A Nation, Founded on LIES, Part Two

Well, I wager my preceding post woke someone up – hits went up like a bat out of hell, courtesy of my good friends at the NSA or the CIA, or maybe even the FBI. I wager someone, somewhere, doesn’t like what I have to say at all, even though there isn’t one thing they can do about it, legallySearching for anything that could be construed as a threat to anyone, they finally closed the page in bitter disappointment, angrily conceding that your friend Conway, whose true identity they already know, chooses his words very, very carefully. 
That aside, speculating further, perhaps they’ll send the IRS after me for daring to tell the truth about this cadaverous farce of a nation, or maybe they’ll elect to use the Secret Service, in a pathetic attempt at intimidation, sternly accusing me of “disrespecting” that disgusting, inept, narcissistic nigger jackanapes Obama, sitting on his goddamned brain in the White House.


Are you fucking kidding me – respect is EARNED, and Obama has not earned mine. Hell, I’d call that banana-lipped mulatto jungle bunny to his goddamned face if I ever encountered him, on national television, mind you. I have more respect for blood-bloated bedbugs than I ever could for a clown like Barack Obama – or his retarded predecessor, empty-eyed honky George W. Bush. Both are excrement under my feet, unworthy of respect or acknowledgement given to mangy felines. 

H. L. Mencken said it best: “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” 

Empty-eyes and the jackanapes are absolute PROOF of that assertion.

Further, according to the First Amendment, whether it is a lie or not, I am allowed to disrespect anyone that I want to, but that’s another story. Refer to the preceding post for verification of that assertion. 

Exploring another scenario, our esteemed betters may even employ a jackbooted gestapo pig to simply pull me over in the name of the law on a dark country road while driving my old, rusty junker home from the local convenience store – for the felonious crime of a bad tag light, and then dutifully blow my brains out all over the well-worn and split Naugahyde front bench seat. Afterward, the duly sworn servant of the people will plant an old, rusty rim-fire .32 on my cooling cadaver, in the name of freedom, god, George Washington, and Civil Rights. The following morning, Goebbelsian headlines will shrilly state that I was a terrorist, or a drug dealer, or a child molester, or that I didn’t love Jesus, or whatever it will take to paint kindly old Conway as as the most despicable fucking creature to have ever lived since Gaius Caligula, Emperor of the Romans. I won’t give a shit what they will say, as I’ll no longer exist, except as a rotting carcass of deanimated meat sitting in a local morgue.
I have yet to see one comment refuting my position that the First Amendment is a lie, though an anonymous commenter stated that they envied my vocabulary, and that Zip Code 12345 was based in Schenectady, New York at the General Electric home office. GE is a company founded by Thomas Edison, another atheist who invented a whole shitload of devices, like light bulbs, DC power distribution, phonographs, and the Kinetograph, an early motion picture camera. I found the Zip Code information to be an interesting piece of trivia, and thanked him or her for their input. The picture at the top of this essay is a nod to the anonymous poster.
That said, this vicious polemical essay will be devoted to exposing the Second Amendment for the LIE that it is, using American history and current events to SHOW the reader that it as nothing but mendacious sophistry used to dupe credulous, mentally-challenged drones, masquerading as the American citizenry.
Reiterating history, Mr. James Madison, hypocrite, wealthy, slave owning elitist, and Fourth President of the United States was the brilliant author of the ridiculous document called the “Bill of Rights”, which contain the First through Tenth Amendments of the Constitution of the United States of AmericaIt is my intention to prove conclusively at the end of each essay that all of them are lies, cunningly crafted as a smokescreen to mesmerize feckless idiots, seducing the credulous into believing that they have “inalienable rights” given to them by some sort of god. Considering there is no proof that god exists, it is safe to assume that god does not exist and never did exist. Expounding the preceding statement, it is evident that our “rights” come from the clever, talking APE called man, and are easily negated by the clever, talking APE called man, by using FORCE, either covertly, through legislation, or overtly, by employing physical persuasion. Oh well, so much for god and rights of man, I guess. Cynically summarizing, is plainly obvious that the American citizenry possessing firearms is a grave threat and very present danger to the evolving Federal and State fascist tyrannies. Therefore, the Second Amendment must, and will be negated by those in power to enable the tyranny to progress further

