Josh Powell and Grasping at Straws

Hello again.

Your friend Conway has returned with yet another jaded missive, illustrating the utter insanity that has become the United States, a nation where mere suspicions, no matter how nebulous, contrived or utterly obtuse, have seemingly become the norm, and those so suspected are always guilty until proven innocent by a jury of easily led, hopping marsupials cunningly disguised as peers.
Call me an inflexible contrarian, but in a dying nation run from top to bottom by amoral criminals out only for their own interests, I question everything that occurs. I take nothing told to me at face value, excepting perhaps for obvious statements like “water is always wet when not frozen or gaseous“, or “air is generally breathable when not composed of chlorine“. In personal interactions, I remain gregarious though somewhat aloof, and when it comes to “news”, I acquire, digest and ruminate, forming a value judgment only when I determine that sufficient data has been received. Though impossible for anyone called human to achieve, stoic objectivity in deduction and subsequent action is always my goal; I guess that is why I have the guts to trade the bourses during such a volatile period in history. That, or I am absolutely fucking insane, feel free to make the call if you like; I assure you I won’t care.
We shall now examine the dreadful case of Josh Powell, a young man who, after enduring torment for years by both the police and media, actually committed a crime for which he could have been successfully prosecuted – the slaughter of his two children, Braden and Charlie, via hatchet, akin to a latter-day, male Lizzie Borden. Fortunately – or unfortunately, that is, if one is into the idea of extracting pounds of flesh, he afterward committed suicide by burning himself to death in a self-inflicted auto-da-fe. This action of self-immolation saved taxpayers millions of dollars by averting a costly trial, yes, but left behind a plethora of unanswered questions regarding his motive for the murder/suicide, along with the earlier, unsolved disappearance of his wife Susan, that event having occurred on or about December 6, 2009.
As of this writing, even after myriad attempts by pigs to find a grave in the desert using “sniffer” dogs, together with digging up a patch of Utah landfill, there still is no empirical evidence that Josh Powell had anything to do with his wife vanishing. It must be admitted that the circumstances of her disappearance were unusual to say the least, and Mr. Powell, at least on the surface, was a “person of interest”, which is a clever Orwellian euphemism for “the prime suspect”. However, being considered a suspect does not make one guilty in a society where innocence is supposedly presumed under the law. Citing due process, appropriate charges and a trial based on pertinent evidence are required to determine the guilt of a suspect like Powell, and without evidence, all the pigs and prosecutors had were their suspicions that he had done away with his wife. I submit for the record that anyone can be suspected of anything, but without evidence supporting suspicion; all there is is suspicion, and nothing more.
Thwarted and infuriated by Mr. Powell retaining a mouthpiece and exercising his Fifth Amendment right, guilty or not, the pigs labeled him “uncooperative” for not falling into a clever trap they had devised for him. Really, people, what did they expect him to do? I of all people should know how fucking pigs behave – remember, decades ago they took my money and dragged me off to the local pigsty for interrogation. While in custody, the mendacious, manipulative bastards tried to tell me to my face that they had “evidence” of me being a “drug dealer“, while I laughed out loud in their goddamned faces. They even had the audacity to inform me that I was guilty, period, and if I didn’t “cooperate”, I would be “fucked up my ass by big buck niggers“, or words to that effect. While that was occurring their fellow pigs rifled my trunk and helped themselves to my tools, but I guess that’s another story. Cops are pigs, out to destroy anyone they deem worthy of destruction; they are amoral to the core and to be avoided at all costs – what more can I say?
Striking back at Powell for his defiance, the media were apparently instructed by infallible authorities to make the man appear as some sort of evil monster, to mesmerize and herd the drones into collectively denouncing him, led by the snide, obsessed, vengeful, dog-faced harpy, Nancy Grace of CNN. It seems to be a sign of the times; if the reader does not think such travesties occur every day in this benighted country, I suggest you open your motherfucking eyes and actually observe what is now happening here with alarming regularity. You are not free by any means, nor do you have any “privacy” – get used to it and pay your goddamn taxes, you lowly serf!
Anyway, Josh Powell, apparently figuring he could “move away” from his accuser’s velvet gloves, retreated to Puyallup, Washington, occupying a domicile there with his sons and his father, Mr. Steve Powell. So, the pigs and their determined facilitators, together with the media, shifted into overdrive, at first arresting grandfather Steve at their home on charges of child pornography and voyeurism, crimes of which he may or may not be guilty. With dear old dad neutralized, they apparently set about employing any method they could to drive his son Josh out of his fucking mind, clearly succeeding in the end, though with unforeseen consequences, or perhaps “collateral damage“. Leaping at the opportunity thanks to his father’s odious actions, together with the legalistic urging of Mr. Chuck Cox, maternal grandfather of Braden and Charlie, Mr. Powell’s children were removed from his home and placed with Grandpa Cox and company.
The question “why” immediately comes to mind, considering that Powell’s father was the supposed disgusting pedophile and voyeur, and had been placed in custody in the Pierce County hoosegow, but I suppose the authorities wanted to “protect” the kids from the son of a father who is apparently a pedophile. Honestly, I wouldn’t put it past the pigs to simply plant “evidence” implicating the elder Powell to support their position and further their aims, just look at the dreadful case of the Danziger Four, a quartet of corrupt, murderous pigs from New Orleans. The entire scenario sounds ridiculous and contrived to anyone capable of critical thinking, but that’s the way it seems to be. Covering their crooked, power-mad asses, the pigs quickly labeled the younger Powell as a “person of interest” regarding pedophilia and voyeurism that is, sans any evidence of course, and the rest is history, so to speak. 
Moving on, Josh Powell, in an attempt to “cooperate”, then rented a domicile in Tacoma, in a futile ploy to regain custody of his sons. Infuriated by the man’s attempt to meet their demands, authorities countered that “disturbing” depictions of incest and other unsavory items were found on his computer, seized in late 2009, without being specific. In case the reader is unaware, photographs of adult pornographic actors illustrating incestuous situations are not against the law, and there are myriad sex flicks devoted to this particular genre, available everywhere in the United States. Disgusting? Sure, but it’s completely legal, so get over it and move on. 

