The Odious Osama Obama Melodrama

Greetings boys and girls, kindly old Conway has returned with yet another goddamned, motherfucking, cynical, invective filled post guaranteed to piss you off, fill you with fear, make you smile or at least make you THINK, the latter of which is apparently not the strong suit for the mostly hairless, addle brained talking hominids infesting this tiny planet in May 2011 of the Common Era. I submit that thinking never has been a priority for those primate creatures calling themselves man, as so clearly exemplified by history, from the Mesopotamian Sumerians to the present day.

Considering, for all practical purposes, that no one reads these vicious diatribes, I have elected to reduce the amount of posts I create, as I have much better things to do with my fucking time, e.g., eating, drinking sludge, sleeping, trading securities, driving around in my beat up old junker, watching paint dry or mowing grass.

That said, this post will be devoted to a meandering, epithet strewn analysis of the latest “news”, if one can, without laughing that is, call the blatant Goebbelsian propaganda of Osama Bin Laden being killed news. The narcissistic eightball, President Barack Hussein Obama, took it upon himself to announce that he had personally directed Navy Seals to slaughter the current focus of evil, Bin Laden, head honcho of “Al Qaeda” as he languished in a compound somewhere in the Islamic hellhole called Pakistan. This of course was critically timed so that the dronelike masses will have the opportunity to bleat “hooray” in unison, praising our messianic Dear Leader for his utter genius in freeing the world from the worst criminal entity since Lex Luthor graced the pages of Superman.

I cannot say for the reader, but it seems to this writer that the population of the United States has sunk into the depths of utter idiocy, a complacent cadre of drooling imbeciles not once questioning even remotely what they are being asked to believe, no matter how obtuse or contradictory. Complacency only fosters decay, and with decadence comes inevitable collapse; history has proven this assertion, and the United States will be no exception. It’s bad enough that most people fall for superstition in the form of religion, but when they begin to ignore physical laws and their consequences, together with accepting extremely unlikely scenarios, it becomes not only untenable but absolutely ridiculous. Further, giving credence to any of the cryptic remarks of elected gangsters, only out to cover their own asses and increase their power, especially in critical situations, is as nutty as believing there is red hot ice, soft rocks or elastic wrought iron.

As with most people, self examination is a subjective task at best, such an examiner nearly always viewing their own personality and outlook in the best possible light, regardless of factual deficiencies. I wager that any reader, whether liberal, moderate or conservative, thinks he or she is intelligent, well informed, and virtually incapable of being duped or lied to, relying on their perceived sharp wit to discern truth from falsehood. Very well, if that is so, then why does practically any given reader of this blog believe that:

1) Blasting agents, i.e., ammonium nitrate, which are not high or even low explosives for that matter, can completely destroy reinforced concrete constructions.

2) Burning hydrocarbons, e.g., kerosene, can melt and even liquefy steel, especially in a low oxygen atmosphere.

Use your mind to easily discern the past scenarios I am alluding to, then ignore all my remarks and do your own research regarding the above. I venture you will be very surprised at what you find; either that man has learned how to violate the laws of physics on demand, or that someone is deliberately obfuscating with regard the above man-made disasters. Remember while doing your research that the simplest explanation is usually the best explanation, then draw your own conclusions.

The same goes for our now deceased and waterlogged friend Osama Bin Laden, readers have been told by the media that he is/was a master criminal terrorist, a murderer, and an all around malcontent, that he was an eccentric, wealthy fundamentalist Moslem with his own private army and billions at his fingertips, and that he is/was the enemy of all civilized mankind, you know, sort of like Lex Luthor on steroids, sans the bald head.

Perhaps Bin Laden was no goddamned good; certainly the picture presented for domestic consumption makes for a very disagreeable person indeed, not to mention a ragheaded, intransigent fanatical sandnigger deserving of hatred by all peace loving American drones, but that is not the point. Over the past fifteen or so years, this unstoppable phantasm, Osama Bin Laden, has been credited with all sorts of terroristic attacks, in America, Africa, Europe and Asia, and with other Fox News “alerts” occurring in places like Australia, the Philippines, and Christ knows where else. All were supposedly ordered by this fanatical, unstoppable clown as he sat in his luxurious Bat-Cave in Afghanistan or thereabouts, surrounded by his money, Korans, wives, computers, two-way wrist TVs, teleporters and hordes of henchmen servants, each waiting to carry out his express orders. Face it, the whole goddamned thing sounds highly contrived, if not fucking impossible. No one has the kind of power and dark luck that Osama Bin Laden was alleged to have had, not even the egotistical nigger sitting on his pimply black ass in the Oval Office.

