I’m done

I finally realized that I’m wasting my time after all these fucking years.

Call me stupid; I have no defense.

Part Six of my Constitutional analysis will, more than likely, never be published. No one reads my posts anyway. I wrote it, and another essay on the Seventh Amendment, but I am pissing into the wind.

Enjoy your collective demise, you obtuse American assholes; may you get exactly what you DESERVE.


5 Responses to “I’m done”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Don't stop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jqps9ZdMxs0


  2. Darkheart Says:


    I just discovered your blog while researching the murder of Jose Guerena. You are in the right in everything you say and I suspect this blog will be a valuable resource in years to come. The thing about the internet is that it is (hopefully) here forever. We'll always be outnumbered, but we're not talking about democracy or voting. Small numbers of hardened men have changed history many times. Here's hoping you don't completely lose heart.



  3. Conway The Contaminationist Says:

    I am considering the idea of returning, so I can analyze the current crop of criminals vying to be head gangster. The odds are 50/50.


  4. Caroline Pure Energy Says:

    Some of us Americans, have been against this system, for awhile now. Working our, you know what's off, awakening people, to nonconform. Me personally, it's been my whole life. It saddens me, that I lived a horrible life, because I talked about all the horrors, going on in the world. Especially, what America was/is doing to other countries. It has saddened me, and sickened me! I've tried so hard, just to be 'condemned' with those that do these despicable acts. That sucks. (Excuse me) But, unfortunately, this world was one, a long ago. All of our economies are connected. If that is realized, or not. Also, not all of us people of America, deserve to be linked with our government. That obviously, could care less, about Americans, or anything else, for that matter! I so, understand how you feel, however. Too much so. Please, keep up your writing. Because, all this internet stuff, is personality programming for AI. (Yes, I now officially sound like a nut!) But, it is true. So, as real humans, us that are left, what we do, is continue. Because, regardless if not one person sees, IT does! And we, can reprogram, from the inside out! Get into, ITs psyche! I'm not some weirdo either. I've been studying this illusionary world, for 30+ years now. And, no vanity, at all, but I'm not your average person, either. No better, no worse, than everyone, just different, in a needed way. Your work is very interesting, do I do hope, you reconsider. Thank you, for reading my ramblings! Apologies, that I went on. Thank you, and Peace to you! ;}


  5. Conway The Contaminationist Says:

    I'm a tired, bitter old man that is fucking fed up. That's all I have to say presently.


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