IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Anders Behring Breivik

Hello, your friend Conway is here again, providing news and commentary for the reader, employing my usual foul-mouthed, insensitive, epithet strewn fashion, guaranteed to offend all politically correct, hand-wringing secular puritans and loony religious fanatics of every stripe across the entire goddamned globe. Any regular reader (all two of them, that is) already knows that I pull no punches; I don’t give a fuck if I offend anyone, and I don’t give a good goddamn what anyone thinks of me. I never did care really, but that’s another story.
So, here goes, my commentary on the latest anomalous flotsam drifting across the luminiferous ethers that comprise so many sectors of the Internet these days.
On 22 July of this year, a fucked up 32 year old Norwegian clown, a deranged blond honky olaf prick named Anders Behring Breivik, decided to bump off 77 people, most of them of his own countrymen, using bombs and guns, as he hated Moslem immigration and “multiculturism”. Yes, you read it correctly; rather than attacking the source of the problem, i.e., swarthy, savage Moslem shitkickers infesting Norway, Breivik decided to slaughter a herd of hapless whiteys, many of them little more than brainwashed, tolerant Norwegian cracker punks, who bleated whatever rhetoric their parents told them to bleat. It reminds me of old “Radio Free Europe” TV ads from the sixties – depicting teenagers regurgitating trite, oxymoronic, Goebbelsian lies like “Islam is peace” and all that crap.
After perusing the list of victims, it seems that Breivik did manage to slaughter four or five swarthy, imported interlopers with an agenda, who didn’t even belong in Norway, but that fact in no way excuses his senseless killings of 72 apparently indigenous Norwegians. Go ahead, call me a racist if you like, and then tell me that fucking pink-skinned limeys, russkis or stupid polocks belong with the ragheaded, fanatical sandniggers of Saudi Arabia. Better yet, tell me that blubber munching Aleutian Eskimos belong with drunken aboriginals in Australia, or that japs belong with jenkem-sniffing eightballs in Zimbabwe. Like it or not, it is a fact of evolution that disparate subspecies of of animals, including the varieties of those talking simians calling themselves man, show antipathy toward each other, blame fucking Charles Darwin if you like, not me.
Anyway, sending silly brainwashed whiteys to their graves by the truckload, Breivik allegedly initiated this carnage to express his displeasure at being surrounded by shitskinned foreign interlopers who absolutely refuse to assimilate into Norwegian culture. You see, Moslems wish to turn Norway and every other European nation they can subvert into oppressive Sharia hellholes; they feel they’re so much better and pious than the terrible infidel Norwegians they have invaded. Conversely, rather than annoying pasty-faced European infidels, why don’t swarthy Moslems stay in their respective countries, and make things better there, creating the very first “Sharia utopia” as an example for the rest of us? Why won’t they do that, rather then blundering into other nations like glorified squatters, arrogantly telling others what to do once they arrive there?
The answers are quite simple:
1) Those individuals that leave backward, arid, third world tyrannies in the Middle East are usually opportunistic COWARDS, looking to drain blood like vampires from any nation that is stupid enough to give them aid and succor. Just look at “Great” Britain, infested with polygamous ragheads having three wives and fifteen children, sitting on their asses as “refugees”, living off the taxpayers, courtesy of the Crown. Arrogant, condescending whiteys think they are noble, kind and compassionate, but they are truly stupid creatures, giving aid and comfort to their sworn enemies – any race that refuses to defend itself DESERVES to perish
2) Moslems, due to intense Koranic inculcation at the hands of their progenitors, are compelled from birth to be annoying, utterly intransigent asshole know-it-alls with regard to their obtuse religious superstition. They are further compelled to proselytize their Koranic drivel to all they encounter, telling those who do not believe their obtuse fairy tales that they should be killed. I should fucking know – years ago, a Moslem shitkicker named “Mohammed” (why are they ALL named Mohammed?) sternly informed me that I should be killed for not embracing ridiculous bullshit like Islam, which makes Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” seem believable by comparison.
Shitkicking Moslems do this in the name of their despicable desert god, the invisible, impotent shitkicker, Allah, and a dead epileptic pedophile from 1,400 years ago, their “prophet”, the deranged shitkicker Mohammed. Shitkicker Mohammed was the illiterate Bedouin moron who babbled out a tome of death called the Koran between epileptic fits. Frothing at the mouth like a rabid dog, shitkicker Mohammed’s incoherent shrieks were dutifully written down by literate Bedouin morons who took his insane, repetitive, convulsant utterances as some sort of fucking gospel.
