A Nation, Founded on LIES, Part One

Hello again.

This post is a departure from my usual rants, the first in a series of polemical essays, coupled with analysis, which will prove that Americans have no inalienable rights, given by god or man, and never did. Our supposed “rights” are only privileges at best, which can be taken away at the leisure of those fraudulently elected criminals who control this decadent, moribund society.

Premise noted, I’m a mean, vicious, atheistic old man, and I’ve grown tired of pissing into the wind, posting jaded current events commentary that no one reads, regarding idiotic, non-existent gods, meretricious politicians, crooked pigs, stupid whiteys, dumb niggers, dog-gobbling, slant-eyed gooks, mixed-up half-breeds like Jackanapes Obama, feckless cunts, obtuse pricks, and queers of either sex, together with other assorted worthless flotsam, passing as news.

So, rather than touting windmills like a modern day Don Quixote, in this post, I have elected to take on the most flagrant example of wanton mendaciousness to have ever appeared on this benighted globe: The Constitution of the United States of America, authored by a man called James Madison of the State of Virginia; specifically concentrating on its ugly sister, introduced by him, the attendant document dubbed the “Bill of Rights“. This long dead honky was a brilliant political theorist, the fourth president of the United States, and a wanton fucking hypocrite of the first degree – an aloof, wealthy elitist who owned a pack of shitskinned jungle bunnies who were charged with raising and harvesting tobacco for him and his family, so he and they could sit on their fat asses, drinking Mint Juleps and profiting from the unpaid labors of his nigger slaves. He rationalized all of the above by claiming to be a “Christian” or deist of sorts, plainly stating that African eight-balls were three-fifths of a human being. I must say, judging from their collective behavior today, I candidly wonder if most coons are human at all, but that’s another story.

All that aside – James Madison created one of the most brilliant compositions to have ever seen the light of day – The Constitution of the United States of America, together with his “Bill of Rights”. These documents were and are supposedly revered by American politicians and the drooling cadre of insensate drones who vote for such criminals, with the vast majority of the fools occupying this nation not even knowing what the contrived sophistry called the Constitution says, or is supposed to mean. No matter, this dying nation is getting exactly what it deserves; hopefully I will live to see it utterly destroyed by its enemies, so I can laugh like a jackal, while bluntly stating “I told you so”.

Looking at the soft-palmed gangsters charged with administering this bankrupt farce of a country, I utterly despise hypocrisy and arrogance, much like a Biblical character who called himself Jesus Christ. He despised the elitists of his day, those frauds called Pharisees, Sadducees, scribes, moneylenders. together with other assorted vermin that infested Roman Judea, parasites living like vampires off the stupid populace. The parasitical vermin running this benighted entity today are no different than they were, and, if history is any precedent, those parasites of today will receive their just desserts, just like the Judeans received justice from the conquering Romans under General Titus, son of Emperor Vespasian – a better leader than the United States has ever produced, or ever will produce.

I shall concentrate on Madison’s silly “Bill of Rights”, and several other Amendments authorized after the first ten, and conclusively prove to all who read that they are nothing but lies – mendacious contrivances that should be exposed before the people as the worthless, rhetorical sophistry that they are. Each Amendment will be noted and addressed, after which blatant violations of said Amendment will be presented. Afterward, using Hegel’s dialectic, a thesis and antithesis will be created for the reader, and a synthesis deduced from the preceding, resulting in the Amendment being ripped apart by me – your friend Conway, employing cited EVIDENCE from history  – in an effort to PROVE the entire “Bill of Rights” and selected later Amendments are nothing but LIES used  to dupe credulous, unthinking idiots, and nothing more.

Listing and analysis follows, starting with the First Amendment, noted verbatim:


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Analysis of the First Amendment:

The Congress is the Legislative Branch of the United States, and the First Amendment of the United States Constitution specifically prohibits the Establishment of a “State Religion” by Congress. 

According to the First Amendment, Congressional interference with the free exercise of ANY religious belief, or the LACK of religious belief, is prohibited, period. Quite simply, if one wants to worship Jesus, or Satan, or Mohammed, or even 1966 Ford Fairlanes with air conditioning, or stand in a public square and shout “Jesus is the Son of God” or “God does not exist“, or “Jesus sucks” or “God hates fags” or even “Mohammed was a murderous pedophile” – it is any citizen’s RIGHT to do so, and Congress cannot do one goddamned, motherfucking thing about any of the above.

Further, according to the First Amendment, the Congress of the United States of America CANNOT stop ANYONE from uttering their opinions or beliefs, no matter how “offensive” such beliefs or opinions may be deemed by politicians or the masses. Neither can Congress prohibit a newspaper or other media from printing or promoting such beliefs or opinions, however “offensive” such beliefs or opinions may be deemed by the politicians or the masses. Congress cannot prohibit the RIGHT of anyone to peacefully assemble to discuss and promote their views, no matter how “offensive” such views may be considered by politicians or the masses. In addition, Congress cannot prohibit the people from contacting THEIR government to address perceived “grievances” in the form of a hearing.