For example, while perusing the Internet, I have noticed that a group of evident government paid shills are plainly stating that everyone should give up their guns, due to the Federal Government possessing tanks and other superior weapons, with which they will subjugate the people by force. Psychologically, such remarks are tactical; they are a threat, and are being employed by those in power in order to intimidate and demoralize an already alienated population into feeling hopeless. Such clumsy tactics won’t work, and have been tried before, across history. What individuals with such ignorant worldviews do not realize is that governments exist at the WHIM of the CITIZENRY, not vice versa. People with nothing left to lose and everything to gain are not cowered by the threats of those individuals they consider intractable enemies – a cornered rat will fight a fucking lion, even with no hope of survival, and a million rats will defeat and devour one. That is the key; one determined citizen can be defeated easily, a thousand determined citizens, not so easily; with a million determined citizens – success and “regime change” of whatever type is virtually certain. 

Citing our blood-drenched history as proof, the ultimate goal of the cunning, talking APE called man is for a select group of greedy apes to gain POWER and control over the masses, using any means, so the masses can be exploited by those in power – to facilitate the pursuance of whatever perceived want or need that is desired by the controlling group, which has always been wealth, in varying forms – be it goats, gold, silver, slaves, ships, whores, wildebeests, or whatever is considered “valuable” at the time. Those in power can and will use anything to justify their lofty and exalted positions – invoking their perceived intelligence, the need for public safety; “science”, as it is so-called today, e.g., global warming and its ugly sister, climate change, or by even invoking god – when they are truly desperate and have no recourse, other than death. All of the above, contrived measures are very effective at duping dronelike clods, for the most part, until the shit hits the fan, then, all bets are off. Regardless of temporary success, given enough time, coupled with oppression of the masses, the masses revolt, a vicious bloodbath ensues and the victors establish a new government, which immediately sets out to accomplish the very same task that the vanquished regime pursued – to have power over and to control the masses, and to exploit them economically, for the exact same reasons.

Yes, the above could be considered a “Marxist” worldview – sue me.Anyway, the supposed worldviews of those gangsters presently running any nation doesn’t matter at all, whether they be capitalists, fascists, or communists, as long as the dronelike masses have something to believe in, like the easily convinced, dogmatic, gullible fools that they are. Autocratic statism and devotion to such is replacing religion; Stalin’s Soviet Union, Hitler’s Nazi Germany, Mao’s Communist China, and the current United States of America are proof of that assertion. The only discernible differences in the above four entities is that the United States is promoting “friendly” fascism – wanton tyranny disguised as freedom, complete with a with a cynical motherfucking “happy face” plastered over wanton autocracy. Other than that there is no difference in execution of goals – subjugating and forcing the populace to adopt a particular worldview, to facilitate the agenda of the elitist vermin controlling and exploiting the masses. Then, when the masses being exploited finally wake up – things change – FAST, like an unstoppable wildfire. 

That’s all it takes, dear reader; the communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin and his Bolsheviks proved that nearly a century ago; just ask that exiled Trudovik Aleksandr Kerensky – after the Czar was deposed, he offered continuing war for the people, Lenin offered peace for a weary population. The battleship Aurora backed Lenin up, using her GUNS in the October Revolution. Yet another communist, Chairman Mao, said it quite succinctly: “All political power grows out of the barrel of a GUN”, and the worried, tyrannical, fascist despots running the United States today will resort to any kind of subterfuge to disarm and subjugate the citizenry, out of their very REAL fear of becoming the next Louis XVI, Czar Nicholas, or Nicolae Ceausescu. The amoral gangsters running this joint don’t want you to know these things – they make hundreds of thousands of dollars per annum running this moribund nation, while they LAUGH atYOU – how much do you make, and then PAY to them for your REAL labors, in TAXES, so they can live like KINGS over YOU?

