Moolie Martin/Zooter Zimmerman Redux

Note the photo – “Little Trayvon” doesn’t look so fucking innocent now, does he?

Yes, Conway’s blog is now powered by hate, an efficient fuel much better than simple matter-antimatter could ever be – an unparalleled bastion of total political incorrectness, erupting like an exploding volcano from the flaming bowels of hell. My vicious polemical essays are propelled by an unabashed, white-hot hatred of collective humanity’s unbridled stupidity; their hypocrisytheir arrogancetheir religionstheir pseudo-science, and the utterly idiotic idea of all men being “brothers“, along with the inane concept of being “created equal“.
With all due apologies to Jefferson and Locke, I submit history has proven that such assertions are untenable, if not completely ridiculous to any critically thinking mind.
Brothers? Brothers my ass, tell me, how in hell can a delusional, slant-eyed Buddhist chink, sitting on a mountaintop in China meditating, possibly be the “brother” of a swarthy, hate-filled, shitkicker Allah worshiping raghead in Saudi Arabia, a loony fundie Christian snake handler from the Ozarks, or a vicious, nihilistic atheist like me? I candidly wager that the brotherhood of man is a bunch of shit, believed in by individuals who refuse to see facts, period. The only quality that any of the above individuals have in common, including myself, is that they are mostly hairless, talking apes, prone from birth to be dogmatic, intransigent creatures, who in reality know little or nothing about the true nature of the universe.
Created equal? Really, then kindly tell me how a drooling mongoloid idiot, a trisomic aberration that is at least ambulatory, is equal to a theoretical physicist like say, Stephen Hawking, who is a wheelchair bound, paralyzed genius. If you see any form of equality in the preceding example, you’re fucking crazier than I am. That said, the only “qualities” a mongoloid idiot and Hawking possibly share, if one can use that nomenclature to describe such dreadful existences, is that they have both been given the shit end of the stick by mother nature.
Expounding on the premise of “creation” – created by what I ask, and for whom? Perhaps a capricious, malevolent demon with nothing better to do? Why, and for what reason? Perhaps to entertain that lonely, capricious, malevolent demon with nothing better to do? Utterly ridiculous, and completely unworthy of further thought – a universe created by a gregarious monster with needs, masquerading as a god?
God, if such a creature exists, which I firmly believe does not exist – cannot have needs and cannot be an asshole, like man does and IS; if it exists and it possesses such dubious “qualities”, it is not a god by any measure of the word. Face it folks, regarding religion – it’s all unsubstantiated, ontological BULLSHIT promulgated by cunning men to keep credulous, unthinking drones in line. Wake up from your addled torpor and smell what is being shoveled; it certainly isn’t hay, and it smells like a pig’s pungent sphincter on a hot summer day.
Dispensing with “god”, considering that such a creature as man envisions cannot possibly exist anywhere – if evolution is truly correct, which I personally think it is – how the fuck can anyone on this goddamned tiny planet be equal to any other human being, excepting for in a legal sense, which I totally agree with, mind you. Too bad soft-palmed, elitist pigs like Barack Obama or Mitt Romney don’t agree with such a premise, as they and their ilk are so much better than the rest of us. Oh yes, both of these posturing scoundrels claim to believe in “god” too, which, judging from their actions, make them prime examples of the biggest fucking hypocrites who ever lived. Does anyone reading see the glaring mutual exclusivities contained in the absurd conjectures called brotherhood, created equality and religion, put forth in the preceding paragraphs? If not, forget it, and read on if you like; otherwise, close the page and fuck off; what’s coming next is even uglier than what you just read.
Thesis, antithesis, and synthesis regarding man’s myriad delusions out of the way, hello again, your good friend Conway is here, having created yet another hateful, vitriolic missive guaranteed to piss off most everyone, excepting perhaps for Floridian proto-thug Trayvon Martin, who has unwillingly joined the ranks of those individuals labeled as “metabolically challenged” by an individual not so challenged, at least for the time being, i.e., the coroner.
