Jackbooted Pigs Complain they are Being Targeted: I Wonder Why?


Over the past week, nearly a dozen tightlipped pigs have been shot by criminal assailants, the jackbooted swine evidently not intimidating those considered malefactors at all these days. Unfortunately, and I reiterate, UNFORTUNATELY, most of those arrogant bastards have survived due to bulletproof vests or inept marksmanship; the media curiously ambiguous when it comes to the actual statistics of these cases. Paid Goebbelsian propagandists employed by FOX News, along with other media outlets like CNN, are sensationally reporting the contrived, Orwellian “news” of a terrible “War on Cops”. Several talking heads have rhetorically asked “why”, when it comes to the phenomenon of contemptible, power-mad, state sanctioned freebooters, cunningly disguised as law enforcement, are catching slugs at a rather alarming rate.

Based on my experiences with pigs over the past decades, I can easily tell them why “law enforcement” is being targeted. However, no one in the media is bothering to ask me, nor will they ever ask me for anything at all, as they are so much better than despicable vermin like myself. You see, I’m one of those who actually forms an informed opinion based on my personal experiences, and I don’t worship those glorified porcine privateers as “heroes”, so that makes me a “bad person” in their pampered, privileged, narrow-minded purview.

In fact, I’m sure many folks who obsessively read my screeds feel that I should be arrested and jailed for:

1) Constantly insulting worthless belief systems and their promoters, e.g., referring to Joseph Ratzinger as the head pedophile, calling Mohammed an epileptic pervert, making uncomplimentary remarks about mythical figures like Jeebus and impotent shitkicker Allah, my unabashed embracement of godless atheism, etc, etc.

2) Constantly employing colorful racial epithets, e.g., honky, nigger, gook, chink, kraut, eightball, kike, ad infinitum.

3) Constantly using terrible “foul and abusive” language and wanton obscenities, e.g., words like shit, goddamn, cocksucker, piss, motherfucker, cunt, prick, twat, fuck, etc, etc.

4) Calling things as I see them, like plainly stating most Americans are stupid, brainwashed drones, describing abortionists as willful murderers, referring to politicians of any stripe using every fucking pejorative term I can possibly think of, and of course, calling cops pigs, freebooters, jackbooted thugs, nazis, pirates, automatons, privateers, and so forth.

5) Any or all of the above.

You see, there’s a silly old piece of parchment called the US Constitution in the way of others attempting to control or censor what folks say in the United States; I can write any of the above, and there is not one motherfucking thing anyone can do about it, other than perhaps hunting me down and killing me, due to not agreeing with what I write, but that is supposedly against the law, at least for you and me, and I’m not too damn sure about you, to be perfectly honest. Just ask Randy Weaver, or David Koresh, though you may need a medium for the latter guy if there is such a thing as an afterlife. That said, not one of my remarks on this blog can even remotely be construed as a threat to anyone or the advocation of anything – I’m simply reporting selected news to the reader, with my own analysis and commentary, sort of like a foul mouthed, blasphemous, insensitive Keith Olbermann on steroids.

Returning to the clueless media wondering as to why pigs have rapidly gone from obnoxious, overbearing bullies to glorified moving targets, I submit they will never find the true answer, considering the reason for the escalating carnage upon pigs is as plainly visible as the nose on one’s face in a goddamned mirror. It is established fact that people on the periphery of any given situation tend to overlook or even ignore the obvious, either from deliberate conditioning or perhaps an inborn evolutionary trait to not waste valuable brainpower on mundane, irrelevant objects or occurrences that have no direct bearing on the individual at the time. This detachment, of course, quickly changes when an arrogant pig collars and arrests them unjustly, dragging them from their car, assaulting and slamming them against a vehicle hard enough to damage a goddamn quarter panel, but those stunning realizations never occur unless the individual actually experiences them. It’s like getting fucked for the first time, it’s certainly not exactly what one imagined it would be; and is in fact a bit of a letdown, that’s why it’s ridiculously easy for real men to spot virgins or limp-wristed queers from a mile away.