Now don’t be a fucking prejudicial bigot and for one moment think that I am defending childish ragheads or their stupid beliefs – the reader already knows what I think of all religion, and especially that of Mohammed the misogynist pedophile Bedouin, and his god, the impotent, non-existent, desert demon shitkicker, Allah. I now submit to the reader, what do you REALLY know, other than that you have been TOLD by others and THINK you know?

Therein lies the rub, for over two decades some very strange things have happened in and to the United States, apparently defying explanation, at least when it comes to those capable of critical thinking. Reinforced concrete buildings are completely destroyed by anemic, homemade ANFO bombs, buildings designed to withstand 140+ MPH winds keel over and fall down from kerosene fires caused by airplane collisions, and politicians, rather than addressing the supposed causes of these terrible happenings, instead sit there with their fingers in their asses, passing draconian laws to control their own people further, while doing little or nothing to prevent other attacks. In addition, rather than carefully examining all the evidence, the evidence is given a cursory perusal for effect and then quickly destroyed for whatever reason, while the brain-dead masses sit there, empty-eyed and slack jawed, shrugging and changing the channel to their favorite ball game, mindless sitcom or inane “reality show”, the stressful effects of actual reality being a very boring business.

Back to Osama Bin Laden, Usama Bin Ladin, Tim Osman or whatever the fuck he was called. We are supposed to believe that this gangly, diabetic, diseased sandnigger fanatic was the Poo-Bah of a stealthy international gang of fiendish thugs, dedicated to wreaking havoc from America to New Zealand. To any thinking individual it was laughable, Bin Laden was presented to the world as a veritable Professor Moriarty, a diabolical fiend of such genius that even fucking Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Watson would be hard pressed to stop him. Better yet, the arch-criminal character of Osama Bin Laden seemingly resembled a prototypical Killer Kane, with his army of fanatical thugs hell bent on turning the earth into a sharia hellhole with Bin Laden reigning as Supreme Dictator. Yeah, and I’m Vlad Dracula – where the fuck is Buck Rogers when you need him?

In other words, to a critical observer, the whole Bin Laden/Al Qaeda shebang sounds like an impossible tale stolen from the pages of a goddamned comic book, complete with an elusive, fiendish, resourceful, larger than life leader bent on utter chaos and destruction, surrounded by legions of devoted sycophants who will do anything, including but not limited to walking off cliffs, at his command. That, or the whole fucking Bin Ladin/Al Qaeda is a clumsy, manufactured contrivance created to frighten gullible fools – a smoke screen cleverly created by a diabolical group of power-mad criminals like politicians, who do have trillions at their disposal, their own armies at their command, and the ability to have anyone they dislike or consider a threat eliminated in whatever fashion, using machine guns, bombs, poisons, convenient heart attacks, or even by having those so targeted duly apprehended as a “drug dealer” with all supporting evidence supplied for conviction as a “kingpin”.

Really people, which scenario sounds more plausible?

Just open your goddamned eyes for one minute and look at the situation – the worst monster since fucking Adolf Hitler is finally located, and rather than taking him into custody for trial, he is conveniently slaughtered, and then unceremoniously dumped headfirst into the sea, all within a day, and with NO photographs of the arch-criminal fiend available to prove he was in fact killed.

Some will take issue with this and say: “Osama Bin Laden was too dangerous to take into custody.” Strange, according to the reports, he was unarmed when he was killed. If so, why wasn’t he taken into custody for trial – it would have been one of the greatest adjudicative events of the 21st century! So, why was he not saved for a show trial, rather than simply being killed? I wager some very strange bedfellows would have been revealed by the defendant, that’s what, while jurors sat there with jaws agape. Honestly, I would have been astonished if Bin Laden had even managed to make it to a trial, rather than “dying of a heart attack” or “renal failure”, or perhaps succumbing to a fatal “insulin reaction” in his cell. Yes Virginia, the talking apes running this goddamned planet are absolute vicious bastards who would make Machiavelli blush, and they will do anything to achieve their aims.