It’s a good thing I write this shit for the hell of it, and I don’t have a deadline to meet, or a boss to bawl me out for being late. Unusually for me, I’ve had to edit and re-edit this portion of the fucking piece thanks to constantly changing data; one minute George Zimmerman’s not going to be arrested, the next, he is arrested. After that, he’s fled to the Peruvian Andes, only to re-materialize inside a Floridian jail moments later, having turned himself in to the pigs. Oh well, at least they’ve finally made up their goddamn minds once and for all, and the swarthy beaner, turned boot lip blaster, is cooling his heels in the Seminole County hoosegow, for good or ill, for the time being.
Perhaps that’s the entire idea – authorities want greasy Zimmerman to be fucked in his ass, to death. That way – no trial need be conducted, saving taxpayers millions of dollars, and no pesky riots either, saving taxpayers even more millions of dollars. Then the eightballs, their lust for blood sated for the time being, can go back to what they seem to do best – complaining about terrible, racist whiteys, spics, kikes, gooks and whatever else in their peculiar habit of blaming others for their problems. I sit here wondering what may happen next in this ongoing farce – before I post this screed I candidly wager Zimmerman may be fucking dead, via “suicide”, of course.
Anyway, pro or con, talking apes over the Internet are calling Trayvon Martin a thug, which he probably was, considering the evidence, with other talking apes opposing that view, vociferously stating that Martin was the virtual reincarnation of another talking ape called Jesus, i.e., an innocent, virginal moolie who was killed by a vengeful, racist beaner/whitey, for no fucking reason at all. Yet others are claiming that George Zimmerman is the very antithesis of humanity, a virtual Satan in human form, pontificating that he should be executed, while other folks paint him as another incarnation of Jesus, Mohammed or perhaps even Zoroaster, whatever they are, or were.
The truth, an ethereal specter, lies somewhere in between these two diametrically opposing viewpoints. Unfortunately, mostly hairless, talking apes are in total command of this absurd situation, behaving like the uncontrollable, instinctive chimpanzees they are related to, making every value judgment based on their personal emotional viewpoint, which is the absolute WORST way to analyze any given situation.
I have looked at the Martin/Zimmerman debacle in the most objective, detached way that I can, and, making a value judgment based on the evidence available, I cannot see how Zimmerman is guilty of anything other than self-defense, period. For that observation, I have been called a racist/nazi/klansman, my sanity has been questioned; even my sexuality has been questioned. What any of that has to do with the Martin/Zimmerman affair is beyond me; all are ad hominems and straw men put forth by morons in a pathetic attempt to discredit my position. Several items not considered by those who attempt to “argue” in such a fashion – I did not and do not know either Martin or Zimmerman, and I never could have known them, considering I live thousands of miles from where the situation transpired. Therefore, it is logical to assume that I really don’t give a fuck what happened or happens to either party, except in passing – a year from now I won’t even remember about it unless prompted. Further, had the roles been reversed, i.e., Trayvon Martin cast as a spic and George Zimmerman as a nigger, based on the evidence presented, I would come to the same conclusion, self defense with regard to the character of “George Zimmerman”. You see people, I truly don’t give a goddamn fuck what “color” they were, black, brown, pink or green – Zimmerman’s story, corroborated by available evidence presented, seems to be the best explanation for what happened, period.
Hopefully, that detailed explanation of my stance on the case is clear enough for anyone reading this screed, though I do have my doubts.
Get this – some smart-mouthed cocksucker on perhaps a week or so back wrote that he had advised a “friend” to “report” what I have written here; an empty threat uttered by a child with no knowledge of the law as it pertains to commentaries, polemics, what have you. I personally don’t care if his “friend” reported Conway’s Blog to motherfucking god; I fear no god and I fear no man; I never did, and I never will. Undaunted by his absurd threat, I told the little bastard to send fucking links to the head nigger, Barack Obama, and his scheming henchman Eric Holder – to see what the narcissistic jackanapes would do, which is nothing at all. You see, the top gangster can’t do anything about what I have written, legally, that is, as nothing I have ever composed here can even be remotely construed as a threat to anyone, and is protected, political speech, according to the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. Sure, you and others, along with nigger Obama and his devoted minions, may not like what I have to say, but there is nothing in a legal sense that can be done about it, other than closing the page, cursing my name and moving on to something more in accordance with your tastes.
