Thanks to the urging of several readers of my vicious polemical essays, I shall return shortly, meaner than ever.

Once again the reader will be inundated with jaded, foul-mouthed, epithet-strewn observations, regarding jackanapes Obama, Smiling Cobra Romney, meretricious politiciansshitkicking Moslems, and crooked pigs, along with posts illustrating other thoroughly nauseating examples of the clueless, superstitious, arrogant, bipedal shit factories who laughingly refer to themselves as homo-sapiens.




2 Responses to “PLEASE STAND BY…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You are one sick mother fucking chinaman.


  2. Conway Says:

    I'm not a chinaman, you stupid fucking moron, and I couldn't care less of what you may think of me.

    However, I have led fools like you to believe I am a chink – throws folks off, you see. Don't worry, I've been called everything – some joker called me a kike. How many kike slopes do you know? What the hell, perhaps I'll put up a photo of a nigger, and claim it is me – just to fuck with people's heads.

    So, you checked out the facebook, huh?

    Really guy – wow many chinks would join memorial sites for murdered whiteys?



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