I shall now conclusively prove before all who read that the First Amendment is a LIE, employing minimal ribald expletives to do so. Racial epithets will be liberally used, in keeping with my utter contempt for the talking apes called humanity; if you don’t like that, tough, close the page and fuck off.

How will I prove conclusively that the First Amendment is a lie?

To begin, the historical evidence of wanton mendacity is myriad, starting in, at the very least, the early twentieth century, with other examples going back to 1798, CE, under yet another hypocritical president called John Adams, with his “alien and sedition acts”. Adams hated frogs and micks, because they weren’t Federalists, and he made no bones about it, you see. 

Concentrating on the twentieth century, we will first address the acts enacted under yet another mendacious, hypocritical president, a scoundrel called Woodrow Wilson; may he rot in his grave forever without respite. Incidentally, for those uneducated, simpering ignoramuses that view Wilson as a liberal icon, the man was a true, unabashed racist who despised niggers, viewing them as little more than troublesome shitskins that were barely human. He also lied though his teeth in order to be re-elected, and then immediately involved the United States in the debacle of World War One.

The First Amendment meant nothing to Wilson, in fact, he went out of his way to abridge the freedom of speech of the American people, using the “Sedition Act” of 1918″. This “law” was an extension of the “Espionage Act of 1917”, an earlier law passed to criminalize those who disagreed with this tyrannical megalomaniac’s subjective worldview. Look it up for yourself; I cannot and will not waste time and space reiterating the obvious and easily verifiable charges that I bring. Use Wikipedia to begin, and then consult other resources to verify Wikipedia if you like – I’ll even give you some links for starters, as follows, including hypocrite John Adam’s Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798, and an article on Wilson, a no-good sonofabitch, included for continuity:





How’s that for “freedom”, American drone?

Moving on to the thirties, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was even worse than Woodrow Wilson, if such is possible. Under his watch, the House Committee on Un-American Activities” was created in 1938; “Un-American activities” being  a nebulous term at best, used by the Federal Government to crush dissent – at that time, in the form of those labeled by the authorities as “communists” or “fascists”.


That crippled piece of disgusting, chain-smoking vermin, FDR, also signed the Smith act of 1940, which was and is a complete antithesis to the First Amendment; he then proceeded to round up communists, fascists, Germans, Italians, Japanese and all others he deemed to be “enemies of the United States”. Stalinesque, isn’t it, to imprison and control the lives of others without due process of  law, according to the Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments?

Link to an explanation of the draconian “Smith Act” is provided below:


One would expect such laws to be enacted in places like Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Soviet Union, Mao’s China or Kim Jong Un’s North Korea, but to be promulgated in the United States, the “bastion of freedom“? The Smith Act took decades to be proven as the enemy of freedom it was, via lawsuits, with various Supreme Court decisions during the late forties through the fifties nullifying its most draconian provisions, but not before hundreds of people had their lives destroyed by this gross violation of the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech and the right of the people to peacefully assemble to discuss ideas  – regardless if such ideas are considered “offensive” by those criminals in power, or by the majority of drooling, mesmerized drones who worship them.

A malignant outgrowth of this tyrannical legislation were the witch hunts of Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, a wanton drunk who gleefully proceeded to turn the lives of many Americans into a living hell, due to being accused by McCarthy, et al, of being “communists”, whatever they actually are, considering that Marxism is a rather eclectic worldview. Simply compare Karl Marx’s worldview to that of Vladimir Lenin, and then Lenin to Leon Trotsky, and then all of the former to the likes of Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao. That noted, apparently Mr. McCarthy never bothered to read the text of the First Amendment, or perhaps he was incapable of understanding it, due to alcoholic dementia – you see, according to Amendment One of the Constitution of the United States of America  – The First Amendment –  people have the absolute RIGHT to be communists if they so choose

Further, according to the First Amendment, the people, as free citizens of the United States, have the absolute RIGHT to be communists, anarchistsfascists, or nazis, or racists of any type, be they nigger, gook or honky and all in between. Whiteys can be cross-burning Klansmen, and niggers can be honky despising Black Panthers, and anyone can be an atheist, or a theist, or even a pantheistad infinitum. Further, according to the First Amendment – people have the RIGHT to HATE other people if they so desire, for ANY reason they may choose, or to LOVE them if they wish, and they also have the RIGHT to exclude or include those they deem unsuitable or suitable to associate with, period. 