Capitalism, communismhave you actually NOTICED – what difference is there? Vladimir Putin is ferried around in chauffeured, bulletproof ZIL limousines, while Barack Obama is ferried around in chauffeured, bulletproof Cadillac limousines – and YOU, a supposed “free citizen of the United States” drive around in some fucking old, common rusty junker Chevy or Nissan with 100,000 miles on it, wondering if the goddamned oil pump or alternator is going to take a shit and cost you a pile of money that you do not have. Hey, credit cards work, and you’d better make sure your insurance and tags are current too, or the pigs will collar you as a “criminal” and cost you even more bucks. Politicians and their ilk live in palatial mansions staffed by servants, you live in a mortgaged dump, at best, owned by a bank, or you rent an apartment owned by those like them; they have the best of everything, and pretty capped teeth, too – you have yellow dentures or rotten teeth at best. Funny thing is – YOU paid for their palatial mansions and their capped teeth, with YOUR taxes, that they BILKED from YOU, via their fellow gangsters at the IRS. If you don’t pay their “protection” in the form of TAXES – they steal what you own and then put you in prison so you can get fucked in your ass, in the name of, justice,  Jesus or whatever – what real difference is there between they and the MAFIA? They LAUGH at YOU, and me, like the parasitical vermin they are – but they are morbidly AFRAID, as the populace has GUNS. They must take them away, at any cost, including your death.

One of my very favorite movies is “Nicholas and Alexandra”, from 1971 – especially the end, where the entire pampered “Royal Family” is mercilessly slaughtered by the vengeful Bolsheviks – along with the wonderful YouTube videos of Ceausescu and his cunt wife Elena being shot to death on Christmas Day, 1989. I actually laughed at them; I never had a better “Christmas present”, ever – seeing that despotic asshole and his wife coldly knocked off with Kalashnikovs as one would dispatch a rabid dog. Call me sadistic if you like, but I truly enjoy seeing elitists like Louis XVI, Nicholas Romanov or that bastard Ceausescu get exactly what they deserve; I make no apologies for it and I never will. If I live long enough I plan to enjoy watching videos depicting such wonderful occurrences in the good old USA, playing over YouTube for my viewing pleasure, while smiling at the carnage like a vindictive demon.

Enough lengthy diatribe for now – in continuation of this series over the arbitrary date of 2014, CE, I shall also prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that most other amendments adopted after the Fourteenth Amendment were passed to ERODE and DESTROY freedom, with other selected amendments being either patently obtuse, e.g., Amendment XVIII, or put forth in a cynical attempt to thwart revolt, e,g,. Amendment XXVI, adopted during the Vietnam war.Below, the text of the Second Amendment, verbatim:


A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Analysis of the Second Amendment:

Quite plainly, the citizens of the United States ARE the militia, and those citizens of the United States have the RIGHT to keep weapons (e.g., clubs, knives, swords, crossbows, ball bats and specifically, firearms) within their homes and on their persons, and citizens of the United States have the RIGHT to bear weapons (e.g., clubs, knives, swords, crossbows, ball bats and specifically, firearms) if necessary, i.e., USE (e.g., clubs, knives, swords crossbows, ball bats and specifically firearms) for target practice, huntingself-defense and even to defend themselves from governmental tyranny. Further, according to the Second Amendment, Congress MAY NOT promulgate laws that limit or “infringe” the exercise of a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms, period. For the remainder of this essay, I shall only specifically refer to firearms, as they are the very core of the Second Amendment.

At least that’s what the Second Amendment SAYS, but it is, after all, only sophistry written on a page of parchment, it cannot enforce itself, unlike those well-protected, well-armed individuals who make up a government, who can, will and do enforce their will, for good or ill, upon the hapless citizenry. 

