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Jackbooted Pigs Complain they are Being Targeted: I Wonder Why?

January 29, 2011


Over the past week, nearly a dozen tightlipped pigs have been shot by criminal assailants, the jackbooted swine evidently not intimidating those considered malefactors at all these days. Unfortunately, and I reiterate, UNFORTUNATELY, most of those arrogant bastards have survived due to bulletproof vests or inept marksmanship; the media curiously ambiguous when it comes to the actual statistics of these cases. Paid Goebbelsian propagandists employed by FOX News, along with other media outlets like CNN, are sensationally reporting the contrived, Orwellian “news” of a terrible “War on Cops”. Several talking heads have rhetorically asked “why”, when it comes to the phenomenon of contemptible, power-mad, state sanctioned freebooters, cunningly disguised as law enforcement, are catching slugs at a rather alarming rate.

Based on my experiences with pigs over the past decades, I can easily tell them why “law enforcement” is being targeted. However, no one in the media is bothering to ask me, nor will they ever ask me for anything at all, as they are so much better than despicable vermin like myself. You see, I’m one of those who actually forms an informed opinion based on my personal experiences, and I don’t worship those glorified porcine privateers as “heroes”, so that makes me a “bad person” in their pampered, privileged, narrow-minded purview.

In fact, I’m sure many folks who obsessively read my screeds feel that I should be arrested and jailed for:

1) Constantly insulting worthless belief systems and their promoters, e.g., referring to Joseph Ratzinger as the head pedophile, calling Mohammed an epileptic pervert, making uncomplimentary remarks about mythical figures like Jeebus and impotent shitkicker Allah, my unabashed embracement of godless atheism, etc, etc.

2) Constantly employing colorful racial epithets, e.g., honky, nigger, gook, chink, kraut, eightball, kike, ad infinitum.

3) Constantly using terrible “foul and abusive” language and wanton obscenities, e.g., words like shit, goddamn, cocksucker, piss, motherfucker, cunt, prick, twat, fuck, etc, etc.

4) Calling things as I see them, like plainly stating most Americans are stupid, brainwashed drones, describing abortionists as willful murderers, referring to politicians of any stripe using every fucking pejorative term I can possibly think of, and of course, calling cops pigs, freebooters, jackbooted thugs, nazis, pirates, automatons, privateers, and so forth.

5) Any or all of the above.

You see, there’s a silly old piece of parchment called the US Constitution in the way of others attempting to control or censor what folks say in the United States; I can write any of the above, and there is not one motherfucking thing anyone can do about it, other than perhaps hunting me down and killing me, due to not agreeing with what I write, but that is supposedly against the law, at least for you and me, and I’m not too damn sure about you, to be perfectly honest. Just ask Randy Weaver, or David Koresh, though you may need a medium for the latter guy if there is such a thing as an afterlife. That said, not one of my remarks on this blog can even remotely be construed as a threat to anyone or the advocation of anything – I’m simply reporting selected news to the reader, with my own analysis and commentary, sort of like a foul mouthed, blasphemous, insensitive Keith Olbermann on steroids.

Returning to the clueless media wondering as to why pigs have rapidly gone from obnoxious, overbearing bullies to glorified moving targets, I submit they will never find the true answer, considering the reason for the escalating carnage upon pigs is as plainly visible as the nose on one’s face in a goddamned mirror. It is established fact that people on the periphery of any given situation tend to overlook or even ignore the obvious, either from deliberate conditioning or perhaps an inborn evolutionary trait to not waste valuable brainpower on mundane, irrelevant objects or occurrences that have no direct bearing on the individual at the time. This detachment, of course, quickly changes when an arrogant pig collars and arrests them unjustly, dragging them from their car, assaulting and slamming them against a vehicle hard enough to damage a goddamn quarter panel, but those stunning realizations never occur unless the individual actually experiences them. It’s like getting fucked for the first time, it’s certainly not exactly what one imagined it would be; and is in fact a bit of a letdown, that’s why it’s ridiculously easy for real men to spot virgins or limp-wristed queers from a mile away.

Since the media has absolutely no interest in my blunt and utterly contemptuous viewpoint regarding the police, let alone politicians, I will simply record my cynical opinions and observations for any readers to digest at their leisure. That noted, pigs everywhere have always been arrogant, power mad, trigger-happy pricks with guns, but over the past 50 years or so they have seemingly amplified their annoying traits at an exponential rate, and attenuated their desirable traits to near zero. Once, not long ago, most people regarded the presence of a policeman as a desirable occurrence, now, nearly everyone looks upon their vexing presence with rancor, derision or trepidation.