Therein lies the rub – only until after he and his offspring were dead did authorities reveal that all of the depictions on the younger Powell’s computer were fucking CARTOONS, and nothing more. Possessing graphic depictions of incest, rape, mayhem or even murder, illustrated via cartoon images, are NOT AGAINST THE LAW EITHER, excepting perhaps for backward places filled with stupid troglodyte ideologues, like the state of Florida where they consider them “obscene“. Just ask an artist named Mike Diana; so much for the First Amendment, I guess.

Enough; a concise synthesis deduced from all of the above now follows:
Either Josh Powell was guilty of disposing of his wife in whatever fashion, of which the authorities have absolutely no evidence of at all, or they were determined to maneuver him into a coerced “confession” of the disappearance/murder of his wife at all costs, even to the point of tormenting him out of his goddamned mind. If the latter is the case, while not condoning nor implying that Powell was justified in murdering his sons, the man was eventually driven to the point of abject insanity, and seeing no way out of the situation, decided to slaughter his children and himself in a macabre effort to stop forever his vengeful persecutors. I suppose one could say he succeeded in that venture, if death can be portrayed as success; they definitely can’t fuck with him anymore, that’s a fact.
All that said, the original case of Susan Powell’s disappearance strikes me as rather specious and contrived; an easy way out for stymied pigs, based on the hackneyed conjecture of: “He was her husband; his alibi is questionable, so he did it“, regardless of an absolute dearth of evidence supporting that theory. By employing this peculiar method of “thinking”, one can also present the following example of a logical fallacy, and many more like it, all of them false:
A) Dogs are mammals.
B) Humans are mammals.
C) Therefore, all dogs are humans, and vice versa.
In preparation for ending this lengthy piece, I’m far from a bleeding heart; I support the death penalty, even to the draconian point of legally sanctioned torture beforehand of the duly convicted with regard to particularly heinous crimes, provided there is actual evidence to support the conviction. That aside, judging from history, I submit most humans infesting this globe are little more than arrogant, idiotic, self-convinced, hypocritical, superstitious talking apes who don’t know their asses from holes in the ground, and generally follow the herd. In a sincere appeal to reason, as with the case of acquitted Floridian Casey Anthony, or the executed, probably innocent Texan Cameron Todd Willingham, all I ask for is:
In the future, please submit TANGIBLE FUCKING EVIDENCE of a crime when in pursuit of suspects, rather than relying on subjective criteria like intuitionsupposition, innuendo, character assassination, and woefully inadequate circumstantial evidence. It will make subsequent trials much easier to prosecute, and will spare suspect though legally innocent individuals from being literally ground up in the gears of “justice”, whatever that actually is. Upwardly mobile prosecutors and their pigs may actually save a few lives that way, by not driving folks crazy with their obsessive goddamned zeal, pursuing specters created in their own minds. Unfortunately, even the most well meaning of people hate being wrong; it’s embarrassing, not to mention damaging to one’s credentials, and especially so when it comes to being liable for malicious prosecution. Just ask a vengeful, zealous, former district attorney named Michael Nifong, now a disgraced, disbarred lawyer from North Carolina, of Duke University Lacrosse infamy.

Okay, at last getting down to my take on this situation – do I, your friend Conway, think that Josh Powell murdered his wife?

Answer: Who the fuck knows; probably. I also think the cute honky slut Casey Anthony slaughtered her daughter Caylee, and that nigger O.J. Simpson killed his wife Nicole, together with a hebe named Ron Goldman, but what I THINK is not the goddamn issue here. Putting it another way, do I think authorities had sufficient evidence to PROVE any of these cases in a court of law beyond a “reasonable doubt”?

Answer: Not at all.

You know, it would be ironic indeed if Susan Powell suddenly reappeared, alive, perhaps suffering from amnesia or as an escaped victim of a twisted kidnapper or rapist like Brian David Mitchell – I wonder what the pigs and Nancy Grace would say then? I wager they’d quickly come up with some sort of inane, rhetorical bullshit to appease the drooling, confused drones, and then move on to attacking someone else.

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