A Nation, Founded on LIES – Part Three UPDATE

It was my intent to post this as an addendum to the original post, but those few who may have already read it are unlikely to re-read it, and the following incident is very important with regard to my contention, and proven factual assertion – that the Third Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America is a goddamned, motherfucking lie. Therefore, I will post this information separately; I was made aware of the following disgusting event via an email sent to me by a supporter over my private address. I must confess that I was remiss in my research, not having noticed that a contemporaneous example of my contention was available to display for my readers. Oh well, I’m an old bastard; meaner than a goddamn rattler and twice as deadly, but I am fallible too – perhaps I’m growing senile.

That brings us to a current example of Third Amendment violations by the powers that be, courtesy of my supporter, not that it really means anything, considering that the Third Amendment has not been “incorporated” against the States: The case of Mr. Anthony Mitchell, et al, of 367 Eveningside Avenue, Henderson Nevada 89012. I woefully submit that this case will go nowhere, due to the cunning machinations of shysters and historical precedent, just like when I was dubbed a “drug dealer” – for simply carrying MY MONEY on MY PERSON. Yes, I will NEVER forget that, for as long as I live – ALL cops are PIGS, and I laugh like a goddamned jackal whenever any of them are killed, for whatever reason.

On 10 July 2011, at 10:45 AM, porcine swine called Anthony Mitchell and stated they needed to commandeer his domicile to facilitate the arrest of a “domestic violence” suspect at an unspecified domicile adjacent to his domicile. Mitchell refused, as was his right, and hung up the phone, confident that his home was his castle, and inviolable by by the authorities.

He was WRONG.

Suck on these links – go ahead, tell me I’m a fucking liar, I have yet to get even ONE missive refuting my assertions that our “rights” are LIES:








I did not write the above articles – oh well, either everyone is a coward, or no one can refute my assertions that the entire Bill of Rights is a goddamned, motherfucking LIE, not worth the parchment it was written on.

Returning to the case:

Shortly thereafter, near noon, five jackbooted SWAT thugs showed up at Mr. Anthony Mitchell’s house, and beat on his door in the name of the law, demanding that he “open up” for the duly sworn, armed gangsters. Undaunted by the lack of a response, as Mr. Mitchell was on the phone, conversing with his parents, they broke his door down with a battering ram in the name of baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie. Entering his home after the door was smashed down, the armed invaders drew guns on him and ordered him to the floor of his home, while calling him a rube, motherfucker, or cocksucker, or whatever pigs currently use to intimidate their victims – all in the name of freedom, of course. Rubbing it in, the arrogant, victorious gestapo freebooters pepper sprayed him, while he was helpless and prone on the floor, in the name of Chevrolet. Then they did the same fucking thing to his hapless dog, perhaps in the name of Mack Trucks, you know – the “bulldog” ornament sitting on the hoods of highway tractors of that American brand name.

Drunk on their power, the duly sworn, badged pirates then “arrested” Mr. Mitchell, for “obstructing an officer” and dragged him from his home to their pigsty, in the name of Betsy Ross, George Washington, and Chairman Mao. Strike the Ross and Washington invocations, as fucking Chairman Mao only apples in this case. Then they fucked up his furniture, and set up their “command post”, so they could conduct “surveillance” on the nearby domicile of the “domestic violator”.

Meanwhile, pigs also invaded the backyard of 362 Eveningside Avenue, Henderson, Nevada, 89012, home of Mr. Michael Mitchell, and his wife Linda, parents of Mr Anthony Mitchell. Mrs. Mitchell answered, and the duly sworn pirates demanded entry. Mrs Mitchell refused, and the pigs shoved her aside and entered her domicile in the name of freedom. Dragging her from her home, one pig began “searching” though her purse for “evidence”, without a warrant, as is specified by the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, which is a “right” incorporated against the States by the Warren Supreme Court, in the case Mapp vs. Ohio, 367 U.S. 643 (1961).


