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Vegetable Giffords Redux, Illustrating Blatant Internet CENSORSHIP

January 25, 2012

Hello again; for the benefit of the reader I am posting this addendum, regarding America‘s favorite vegetable, Ms. Gabrielle Giffords, poster child of the forcibly disabled.

The You Tube link posted on the preceding article originally had the option for viewers to post comments. The comments, together with the option to post further comments, have since been removed.

I have proof of this; simply click on the screenshot, and, if you like, go to my You Tube channel for verification. I can’t change the fucking thing, excepting for removing my own proof, and I’m not going to do that. Perhaps my good friends at the NSA have other ideas; I suppose time will tell.

Anyway, over 1,500 comments had been made on the “giffords2” You Tube channel, including my cold-blooded, plainly insulting take on her scripted, stilted, vacuous peroration. A few comments were nauseating compliments and rhetorical well-wishes posted by sycophantic admirers, or perhaps her facilitators, but most of the overwhelmingly uncomplimentary comments posted made my silly comment appear woefully benign. Many stated the equivalent of “who cares what happened to a crooked politician“; while others were openly hostile to the point of stating that all politicians should be shot like she was, whereas others plainly stated that they wished she had died from her injuries.

I have made sport of her inarticulate, robotesque speech pattern, her disfigured, dented skull, her Wizard of Oz rusty tin-man gait, and even stated in a preceding post that she would have been better off dead, considering her injuries and subsequent afterlife as a gorked-out, pathetic, laughable freak. However, I have never once written or have said to anyone that she should have died, nor have I implied, explicitly or otherwise, that she should have died. On the other hand, her damaged physical condition and clearly demonstrable mental deficiencies, as seen and heard in the video, seemingly validate my earlier comments; Q.E.D.

Her assailant, Fester/Loughner, is an incarcerated six time murderer who even slaughtered a child in his vicious assault on Vegetable Giffords and company. In the aftermath, what did the Goebbelsian media do – they tried to portray him as some sort of Tea Party member, when in reality he was a deranged, fucked-up anarchist who makes past jokers like Sacco and Vanzetti appear as mere pretenders. The despicable piece of shit, Loughner, easily qualifies for the death penalty; whether he will get it is open to debate, considering he is “mentally ill” along with other completely unprovable psychiatric legerdemain.

So, what is my synthesis after digesting the facts of the comments being removed from the “giffords2” You Tube channel?

If there is any truth behind the deleted, vicious remarks, other than the meaningless rants of amused Internet trolls trying to top each other, Giffords’ facilitators realize that she and probably most other American politicians are absolutely HATED by the American people, with a palpable hatred that is sowing and nurturing the seeds of revolution.

Oh yes, and please forgive me for my trespass; I do sincerely apologize to everyone for not using enough foul language and uncomplimentary ethnic epithets in this, and the preceding polemical essay.



NEWSFLASH: Vegetable Gabrielle Giffords Resigns

January 23, 2012

Conway here, callous as always, penning yet another short but verbose, vitriolic missive with regard to the despicable coterie of obnoxious vermin governing this moribund, bankrupt entity, the United States of America.

A not unexpected turn in the seemingly endless, syrupy Gabrielle Giffords saga has FINALLY occurred, with said victim Giffords or her facilitators posting a disjointed, painfully inarticulate clip announcing her resignation from the Elected Gangsters Club, otherwise known to slackjawed drones as Congress. Upon physical inspection it seems, on the surface, that she has made a remarkable recovery, considering her injury of forced cranial ventilation, courtesy of deranged gunman Uncle Fester/Jared Loughner, a now imprisoned creature/constituent nuttier than a goddamned fruitcake.

However, once she opens her mouth it is profoundly clear that no one is home, so to speak, her scripted remarks reminding me of a souped-up Stephen Hawking voice synthesizer, or a newly activated android reminiscent of Gene Roddenberry’s “The Questor Tapes” starring Robert Foxworth and Mike Farrell. Look the latter up; it was damned good for a 70’s TV movie.

Any other individual would have been left to bleed out and die on a gurney in an emergency room annex, but considering that “Representative” Giffords is so much more important and better than the rest of we lowly serfs, like the now rotting, amoral, mendacious, murderous swine Edward Moore Kennedy was, untold millions of taxpayer dollars were appropriated from the people to save the life of this idiotic, babbling vegetable.