In other words – anyone has the RIGHT to discriminate, i.e., to be “bigoted” or “prejudicial” in their worldview. Whether those who practice such beliefs are “right” or “wrong” is not the issue here, as morality and ethics are relative; the First Amendment, as written, guarantees that any citizen can entertain and promote ANY of the above ideas, period, and Congress is absolutely forbidden to interfere with those promoting such ideas.

That is what “freedom” IS, reader – if you don’t like it – move to North Korea and worship your one true god – lick the boots of Kim Jong Un, a pampered, despotic, soft-palmed punk who doesn’t know his fat gook ass from a hole in the ground.

Even individual states got into the act of abridging freedom of speech, a glaring example being the State of Alabama in 1956, which attempted to twist a provision of their dubious law regarding “registration of foreign corporations” in their state to prevent NAACP niggers from operating in Alabama. In 1957, the Supreme Court became involved, deciding in the favor of NAACP, specifically recognizing the right of “Freedom of Association“, implied, but not specifically noted in the First Amendment. Honestly, to any critically thinking individual, “freedom of association” is quite obvious and not implied when looking at the phrase of: “the right of the people peaceably to assemble. Why it had to be decided by the Supreme Court strains credulity, though I am quite pleased that they decided in the favor of the NAACP in a rare case of justice actually being done. Really, what part of the phrase “the right of the people peaceably to assemble” did not the idiots running Alabama understand? I wager the the criminal whiteys running Alabama at the time considered the plaintiffs “niggers” and nothing more, and as niggers, the had “no standing”, to use a phrase so commonly employed by the the criminals running the nation today, especially when it comes to the narcissistic, megalomaniacal jackanapes sitting in the White House.

See link below:


You see, according to the First Amendment, niggers have the RIGHT to assemble peaceably to further their agenda and promote their worldviews; so do honkies, spics, kikes, queers, theists, atheists, loony UFO believers, polygamists, animal rights goofballs, bestiality aficionados, and so forth.

Examples of groups “peaceably”, for the most part, promoting their agendas are as follows:















Yes – the bestiality site is based in Germany – I have always thought that krauts are fucked up people, considering their bizarre history, coupled with the above site. They are the same folks who brought you Kaiser Wilhelm, Sigmund Freud, V2s, Volkswagens, BMWs, and Adolf Hitler, deceased fuehrer of the “Thousand Year Reich”. Yes, two of the men in the preceding sentence were considered Austrian nationals, as if there is much of a difference between Austrians and Germans, or bohunks, or even frogs or block-headed polocks for that matter.

Most if not all other sites are American, not that I even bothered to look up the WHOIS on any of the above collection of deranged weirdos, as I don’t really fucking care who they are, and I never want to know any of them, on any level. All are equally crazy bastards in my book, and they can all go fuck themselves. It’s bad enough that this nation is so fucking Balkanized that it is literally on the verge of civil war – I wager the clowns occupying the top of the list truly enjoy pouring gasoline on a raging bonfire.

Tangentially, I never have understood the concept of “racial or ethnic pride” of any kind, let alone the utterly ridiculous term of “sexual pride”, promoted mostly by queers of all varieties, with their silly LGBT “rallies”. Queerdom will never be considered normative in any universe – get over it, and stop trying to force your minority worldview down other’s throats – if you keep it up – it may get you dead, courtesy of a pack of other angry apes who view your lifestyles as “anathema” to their worldviews. I am warning you as a disinterested, aloof, atheistic observer – I don’t care and I never have cared, nor will I ever care if you are gay – but many others do care, religious and irreligious – and they will kill you if you keep trying to promote your unusual proclivities as “normal” with regard to the vast majority of talking apes infesting this tiny, insignificant planet called Earth, orbiting a small star in an average galaxy called the Milky Way, floating about in the middle of nowhere.

Sexual pride – what the fuck is that, anyway – being “proud” of having a dick, or a cunt? Having “pride” in whether you jam your stiff cock up someone’s ass, or their twat? Pride in face-sitting or sixty-nining, like salivating beasts in the throes of heat – now that’s something to be proud of, right? Really, how can anyone be “proud” of being a muff-diver, or a cocksucker, either homosexual or heterosexual? Yeah – people fuck in various ways –  it is a fact of existence – who cares, and how can anyone be “proud” of such actions? Really, how in hell can anyone be “proud” of something they had no choice in being? I candidly submit that those individuals who identify and define theirselves by race, gender or sexuality are very shallow persons indeed, and should look beyond such inane trivialities, even though they never will, due to being incapable of doing so, as they are fixated in a Freudian sense, and downright obtuse.

I can easily see the idea of being proud that one has a Ph.D in medicine, physics or chemistry, or having pride in the ability to compose music, or art, or being good at basketball or bricklaying, but having pride in one’s racial background, ethnicity or sexuality is inane, for lack of a better word.

