More Incompetence from the Arrogant, Inept, Idiotic Jackanapes

Between trading stocks, sparring with imbeciles and creating vicious polemics ripping apart the Bill of Rights, proving them for the absolute lies that they are, I have gleefully watched the obtuse, narcissistic eight-ball, Barack “jackanapes” Obama, make a complete fool of himself across the entire goddamned planet. His feckless sidekicks, Dolt Biden and Frankenstein Kerry, have only added to the hilarity, completely powerless to do anything about their new Lex Luthor – Vladimir Putin, who marched the Russian Army unopposed onto the Crimean peninsula, an area important to Russian interests, and none of the business of the meddling United States.

Outclassed in every maneuver, Jackanapes Obama, an oafish dilettante so far out of his league that he might as well be governing from Pluto, has been definitively shown for the two-faced hypocrite that he is by Putin and company. The moolie, continuing the idiotic actions of dunderhead George W. Bush, has armies still sitting in Afghanistan, with lesser forces parked in Iraq; we bombed Libya in 2011, and still have armed forces in South Korea, Germany and Japan, among other places. Frothing at the mouth like a rabid dog, warlord Obama even wanted to bomb Syria, assisting our “enemies” in Al-Qaeda to overthrow Bashir al-Assad, for whatever INSANE reason. In a clear example of “do as I say and not as I do”, the hypocritical jackanapes started mouthing off about how “wrong” Putin and his cohorts are, apparently due to the US wearing “white hats”, while the Russians sport black astrakhans. Double standards nauseate me, but when considering the dismal ethical record of US politicians, especially over the past century, I am not surprised in the least at their hypocritical actions.

After Mr. Putin annexed Crimea, with the population overwhelmingly approving, exercising their right of SELF-DETERMINATION, the inept jackanapes decided to impose meaningless “personal sanctions”, whatever they are or may be, on select members of Putin’s cabinet, together with other cronies, in a dubious attempt to “punish” them for not kowtowing to his shrill demands. So, what does any of that mean – that Putin can’t use Netflix or his American Express card? Further, exactly what items does the United States produce that Russia or any of its citizens would need, or even want?

The answer is – NOTHING. Russia doesn’t need the United States for anything; neither does China, for that matter. With the United States becoming increasingly irrelevant in world affairs, US politicians must employ every conceivable tactic to ensure their continued hegemony upon the rest of the world – even in affairs that are absolutely NONE of our fucking business. Now the jackanapes’ rhetoric is becoming even more ridiculous, making idle threats with regard to “economic sanctions”.

EARTH TO JACKANAPES OBAMA: Russia does not need us, and just because we don’t buy their borscht doesn’t mean that their market will dry up – there are plenty of other buyers, and your silly economic sanctions will accomplish NOTHING AT ALL. Perhaps that will be the crowning achievement of an Administration that has accomplished NOTHING of value since entering office, other than wasting trillions of dollars, and eroding the rights of the American people – just wait until Russia decides to dump our worthless T-Bills – gold, silver and oil will go to the MOON.

The Russians countered in a cynical tit-for-tat, barring nine soft-palmed, elitist gangsters from entering Russia – elected criminals like senile John McCain, crooked Harry Reid, drunk John Boehner, Robert Menendez, Mary Landrieu, and Daniel Coates, along with three of Obama’s closest, brown-nosed sycophants. I wouldn’t want pieces of shit like that in my nation either, unfortunately we are stuck with those amoral, self-serving bastards – I say bravo to the Russians.

Here’s the list of banned criminals:

All that noted, Jackanapes Obama’s impotent attempt at intimidation has only elicited LAUGHTER from his Russian adversaries, and the Russians know that America has no stomach for starting World War Three over something as trivial as the Crimean peninsula.

I’m laughing too – like a jackal.




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