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April 21, 2011

Conway here, buying and hoarding positions in hard commodities like gold, silver, palladium, oil and uranium like a greedy, beady-eyed, hook-nosed Jew, between creating occasional posts of cynical vitriol guaranteed to make the reader think, either agreeing with me or wishing me dead. Not really caring either way, in this post I will examine the absolute farce known as “civil” rights. I submit to the reader that people truly have no discernible rights in actual reality, other than the right to die and get the hell out of the way of others, but, considering some delusional idiots occupying this tiny planet today think the creatures called people have rights, I will defer for a moment and give jaded, though cynical credence to the idea of “inalienable rights” as they as so called. I intended to offer other observations on NPR (National Propaganda Radio) and our malevolent, ragheaded friends who practice “peaceful Islam”, but at this point I really don’t give a fuck about much anything other than making money in the market. So, aside from my unabashed, obsessive love of filthy lucre and the accumulation of such, I will concentrate my latest remarks on one subject – an unknown clown who may, or may not, be guilty of the crime he is accused and convicted of.

Strangely, this small item has come to light as a tiny ray of hope in an otherwise dismal future for for those humanoids calling themselves US citizens. Elaborating, in the state of Texas, a draconian hellhole for anyone accused of anything, known for convicting and even executing people, regardless of employing questionable evidence in said convictions, as in the case of the deceased Texan executee Cameron Todd Willingham, a death row inmate named Henry W. Skinner has finally won, courtesy of the US Supreme Court, the right to have “evidence” of his duly adjudicated guilt reexamined by unbiased personnel using forensic DNA testing.

Fucking incredible, considering what this goddamned pigsty of a nation is turning into – a glorified jail where no one, other than the political elite, like the now dead piece of decaying criminal excrement Senator Edward Moore Kennedy, or the rotting, deceased, hypocritical Klansman from West Virginia, Senator Robert Byrd Turd, have any rights at all, regardless of the meaningless bullshit specified in our glorified toilet paper Constitution, a ridiculous document not worthy of wiping up stale piss and dried shit from the floor of a lavatory in the darkest slums of India.

You see, in the United States of America, anyone, other than the privileged elite, accused of anything, is absolutely guilty of any crime until proven innocent, despite idiotic rhetorical sophistry stating the contrary. I should know; years ago, I was labeled a “drug dealer” by a jackbooted, smart-mouthed pig for simply carrying my money that I earned from my fucking work, summarily arrested by a cadre of arrogant pigs who locked me up, stole my tools from my fucking vehicle and afterward lied in court in the name of their silly god Jesus Christ, a dead Hebrew moron who was crucified by other zealous assholes millennia ago for daring to tell the truth about man and his folly. I beat the pigs, yes, at the cost of my time, my money, and my honor, watching my good name dragged into the fucking dirt by a pack of vicious, lying bastards no more worthy of respect than a common whore; newspapers stated that my funds were justly confiscated as “alleged drug proceeds” without ever giving a retraction once I was vindicated.

I will never, ever forget, for as long as I live, that life-changing incident from decades ago, and every time a pig is killed for any reason I laugh like a goddamned jackal, relishing in their painful demise, sincerely hoping they died in exquisite agony, their worthless life ebbing away to oblivion – thinking of their latest cunt and the little screaming bastards they sired while they expire on the fucking pavement in front of their silly pigmobile, lights flashing away, blood pouring in torrents from their despicable, dying skulls, heading toward a storm sewer like so much dirty water. Like it or not reader, that is my opinion of pigs and their cunning facilitators, politicians, my intransigent stance based on the absolute truth, though there may be readers who may disagree with my cynical viewpoint, and will try to tell me that although America is an absolute shithole reminiscent of the flaming bowels of hell, it is the very best shithole in all possible worlds.

I sincerely thank you for your naive input, Dr. Pangloss; kindly shove your rose-colored glasses up your asshole, sideways, and be gone forthwith, and take that silly shithead Candide with you.

Now don’t be a bigoted, prejudicial asshole and think for one goddamned, motherfucking moment that I’m a bleeding heart, anti-death penalty liberal. Quite the contrary, I fully support the death penalty in most any form, including throwing the convicted into running jet engines, or smoking vats of molten steel, but I support capital punishment only in cases involving incontrovertible, empirical evidence, i.e., when the malefacting motherfucker is caught red-handed, so to speak, as exemplified by the cases of Kermit “Mengele” Gosnell, killer of newborn infants, or Jared “Uncle Fester” Loughner, killer of most anyone, and willful maimer of dogface Gabrielle Giffords, Representative of Arizona. Were I in charge of this decadent mess, I wouldn’t even waste my goddamned time trying the above cases. As there is absolutely no doubt of their guilt; I’d have Gosnell and Loughner immediately machine gunned in their cells, then afterward I would feed their bullet riddled carcasses to mangy dogs at the local pound. That noted, though I do have a favorable view of the death penalty, I submit to the reader that circumstantial evidence should never be used for determining a death penalty sentence upon conviction, as death is, shall I say, a rather final condition, regardless of superstitious sophistry stating otherwise, e.g., heavens, hells, reincarnation, and other unprovable nonsense.

Think for a moment, reader, all two of you – talking humanoid simians are fallible creatures; mistakes can be and are made, possibly even deliberately, especially with callous pigs and upwardly mobile prosecutors dedicated to furthering their ends at all costs, even at the expense of innocent human lives in the process. What the fuck do they care about anything, other then themselves, they are only making money, like I do with fucking commodities, the grinding up of the innocent make no difference in their narrow minded worldview – kill ’em all and let god sort it out, so to speak. Remember, “god”, whatever that is or may be fixes all, even though such a creature does not exist and never did.