Moving on, religious or irreligious “pride” is almost just as bad as the preceding absurdities, but at least those clowns have made a conscious choice in the matter, unlike cretins who were born of whatever color, gender, or sexual preference – there isn’t any choice in that, people, wake up and admit it. Further, nationalism, or “pride in one’s country” strikes me as illogical, not to mention jingoistic; you don’t really have much choice as to where you are born; therefore, I, Conway, consider myself as a citizen of the world, presently living in Jerkwater, USA, 12345.

My latest diatribe finished – back to the First Amendment. Using the evidence presented above, it is time to cogitate as to whether Americans have “inalienable rights”, or is the First Amendment, in actual reality, nothing but contrived sophistry, promulgated for credulous drones?

Thesis: According to the First Amendment, Americans have the right to free speech, the right to freedom of religious or anti-religious propaganda, the right to utter their opinions for good or ill, the right to peacefully assemble to discuss and promote dissenting opinions, they have the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances, and they have the right to associate with whom they please.

Antithesis: Historical precedent plainly shows that the Federal and State governments of the United States of America can easily abridge or completely negate freedom of speech, or even freedom of religion, assembly, and association, via “laws”, or even decrees, as with “martial law”. Based on the evidence presented, all one needs to do is to review the laws passed in the twentieth century for proof of the assertion that the people truly have no rights, only privileges which can be rescinded on a whim by the governing body. Further, legal items from the 21st Century, specifically the “Patriot Act”, signed into law by that simpering, empty-eyed motherfucker, George W. Bush, limit all of the above, together with violating other Amendments in and even beyond the Bill of Rights, which will be addressed in later essays, should I live long enough to do so.

Synthesis: The First Amendment, regardless of all of the flowery rhetoric, is a goddamned LIE.

I now invite any and all who read this vitriolic screed to rebut me – prove my synthesis wrong, by using facts, coupled with appropriate citations supporting your position. 

I arrogantly dare you, and I candidly submit that no man or woman on this entire planet can prove me wrong in my assertion that the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States is a bald-faced LIE, written for credulous fools. Go ahead, prove me wrong, using FACTS, and I shall publicly concede defeat, here, on my blog, before all who read and have read these polemical essays. 

I will not bother to hold my breath waiting for anyone, from a drooling, jingoistic American cretin to an accredited Constitutional Scholar, to disprove my blunt contention and assertion that the First Amendment is nothing but a goddamned, motherfucking LIE – I am that confident of my stance. Don’t try pretzel logic either, stating that the fact that I have posted such a diatribe proves that “freedom of speech” is true and inviolable. I carefully choose my words; I advocate nothing, other than my personal RIGHT to freedom of speech – which I have TAKEN, using the law of the jungle.

Emotional appeals based on delusional or nebulous reasoning, i.e., “because my powerful god says it is so”, “you’re a mean person”, or other such fallacious lunacy or ad hominem attacks will be considered inappropriate, but such remarks will be posted in the comments section, verbatim, and then ridiculed and exposed for the rhetorical sophistry that they are. 

You’re angry now – just wait until I come back, attack and effortlessly DESTROY every other laughable Amendment of the United States Constitution, that credulous American idiots believe in, like some sort of ersatz god.




9 Responses to “A Nation, Founded on LIES, Part One”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I thought I'd inform you that zip code 12345 is General Electric, NY. It doesn't matter, but I tend to dig trivia like this. Still envious of your expansive use of words.


  2. Conway Says:

    Fascinating, and thank you.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    By the way, as far as I know,jahi is still alive. Your thoughts on that? Not to dismiss your oration here but still taking it in.


  4. Conway Says:

    What are my thoughts regarding the, shall I say, artificially animated remains of Ms. McMath?

    I think, based on the available evidence provided by accredited, board-certified physicians, that she a is brain-dead cadaver being kept alive via mechanical means, thanks to having parents in denial, who do not want to accept the reality of their daughter's demise.

    I further think that brain death is irreversible, based the fact that Ms. McMath's brain underwent a pathological disassociation called lysis, after it died due to a lack of oxygen, which means that she no longer even has a brain, as it has literally dissolved.

    Such an occurrence cannot be reversed, based on biology, current technology, and any possible technology in the foreseeable future.

    Hence, any treatment she is receiving is a waste of time and effort.


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Bet it felt good to get that out of your system.


  6. Conway Says:

    Quoting Bachman – Turner Overdrive: You ain't seen nothing yet.


  7. Anonymous Says:

    Quoting Bowie- Mercury: it never rains, but it pours. Referring to brains and all.


  8. Conway Says:

    Such as yours can be taken in a myriad of ways.

    I shall consider your remark as a compliment of sorts, for the time being.

    Such could change, depending on further data input.

    I thank you, for whatever it may be worth.


  9. Anonymous Says:

    I Know the feeling.


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