That noted, I read a silly article some time back that selected people were, or are, being “replaced” by physically identical machines or robots, like something out of the fucking Stepford Wives, and while I submit such an idea is completely preposterous, Giffords would be the poster child for such a sinister agenda. Her movements, speech and expressions are contrived and robotic, including the macabre grin that she manages at the end of the piece. Really, it wouldn’t surprise me if she is actually an experimental, cobbled together, remote-controlled, mindless cyborg; what is left of her brain augmented with top-secret, biometrically powered, low-voltage VLSIC microprocessors wired in place of her destroyed speech center.

Don’t believe me for one goddamned moment – see the pathetically ridiculous spectacle for yourself; possessing a strong stomach or having a bottle of Pepto-Bismol on hand is advised:

What the hell, at least she articulates better than Dick Clark does…



Conway’s Blog Has Resumed

January 19, 2012


After a one day blackout in rejection of Internet censorship (i.e., SOPA and its ugly sister, PIPA) as is desired by greedy, aloof, amoral, criminal, soft-palmed, elected control freaks infesting the totally CORRUPT United States Congress, together with the promotion of freedom, Conway’s Blog has resumed normal operation.

Live Longer, Live Better!



Tell Congress FUCK SOPA!

January 18, 2012

Conway’s Blog has joined the Internet blackout in support of freedom and in protest against FUCKING CENSORSHIP!

I apologize for any inconvenience.

The 2012 Presidential Election: American GARBAGE on Parade

January 3, 2012

Hello again, Happy fucking New Year and all that banal horseshit, from your friend, Conway.

With the superficial courtesies now out of the way – I swear to motherfucking Christ, when it’s already bad enough, it gets even worse. Calling the United States a literal madhouse is the understatement of the century.

Sure, I concede without prejudice that the rest of the globe is fucked up too, with loony, shitkicking Moslems gleefully killing each other and anyone else they don’t like in the name of non-existent shitkicker Allah, together with absurd laws passed by “compassionate” idiots in Europe against “offensive” speech – promoted by self-destructive fools in deference to delusional, interloping ragheads and other foreign parasites, along with tyrannical, unenforceable prohibitions against “hate” and “racism”, whatever the definitions of such actually are.

Alas, the definition of the former perceived “crimes” does indeed seem to vary, depending on who the alleged “offender” is; if the name on the docket is an indigent European individual like Brigitte Bardot or Geert Wilders; they are automatically guilty of whatever offense, no matter how trivial. Conversely, if one is an illiterate, superstitious, hate-filled, Koran-toting sandnigger hailing from the miasmic depths of Saudi Arabia, the opposite is true – in other words, foreign interlopers are always “innocent” of practically every offense, no matter how disgusting or heinous, in favor of their “religion”. That goes even if a horny group of puerile, 36 year old virgin Moslem ragheads elect to gang-rape some hapless, young, cute pinkskinned cunt who was simply minding her own goddamned business, legally sunbathing in a bikini on a beach in Norway.

However, this benighted dump, the United States, was supposed to be a different sort of political entity, set apart from the rest of the planet, never to be administered or led by cunning despots like George III, Herr Hitler or Joseph Stalin, regardless of the disgusting megalomaniacs running this place for at least the past century. You know exactly what I mean, a nation, founded by blatant hypocrites like Thomas Jefferson, yes, but at least on the surface embracing and promoting lofty concepts like individual “freedom” and “rights”. A sovereign country, put forth by WE, THE PEOPLE of the United States, written and promulgated in the Declaration of Independence, enshrined and legitimized by the ratified US Constitution of 1789, and amended by James Madison’s utterly laughable, toilet paper “Bill of Rights”, coupled with other ethereal, rhetorical claptrap that has no place in actual reality.

I hate to tell you, dear reader, but that’s the fucking truth of the matter in a nutshell – no matter where you may reside on this silly ball of rock called Earth, from Armenia to Zimbabwe, you have no true rights, whether endowed to such by a god or given as privileges by those creatures called man. Further, you never did have any rights at all, dummy – other than the “right” to pay taxes to your wealthy, esteemed overlords, along with the right to die, this occurrence being necessary to facilitate getting out of the way of other, younger drones, i.e., those fools following your noxious presence.