The Founding Fathers and others agree with the above interpretation of the Second Amendment, complete, verbatim citations would take up a lot of my time and needless space, so I shall post convenient links for the reader’s perusal:













I submit the above links are enough to prove the intention of the Founding Fathers with regard to individual citizens possessing firearms for personal usefor hunting, for self-defense, and for prevention of governmental tyranny. Some may not believe my assertion, and may choose to split hairs, arrogantly stating that some of the sites are “biased” or “fringe” sites – who the fuck cares – the quotations of the Founding Fathers are their very words, they are accurate, and can be found elsewhere on the Internet – simply look their quotes up yourself on other sites if you doubt my veracity.

Now, using all of the above as a premise, I shall show the reader that the Second Amendment is a LIE. I will accomplish this task using several dialectical steps, as follows:

1) Rights of any type are not inherent, nor do they come from a god, they are given to the citizens by the governing body, and can be easily modified, or even taken away by the governing body if deemed necessary or expedient, by using “laws”, or force.

Expounding on that premise, and illustrating the unabashed hypocrisy of the Founders of this nation; at the time of the Founding Fathers, niggers had no rights at all; they weren’t citizens of anywhere and they were even viewed as animals, by said hypocrites. Then, after the Civil War, they were given rights by those in power who won the war. You see, it wasn’t any god that endowed niggers with rights, nor did their rights magically appear from the ethers – they were GIVEN their rights by other PEOPLE, specifically, Northern whiteys, on a whim, to arrogantly rub the defeated Southerner’s noses in it, so to speak.

Was it “right” or “good” to do any of the above? Who the fuck knows – morality and ethics are completely arbitrarydependent on the given situation – might makes right, and that’s all that counts, or ever did count, in reality, regardless of any rhetorical sophistry stating otherwise.

2) Rights of any type are not “inalienable”, considering that martial law “suspends” our supposed “god given rights” – just ask folks like Abraham Lincoln, and the Territorial Governor of Hawaii, Joseph Poindexter. “Rights” vanished like a fart in the wind – with the proclamations of MEN, that is, Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Poindexter.

3) Several US states and localities during the 1800’s attempted to interfere with gun ownership and the use thereof, promulgating “concealed weapons” laws, but most of those laws were simply a nuisance. However, the fact that they succeeded in passing such legislation exemplifies the Second Amendment for what it IS –  just another cunning lie for credulous drones to believe in. Such legalistic legerdemain was only the beginning of the “slippery slope” that is leading to outright CONFISCATION of legally owned firearms in Connecticut – a state supposedly governed by the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.



So much for your risible, non-existent “right” to “keep and bear” arms, citizen, or more aptly, subject – I maintain that the Second Amendment IS a fucking LIE.

4) With the Federal Government usurping more power originally delegated to the People or the States (the Ninth and Tenth Amendments) in the Twentieth Century, the Congress of the United States of America has, since 1934, blatantly infringed on the rights of American citizens to keep and bear arms, starting with the “National Firearms Act”, signed into law by the cripple, in both body and mind, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The “Gun Control Act” of 1968 followed, signed into law by the crooked, amoral megalomaniac Lyndon Baines Johnson, with the “Brady Handgun Violence Act” of 1993, and the “Federal Assault Weapons Ban” of 1994, signed into law by the mendacious whoremonger, William Jefferson Clinton. 