Could the head nigger have my head blown off? Sure he could, but not legally – since when has that small inconvenience stopped those like him before – just ask JFK, if you are silly enough to believe in “afterlives”, or mediums. Hell, I won’t give a shit anyway, should such an occurrence happen, as I will no longer exist – just like nigger Trayvon Martin, whose carcass sits around somewhere, stinking and gathering mold, rotting away in a box like fucking Michael Jackson.
Returning to the vexing matter at hand, the imprisonment of George Zimmerman, gun-toting spic at large, now in custody thanks to the cunning machinations of a pack of eightballs and their willing facilitator, an ugly, old, upwardly mobile cracker cunt named Angela Corey. You should see the laughable arrest affidavit – some of the most contrived, Goebbelsian horseshit I have ever had the misfortune to peruse. All of it is in total contradiction to ascertained fact – plainly stating that Zoot Zimmerman chased down Moolie Martin and then blasted away for the hell of it, sending an innocent nigger up to Jeebus or something.
The affidavit, of course, ignores the witness supported FACT that Zimmerman was being pounded upon by the arrogant, vicious thug Martin when the shooting occurred. It also ignores the supported FACT that greasy Zimmerman had physical injuries, and it ignores the supported FACT that after five hours of interrogation by duly sworn pigs, sans a lawyer mind you, that Zimmerman was released without charge.
Along with all of that, we have allusions that Trayvon Martin was a clandestine dope peddler, a common thief with an appetite for jewelry, a posturing thug who was into violence, together with the promotion of such – considering his YouTube videos – with the added fact that his scholastic records are “sealed” by his parents. Why? Really, if moolie Martin is such a motherfucking saint – why aren’t all of his records public, and open for scrutiny? It’s not as if “little Trayvon” will give a fuck – considering that he is DEAD and GONE. His parents are stating they want to protect “dear little Trayvon’s” memory, and other nonsense, hoping that Occam’s razor will not be employed by villains like me – that is if they have ever even fucking heard of William of Occam, or Ockham, should the reader prefer that spelling. Fact is, Martin’s parents are hiding something regarding their deceased son/thug, and most people are too fucking stupid to see that. Really folks, if Trayvon Martin did indeed have an exemplary record, and was such a brilliant student, as is promoted by some rhetoricians in the media – why don’t they parade that around like a sideshow spectacle? I certainly would.
All of the above are glaring inconsistencies, especially the “affidavit” – considering the actual evidence presented in the case. That noted, I bluntly charge that dog faced cunt Corey is a cowardly, amoral twat with the ethical outlook of Machiavelli. I further submit the she is only interested in her goddamned career, coerced by opportunistic jigs like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to make an example of a “whitey”, when in reality Zimmerman is no more a cracker than fucking Gandhi was. Further, I do indeed like how amoral Goebbelsian manipulators in the controlled media have deliberately lightened photographs of the accused greaser, in an effort to make his persona appear more “white” to the slack-jawed drones. Hell, to complete the transformation, I suggest they photoshop blue eyes on Zimmerman, and perhaps even give him a Hitler moustache.
In closing this invective strewn polemic, if it were proven beyond a reasonable doubt, using supporting evidence, that beaner Zimmerman was a liar who deliberately went out of his way to kill a hapless nigger, what would I say?
I’d say fry his ass – roast him on a spit like a pig at a luau, or even crucify him in the town square, but the evidence does not at all support the dubious charge that Zimmerman is lying.
Ergo, my call on the affair: Again, justifiable homicide.

5 Responses to “Moolie Martin/Zooter Zimmerman Redux”

  1. BertDilbert Says:

    Uh, you got the wrong pic of trayvon up, need to change that.


  2. Conway Says:

    I do?

    Perhaps you mean that tongue in cheek?

    If not, let me know and I will indeed change it.



  3. M. Simon Says:

    You need to read this:



  4. Conway Says:

    Shall do Simon, thank you…


  5. Conway Says:

    Simon – read the article – right on the money. A shame others don't see it.


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