For years I’ve said all cops are pigs, and I have yet to find any compelling evidence that would behoove me to reconsider that cynical stance. In every town, city and state of the dying United States, tight-lipped, jackbooted swine constantly flaunt and abuse their authority, slaughtering, shooting, beating and even suffocating innocent victims of their arrogant, criminal thuggery. It is plainly evident that pigs of today are literal criminals, drunk on their power – little more than cold blooded, psychotic sociopaths sporting guns and badges; a despicable gang of amoral, armed highwaymen looking to accost, harass, assault or even kill anyone that crosses their paths.
I should know what pigs are; over the long years I have had lying pigs accuse me of being a “drug dealer”, simply for carrying my own money on my person. I have had pigs pull weapons on me for no apparent reason, and have had pigs scream at and harass me for the most inane of infractions, such as a flickering tag light or a bald tire. One pig recently pulled me over, employing the silly pretense that I was operating a “stolen” vehicle, one that I have owned for nearly 28 years, and such a clapped out, rusty old wreck that only a Mongoloid idiot would consider appropriating it, and then, only under duress.
Those factual statements bring us to the absolutely dreadful case of the “Danziger Four”, i.e., NOPD pigs Kenneth Bowen, Robert Gisevius, Robert Faulcon and Anthony Villavaso. These four pigs have been convicted of violating their dead victim’s “civil rights”, clearly a contrived charge to avoid the possible contention of “double jeopardy” by the pig defendants, as is forbidden by the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution. In all fairness, I do concede that the pigs did indeed violate their civil rights, considering their victims are dead, but the charges are nevertheless contrived, using a twisted interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment. The Danziger Four’s facilitators, Sergeants and fellow pigs Arthur Kaufman and Gerard Dugue, assisted in covering up the atrocious actions of the aforementioned thugs with badges, that is, wanton murder, and were charged with obstruction of justice, falsifying evidence, conspiracy, and other offenses.
Honestly, what can be expected from a corrupt city like New Orleans that employs most anything they can drag or dredge up as their “police”? New Orleans’ history is replete with cases of felonious, criminal pigs who have been arrested, tried and convicted of offenses like armed robbery, extortion, drug dealing, rape, murder and Christ only knows what else. Don’t believe any of my words, Google it and find out for yourself; the people of New Orleans are more afraid of their “police” than they are of hardened criminals, and have stated so in interviews.
Now focusing on the “Danziger Four” case and their offenses; they were a group of duly sworn “peace officers”, comprising two hard-nosed honky crackers and a pair of arrogant niggers, one of the latter a mulatto. On the morning of September 4, 2005, after supposedly hearing the news of a nearby gunfight over the pig radio at the sty, these four pigs collectively decided to turn a section of post-Katrina New Orleans into their own private shooting gallery, for whatever reason.
Having made their decision, the four pigs plied the dank, flooded streets of the city in a commandeered rental truck turned NOPD pig-mobile, literally looking for trouble, finally arriving at Danziger Bridge for a fateful rendezvous with a family of homeless, waterlogged eightballs, apparently minding their own business, according to everyone EXCEPT the pigs. Determined to teach them a lesson, nigger Officer Robert Faulcon, apparently wanting to show his fellow sworn officers how brave he was, took the initiative, leapt from the truck and effortlessly bumped off an unarmed, retarded jig named Ronald Madison, 40, by shooting him in his BACK with a shotgun.
Not at all impressed by Faulcon’s savage lust for blood and death, whitey Sergeant Kenneth Bowen upped the ante, grabbing and firing an AKM at James Brissette, 17, an unarmed teenaged coon, who evidently was guilty of being in the wrong place at the right time. For Brissette’s egregious infraction, that of being a Louisianan porch monkey standing on a bridge, the sentence on that day was death. The two other pigs, Sergeant Robert Gisevius and Officer Anthony Villavaso, apparently overcome by sheer blood lust, joined in the gunplay, unloading entire magazines in the direction of Brissette and Madison, the four pigs managing to seriously wound four other unarmed bystanders in a blistering fusillade of hot lead. The surviving victims of this unprovoked pig assault were Susan Bartholomew, 38, Leonard Bartholomew III, 44, their daughter, Lesha Bartholomew, 17, and Jose Holmes, 19. All victims of the Danziger Four are eightballs, yes, but being a nigger is not a valid reason to be shot or killed in the United States, or in any normal universe for that matter, especially when unarmed and in full view.