Links to each “ACT” are provided below:





Although I despise both Democrats and Republicans equally, as both are little more than elected gangsters, it is rather odd that all of the above laws were promoted, passed and promulgated by DEMOCRATS, the vociferous, self-proclaimed “defenders of the Constitution”. Oh well, hypocrisy and mendaciousness are nothing new – just look at the corrupt Roman Senate at the time of Cicero or the utterly disgusting Greek “Democratic” Senate that condemned Socrates to DEATH. Incidentally, the same goes for the major wars of the Twentieth Century, i.e., World Wars One and Two; they were prosecuted by DEMOCRATS, together with their presiding over lesser wars like Korea and Vietnam, but that’s another story altogether. Yes, the current conflicts we are in, e.g., Afghanistan, or have recently exited from, i.e., Iraq, are the products of Republican Administrations, both prosecuted with the overwhelming support of Democrats, mind you; that only proves there is no difference at all between the Democrat or Republican parties of today.

5) Another convenient link, illustrating the concept of the “slippery slope” is now presented for the reader to peruse, further showing before all who read that the Second Amendment is a LIE.


6) Current Goebbelsian propaganda, created by cunning authors to dupe the young into a contrived interpretation of the Second Amendment, supported by the United States Federal Government, as is illustrated by the links below:





Here is an op-ed, from the New York Times, supporting the Goebbelsian rewrite of the Second Amendment:


Lastly, here, for the reader, is an article of blatant, biased, contrived Goebbelsian LIES about the Second Amendment, with opposing comments destroying the author, Thom Hartmann’s, stance:


Analysis completed, I submit, by citing and comparing the above theses, derived  from eight disparate premises, and with only the written words of the Second Amendment as an opposing antithesis, that a credible synthesis can be quickly deduced, with minimal effort:

The Second Amendment is CONCLUSIVELY PROVEN as the goddamned LIE that it is.

I again invite anyone, I even dare you, from drooling drone to Constitutional Scholar, to PROVE my terse assertion wrong, by using FACTS, backed up with supporting evidence in the form of accredited, or at least provable, citations. The onus is upon you to prove me wrong, and, if such is proven, I shall publicly concede defeat at your hands, and post notations of such defeat in a later essay.

Just wait until I prove the idiotic Third Amendment as a goddamned, motherfucking LIE – that’s coming up next. I will succeed in doing that by employing the same legalistic cunning and legerdemain that lawyers use in “proving” that “money can commit a crime”, or that “corporations are persons”, which the former cannot and the latter is not, in any universe that is populated by those considered SANE. Both are logical fallacies and absurd contrivances that would be laughed at by those like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, but what the hell – man is the measure of all things, including definition – just ask Protagoras, or that old, silly kike Noam Chomsky.




4 Responses to “A Nation, Founded on LIES, Part Two”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Get it off your chest. – ill need more time to digest this soliloquy, so more on this later.


  2. Conway Says:

    Feel free to take as long as you like – it's not like I'm getting paid for any of this vitriolic crap.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    The first amendment isn't a lie, but the highly unanticipated and unwarranted results for practicing that freedom seems so. The government that gave us that right, versus the government that is charged with guaranteeing that right, don't seem to align anymore.


  4. Conway Says:

    I hate to nitpick, but this article covered the Second Amendment; I shall address your missive, nevertheless.

    You are entitled to your opinion, of course, which I strongly disagree with, but you have the right to disagree with my position, and to inform me of your disagreement in whatever written fashion you deem suitable. That said, you tacitly admit that the Federal and State governments no longer guarantee the “right” of certain aspects of free speech, association and assembly.

    I submit that your own remarks lend credence to my position, and conclusively prove my contention that the First Amendment is little more than mendacious sophistry, or quite simply, a lie.

    A lie is a deliberate falsehood promoted as truth. If the ruling body, i.e., “government” proscribes the practice of a particular aspect of free speech, e.g., deeming it “dangerous”, “offensive” “racist”, “hate speech”, “mean-spirited”, etc, and is able to accomplish such “legal” censorship unfettered and without challenge, means that the “right” of free speech as noted in the First Amendment of the “Bill of Rights” is not worth the parchment it is written on.

    For whatever it's worth, at least you acknowledge the fact that rights are given by a government and are not inherent, nor are they given by a god.

    Thank you for your reply.


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