Then the pigs wandered about the latter Mitchell’s “compound”, searching for whatever, consumed potables within, dumped contents from their refrigerator to the floor of their kitchen, and QUARTERED theirselves within the domicile.

Mr. Michael Mitchell, father of Anthony Mitchell, was “arrested” as well, and ferried to the pigsty in an oink-mobile. Both were “booked” for “obstructing an officer”. Father Michael Mitchell and and son Anthony were held for nine hours of their mortal fucking lives for no legitimate goddamned reason at all, by jackbooted PIRATES, who think it is their RIGHT to be obnoxious, bullying assholes, and who think they have the RIGHT to threaten anyone who gets in their way – with abuse, arrest, or even death.

Curiously enough, all charges against the Mitchells were dropped, as anyone with half a fucking brain knows they would have been acquitted anyway by a voir dired jury of their peers. The pigs tried to offer that in exchange for not being sued, as when I beat the “drug dealer” charges leveled against me – a judge actually telling a vociferous pig to shut up after he had adjudicated the case. Then the all-powerful State told me that unless I signed a form absolving them of all wrongdoing, they would simply STEAL my money that they took from me and I would have no recourse. It was a considerable sum in those days and I needed it for operating capital at my business. I could have sued but it would have taken years, and I would have received essentially the same amount after legal fees. One bird in hand is worth two in the bush, so I signed and reclaimed my hard-earned bucks from those fucking pirates. They still got away with stealing the tools out of my beat-up old rusty junker, toolbox and all. Yes, I have always driven used pieces of shit, new vehicles are not worth the capital invested; it is more prudent to invest surplus cash in equities.

I vividly recall the cloudy day when my funds were returned, they had offered a check earlier – I DEMANDED my CASH. My mouthpiece, a hook-nosed kike, told me that “a state check is the same as cash”. I said no, and that I wanted my money that they had taken from me. The next day, my funds were returned, in cash, sans a silver certificate which had been given to me decades earlier by my grandfather.

The Assistant State’s Attorney was there; he looked like the veritable personification of a limp-wristed, cocksucking fairy. As he handed me my funds, he said, “I’m sure you got this money by illegal means.” 

I frowned and replied, “Fuck you, douchebag.” 

My kike mouthpiece said, “You can’t talk to him that way – he’s the Assistant States Attorney!”

I looked at my lawyer, who had already been paid, and replied, “The fact that I just did proves that I can.” I then got up and left, and never spoke to that fawning, kike bastard again.

I’ll tell you one thing, reader – if I EVER get my revenge on them, it won’t be pretty. Like Roman Emperor Carinus, I would hunt those bastards down and then coldly crucify those nazi pigs, and laugh beneath their blood-soaked crosses as they died in exquisite agony, like a latter day Vlad the Impaler. I don’t forget, and I never forgive. I am not a Christian, and I am the one who will “take vengeance upon mine enemies”, given the chance. Incidentally, I have NO criminal record, unless you want to count a few “traffic tickets”, for having the unmitigated audacity to drive around in an ancient, rusted out, oil belching refugee from a goddamned car crusher.

Returning to the Mitchell case – does any of the above matter? No, the pigs didn’t fucking care, just like with my case of decades ago, and neither does our corrupt government that facilitates them. All they are interested in is POWER, and CONTROL over the PEOPLE. They don’t care whose “rights” are violated, as the Constitution is only sophistry; words on a page, written by man, and thus cannot enforce itself. The cunning monsters running this bankrupt joint know this, and so do I – toilet paper has more value; at least it is good for wiping shit from asses of either sex or clinging drops of piss from dripping cunts, whereas the Constitution is perhaps useful for lining birdcage floors, and little else.

My prognostication on the above case:

It will be quickly decided in the favor of the plaintiffs first; then appealed by the defendants and reversed by an appellate court in favor of the defendants, then it will be appealed to SCOTUS by the plaintiffs. SCOTUS will either refuse to hear the case, which is my wager, or will decide in the favor of the defendants, to maintain the status quo.