Since the media has absolutely no interest in my blunt and utterly contemptuous viewpoint regarding the police, let alone politicians, I will simply record my cynical opinions and observations for any readers to digest at their leisure. That noted, pigs everywhere have always been arrogant, power mad, trigger-happy pricks with guns, but over the past 50 years or so they have seemingly amplified their annoying traits at an exponential rate, and attenuated their desirable traits to near zero. Once, not long ago, most people regarded the presence of a policeman as a desirable occurrence, now, nearly everyone looks upon their vexing presence with rancor, derision or trepidation.

My consistently unpleasant experiences with the goddamned pigs have never been the result of any real crimes, though I have been accused of several imaginary offenses, like “drug dealing” or “money laundering”, and perhaps even consorting with evil Martians or whatever, due to my having the utter unmitigated audacity to actually carry MY MONEY, THAT I EARNED, on my person, in MY motherfucking WALLET while driving MY car, that I owned. Aside from that, I do recall a few speeding tickets many years back, thanks to the ski-nosed honky Presidential crook Richard M. Nixon lowering speed limits on superhighways to ridiculously unrealistic levels, ostensibly in the interest of “saving precious fuel”. Pardon me while I laugh out loud at utter contrived bullshit; the National Maximum Speed Law was promulgated in a cunning effort to turn innocent motorists into fine paying criminals for enriching the state’s coffers – the amount of speeding fines collected for over 20 fucking years must have been substantial, not to mention the windfalls insurance companies received via ever increasing premiums for supposedly “unsafe” speeders, many of which never had even one fucking accident. Alas, that is the extent of my life of crime, unless driving around in an ancient, rusted out, beat up old junker with a bad turn signal lamp is now considered a felonious offense. For my terrible infractions, like say, having a bad headlight or a bald tire, I have had pigs scream at me at the top of their lungs, pull loaded weapons on me, and generally treat me as if I were the fucking escaped Birdman of Alcatraz, while I sat calmly behind the wheel with my hands in full view, incredulous at their unwarranted lunatic actions and remarks.

Hell, I’ve been one lucky motherfucker when it comes to armed, psychotic swine with badges; at least I’m not Oscar Grant, you know, the young, unarmed California nigger who was coldly shot to death while he lay prone in a subway station, killed for absolutely no goddamned reason by a vicious cracker pig named Johannes Mehserle. On a tangent, eightballs definitely do have a legitimate beef against the pigs and the courts, often getting the shit end of the stick rather than any sort of justice, evidently because they’re niggers and nothing more. In the United States, trigger happy pigs of every color blow dozens of jigs away every year for simply existing; look for yourself in newspapers or on the Internet if you think I’m bullshitting you. Anyway, pigs usually fuck with me perhaps once a year or so, pulling me over in my beat up old wreck, asking me absurd questions or haranguing me over a flickering tag light, a noisy muffler or other such nonsense.

For example, a few months back a State pig pulled me over late at night while I leisurely drove down a deserted back road, for no other goddamned reason other than to tell me that my faded, rusted out refugee from a car crusher supposedly came up as a “stolen vehicle” on his idiotic on board pig computer. He, a young punk perhaps 25 to 30 years of age at most, walked up to my car, rigid, as if he had a broom pole shoved up his ass, with a shaved white sidewall haircut reminiscent of a latter day Heinrich Himmler. He barked in a terse voice, “Do you own this vehicle?” Looking to him, I said, “Yeah, I’ve owned it for 27 years, what’s the problem?” He then informed me that MY beat up, worthless old wreck was listed on his on board pig computer as a STOLEN vehicle, and demanded my credentials, which I immediately handed to him without comment or protest. This obtuse, squared-away humanoid automaton turned on his heel without a word, walked to his vehicle and proceeded to waste approximately 15 minutes of MY valuable time. His annoying flashing lights reflecting off my rearview mirror into my eyes, he obsessed in a vain effort to identify me as some sort of evil perpetrator. I don’t carry cash anymore, I am not a murderer, I have never raped or kidnapped anyone, nor have I ever robbed any banks, so this hard nosed pig must have been very disappointed to learn that I was simply a silly old eccentric clown returning home from a fucking grocery store run with my lawful purchases. He eventually reappeared and handed me my credentials, informing me there were no wants nor warrants for my person, although my car still came up on his on board pig computer as a “suspected stolen vehicle”. I chuckled and replied sure it did, and that no thief in their right mind would steal a worthless old piece of shit like I was driving. He then asked if I was calling him a liar, apparently in a determined effort to escalate the situation. I narrowed my eyes with my hands still in full view and said, “If the shoe fits guy, wear it.” Frowning, he raised his voice and informed me I was being “disrespectful” to him, in an obvious attempt at intimidation. I quickly shot back to this arrogant young punk that respect is earned, not given gratis, his jaw slightly agape at my stoic and truthful reply. Considering I was not accused of any violations, I bluntly asked him if I was being detained, or was I free to leave. That succinct interrogative stopped his clock cold, and he retorted tersely, “Yes, you are free to go.” Rubbing it in, I said “Thank you,” started my old junker, and left the scene.

