A Seemingly REAL News Link

Your friend Conway is here, greeting readers with a terse weekend missive, posted between drinking myriad tumblers of iced sludge and tending to my lush garden of weeds. I’d be better off raising crabgrass, thistles and dandelions, rather than goddamned tomatoes, squash, corn, melons and beans, but what the fuck, I need something to do, aside from obsessing over the prices of oil, gold, silver, a bunch of other technical shit related to the bourses and the purchasing of equities, along with Dollar-Euro positions. Indeed, gardening helps me to forget about the unfolding disaster occurring in the market – most of my hard commodity positions are in the commode the sewer.
In other words, it’s again time to “trade within a position”, “sell short” and employ “dollar-cost averaging”, which is a fancy way of eventually selling off a losing position without losing your ass at the same time. A veritable shitload of expendable dough and a complete understanding of the commodity involved is required to accomplish this magic, a literal “equity alchemy” and it doesn’t always pay off in the end. I lost my ass in spades on a position a while back, 20,000 shares sold in the end for half the price invested due to a buyout; it beat losing it all, which I have on certain gas stocks.
To explain the method, one must overwhelm a losing core position with even more purchases of the same equity at a lower price, with full confidence that the equity is fundamentally valuable, and will rise due to analyzed market conditions. Then, a portion equal to the amount of equities purchased at the bottom of the losing position is sold off on a rise, five to ten percent in my case with gold, to average down the core position. Then the investor buys another amount of the same equity again on a dip, and sells that amount on a rise, sacrificing a small portion of total invested money on the “averaging” transactions, all the while moving down the average cost of the core position. When the time arrives, the core position is sold off to another fool at a profit with overall losses included; I made a pile on oil producer KOG that way a few years ago. That’s how it’s done with equities in a bear market; believe me, trading is not for the fainthearted – though the investor may want to be short at all times, there are scenarios when the investor has to go long, like I have with shares of SLW and HL.
Now, moving to the point of this post, I swear to motherfucking Christ, everything in the media these days is blatantly slanted propaganda, whether print or electronic, no matter where it comes from, but some media is more propagandistic than others. Alas, the entire American media, whether “left” or “right” leaning, is nothing but an endless parade of absolute lies, carefully packaged to resemble the truth, like a latter-day P.J. Goebbels on steroids.
You know exactly what I mean, talking heads on CNN and FOX News present for the viewer a pair of egotistical, power-mad, amoral, political gangsters, one a dimwitted, crybaby cracker, the other an arrogant, narcissistic nigger, who loathe each other intensely. That glaring FACT ignored, the two crooks smile for the cameras and “play golf” together. I wager they’d be better off playing with themselves, rather than expecting true critical thinkers to fall for such utterly contrived horseshit; I’d find Winston Churchill playing a friendly game of chess with Adolf Hitler more believable. Then we are presented with an infinitesimal blurb, briefly noting the latest jackbooted, police state thug murdering yet another innocent citizen in the name of freedom. That travesty is followed by untold minutes of idiotic flotsam, devoted to stories of drug-addled, amoral Hollywood trash, worthless, overpaid sports figures and other “human interest” inanities, cleverly designed to keep the slackjawed, mesmerized viewer from actually THINKING for theirselves.
No goddamn wonder I disconnected the cable and threw out the TV years ago. I mean really people, what the fuck is there to watch on the one-eyed bitch-box these days?
Idiotic “reality shows”, like “Hollywood Whores”, “Fat, Washed up, Brain-Dead Rock Star”, or “Silly, Divorced Blonde Bitch Who Dropped Out Too Many Goddamned Brats”?
Or sophomoric, contrived crap like:
“Dancing with the ASSHOLES”?
“American IDIOT”?
Donald Trump’s inane, UTTERLY BORING, self-serving, arrogant tripe – “The Apprentice”? Apprentice to what – a megalomanical shithead that never really worked for one day in his entire goddamn life?
Editorialized, propagandistic “news” presented by talking heads via ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, or FOX News? Who actually watches such garbage, other than drooling mongoloid idiots with nothing better to do?
Sorry, no thank you; I’ll pass on television. I knew TV was going down the goddamn toilet when they cancelled Have Gun Will Travel, Get Smart and fucking Gilligan’s Island, not to mention Star Trek, Night Court, Kolchak The Night Stalker, Ellery Queen and Cheers. Believe me, when folks like Michael Medved and Ted Koppel say contemporary television is shit – you know it is!
Therefore, I present the following link for the reader’s perusal: http://rt.com/
This terrible Russian site is derided by those in the mainstream media and the Federal government as “Anti-American propaganda”. Come on people, if they are deriding it – it must be at least worth looking at, as I have. For the record, I neither endorse nor reject this site, it is up to the reader to make their own determination, though I will submit my opinion of http://rt.com/, much of what their commentators say is the goddamned TRUTH, like it or not
So, enjoy the link tovarich, may it wake you up, which is my intention. Go ahead, call me a commie, or even a Nazi, lots of other clowns have done so to my face. Ask me if I fucking care.
Do svidaniya,

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