I would bet all that I own, to ANY gamester, double or nothing, that the Mitchells will LOSE their case in the end.

That’s “justice” for you, drone – get used to it, and kneel to your esteemed betters like the common serf that you are.

The elitists relishing in their Pyrrhic victory, soon after that, the United States of America will be wracked by insurrection, civil war, and revolution – a literal BLOODBATH – who the fuck knows how it will turn out, and who really cares? I don’t; I submit that anything, anarchy, libertarianism, communism, national socialism, or actually IMPLEMENTING the original CONSTITUTION of the United States of America, as INTENDED, is better than a laughable, fraudulent nation based on LIES, and run by CRIMINALS.

Then again, during the “dark time” the United States could be invaded and destroyed by outside influences; that’s what you get for ARROGANCE and DECADENCE. In that case, America will get what it DESERVES.

If the former scenario prevails, I truly hope that I live to see it, along with the attendant show trials of those defeated – and it won’t be those who started the insurrection, I assure you. Those with nothing to lose have everything to gain, history has proven that repeatedly. Three percent of the populace can topple this illegitimate regime, and send it to the flaming hell where it belongs. Sheer force of will shall triumph in the coming reckoning, and blood will run in the streets.

I plan to laugh manically at our “betters”, to their goddamned faces if I can, before they receive the vicious justice they deserve.




27 Responses to “A Nation, Founded on LIES – Part Three UPDATE”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I guess it depends on whose constitution you're talking about. / I find some to be a little more worthwhile.


  2. Conway Says:

    Well, I think it should be quite clear that I have been writing about the Constitution of the United States of America. I have perused other constitutions as well, and none I have read so far addresses personal liberty and freedom from governmental interference as well as Madison's Constitution does.

    Too bad that it is only sophistry, words on a page, and not enforced as it was originally intended. I submit that the same goes for any other constitution, as man is the measure of all things, and is, unfortunately, prone to hypocrisy. The arrogant, elitist criminals running the United States today are absolute proof of that.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Do you not think actual enforcement of said constitution would lead to a number of someones getting hurt, and does that not concern you in the least.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    You don't think it's been enforced? How much more enforcing needs to take place? How many years, how many tears? Curious.


  5. Conway Says:

    Apparently, you do not understand what I have written.

    The Constitution of the United States of America is not being enforced, and people are suffering because of that.

    Liberty, freedom and the full exercise of individual rights are the objective of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The elitists running this nation do not want that, and never did.


  6. Conway Says:

    It's definite – you do not understand what I have written at all, your reading comprehension skills are lacking.

    That, or you are deliberately trying to waste my time by posting a nonsensical argument.

    Have a good evening.


  7. Anonymous Says:

    No, Im the only one on here attempting to make sense of what the fick you're saying. And talk to you. Again, it seems, the only one to do so.


  8. Conway Says:

    My dear Anonymous,

    Okay, you asked for it.

    Your poorly composed responses to my current polemical essay are little more than meaningless, incoherent drivel. Apparently you have not even read it, judging from your obtuse remarks. Further, I sincerely doubt that you could understand the article even if you did read it; I suspect that you do not have the intellectual capacity for such a task.

    I candidly wager that you are some bizarre type of troll or perhaps a lower level NSA employee, too inept to even create a profile for reference, making a pathetic attempt to get a rise out of me for whatever reason. You are wasting your time, others have tried, and you have missed the mark by miles.

    Moving on, judging from your writing “style”, which I believe to be contrived, you are probably the same individual who showed up a few years back on the Wagist site and followed me here. If that is so, I suggest you find someone else to play with; so far I find you ignorant and quite unchallenging.

    That said, I write for catharsis, not popularity; you are judging others by your own criteria, and have made an inaccurate value judgment with regard to my intention. Try the Hegelian Dialectic next time; I have instructed the reader how to employ that aspect of critical thinking in past essays.

