Anthony Weiner’s Wayward, Wily Wiener Watched Across the World

Conway here, with yet another terse, invective filled missive, devoted to examining a silly exhibitionist named Anthony D. Weiner, moron at large.
Jesus H. Christ on a motherfucking crutch – talk about the idiotic race of man and his clearly self-destructive tendencies. I submit these babbling, hairless simian creatures are doomed to utter destruction by their own hand; they seemingly go out of their way to behave in an even worse fashion than the savage chimpanzees they are related to. In defense of chimpanzees, they are at least considered “lower animals” and are behaving in an instinctive fashion, based on animalistic need, much of it having to do with survival in an indifferent world. The race of man, though he refuses to admit it, is not dissimilar from chimps in reality, excepting for his larger brain, instead prefers to arrogantly put himself above the “lower animals” of earth, stating that mankind is “sentient”, “wise” and has an immortal “soul” given by god, whatever the hell that is – even while insisting on behaving exactly like chimpanzees.
The stunningly ridiculous case of US Representative Anthony D. Weiner (D-NY) is a glaring example of this phenomenon – the story of a 46 year old, hormone-driven, overaged teenager who just can’t keep his dick in his pants, or off camera for that matter. To begin, Mr. Weiner, apparently a deranged, hook-nosed Jew with severe self-esteem problems, was seemingly compelled to photograph himself bare-chested, which is no big deal in itself. However, the surreptitious photography session escalated into a clear-cut case of demonstrable autoeroticism, with a depiction of his bulging hardon protruding within a pair of gray shorts. Then, like a drooling mongoloid idiot, he sent these and other lewd photos to various unnamed females via twitter, in a clearly evident effort to humiliate himself before them, for whatever reason.
Having literally gone out of his way to create this problem for himself, Mr. Weiner, a hypocritical politician, just like the pigs, the clergy and most everyone else caught these days with their grubby hand in the cookie jar, upon discovery, immediately decided to switch, full power, into “liar” mode. He did this in a pathetic attempt to cover his lying, perverted ass, first acknowledging that the depictions could in fact be his person in a state of undress. Shortly afterward he admitted the photos were indeed depictions of his person, and that said photos had been “hacked” from his twitter account by someone intent on harming him politically. Though this could have been possible, the big question is: WHY IN THE LIVING FUCK DID THIS IDIOTIC KIKE PHOTOGRAPH HIMSELF IN SUCH A COMPROMISING FASHION IN THE FIRST PLACE, AND THEN UPLOAD THEM?
As of this writing, yet another photograph has appeared, courtesy of Mr. Andrew Breitbart of specifically, that of Anthony Weiner’s uncovered schvantz, whether his sex organ is flaccid or erect is unknown to me. I have absolutely no desire to view such a photo, and have gone out of my way to avoid doing so; it was bad enough to see his “lesser” depictions. You see, I already know what dicks look like, flaccid or stiff, due to having one myself, and much prefer to ogle cunts for whatever reason, that is when I find myself inclined to do so. Back to Herr Weiner, I candidly wager this guy is some sort of sexually arrested, bashful masturbator; considering that the perverted clown didn’t get married until he was 45 fucking years old.
Just ask yourself these pointed questions with regard to the above-described deviate: 
A) Why would anyone of sound mind desire to photograph and present for other’s perusal, his or her own genitalia, aroused or unaroused? 

B) What was the ultimate purpose behind such an action, other than deliberate, well considered, self-destruction

C) Was it done in a pathetic attempt to facilitate an illicit sexual encounter? 

D) What was Weiner attempting to prove, if anything? 

E) Was it a warped method of eliciting pity for a wretched, self-abusing pervert with too much time on his hands?

