Vegetable Giffords Redux, Illustrating Blatant Internet CENSORSHIP

Hello again; for the benefit of the reader I am posting this addendum, regarding America‘s favorite vegetable, Ms. Gabrielle Giffords, poster child of the forcibly disabled.

The You Tube link posted on the preceding article originally had the option for viewers to post comments. The comments, together with the option to post further comments, have since been removed.

I have proof of this; simply click on the screenshot, and, if you like, go to my You Tube channel for verification. I can’t change the fucking thing, excepting for removing my own proof, and I’m not going to do that. Perhaps my good friends at the NSA have other ideas; I suppose time will tell.

Anyway, over 1,500 comments had been made on the “giffords2” You Tube channel, including my cold-blooded, plainly insulting take on her scripted, stilted, vacuous peroration. A few comments were nauseating compliments and rhetorical well-wishes posted by sycophantic admirers, or perhaps her facilitators, but most of the overwhelmingly uncomplimentary comments posted made my silly comment appear woefully benign. Many stated the equivalent of “who cares what happened to a crooked politician“; while others were openly hostile to the point of stating that all politicians should be shot like she was, whereas others plainly stated that they wished she had died from her injuries.

I have made sport of her inarticulate, robotesque speech pattern, her disfigured, dented skull, her Wizard of Oz rusty tin-man gait, and even stated in a preceding post that she would have been better off dead, considering her injuries and subsequent afterlife as a gorked-out, pathetic, laughable freak. However, I have never once written or have said to anyone that she should have died, nor have I implied, explicitly or otherwise, that she should have died. On the other hand, her damaged physical condition and clearly demonstrable mental deficiencies, as seen and heard in the video, seemingly validate my earlier comments; Q.E.D.

Her assailant, Fester/Loughner, is an incarcerated six time murderer who even slaughtered a child in his vicious assault on Vegetable Giffords and company. In the aftermath, what did the Goebbelsian media do – they tried to portray him as some sort of Tea Party member, when in reality he was a deranged, fucked-up anarchist who makes past jokers like Sacco and Vanzetti appear as mere pretenders. The despicable piece of shit, Loughner, easily qualifies for the death penalty; whether he will get it is open to debate, considering he is “mentally ill” along with other completely unprovable psychiatric legerdemain.

So, what is my synthesis after digesting the facts of the comments being removed from the “giffords2” You Tube channel?

If there is any truth behind the deleted, vicious remarks, other than the meaningless rants of amused Internet trolls trying to top each other, Giffords’ facilitators realize that she and probably most other American politicians are absolutely HATED by the American people, with a palpable hatred that is sowing and nurturing the seeds of revolution.

Oh yes, and please forgive me for my trespass; I do sincerely apologize to everyone for not using enough foul language and uncomplimentary ethnic epithets in this, and the preceding polemical essay.



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