Anyway, after being served with Grand Jury indictments for the first-degree murders of Brissette and Madison, the Danziger Four managed to get the charges dismissed in typical corrupt Louisiana fashion, this Southern Tradition going at least as far back as Kingfish Huey Long and probably further. The District Judge, Raymond Bigelow, cited prosecutorial misconduct with regard to the Grand Jury as the basis for his decision. “Evidence” of their “innocence” was offered, specifically a throwaway Colt revolver that actually belonged to Sergeant Kaufman, together with corroborating statements taken from non-existent witnesses. All of this “evidence” was fabricated by the police, and sworn under oath to be the “truth”. Yeah, right – pigs telling the truth? If you believe that nonsense, try believing I’m George Soros. The bullet-riddled survivors, aghast, were left to wonder why a judge arbitrarily decided that it was perfectly legal and proper to shoot a bunch of unarmed eightballs on a bridge for no good reason. Hailed as heroes by their fellow porkers, the smiling, murderous pigs, the Danziger Four, thought their ordeal was over.
I don’t usually endorse the idea of Federal interference in the affairs of the States, but in the above circumstance I must make an exception. It seems the FBI didn’t buy the contrived stories of the six NOPD pigs, and after investigating the case, the Federal government brought charges against the Danziger Four for “Civil Rights” violations, such rights guaranteed to all citizens by the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution.
So, it seems that two honkys, and two nigger pigs were charged with violating the Constitutional rights of two dead spooks – talk about fucking irony! That’s the strange phenomenon regarding pigdom; in ways very similar to an exclusive clique, when you join the pigs you are no longer just some silly whitey, or nigger, or gook, or spic or even a red skinned injun; one effectively becomes a shade of “blue” in the eyes of fellow pigs. That unwritten rule applies whether one is pink, brown, yellow, black or any color in between. Clannish motherfuckers they are indeed – and pigs will lie, cheat, steal or even KILL to protect their own, or to get their own asses out of a sling. Disgusting, isn’t it?
Continuing, Uncle Sam didn’t like the way the Danziger Four slaughtered two unarmed eightballs and their conspiracy to cover it up, so the pigs finally went to trial and were convicted on all charges by a jury of their peers. Strangely, it doesn’t matter if Federal pigs continually get away with slaughtering people by the goddamn truckload, like they did at Waco, but that’s another story and is unrelated to this particular case. Anyway, the maximum penalty for their offenses is life in prison, which on the surface may seem rather excessive, but when considering they were sworn police officers whose first duty was to uphold the law, perhaps the maximum sentence is much too lenient.
Now our felonious, criminal, former “peace officers” of the Danziger Four will have to look forward to long stretches in a Federal prison like Leavenworth, kept sequestered in protective custody by an idiotic coterie of fools that seemingly don’t want true justice to prevail. Instead, they will lock these clowns up in a special wing of whatever prison, feeding and clothing them for decades on end, wasting taxpayer’s funds. It would be much more cost effective to simply throw them in with the general population of murderers, bank robbers, drug dealers and muscle-bound jailhouse queers, all of which despise pigs, and would deal with them quickly, and severely. If they were very lucky, they might survive for a while as the submissive girlfriends of six foot four, 280-pound homosexual gorillas, but sooner or later they would all be shived to death by vengeful prisoners armed with sharpened plastic toothbrushes.
At least they would die that way if there actually were justice in this benighted nation. Incidentally, I’m laughing like a goddamned jackal at their collective misfortune. I also wish to apologize to my readers for not using enough foul language, though I did make liberal use of myriad racial epithets, so that may compensate for the woeful lack of colorful words like fuck, shit, cocksucker, cunt, prick, goddamn and motherfucker in this piece.

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