Anyway, while Breivik’s draconian and misdirected actions make no sense at all to critical thinkers, I suppose they made sense to him, which is what counts in this debacle, as he is the alleged bomber and triggerman. Why he decided to slaughter mostly his own countrymen is unclear on the surface, but when one thinks a little deeper it becomes readily apparent as to why this “lone nut” and “extremist” decided to attack peaceful Norwegians, and not “peaceful” Moslem interlopers that do not belong in Norway at all. First, one must realize that amoral, elected criminals run all nations; it is the very nature of those mostly hairless, hypocritical talking simians called man, of whatever color.
Therein lies the rub – the despotic, elected gangsters running Western Europe realize that their native population demographics are in the shitter, due to greedy, guilt-ridden honkys committing collective suicide by not reproducing. Therefore, the amoral elected gangsters, out only for themselves and now desperate to keep themselves in power at ANY cost, following the idiotic Goebbelsian lie of “all men are created equal”, believe they can turn savage, emotional, superstitious, desert-dwelling sandniggers into Norwegians, or as the case may be, limeys, frogs, blockheads, or krauts.
Thinking further, one must realize that elected crooks will do absolutely ANYTHING to further their agenda – that is, staying in power, and if they have to resort to slaughtering their own to accomplish that, so be it – remember, “The enemy has no face”. This clown Anders Breivik talks the talk, sure, that of a “right wing radical”, but doesn’t walk the walk; instead, he kills his own fucking countrymen for no LOGICAL REASON. I candidly wager he was literally PROGRAMMED by the elected gangsters to do exactly the opposite of what would be expected from a “right wing radical”.
I further submit this seemingly false flag operation was initiated to discredit those opposed to their policies; Hermann Goering couldn’t have done a better job. Such a cunning measure could also facilitate the herding of the slackjawed drones into the open arms of a government of monsters that couldn’t care less who dies, as long as they can stay in power and milk their imported sandniggers for taxes to fund their ultimate agenda – absolute Orwellian CONTROL of everyone.
That IS the agenda of the soft-palmed elected criminals, but, they, like fools, don’t realize the incredible “diversity” of the human psyche, especially when conditioned from birth by those holding another worldview, especially a superstitious worldview. Take the Moslem cavemen infesting Europe for example; they truly believe that a human construct called Allah runs this chaotic and meaningless universe, and that a joker named Mohammed had some sort of direct connection to the impotent specter, Allah. Further, they believe that his incoherent, disjointed babblings, as recorded in the Koran, are the very words of their own delusional creation, Allah.
Yeah, it sounds fucking ridiculous, but that is exactly what over 1 billion talking simians believe – that a thing dubbed Allah is some sort of godBelief is not fact, but try convincing a wild-eyed, bomb carrying, 34 year old virgin that his belief system, as told to him by his parents, is a crock of shit – such an argument will get you nowhere, and is as useless as pissing into the fucking wind.
That’s the problem with “diversity” which the elected gangsters claim to embrace and promote, as long as that “diversity” is coupled with blind obedience from the host population, to the point where they are not allowed to disagree, even while watching their own daughters being raped and murdered by roving hordes of goddamned interloping Moslem savages. I hear all sorts of bullshit coming out of these detached cocksuckers about “tolerance” and “compassion”, but I don’t see one iota of tolerance or compassion coming from those bloodthirsty Saracen bastards the elected gangsters have imported. The Romans believed that compassion is a vice, and so do I, and to have compassion on one’s enemies is absolute foolhardiness. Eventually, in perhaps only a few generations, the swarthy Mohammedan interlopers will out-breed the gutless, pasty-faced indigenous population, the stupid, compassionate honkys of Europe, and will supplant them. Then they will slaughter the very elected gangsters who helped them to destroy Europe, in the name of Allah, of course. I cannot say that they won’t deserve death at the hands of their enemies, and if I were there, I would laugh at them as they were being slaughtered – like the goddamned fools that they ARE.
Enough of this diatribe; if I hurt anyone’s little itty bitty feelings, too fucking bad – I didn’t ask you to come here, and don’t let the goddamn door hit you in the ass as you leave.

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