    My challenge to you and any other reader is to prove my assertions in the above and other essays as inaccurate, or “wrong”, and to prove such charges by using cited facts, historical precedent, and case law. If you can accomplish that – I wish you luck in doing so.

    That is all I am after, period – nothing else matters here.

    If you cannot refute my position, simply say so, and move onto something else.




  9. Anonymous Says:

    You are the most unpleasant human being I've ever come across, and I truly regret ever given time amd money to you. The waste of a life was spent trying to give anything of value to you. Don't contact me again. and go fucking die, you walking abortion.


  10. Anonymous Says:

    The waste of time comes from thinking that you actually had something of importance to say, and trying to make sense of it. I don't plan on doing that again.


  11. Anonymous Says:

    That means stay away from my friends and family too, creepy pathetic stalking freak.


  12. Conway Says:

    My dear Anonymous,

    I never have contacted you – you contacted me. You could have avoided that by not bothering, but you insisted. Ergo, it is your fault that you are pissed off, and that I am laughing at you.

    You have effortlessly proven my point before the entire world; you are an ignorant individual who doesn't even recall the idiotic drivel that you have composed. With each post you make you bury yourself further; good riddance to bad rubbish, I say.

    I also notice that you cannot refute one thing that I wrote in the essay – I win the argument by default, and you are defeated.

    Further, you have never given time or money to me, you don't know who I am and you never will, and as far as I am concerned, you can go fuck yourself, cretin.

    Angry much?




  13. Conway Says:

    Please, go see a psychiatrist before you harm yourself, or others.


  14. Anonymous Says:

    You got that right. I don't . Don't plan on spending anymore time and money to figure it out either. You forgot the stay the fuck away from me and my family, however, you creepy walking aberration. .


  15. Conway Says:

    You are the obtuse cretin who keeps making a fool of yourself – I'm actually enjoying this.

    I'm laughing at you too – mentally ill individuals usually provoke laughter.

    Incidentally – if you “know” me personally – what is my REAL NAME?




  16. Conway Says:

    Incidentally – I think I'll do an article on YOU and your stupid remarks, posted en toto, with my responses, so the entire goddamned planet can see you for the absolute fucking idiot that you are.

    Enjoy burying yourself further.

    Have a nice day.


  17. Anonymous Says:

    Legion is your real name you fork toungued pig. Is this your newest incarnation? Wow this newest facet I doubt is going to make you the money your other fake fraudulent personas did.


  18. Anonymous Says:

    Why not. You've al
    Ready written about me, my family, my friends, not to mention how many other people you've stalked over the years. Go for it.


  19. Anonymous Says:

    Put the other comments pig. I own your sorry evil ass and you know it.


  20. Conway Says:

    If you are indeed serious, and are not just mentally masturbating for some kind of puerile lark, you seem to delight in burying yourself. Alright; I'll play your little game, though I do realize that you have a very limited capacity for debate, if one can call this unproductive series of ludicrous exchanges a debate.

    For example, you have absolutely no idea as to who I am, and your ridiculous, inane replies reflect that fact. That noted – kindly tell me what my given name is, here, and in what State of the Union that I reside in, that is, if you “know” me so well, which you do not, and never will. You are being mendacious, in other words a liar, for someone of your limited intellect, and if you actually do believe that you know me, you are in fact delusional. Considering your words; I suggest a visit to a psychiatrist, coupled with appropriate doses of serotonin re-uptake inhibitors. Such compounds may prove effective for assisting you in dealing with your delusions – do you hallucinate as well?

    Try lithium.

    Further, your spelling is absolutely atrocious, and your grammar leaves a lot to be desired. You can barely compose a coherent sentence, and your obvious anger at my blithe dismissal of your ill-thought replies only makes the situation worse – for you. Incidentally, if you had even half a brain, you could easily find my given name and where I reside from various posts I have made over the Internet – I'll give you a clue – the initials of my first and last name fall between the letters of “F” and “N” in the English alphabet.