One small observation regarding the above utterly needless, contrived confrontation. If that silly, young, naive pig bastard ever pulls over a real criminal with nothing to lose, and he acts like he did with me, odds are he’ll end up with a hole in his head for his trouble. Afterward, dead as a fucking doornail, he will be carted off from the scene in a meatwagon, for a blind date with the local coroner. Then, for weeks we’ll hear idiotic homilies from various talking heads on the tube, telling everyone how much of a brave “hero” he was. Yeah, sure, and I’m Beethoven.

Anyway, was Officer Pig, “servant of the people” a liar? Of course, he was a barefaced, mendacious bastard, and we both knew he was lying; pigs are allowed by law to lie to people, and they do, every fucking day, in an effort to entrap suspected “perpetrators”. If confronted by a pig, either in person or while driving a vehicle, and truly innocent of any infraction, simply take their ticket if they give you one, and see them in court. Do not volunteer any information other than your personal identification or auto registration; if they persist, ask them if “you are being detained”. If they respond that you are being detained, keep your mouth shut and refuse to answer ANY questions they ask, no matter how frivolous – even if they ask you the fucking time of day. If they have nothing they will have to let you go, but still be wary, pigs can and will try to frame you by twisting anything you say, or if they can, by planting false “evidence” on you or placing contraband within your vehicle. As I have stated before, don’t believe one goddamned word I write, do your own fucking research and you will find for yourself that I am being truthful. In addition, pigs of today are trained to be aloof, suspicious and paranoid, and quite literally view everyone they encounter as a criminal. Many, judging from what I have seen and experienced over the past decade or so, are probably mentally unbalanced as well, along with having very poor social skills.

That’s the problem with these latter-day jackbooted nazi assholes, most seem to be mentally ill or even psychotic, they have absolutely no honor at all, and they have NO fucking respect for anyone, prince or pauper, indeed, they have nothing but absolute contempt for nearly everyone they encounter, even resorting to pulling people such as myself over in an effort to literally START trouble, for no fucking reason at all. Such unmitigated arrogance, harassment and blatant condescension easily explains why criminals of today simply shoot pigs first and head for the hills, they are only employing a variation of what the pigs CONSTANTLY do, nearly EVERY DAY, shooting first and asking questions later. Most of these smug, armed, porcine buccaneers would run like scared rabbits in an equal fight, as many of them were outcast little bastards who were picked on by their peers when in school, and are now getting “payback”, using their guns, badges and bulletproof vests. Further, these legally sanctioned, conscienceless little tin gods abuse their power, stealing money from hapless individuals, murdering people, selling stolen drugs confiscated from “drug dealers” and generally are an all around fucking nuisance to most people, and are truthfully as useless as tits on a goddamn boar.

I cannot say for any reader, but I’m sick and goddamn tired of hearing talking heads harangue and pontificate when one of these predatory badged bastards gets himself blown away, claiming they were a “pillar of the community” or a “family man” and church deacon who left behind three sobbing brats and a tearful wife. My cold heart of igneous stone pumps purple panther piss for them – what about the innocent people they have blown away for untold fucking years, many of which were regarded as “family men” too, having had loving wives and children as well. No one in the Goebbelsian media says one goddamned motherfucking thing about them, do they? Hell, most pigs I’ve had the misfortune to know and interact with on a personal level were either divorced, crooked misanthropic assholes or abusive vermin who constantly whored around on their wives and beat the living shit out of their kids. Other pigs were common drunks with attitude, still others bent the law when it suited them, like the common practice of planting “throwaway” weapons on people they MURDERED out of sheer panic or utter cowardice, in absolute terror of the possibility of losing their own worthless fucking lives. How pieces of shit like modern pigs can live with themselves is beyond me; it only proves the race of man is composed of self-centered, hedonistic animals who can rationalize practically anything, even if they are clearly WORSE than the goddamned criminals they pursue. I’ve written it before and I will do so again – every time one of those tightlipped, jackbooted, swaggering, corrupt, power mad pigs catches hot lead with their arrogant skull and croaks off from brain damage, I laugh like a goddamned jackal. Those abusive bastards have overstepped their bounds; they are supposed to be OUR SERVANTS – not our fucking MASTERS.