Analysis of the “founding fathers” quill-penned bullshit complete, such untenable, contrived sophistry in reality has no goddamned meaning at all, other than “interpretation” – by definition the abstruse, Clintonian concept of “variable meaning”. I woefully submit to the reader that concepts as illustrated in the preceding paragraphs never did have any meaning – and they never will have any goddamned meaning, that is until the race of man collectively evolves into something other than the arrogant, mendacious, self-serving, greedy, hypocritical, mostly hairless, TALKING APE that he really is.

Rather than having a nation where personal freedom and liberty is of paramount importance, we have a decadent, fragmented, moribund, legalistic dictatorship, teetering on the brink of total economic collapse; such conditions should be favorable regarding my long positions in hard commodities, e.g., gold, silver and crude oil. Thanks to our esteemed betters, we are collectively inundated by limp-wristed, cocksucking queers and mannish, cunt licking bull dykes – either getting “married” by laughable “chaplains”, all while serving in the US military, and we have an inept, arrogant, narcissistic eightball gangster gunrunner, posing as “President”, selling guns through jackbooted BATF thugs to his fellow gangsters down Mexico way. Yes, you read it correctly friend, the nigger, through his criminal proxies Eric Holder and the BATF, sold guns, specifically, AKMs, to swarthy, Zoot Suit wearing Mexican drug dealers, for whatever reason – probably so the Head Gangster Obama and his cadre of drooling, sycophantic goons can get a cut of the bucks, some good dope, shapely spic whores or perhaps little greasy beaner boys named Gomez to molest.

Vivid conjectures aside, I have noticed during his tenure that our slick, arrogant, smooth talking, fan-eared australopithecine can seemingly get away with anything – like a superhuman, shitskinned Al Capone, Head Gangster Barack Hussein Obama can, with a single word, order the assassinations of American citizens without due process, he can order millions of taxpayer dollars to be funneled into failed “green” operations like Solyndra, and he can even sell automatic weapons to fellow gangsters in Mexico, and no one says one motherfucking word. “Freedom” sure is nice, isn’t it – especially when our elected betters have the freedom to do anything they fucking want, to anyone or anything they want, from assassinations and insider trading, to zoophilia. Emperor Nero didn’t have the freedom to pursue the debauched atrocities these contemporary bastards accomplish with impunity and alarming regularity – just ask the Praetorian Guard, who were after his despicable ass until the fat little redheaded coward committed suicide in 68CE.

Moving on, the political eliminations via character assassination are in full swing for the GOP crooks in their race for a match against the current Head Gangster; Herman Cain, Uncle Tom and Alternate Nigger at Large, shot himself in the foot using his own crotch, all due to the fact that he couldn’t keep his stiff cock in his pants. Legions of broads of all colors have come forward, stating that Horny Herman Cain told them dirty jokes, or waved his dick at them, or fucked them, or fingered them, or squeezed their titties, so on and so forth, ad infinitum. Whether any of this prurient tripe is true is not the issue, the allegations have served admirably to completely discredit Cain as any sort of contender for the exalted position of Head Gangster, not that any of his policies were tenable, or would have even made it to the Congressional floor for debate. Cain’s silly, ill-conceived 9-9-9 plan is a prime example; compounded on every producer from a farmer to the factory, and again on the taxpayer, it would have simply been a clever way for crooked politicians to BILK even more lucre from the hapless citizenry so they could pad their wallets and continue funding the consolidation of their iron-fisted grip on power.

Arrogant, intellectual whoremonger Newt Gingrich for a time was the surprise factor in the inane race to be nominated Top Republican Crook. Only a shooting star in reality, moronic Mormon contenders Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman joined forces in a determined attempt to portray Gingrich as an unsuitable candidate, and succeeded admirably in their backstabbing mission. Considering the amoral shit we have elected to office for at least the past sixty years, Gingrich only seems an average, though very articulate, criminal with the morals of a goddamn goat; ergo, he should have been able to easily deflect insults and blatant ad hominems hurled by a pair of superstitious, foolish Mormon hypocrites. Alas, that hasn’t happened – not only is Gingrich low on bucks for fueling his propaganda machine, Head Gangster Obama and his Goebbelsian media team are mortified at the possibility of Gingrich getting the nomination, as he, regardless of my personal dislike of him, could effortlessly destroy that smoothtalking, arrogant nigger in any debate – even while SLEEPING, mind you.