My consistently unpleasant experiences with the goddamned pigs have never been the result of any real crimes, though I have been accused of several imaginary offenses, like “drug dealing” or “money laundering”, and perhaps even consorting with evil Martians or whatever, due to my having the utter unmitigated audacity to actually carry MY MONEY, THAT I EARNED, on my person, in MY motherfucking WALLET while driving MY car, that I owned. Aside from that, I do recall a few speeding tickets many years back, thanks to the ski-nosed honky Presidential crook Richard M. Nixon lowering speed limits on superhighways to ridiculously unrealistic levels, ostensibly in the interest of “saving precious fuel”. Pardon me while I laugh out loud at utter contrived bullshit; the National Maximum Speed Law was promulgated in a cunning effort to turn innocent motorists into fine paying criminals for enriching the state’s coffers – the amount of speeding fines collected for over 20 fucking years must have been substantial, not to mention the windfalls insurance companies received via ever increasing premiums for supposedly “unsafe” speeders, many of which never had even one fucking accident. Alas, that is the extent of my life of crime, unless driving around in an ancient, rusted out, beat up old junker with a bad turn signal lamp is now considered a felonious offense. For my terrible infractions, like say, having a bad headlight or a bald tire, I have had pigs scream at me at the top of their lungs, pull loaded weapons on me, and generally treat me as if I were the fucking escaped Birdman of Alcatraz, while I sat calmly behind the wheel with my hands in full view, incredulous at their unwarranted lunatic actions and remarks.

Hell, I’ve been one lucky motherfucker when it comes to armed, psychotic swine with badges; at least I’m not Oscar Grant, you know, the young, unarmed California nigger who was coldly shot to death while he lay prone in a subway station, killed for absolutely no goddamned reason by a vicious cracker pig named Johannes Mehserle. On a tangent, eightballs definitely do have a legitimate beef against the pigs and the courts, often getting the shit end of the stick rather than any sort of justice, evidently because they’re niggers and nothing more. In the United States, trigger happy pigs of every color blow dozens of jigs away every year for simply existing; look for yourself in newspapers or on the Internet if you think I’m bullshitting you. Anyway, pigs usually fuck with me perhaps once a year or so, pulling me over in my beat up old wreck, asking me absurd questions or haranguing me over a flickering tag light, a noisy muffler or other such nonsense.

For example, a few months back a State pig pulled me over late at night while I leisurely drove down a deserted back road, for no other goddamned reason other than to tell me that my faded, rusted out refugee from a car crusher supposedly came up as a “stolen vehicle” on his idiotic on board pig computer. He, a young punk perhaps 25 to 30 years of age at most, walked up to my car, rigid, as if he had a broom pole shoved up his ass, with a shaved white sidewall haircut reminiscent of a latter day Heinrich Himmler. He barked in a terse voice, “Do you own this vehicle?” Looking to him, I said, “Yeah, I’ve owned it for 27 years, what’s the problem?” He then informed me that MY beat up, worthless old wreck was listed on his on board pig computer as a STOLEN vehicle, and demanded my credentials, which I immediately handed to him without comment or protest. This obtuse, squared-away humanoid automaton turned on his heel without a word, walked to his vehicle and proceeded to waste approximately 15 minutes of MY valuable time. His annoying flashing lights reflecting off my rearview mirror into my eyes, he obsessed in a vain effort to identify me as some sort of evil perpetrator. I don’t carry cash anymore, I am not a murderer, I have never raped or kidnapped anyone, nor have I ever robbed any banks, so this hard nosed pig must have been very disappointed to learn that I was simply a silly old eccentric clown returning home from a fucking grocery store run with my lawful purchases. He eventually reappeared and handed me my credentials, informing me there were no wants nor warrants for my person, although my car still came up on his on board pig computer as a “suspected stolen vehicle”. I chuckled and replied sure it did, and that no thief in their right mind would steal a worthless old piece of shit like I was driving. He then asked if I was calling him a liar, apparently in a determined effort to escalate the situation. I narrowed my eyes with my hands still in full view and said, “If the shoe fits guy, wear it.” Frowning, he raised his voice and informed me I was being “disrespectful” to him, in an obvious attempt at intimidation. I quickly shot back to this arrogant young punk that respect is earned, not given gratis, his jaw slightly agape at my stoic and truthful reply. Considering I was not accused of any violations, I bluntly asked him if I was being detained, or was I free to leave. That succinct interrogative stopped his clock cold, and he retorted tersely, “Yes, you are free to go.” Rubbing it in, I said “Thank you,” started my old junker, and left the scene.