I offer as examples of this phenomenon 20 death row niggers from Illinois released over a decade ago; all were exonerated by DNA testing, refuting fraudulent “evidence” collected by hard nosed, power mad, jackbooted, oinking pigs who were determined to see them die as feathers in their caps. Perhaps the pigs and prosecutors were racist Ku Klux Klansmen that hated eightballs, who the fuck knows, but the moolies referenced to earlier were innocent of the crimes they were accused of, nevertheless. For other examples, Mr. Kirk Bloodsworth, a honky from Maryland was yet another individual freed from death row/life imprisonment using the same methods, as was the Texan convict Mr. Michael Blair, he languishing in prison since 1993 and finally declared innocent in 2008. Like Mr. Bloodsworth, Mr. Blair was kicked from the hoosegow after 15 motherfucking years of imprisonment, probably having been beaten senseless by sadistic jail house screws, along with occasionally getting fucked in his ass by stiff-pricked queer inmates – ostensibly as justified punishment for a crime that he did not commit. So much for the absurd concept of “American freedom”, yet another goddamned lie designed to placate the credulous fools who occupy this benighted nation by the millions.

Back to the Hank Skinner case; DNA testing the collected evidence may, or may not, exonerate Mr. Skinner, but it is incredible that, considering the option is easily available, Skinner has had his requests denied by the courts for 11 fucking years. Some of the reasons are couched in labyrinthine procedural bullshit, as “his lawyers didn’t ask for DNA testing, or a Court of Criminal Appeals rhetorically stating that Skinner didn’t “demonstrate that DNA testing would change the outcome of his conviction”. Really, Skinner even asked the current District Attorney, a arrogant, smiling, homely cunt named  Lynn Switzer, and she too refused, apparently considering herself the arbiter of whether Skinner had the fucking right to attempt defending himself from a pack of callous bastards determined to kill him at all costs, not giving one shit if the man was innocent or guilty. I cannot believe that people are so intransigent; what would they do if their position was the opposite?

I’ll tell you what they’d fucking say, they would state they are good Christians, or Jews, or Moslems, or goddamned Satanists, or whatever it would take to get their case heard and pity given toward them, regardless if they were innocent or guilty of the crime. They’d suck off stiff AIDS ridden cocks, eat dirty gonorrheal pussy or fuck syphilitic pigs if that is what it would take to save their goddamned lives, all the while denying Henry Skinner the right to save his despicable, meaningless fucking life, as they are so much better than he is

Goddamned hypocrites, I wish a virulent pox upon them all.

Surprisingly, the US Supreme Court, an elitist coterie of arrogant, robed megalomaniacs who generally care about themselves and little else, decided on a 6-3 vote that Mr. Skinner at least deserved the chance to have the incriminating evidence examined. That is all; the six justices are not even remotely stating that Skinner should be released, they have simply opined that he should have the right to challenge his conviction based on all the evidence, not just evidence open to subjective determination by slick, smooth-talking shysters, crooked judges and dimwitted jurors.

Don’t believe my words for one goddamned second, read what robed kikette “justice” Ruth Bader Ginsberg had to say about terms like “implications” and “necessity”, she the author of the lengthy statement explaining the majority opinion:

“Measured against our prior holdings, Skinner has properly invoked §1983. Success in his suit for DNA testing would not “necessarily imply” the invalidity of his conviction. While test results might prove exculpatory, that outcome is hardly inevitable; as earlier observed, see supra, at 2, results might prove inconclusive or they might further incriminate Skinner. See Nelson v. Campbell, 541
U. S. 637, 647 (2004) (“[W]e were careful in Heck to stress the importance of the term ‘necessarily.”

In other words, it is evident that the arrogant, power mad cocksuckers pulling the strings in Texas think they are infallible, and, since they are infallible, denying Mr. Skinner the ability to refute their subjective findings only serves to validate and fortify their infallible, godlike opinion.

Good thing there are those who take issue with such an arrogant stance, as in the case of Ginsberg and company, though I would love to know the identities of those who disagreed with the majority; I wager that nigger Clarence Thomas is one of them. Please don’t take offense if the reader is a nigger; I loathe most everyone on the entire goddamned planet, regardless if they are whiteys, eightballs, gooks or spics, cocks or cunts, straight or gay and all in between. Though I generally like Clarence Thomas, niggerdom and all, I do suspect he was on the wrong side of the debate in this case. Judging from his record, Mr. Thomas is an intransigent ideologue and utter perfectionist, especially in matters of law; indeed, he is a veritable judge Roy Bean on steroids, in other words, a self-convinced, obsessive bastard who thinks if red is not red, it must be blue and nothing else.

Oh yes, and the dimwitted, malignantly narcissistic fucking eightball, Barack Hussein Obama, has decided to attack the sovereign nation of Libya, for whatever reason; I bought more oil stocks, relying on his brilliant, ineffable decision. That stupid cocksucker is dumber than a bucket of goddamned gravel, nigger Obama makes megadolt George W. Bush look like fucking Albert Einstein. He, like his brain-dead predecessor, seems determined to make every nation on the goddamned Earth hate the United States of America.

What a stupid bastard; he is literally laying the foundation for World War Three.




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