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Interloping Ragheads Pissed Off at Lowe’s

December 19, 2011

Season’s Greetings once again from your friend Conway, penning yet another offensive, invective filled missive, guaranteed to piss off just about everyone.

Kindly pardon my absence, but posting various polemical essays is growing rather tedious for me, as no one really reads these terse screeds, and those that do come here do so mainly for the pictures, like a bunch of silly schoolchildren. Hell, folks visiting don’t even comment anymore, as they apparently realize I don’t give a flying fuck if they disagree with whatever I write, and after posting their poorly written, disjointed tripe I usually slap them down with a devastating rebuttal, especially when silly ragheads try to fuck with me regarding their shitkicker god Allah and his illiterate, epileptic pedophile prophet, shitkicker Mohammed. For those having visited and read before, it should be plainly obvious that I have no use at all for religious superstition of ANY KIND, and have even less use for religious superstition coupled with vile injunctions to torment and slaughter those who do not agree with such inane dogma, as is exemplified in spades by the disgusting cult of Islam. Should anyone reading find they have a problem with that stance, tough shit; I didn’t ask you to fucking come here – close the goddamn page and move on to something more agreeable with your tastes.

Speaking of swarthy, interloping shitkickers, once again the easily offended Mohammedan foreigners infesting this dying nation have found yet something else to complain about – Lowe’s Companies, Incorporated, purveyors of all and sundry regarding construction materials. Lowe’s made a legitimate business decision and elected to withdraw their advertising support from a clearly propagandistic program on The Learning Channel dubbed “All-American Muslim” a slanted serial that could have been created by none other than Goebbels himselfconsidering the clearly oxymoronic title of the show.

Always a contrarian, I spell “Muslim” as “Moslem”, just to piss off Mohammedan sandniggers, which they constantly point out – which makes me even more determined to continue spelling it that way. I also deliberately call them “Mohammedans”, a terminology Moslems despise, the adjective “Mohammedan” inferring that they worship shitkicker Mohammed, which they in fact DO, considering the atrocities they commit when their dead pedophile is “defamed” in whatever fashion by infidels like me. Delusional, mentally retarded, intolerant vermin is a more apt description of those arrogant, misogynistic freaks calling themselves Moslems, which I have and shall continue to call them – to their very faces I might add.

At any rate, TLC’s “All-American Muslim”, is about as popular as gonorrhea in a whorehouse, so Lowe’s, not wanting to waste valuable advertising dollars on a program that no one other than Moslem fanatics bother to view, cancelled their advertising contract. This of course “offended” the devoted, dronelike adherents of Islam, who loudly cried that Lowe’s Companies, Incorporated was bigoted and insensitive with regard to their untenable, idiotic “beliefs” – a ridiculous, puerile crock of superstitious hogwash, called Islam. Further, I don’t blame Lowe’s for ditching “All-American Muslim” – I wouldn’t advertise on such a clearly indulgent program if they fucking PAID ME for the opportunity. I suppose the Mohammedans should also be offended by the following list of companies; they too withdrew advertising support from “All-American Muslim”:

1) Bank of America Corporation
2) Campbell Soup Company
3) Dell, Incorporated
4) Estée Lauder Cosmetics
5) General Motors Company
6) Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
7) Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Incorporated
8) McDonald’s Corporation
9) Sears, Roebuck and Company
10) Wal-Mart Stores, Incorporated

Upon hearing of the news, a group of smart-mouthed, annoying, troublemaking sandniggers calling themselves “The Council on American-Islamic Relations” (CAIR) blundered its way into this plainly contrived debacle as well, shrilly calling for a boycott of Lowe’s Companies, Incorporated. Echoing the monotonous bleating of other chronic malcontent ragheads, they also state that Lowe’s is “insensitive and bigoted” toward “Muslim beliefs”, or more accurately, inane, Middle-Eastern superstition with no roots in ACTUAL REALITY. CAIR, a closeted terrorist organization deliberately overlooked by “Homeland Security” (An Orwellian, cabinet-level department of the United States Federal Government created by empty-eyed dunderhead Bush), is also responsible for making a complete nuisance of themselves regarding anything that can be perceived as a sleight toward followers of Islam, from “racial profiling” in airports to requiring ugly, burka clad Mohammedan cunts to expose their disgusting mugs for driver’s license photographs.

Along with all of that horseshit, an imported chink, a California senator named Ted Lieu had the unmitigated audacity to sternly castigate Lowe’s and Company for making a business decision regarding where they want to spend their own fucking advertising money, that they earned. Sticking his nose up Moslem asshole and sniffing the odoriferous stench for all it’s worth, this sycophantic, smooth talking gook wants an “investigation” regarding Lowe’s and their terrible actions, allegedly directed toward the peaceful Moslem community. Yeah right, “peaceful Moslem community” – yet another splendid Goebbelsian euphemism for mendaciousintolerant, murderous, hate-filled, delusional, ragheaded, goddamned bloodthirsty Saracens, who despise Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, pantheists, atheists, women, homosexuals, and anything else that doesn’t fit into their idiotic, seventh-century parochial worldview.

Really people, who the hell does this crooked, soft-palmed, overpaid politician think he is – an overlord who can ORDER Lowe’s to spend their funds on an unprofitable venture? All this cowardly, interloping, two-faced cocksucker is really doing is pandering for the raghead vote, and his idiotic threats and empty pontifications will get him nowhere, considering that according to the First Amendment, not to mention plain old common sense, dictates that Lowe’s can do anything they want to fucking do with their own money  from publicly burning it to using it to purchase the services of prostitutes of either sex for their employees. Perhaps this posturing slope can pony up some of his own dough to pay for Lowe’s advertising on TLC’s latest, lie-filled propaganda program; that way he could put his money where his goddamned mouth is.

All I can say is keep pushing Moslem interlopers; keep agitating for special status in a supposed nation of equals, keep trying to tell others not of your religious inclination to defer to your draconian demands; keep trying to tell others what to do and how to fucking think. If the past history of mankind is any harbinger of the future – what crazy goddamned Hitler did to the hook-nosed Jews will pale in comparison to what will happen to your sorry, troublesome, superstitious asses.




Christopher Hitchens – 1949-2011

December 16, 2011

Hello from the ethers; no vitriol is to be found in this short missive. It is with great regret that I announce the death of Christopher Hitchens, a verbose iconoclast with all the subtlety of a D-9 bulldozer. He was also a brilliant writer and all around bohemian, who smoked like a chimney and drank like a goddamn fish – and loved every fucking minute of it.
That noted, he told it as he saw it, without pulling any punches; those who debated the man found a formidable, erudite adversary – if they had the temerity to take him on.
This tiny planet in the middle of nowhere will not see his like again.
I’ll miss you, Hitch, and so will many others.

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