One small observation regarding the above utterly needless, contrived confrontation. If that silly, young, naive pig bastard ever pulls over a real criminal with nothing to lose, and he acts like he did with me, odds are he’ll end up with a hole in his head for his trouble. Afterward, dead as a fucking doornail, he will be carted off from the scene in a meatwagon, for a blind date with the local coroner. Then, for weeks we’ll hear idiotic homilies from various talking heads on the tube, telling everyone how much of a brave “hero” he was. Yeah, sure, and I’m Beethoven.

Anyway, was Officer Pig, “servant of the people” a liar? Of course, he was a barefaced, mendacious bastard, and we both knew he was lying; pigs are allowed by law to lie to people, and they do, every fucking day, in an effort to entrap suspected “perpetrators”. If confronted by a pig, either in person or while driving a vehicle, and truly innocent of any infraction, simply take their ticket if they give you one, and see them in court. Do not volunteer any information other than your personal identification or auto registration; if they persist, ask them if “you are being detained”. If they respond that you are being detained, keep your mouth shut and refuse to answer ANY questions they ask, no matter how frivolous – even if they ask you the fucking time of day. If they have nothing they will have to let you go, but still be wary, pigs can and will try to frame you by twisting anything you say, or if they can, by planting false “evidence” on you or placing contraband within your vehicle. As I have stated before, don’t believe one goddamned word I write, do your own fucking research and you will find for yourself that I am being truthful. In addition, pigs of today are trained to be aloof, suspicious and paranoid, and quite literally view everyone they encounter as a criminal. Many, judging from what I have seen and experienced over the past decade or so, are probably mentally unbalanced as well, along with having very poor social skills.

That’s the problem with these latter-day jackbooted nazi assholes, most seem to be mentally ill or even psychotic, they have absolutely no honor at all, and they have NO fucking respect for anyone, prince or pauper, indeed, they have nothing but absolute contempt for nearly everyone they encounter, even resorting to pulling people such as myself over in an effort to literally START trouble, for no fucking reason at all. Such unmitigated arrogance, harassment and blatant condescension easily explains why criminals of today simply shoot pigs first and head for the hills, they are only employing a variation of what the pigs CONSTANTLY do, nearly EVERY DAY, shooting first and asking questions later. Most of these smug, armed, porcine buccaneers would run like scared rabbits in an equal fight, as many of them were outcast little bastards who were picked on by their peers when in school, and are now getting “payback”, using their guns, badges and bulletproof vests. Further, these legally sanctioned, conscienceless little tin gods abuse their power, stealing money from hapless individuals, murdering people, selling stolen drugs confiscated from “drug dealers” and generally are an all around fucking nuisance to most people, and are truthfully as useless as tits on a goddamn boar.

I cannot say for any reader, but I’m sick and goddamn tired of hearing talking heads harangue and pontificate when one of these predatory badged bastards gets himself blown away, claiming they were a “pillar of the community” or a “family man” and church deacon who left behind three sobbing brats and a tearful wife. My cold heart of igneous stone pumps purple panther piss for them – what about the innocent people they have blown away for untold fucking years, many of which were regarded as “family men” too, having had loving wives and children as well. No one in the Goebbelsian media says one goddamned motherfucking thing about them, do they? Hell, most pigs I’ve had the misfortune to know and interact with on a personal level were either divorced, crooked misanthropic assholes or abusive vermin who constantly whored around on their wives and beat the living shit out of their kids. Other pigs were common drunks with attitude, still others bent the law when it suited them, like the common practice of planting “throwaway” weapons on people they MURDERED out of sheer panic or utter cowardice, in absolute terror of the possibility of losing their own worthless fucking lives. How pieces of shit like modern pigs can live with themselves is beyond me; it only proves the race of man is composed of self-centered, hedonistic animals who can rationalize practically anything, even if they are clearly WORSE than the goddamned criminals they pursue. I’ve written it before and I will do so again – every time one of those tightlipped, jackbooted, swaggering, corrupt, power mad pigs catches hot lead with their arrogant skull and croaks off from brain damage, I laugh like a goddamned jackal. Those abusive bastards have overstepped their bounds; they are supposed to be OUR SERVANTS – not our fucking MASTERS.