Egotistical and secretive crook Romney goes even further to say that Newt Gingrich is a “very wealthy man”. No fucking shit Sherlock; like Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich is a political gangster, in the business of selling himself like a high-priced whore to any bastard with an agenda to pursue and well-heeled enough to buy his support. Again, this is not news, and for a multimillionaire like Romney to make such a ridiculous accusation is like the pot calling the kettle black, especially when this hypocritical, rich bastard refuses to disclose his tax returns for pubic scrutiny. Even smiling Christian hypocrite Rick Perry, Head Gangster of Texas, is getting into the act, shrilly stating to Gingrich during a debate: “If you will cheat on your wife, if you will cheat on your spouse, then why wouldn’t you cheat on your business partner?”

How clumsily contrived and sophomoric; Perry’s words are nothing but rhetorical excrement uttered for the benefit of delusional, Bible-beating drones, many of which probably make Gingrich appear as a fucking saint in comparison. Who really cares if Gingrich fucks around; hell, at least he’s not queer like Fred Karger is, and today’s crooked politicians of whatever party cheat at most everything anyway, due to the fact they are amoral, mendacious criminals – it seems to have become a basic requirement for them to succeed in American politics. Whoring around on spouses is not news at all; just ask whoremonger Bill Clinton and his thick framed kikette paramour, cunt Monica Lewinsky. JFK continually fucked around on Jackie 50 years ago – marital infidelity is now little more than a mundane distraction, especially when contrasted with the glaring fact that Rick Perry is little more than a common murderer who delights in having innocent people executed, like a latter-day Joseph Stalin. I honestly wonder how that despicable, two-faced hypocrite reconciles that little tidbit with his supposed Christian faith. Oh, I forgot, Rick Perry isn’t perfect, just “forgiven” by an ethereal specter called Jesus, which in reality has no more substance than a photon.

Anyway, while this meretricious troop of soft-palmed, wealthy criminals continue taking ribald potshots at each other, the smiling jackanapes must chuckle to himself, knowing full well that the elections are for all practical purposes, rigged, as the real powers that be desire no change at all in the direction of the nation. I candidly wager the inept nigger will easily see a second term, thanks to self-destructive Republican infighting coupled with blatant electoral fraud. Considering the current economic and political situation, such a scenario seems impossible – whether the nation will survive such a debacle is a matter of debate; only time will tell, though I also wager some folks reading this terse essay will live to see Washington, DC and surrounding environs reduced to lifeless, burned out, fallen ruins, with only ourselves to thank for it.

Even Ron Paul, a grimacing old senile fart so squeaky clean that he makes the putrescent phony beadrattler Mother Teresa look like a common tramp, is taking salvos from his GOP brethren, with charges that he is a “racist”, whatever that is. This is due to the fact that one of his supporters, two decades ago, had the unmitigated audacity to state the TRUTH in a newsletter regarding lazy, hate-filled, rioting, welfare collecting moolies residing in Los Angeles, California, during the Rodney King affair. No one bothers to reflect on the FACT that the rioting jigs looted stores, destroyed cars and buses, burned down buildings and nearly killed a honky truck driver simpleton by beating his fucking face in with a brickbat, who was simply driving through the area at the time, only to be pulled from his truck for assault by angry eightballs, evidently for being “melanin challenged”. I suppose the coons were justifiably “upset” at all the “injustice” surrounding them and needed to vent their anger by being destructive assholes hell bent on behaving as atrociously as they possibly could, and I’m simply an intolerant old sludge-drinking bastard who doesn’t understand their righteous ire at all those terrible, racist fucking whitey crackers.

All that said, lately, Rick Santorum, a well-meaning but totally delusional man about as electable as Charles Manson in our current decadent atmosphere, is supposedly leading in the Iowa Caucus, which must delight the Head Gangster to the point of ecstasy. Should Santorum make it to the top of the heap and grab the Republican nomination for President, look for the smoothtalking nigger to roll out his rhetorical, Goebbelsian guns and pander to all the knee-jerk liberals, freeloadersmalcontents, assorted cocksuckers and feminist dykes who want to get “married”, together with the horny, self-absorbed cunts that desire to slaughter unborn brats by the truckload, all in the name of “freedom”, of course. That bold Machiavellian tactic should serve to put an obsolete, atavistic joker like Santorum in his place, and send him packing his beadrattling, “intolerant” dago ass back to Pennsylvania where he belongs.

What a pathetic joke the US Presidential elections have become, and how utterly predictable they now are.

This dying nation, the United States of America, is getting EXACTLY what it DESERVES. 



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