE GODDAMNED, MOTHERFUCKING WORD.

Rubbing it in, here’s a gigantic pile of links to articles on Google, describing illegal alien criminals of all kinds:


Yes, one keyword was mistyped, (mexical) but the links were too damn good not to point out – here’s the links with ‘Mexican illegal alien rapists”:


Here are Google articles regarding illegal alien drug dealers:


Here is another catch-all of Google links for your reading pleasure:


UPDATE: Here is a website devoted to identifying illegal alien criminals.


I didn’t write the stories – so don’t blame me. Tell me where Donald Trump was wrong in what he said, considering the links SUPPORT HIS VERY ARGUMENT. If anyone actually peruses these links, they will find that most are from small news agencies, some right leaning, and television stations, interspersed with left leaning websites attempting to either minimize the crimes of illegal aliens, or attack Trump’s assertions. Also note that you see virtually NOTHING from the major news networks, including the laughable FOX News. This does not mean that the stories are unimportant, or fabricated, it means they are SUPPRESSED by the mainstream media, due to their and the politician’s combined AGENDA, which seems to be to fill the American nation with illiterate, superstitious, easily controlled people.

For example, the “Mexican baby rapist’s” name is “Jose Luis Aguilar” with 5,700 or so links found using the keywords “Jose Luis Aguilar” and rapist.

Here is the PROOF, read it and weep:


I dare you, try to prove Trump wrong – you can’t. No amount of “interpretation” or other word-twisting rhetorical sophistry will alter the FACT that many of the “illegal aliens” flooding into the United States, whether they are spics, niggers, whiteys, gooks, ragheads, half breeds, queers, dwarves, acromegalous monsters, male, female, young or old – are goddamned CRIMINALS. The fact that they are “illegal aliens” makes them criminals by default, and it’s only DOWNHILL from there.

Moving on, one thing Donald Trump should do is pick his battles more carefully, rather than arguing over idiotic Twitter or Facebook with the likes of Republican shitheads like senile John McCain and FAILURE Karl Rove, the latter “Republican” wanting to see the Second Amendment repealed. Attacking such frauds looks VERY BAD, not to mention puerile to the point of being infantile. I like Penn Jillette, so I don’t classify or include him as a “shithead”, and for Donald Trump to bother deriding he, his Las Vegas show and his atheism is, quite bluntly, idiotic, pointless, and makes him appear so petty that it is embarrassing to even look at him at times. Think about it – no one anywhere truly knows if there is such a thing as god, and, judging from the available empirical evidence, there probably isn’t one anyway, at least a god that gives one shit about us.

I candidly submit to the reader that religion was created by cunning men, and is promoted by cunning men to keep lesser men in line, in a paraphrase of Critias.

So, a presidential candidate ranking on an atheist magician and entertainer is fucking obtuse and produces nothing except laughter, derision and contempt, making Trump look like an absolute fool. The same goes for his remarks regarding the Huffington Post and has-been comedian and apparent pervert Bill Cosby – he should stick with the issues, and not get himself sidetracked regarding unimportant matters. It seems that after making his truthful remarks regarding illegal aliens, Trump is insisting on shooting himself in the foot, so to speak, lending credence to the charge that he is only running for President out of vanity. Really, no serious person sets out to deliberately make an ass out of himself.

Regarding Twitter, I haven’t bothered with it, and likely never will, as I see no point in conversing with silly people that I will never meet and couldn’t care less about. I did have a Facebook account once, but it produced nothing, except for being a colossal waste of my time, so I canned it.

As far as Donald Trump’s remarks on immigration and the economy goes – they are the TRUTH, and that seems to greatly bother the glorified pirates running this moribund, sinking Titanic of a nation, both Democrat and Republican. Bringing in Muslims, Mexicans and other illiterate, criminal degenerates to do menial jobs is no way to keep a nation alive, let alone create a tax base, considering that such people never make enough fucking money to actually PAY taxes and are a burden on the citizens that DO pay taxes. All the elected racketeers want them here for is to ensure that they, their sycophants and their offspring keep their grip on POWER, by promising such worthless people cash, telephones, free broadband and other perquisites for voting them in, a familiar situation which was addressed by a wise Greek philosopher named Plato 2,500 years ago.

So far, it seems that the media’s attacks on Mr. Trump are having little effect, much to the chagrin of the Democrats and Republicans, as his popularity seemingly increases among the citizenry. I imagine the time may be rapidly approaching for Phase Two – which means they must step up their personal attacks, whether true or not, and claim that Trump is a Nazi, or a pedophile, or that he fingered his sister in 1958, or called a garbageman a nigger in 1963. Watch – it will happen, whether Trump will take the bait remains to be seen, considering his past and current antics, he may focus on such bullshit at the peril of his campaign.