The same goes for the duly elected scoundrels running this glorified RMS Titanic of a nation. In the past 40 years laws have been passed that exclusively require the death penalty for those who slaughter politicians or their enforcers, the pigs, whereas common citizens can be slaughtered by the wagon load and the maximum sentence is perhaps life – that is if the lazy, donut munching swine even bother to get off their fat asses and actually solve the crime, rather than blaming it on a convenient scapegoat, like a husband or father. You see, death penalties are required for those that kill politicians and their pigs due to the “fact” that THEY are so much more IMPORTANT and VALUABLE than we common, unwashed, taxpaying SERFS.

Sorry folks, but I vehemently differ with such preferential exclusivity. I’m of the old school. When anyone, of any station, of any color, gender, worldview or sexual preference takes another’s life with malice of forethought, their life should be forfeit, and it shouldn’t take fucking years for such malefactors to be excised from our collective presence.

Hope you enjoyed my latest missive, if you didn’t like it, tough shit. Close the fucking page and don’t come back for all I care.




Latest Observations

January 27, 2011


Hello again, it is time for yet another invective strewn missive, courtesy of your insensitive, mean-spirited friend Conway.

Let’s see, between losing my ass in commodities, I’ve been perusing the Internet for easily predictable absurd opinions regarding current events, albeit poorly disguised as intelligent discourse. It seems any drooling moron with a keyboard can add their two cents these days, even if they can’t spell worth shit and render it all in acronym strewn, unpunctuated lowercase. I unsurprisingly noted that many young, brainwashed American drones do not believe for one fucking moment that Dr. Kermit Gosnell, MD (Medical Deviate) practiced infanticide at his “Women’s Medical Society” otherwise known as a human slaughterhouse, or more politely, an abortion clinic. Not content to accept that Gosnell went just a little overboard, even for an abortionist, many writers (knee jerk liberals, that is) blame FOX News and other assorted “conservatives” (whatever they are) for the perceived hatchet job against good, kindly doctor Gosnell, devoted abortionist. Sure, that’s why Philadelphia prosecutors have assembled a 281-page grand jury report, followed with indictments against that murderous, psychotic, four-eyed nigger and his inept cadre of bloodthirsty inhuman ghouls.

I candidly wager some cynical readers don’t believe me; thinking I am embellishing or perhaps attempting to be sensationalistic. Well then reader, go ahead, simply read the motherfucking charges for yourself if you have the guts to; enjoy the grisly photos. Don’t come back and say I didn’t warn you:

Some pictures were VERY GRAPHIC weren’t they? Well, don’t blame me, I didn’t take them, nor did I post them, and that’s exactly what abortion is, grisly, cold blooded murder of helpless human beings, plain and simple, the REALITY of abortion is not pretty at all. Did the reader appreciate the highly detailed photo of the perfectly formed, murdered male infant with the nape of his neck sawed open and his spinal cord cut, thrown away by good “doctor” Gosnell like so much fucking GARBAGE? Silly people who protest such truthful depictions are nothing but goddamned wanton cowards, afraid to face reality, emotionally judging such photos “offensive”; their itty bitty shitty feelings “hurt” by such terrible visages. Well, that’s just too motherfucking bad, I viewed them for the reader beforehand, reporting the truth for your benefit, that’s what you get for doubting my veracity. I hope the vivid memory is burned into your mind and will give you nightmares for untold years. Really, putting aside your feelings for a moment, how do you think that goddamned brat felt as he PAINFULLY DIED at the hands of that unfeeling simian “physician” – tell me, do you think he ENJOYED having his spinal cord cut with scissors with no more concern on the part of Gosnell than if he was snipping a fucking piece of twine? I submit for that one act of cold-blooded murder alone nigger monster Gosnell should be publicly drawn and quartered.

Hell, some brain-dead idiots even have the unmitigated gall to pathetically charge that Gosnell is being persecuted by racists due to his being a nigger, which is absolutely insane, but I suppose they have to employ the “racism” canard as a straw man in a pathetic attempt to defend this utterly indefensible, malevolent eightball. However, allowing such asinine horseshit to be publicly posted by fools and debated by all is the very essence of free speech – people do indeed have the absolute right to say or write most anything, even if their compositions are some of the most OBTUSE fucking scrawlings I have ever had the misfortune to read.