Fuck all that, now, since Lex Luthor Professor Moriarty Killer Kane Osama Bin Laden is really most sincerely dead, why haven’t the citizens of this country, and indeed the rest of the world, been allowed to see the grisly photos? According to the head moolie, he will not allow the pictures to be released, that is, if the pictures even exist, which must be admitted is a valid speculation, considering the fashion in which the United States government seems to work these days.

That said, I will offer the reader a “multiple choice” as to why the photo(s) are not being released.

A) Photos don’t exist because one of the Navy Seals fucked up and forgot to remove the lens cap.

B) Photos don’t exist because no one was killed, or those that were killed were the wrong people, and the mangled corpse of “Osama Bin Laden”, now residing in Davy Jone’s locker courtesy of the US Navy, didn’t look anything like the real Osama Bin Laden anyway, that is if Bin Laden actually exists or did exist, who is, incidentally, now living in Tahiti as a retired Elvis impersonator.

C) The graphic photos of Osama Bin Laden’s holed head are classified “top secret” on orders of the narcissistic eightball, and would be “offensive” or “disturbing” to those pussies having sensitive eyes, and they would possibly hurt their itty-bitty shitty feelings too. After all, they might go off and have nightmares or hurt themselves, and we don’t want that, now do we?

D) We have no standing in Dear Leader’s eyes, and we can whistle for the fucking photos, as with the case of the nigger’s birth certificate, a facsimile of which has now magically appeared, thanks to a goofy loudmouthed jackass and real estate huckster named Donald Trump. Further, Obama’s personal secretary in charge of photo dissemination is a mean old man-hating bull dyke named Helen Getit, in other words, we can go to hell and get it.

E) It would piss all the peace loving Moslem ragheads off and they would riot, shout “Death to America”, burn American flags and declare a “jihad” on the US for displaying their “holy martyr” like a boar hog carcass hanging at a meat market.

Taking each choice, I will now review the merits and faults of each, starting with “A”.

Regarding “A”, I wager Navy Seals aren’t that stupid, and there would have been multiple cameras on the scene anyway. Totally impossible in any universe.

As for “B”, either variation may in fact be possible, and is the most likely scenario, that is excepting for the Elvis part.

Quite possibly it is “C”, an evasive cowardly, politically correct, hackneyed excuse, a pre-programmed response used in lieu of  “Fuck you, it’s none of your goddamned business, shut the hell up and pay your fucking taxes or I’ll call the goddamned IRS on you! This response is possibly being employed as a cover for non-existent photos of Osama Bin Laden, q.v. “B”.

As for “offensive” or “disturbing” photographs, not to mention videos complete with audio, we already have a fucking shitload of them, available to anyone with the click of a mouse. For example, we have grisly footage of Daniel Pearl getting his fucking head sawed off by peaceful Moslems shouting the name of their shitkicker god Allah, we have graphic photos of Nicholas Berg’s rotting, beheaded carcass, and we have video and audio of planes crashing into buildings and killing scores of people, and we have audio of a dude named Kevin Cosgrove being crushed to death as the WTC South Tower collapsed on top of him. We even have detailed color photos of women with their tits hanging out and having their throats slit by peaceful Moslems, and we have other photos of limeys, krauts, niggers, kikes, and even some some slant-eyed gooks being slaughtered by lovingpeaceful Moslem worshipers in the name of shitkicker Allah and his wild-eyed babbling idiot, pedophile Mohammed.

Really, how disturbing or offensive are those fucking photos, baby?

“D” may also be possible, considering Obama’s evident megalomania. He is secretive, he loves power, and apparently enjoys playing “keep away”.

“E” is barely worth considering, especially since the peaceful, loving sandniggers are already sworn to destroy all infidels via jihad, and are constantly slaughtering those that don’t worship shitkicker Allah, revere his pedophile Mohammed, or don’t worship the right “version” of Allah, whatever that actually is, other than the insane delusions of a dead epileptic psychopath.

So, what is my take on all this bullshit?

Take a wild guess, assuming of course that I actually give a shit.




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