    Oh well, this may help increase your ire – I don't care in the least of what you may think of me, and I dare you to make even one attempt to refute anything that I alleged in the article, which you cannot, due to not even understanding anything I have written. I actually find you entertaining, to a degree, and your remarks have made me laugh out loud. For that, I thank you.

    Referring to your pathetic attempt at assigning personal nomenclature to an individual you will never meet – your laughable Biblical references from the Gospels of the New Testament only reveal you to be some variety of idiotic, dogmatic religious fanatic, who believes in silly, non-existent creatures like demons, angels, and gods. That is your problem, all the belief in the universe will not bring such entities into existence. Further, your foul mouth and ad hominem remarks make you a hypocrite, which is very typical of the “Christians” I have met, along with other mentally disturbed fanatics like Muslims.

    Look for my article on you, exemplifying you and your words before the entire world as a drooling cretin.

    Keep replying, you are only pouring gasoline on a fire. Warning: If your replies are not sufficiently obtuse, and entertaining, I will simply delete them and be done with you.

    Have a good evening,



  21. Anonymous Says:

    You're hardly one to prostelyze about hypocrisy, fraud. How did you make your money? Not by acting like the pig you portraying at the moment.


  22. Conway Says:

    Ah yes, you are here – I am very glad of that, and I thank you very much for your response. You made me mentally cum with your latest inane reply; I am quite satisfied; I relish in your gross stupidity. Keep feeding me, you fucking idiot.

    Your latest fecklessness easily passed my litmus test for both obtusity and entertainment; therefore I approved it. Fuck up and I will delete further replies and silence you at my leisure – you must pass my tests from now on.

    As a public service, I will inform you when I decide to silence your squawkings, should you fail to be entertaining.

    I have proven you for the utter superstitious fool that you are. I will even tell you the title of my post devoted to YOU: ” A Tale Told by an Idiot, Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing”.

    You definitely signify nothing.

    I have already written the outline, I'm simply waiting for you to post more entertainment; I've even posted another essay in the meantime, devoted to your moronic, inept, megalomanical nigger jackanapes.

    Please, I appeal to you, keep burying yourself, I'm loving it.

    Kind Regards,



  23. Anonymous Says:

    I know the name you've decided to adopt, after challenging me to read your lanced, puss filled posts. It is however, not the name I originally associate with you, is it.


  24. Conway Says:


    I'm sorry, but your latest post, which I published for you, was completely obtuse, though not sufficiently entertaining. Therefore, I am forced to do something that I have never done before on this blog – I shall no longer approve further comments from you.

    You have written enough to enable me to easily identify your peculiar prose, and even if you attempt to alter it, I will still be able to recognize, and delete it. Let's just say that I have a patented “moron detector”, and leave it at that.




  25. Conway Says:



    This is Major Don West – Thank you, robot. Return to your duties, monitor the force field protecting the Jupiter II perimeter. Doctor Zachary Smith is not a threat presently, he is in the galley on the lower deck with Judy and Penny, baking a three layer chocolate cake for Professor John Robinson and his wife Maureen, for their anniversary

    All kidding aside, our fainthearted friend Anonymous posted obtuseness, without entertainment – I cannot help that the heuristic moron detector was activated; it is an autonomous program dedicated to detecting gross stupidity, in all its forms.

    I did have the entertainment detector parameter set to absolute “minimum”; it is your fault – again. No humor was evident, so your post was automatically deleted.

    Please refer to my upcoming post – “A Tale told by an IDIOT, Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying NOTHING.

    Your obtuse replies will be summarily approved there, without prejudice – the moron detector has been deactivated there, and only there.




  26. Conway Says:


    Symantec Moron Detector, (TM) has detected another absurd post.

    Post summarily deleted; archive of post available to blog administrator.

    Copyright (C) 2014 Symantec Corporation (R).


  27. Conway Says:

    Hey, loony – How does it feel to lick the boots of the old man who pulls your chain?


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