I also noted idiotic, sycophantic commentary relating that narcissistic eightball Obama’s delusional and monotonous Tuesday monologue will go down in history as the most brilliant oratory since the goddamned Gettysburg Address. Yeah right, and I’m Oscar Wilde; judging from the utter ineptitude I observe in America, especially in the “younger generation”, it should be incredibly easy for either the Moslems or the Chinese Communists to swat this bankrupt nation off the face of the earth, and deservedly so, thanks to the current citizenry being mentally paralyzed due to endless media brainwashing, coupled with inborn utter stupidity. As proof of this assertion, even when presented with the absolute truth, with accompanying documentation, as with the Gosnell affair, most Americans, of every age, REFUSE to believe anything if the revelation conflicts with their personal worldviews, such as I noted in the first paragraph. Talk about fucking cognitive dissonance, it’s enough to make one vomit.

Again elaborating on the butcher of Philadelphia, I also perused shrill charges that Dr. Gosnell’s clinic operated in the fashion that it did due to “stingy taxpayers”. Just one goddamned, motherfucking minute people – why in the hell should I, or anyone else, have to pay for the abortions of horny sluts who couldn’t keep their legs closed? Honestly, if broads want abortions, I say let them have them, I don’t really fucking care; the slaughter does not involve me personally. However, I draw the line at contributing even one goddamned thin dime to their murderous quest: any feckless twat who would slaughter her own kid is an unfit mother anyway and their dead brats are better off being dead.

Conversely, one small item in the defense of Dr. Gosnell and his actions is that he specifically catered to the dregs of society, i.e., poor white cracker trash, illegal alien spics, niggers on welfare and other assorted undesirables – all of whom screw like goddamned rabbits, with no thought given to the welfare or education of any possible offspring. Further, just think of how many criminals are not alive today, thanks to that vicious, cold, murderous, spearchucking bastard. I guess it depends on one’s point of view, doesn’t it?

I also noted (with a sinister laugh, mind you) that the United States Federal Government will run an unbelievable 1.4 TRILLION dollar deficit this year. History has proven that no nation or person can borrow theirselves out of crushing debt; gold may be down for now, but it’s far from out by a damn sight. The handwriting is on the wall, even though counterfeiter Bernanke refuses to read it. Don’t believe a word I say, just wait until REAL inflation kicks in after the Chinks dump our bonds, and see for yourself that a stale loaf of bread for $49.95 at the local grocery store is considered DIRT fucking cheap.



Presenting Doctor Kermit "Butcher" Gosnell, MD (Medical Deviate)

January 22, 2011



There’s so much interesting news to report this week for my devoted readers – all two of them, not counting my many friends sitting on their fat, lazy, overpaid asses at the NSA, watching for anything written that could be construed as threatening or criminal toward the elected megalomaniacs ruling this fragmented, dying, bankrupt nation. They really have nothing to fear from me, as I am quite content with simply watching their arrogant stupidity and knowing that they will destroy themselves. Kindly study the history of “civilized” mankind, starting with Mesopotamia, or consult the writings of Oswald Spengler for absolute proof of this blunt assertion.

That said, gorked out Arizona headshot victim Gabrielle Giffords is evidently trying to walk, and perhaps occasionally think or speak, using what is left of her bullet-scrambled brain. I candidly wager at best she sounds like a female Dick Clark, following his massive stroke some years back. Her grinning, wild-eyed assailant, Jared “Uncle Fester” Loughner, is cooling his murderous heels, locked away in a cell at the Tucson hoosegow, awaiting “justice”, whatever that actually is. Unfortunately, that arduous adjudicative task will take years, if not fucking decades, consisting of multiple criminal trials and sentencing, followed by endless appeals, the final appeals, as always in modern death penalty cases, bordering on the ridiculous. I submit it would be much more efficient to simply shoot his miserable ass and be done with it, as Loughner’s guilt in not even remotely in question, sparing everyone involved from an absurd farce disguised as a trial. Meanwhile, stern faced Goebbelsian rhetoricians of the media are still occupied with blaming silly Sarah Palin for Uncle Fester’s anarchic, lunatic shooting spree, in a determined effort to brainwash the public with lies so brazen that even Pinocchio would blush.

Between being apprised of multiple suicide bombings in the peaceful, idyllic nation of Iraq, the megalomaniacal head nigger of this terminal dump, President Barack Hussein Obama, has been busy french kissing chink asshole so the “commie” slopes occupying China won’t dump our virtually worthless T bonds, assuming they still can dump them somewhere, other than a landfill, where they belong. Really folks, as if anyone in their right would take them, other than the sinister, scheming sheenie Benjamin Bernanke, exalted head counterfeiter of the glorious Federal Reserve Bank.