The same goes for the duly elected scoundrels running this glorified RMS Titanic of a nation. In the past 40 years laws have been passed that exclusively require the death penalty for those who slaughter politicians or their enforcers, the pigs, whereas common citizens can be slaughtered by the wagon load and the maximum sentence is perhaps life – that is if the lazy, donut munching swine even bother to get off their fat asses and actually solve the crime, rather than blaming it on a convenient scapegoat, like a husband or father. You see, death penalties are required for those that kill politicians and their pigs due to the “fact” that THEY are so much more IMPORTANT and VALUABLE than we common, unwashed, taxpaying SERFS.

Sorry folks, but I vehemently differ with such preferential exclusivity. I’m of the old school. When anyone, of any station, of any color, gender, worldview or sexual preference takes another’s life with malice of forethought, their life should be forfeit, and it shouldn’t take fucking years for such malefactors to be excised from our collective presence.

Hope you enjoyed my latest missive, if you didn’t like it, tough shit. Close the fucking page and don’t come back for all I care.




6 Responses to “Jackbooted Pigs Complain they are Being Targeted: I Wonder Why?”

  1. lokionline Says:

    >Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing…


  2. Paul Domeier Says:

    >That was a beautiful rant. Beautiful, man!That said,1) Cops are indeed narrow-minded, power-hungry, walking mental defects. If they weren't, they wouldn't have become cops. Normal people do not become cops -2) – or prison guards. Prison guards are walking mental defects too, but they're so impossibly fucked up mentally, they weren't able to pass the cop exam and had to settle for prison guard.3) As much as I despise cops for being what they are, I still love them and appreciate them (for being what they are.)4) If the boogaloos attack tonight, I'm calling the cops – and I want the biggest, dumbest, meanest motherfuckers they have on the force, to show up and knock heads and fire off pistols.I'm fairly certain the biggest assholes I've ever met have all been cops. But… shit, we gotta have 'em. My neighbors would be out of control if not for the cops.


  3. Conway Says:

    >You make a valid point Paul, and I enjoyed the way you put it, especially with regard to the boogaloos, which I interpret to mean those those big lipped, dimwitted blue gummed motherfuckers with attitude, otherwise known as niggers. I therefore must concede without prejudice that without pigs, life would be even worse for many folks. Alas, pigs, for all their faults, arrogance, corruption and utter stupidity, are indeed a necessary evil for civilization, especially when it comes to apprehension or neutralization of predatory humanoids of whatever variety. I guess that's why I'm always torn when viewing old Eastwood flicks like "Dirty Harry" or "Magnum Force" especially as the vigilante cops in the latter movie were only disposing of society's garbage anyway.It would be great if they could be replaced by robots of a sort, though I wager even that would turn out to be a fucking disaster, especially if they were hacked by power-mad control freaks like politicians, pursuing an agenda not in agreement with liberty.


  4. Sheila Hill Says:

    Keith Olberman on steroids? OK, but I was thinking more along the lines of a George Patton on steroids, but it is what it is. YOU wrote the wrote the story, not me. I like it. If this op-ed was read word for word on MSNBC, I think America would faint.


  5. Conway The Contaminationist Says:

    Thanks for reading, feel free to share it with your friends if you like.


  6. TheHonest Blogger Says:

    Oh my God. I haven't laughed so hard in a good many years. Conway, you put it so honestly, and not so eloquently, which is good. I live in a small Ohio town, and here, things are actually pretty good, but I suppose that someday, even that will change for the worse. It is my sincere hope that someday, they'll hire cops that have an IQ that's higher than 30, but I won't be holding my breath. You can fix a lot of things, but stupid isn't one of them.


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