Look at Hillary Clinton’s example – I detest her and hope she has a debilitating stroke that leaves her paralyzed and drooling until she is 90, but she is SMART, and knows how to selectively ignore ANYTHING that makes her appear bad – even if it is TRUE, and her devoted sycophants ignore anything, no matter how compelling, that may reduce her chances for the Democrat nomination. That vicious, amoral miscreant bitch makes Richard Milhous Nixon look like the Archangel Gabriel, but is the media as if she was Mother Teresa. Hillary Clinton could kill someone on national television, with the blood on her fucking hands, and an hour later it would be conveniently forgotten by the media. They would quickly change the subject and focus obsessively on meaningless horseshit like Transvestite Jenner, Lezzie Cyrus, Confederate flags or the fat-assed, bed-hopping Kardashian whores.

One glaring fact has been established – Donald Trump is DANGEROUS to those holding the reins of power, and the time to pull a “Bobby Kennedy Special” on him is approaching at warp speed, especially if he continues to rise in the polls, or seems to be headed for the Republican nomination. Only time will tell.

UPDATE: Phase Two of the “Trump character assassination bandwagon” seems to have been activated, considering that Trump is now leading in the GOP polls. Current headlines (as of 31 July 2015) state that Trump has connections to the “mob”, whatever they are or may be, and state that his sons have engaged in “big game hunting”. How in the fuck Donald Trump is responsible for the actions of his full grown offspring, I’ll never know, but it has made for a few interesting hatchet pieces by the likes of Huffington Post and Mother Jones. The Goebbelsian media also states that Trump requested 1100 visas for LEGAL immigrants so he could hire them – who fucking cares – what he did is completely legal to do, and is done by many companies, not just Trump.

The remote possibility of his ascension to the Presidency is what makes Trump DOOMED – in Phase Three, the Democrats and Republicans, working together as they always do behind the scenes – will conveniently arrange a “heart attack”, a “stroke” or perhaps an “accident”, in the form of a plane or an automobile crash, to keep him from becoming a threat to their criminal hegemony.

If none of those tactics work, look for a convenient sniper with a Remington 700 chambered in 30.06, fired from a range of 1500 meters or so, which will blow Trump’s head off, solving their problem quickly, and permanently. If ever caught, the sniper, originally hired for cash by the Democrat and Republican hierarchy, will become a drugged up patsy who pleads “guilty” in a nearby courtroom several months later, and then “dies of a stroke”. Once in custody, he will automatically be labeled a “terrorist” by the parroting media, that is, either a “left-wing” or “right-wing” radical, or whatever it takes for their blatant LIE to appear believable to the slackjawed drones.

And please remember, most members of both parties pose as “Christians” – only to dupe Christian fools into voting for such chameleons as “one of them”, while they laugh out loud at their stupid constituents. The prevaricating fiends running this dying nation are no more “Christian” or religious than I am; they are all cynical atheists who use the mask of religion in a Machiavellian vein to further their relentless quest for MONEY, POWER and CONTROL of the ignorant masses. I reiterate: they WILL have Trump MURDERED if he gets their way, and all involved will cry crocodile tears at his funeral. The American people are stupid fools, to the point of it being beyond the ridiculous, and our “leaders” KNOW THAT, and delight in that FACT. Americans are so pathetically obtuse that they think “magic bullets” exist, that ANFO has enough brisance to shatter reinforced concrete pillars, and they think common kerosene can melt steel beams into fucking LIQUID, so it should prove ridiculously easy to make such ignoramuses believe that Donald Trump was killed by an anarchist wild man from fucking Borneo.

Conversely, with the events of 2015 only increasing the fragmentation of the American citizenry, e.g., amendment violating Supreme Court decisions, freedom of association rights being violated over queers demanding “wedding cakes”, together with idiotic protests and posturing over silly old Confederate flags, the “forced demise” of Donald Trump by our criminal politicians could likely be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, and initiates a welcome civil war.

As always, for readers that don’t appreciate what I have to say, just close the page, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you leave. Anyone, pro or con, may feel free to comment, but do so at your own risk – make a cogent statement, or don’t bother commenting at all. I assure you, I don’t give a good goddamn what anyone on the entire planet thinks of me or what I have written.




9 Responses to “Conway’s Jaded Eye on America: Donald Trump is DOOMED, But NOT in The Way You Think”

  1. brettrix Says:

    This is well written with some impressive vocabulary words to look up. Good job!


  2. cwaters Says:

    Good rant. Hope the Trump knock off thing doesn't come about.


  3. cwaters Says:

    Good rant. I hope Trump don't get knocked off.


  4. Conway The Contaminationist Says:

    I see it as inevitable – June 2016 at the latest if his poll numbers hold or increase.


  5. Richard Jonas Says:

    Excellent writing! Gonzo journalism at its best. Dr Thompson would be proud.


  6. Unknown Says:

    Good job. Nice to put the emotion of the left aside and focus on what has been said and done.


  7. John M Says:

    Good job putting aside the emotion laden drippings of the left and putting both Clinton and Trump in good context


  8. Mitch Grant Says:




    Excellent commentary: “I'm just sitting here watching the wheels go round, and round.”
    (John Lennon)


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