F) Rather kinky of him, don’t ya think?
At this point the story gets even better – it turns out this lewd, unrepentant, sexual pervert, Mr. Anthony Weiner, happens to be married to a paki dame named Huma Mahmood Abedin, who is a shitkicking Moslem to boot. Yeah, you read it correctly folks, a perverted sheenie is MARRIED to a shitkicker Allah worshiping raghead, who works at the US State Department as an assistant of some sort to Hilary Clinton, yet another crooked, hypocritical politician of questionable character. I always thought “Bridget Loves Bernie” was an impossible scenario, but this one takes the fucking cake – in spades! Further, according to the media, Ms. Abedin has been knocked up by her silly, perverted hebe husband Weiner, a twisted creature who delights in exposing himself, unsolicited, to female strangers via the Internet. What’s next for this guy – to be caught prowling around powder room entrances wearing nothing but navy oxfords and a goddamn trenchcoat? I mean, for Christ’s sake, Bill Clinton, Barney Fag, Newt Gingrich, Fairy Craig, Mark Foley, Rudy Giuliani and John Edwards are bad enough; we don’t need any more of this!
Anyway, after viewing several depictions of Ms. Abedin, I can almost understand as to why Weiner felt compelled to go trolling for some strange twat, though the fashion in which he did is, shall I say, rather unusual. Not as bad as Ted Bundy’s or John Hinckley’s methods of approaching females mind you, but bad nevertheless. That noted, Abedin is a rather homely female; her boss, Hilary Clinton, is a wrinkled old bag and still comes across as more attractive than Abedin ever could be, even as the ancient crone that she is. Honestly folks, I’ve seen better heads on glasses of beer, and better bodies on old Studebakers.
Now don’t for one goddamned moment be a fucking prejudicial bigot and think that I view all paki twats as ugly hags; Benazir Bhutto in her prime was a living doll, that is until she was slaughtered by her peaceful Moslem brethren over in Pakistan. Strange thing is, as far as hairless simian humanoid males go, Anthony Weiner is an average looking dude, relatively young, and he could have done a much better job in acquiring a steady sex partner, e.g., broads like Sarah Silverman or Alicia Silverstone would have been much better choices, and both are cute, kosher kikettes as well. I can’t say for anyone else, but I’d fuck either of them in a minute, but they’d say no and spoil it all, just like Christine O’Donnell would. On a tangent, I sit here idly wondering what Weiner’s mother thinks about this ridiculous debacle, assuming she is still alive. You know, Oy vey and all that shit.
Moving on, get this people – just about all the other posturing, crooked hypocrites infesting the halls of Congress have decided to condemn silly Representative Weiner, even asking for him to resign, penis and all, to make themselves appear so moraled and exemplary before the stupid, slack jawed drones comprising most of the brain-dead American electorate. I haven’t the slightest idea as to why they are doing that, considering every one of those smoothtalking bastards probably has more dirty laundry in their closets than Weiner ever could – he’s just a common, run-of-the-mill sexual pervert, juxtaposed against a contemptible cadre of vicious, overpaid, amoral gangsters that would make Bugsy Siegel or Dutch Schultz cringe in palpable terror.
Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY), for his part, has now admitted before the entire goddamn planet that he is a barefaced, motherfucking liar, a laughable, childish pervert, and most of all, a blithering crybaby, just like tearful John Boehner, Glenn Beck, and a host of other girly-men passing for males these days are. Tell me people, where in hell have the real men gone? 

You know exactly what I mean, real American men like TR, John “Black Jack” Pershing, FDRBull Halsey, George Patton, Douglas MacArthurCurtis LeMay, Harry S. Truman, or fucking JFK. I swear, FDR was a motherfucking cripple and he was more of a man than Weiner could EVER BE in ten goddamned lifetimes. I must grudgingly admit that I have more respect for dead assholes like whore-mongering pig Edward “the drunk” Kennedy, or doddering Robert “klansman” Byrd than I ever could for the current crop of despicable faggots occupying “leadership” positions these days, and I have little respect or none at all for the likes of Ted Kennedy or Robert Byrd. Just look at sissies like “general” David Petraeus, who bows down and licks Moslem asshole at the drop of a hat. 

What can I say – phony, conniving bastards like the “men” of today make me want to fucking puke, and I’m just an old, sludge drinking nobody. 

In closing this piece, my cold heart of basalt pumps piss for this clown Anthony Weiner – whatever the hell happens to him, from being thrown out of Congress for being an utter fucking idiot to him blowing his own head off with a goddamn shotgun in his garage, will make no difference to me whatsoever, other than perhaps chucking to myself upon hearing the hilarious news.


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