Oh yes, on a lighter note, the overpaid, under worked “entertainers” infesting Hollywood are pissed off that a limey comedian named Ricky Gervais cleverly identified them before slackjawed, worshipful viewers as to what they really are – pampered, surgically enhanced, narcissistic, superficial, drug addled, drunken, parasitic fucking TRASH who contribute little or nothing of REAL VALUE to society.

All that horseshit aside, for the reader’s benefit, I now humbly offer and will devote the remainder of this post to a pleasant tale of modern, decadent, hypocritical Americana, delivered to you for no charge whatsoever, using my usual foul mouthed, irreverent, epithet strewn fashion.

Dr. Kermit B. Gosnell, 69, a millionaire nigger physician from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has been charged with eight counts of murder, specifically, the murder of one patient, Ms. Karnamaya Mongar, and the deliberate, premeditated murders of seven unnamed, uh, “viable fetal material units”, for lack of a better description. Some insensitive, intolerant, mean-spirited people still call such creatures babies, but as “fetuses” are apparently not protected by the good old, worthless toilet paper US Constitution, I guess they’re not “legally” babies, using the strictest definition of the word. Silly me for thinking otherwise. I venture that I’m not a very “progressive” individual, examples of progressives being talentless know-it-all kike Bill Maher, four-eyed Goebbelsian kraut Keith Olbermann, or the dog faced yenta twat Sarah Seltzer.

The murders allegedly perpetrated by Dr. Kermit Gosnell occurred at a filthy, disease ridden, dilapidated structure, cheerfully dubbed the “Women’s Medical Society”, this clever moniker a nice sounding euphemism for none other than an abortion clinic. You see, most, if not all, abortion clinics don’t call their glorified death factories “abortion clinics”, as they don’t want to “offend” or “upset” the community by advertising that they are actually running little more than “human slaughterhouses”, which is exactly what they fucking are, period. Really people, what the hell should abortion clinics be called, rather than abortion clinics – playgrounds?

Incidentally, have any readers heard of an obscure, expensive culinary delicacy called “unborn veal?” That’s where butchers slaughter pregnant cows, hack them into manageable pieces with saws and electric knives, and market the valuable embryonic calves too, for utterly obscene profits. Yes, slaughterhouses indeed do that, every day, in most countries, excepting perhaps for parts of India, where some delusional Hindu idiots worship stupid goddamned cows as some sort of god. Rich people, attempting to appear sophisticated before their fellow lazy, cap toothed, soft palmed peers, pay lots of bucks to dine on aborted calves, for whatever reason. Unborn veal was offered to me at an upscale restaurant a long time ago; I declined, preferring lobsters, which are, of course, boiled alive before serving, along with being rather tasty fare for discriminating palates such as mine. Don’t blame me if you just barfed your fucking guts up; just Google “unborn veal” if you suspect I’m being mendacious.

Anyway, it seems this four-eyed, freckle faced, mulatto eightball, Dr. Kermit B. Gosnell, was more of a butcher than any sort of physician – a literal latter-day, shitskinned version of Joseph Mengele, minus the swastika of course. Who the fuck knows, perhaps the “B” initial stands for Boofer, Butcher, Bastard, Blue gum, Boot lip, or maybe even Beelzebub, take your pick. Grisly details of the spectacle are still coming out, but briefly, this conscienceless jig monster Gosnell, sporting a MD obtained from god only knows where, ran a literal chamber of horrors at his “Women’s Medical Society”. When the pigs finally arrived to haul this despicable, murderous nigger off to jail where he fucking belongs, they found a veritable morgue, a macabre scene of dead bodies, mason jars filled with pickled human feet, rooms littered with plastic bags containing rotting flesh, and several freezers, crammed to near bursting with aborted fetuses.

For what reason did ghoul Gosnell collect, package, freeze, pickle and hoard such unsavory items? Who the fuck knows, maybe he’s insane, or a cannibal, but it must have been an incredible sight to see – like Victor Frankenstein’s lab or something. Investigating pigs, probably forced to wear pressurized biohazard suits due to the unsanitary and odoriferous conditions, also came across and noted fetal remains in various stages of dismemberment, both preserved and decaying, strewn haphazardly about the facility, and observed dried blood all over the floors and walls. Strangely, “Doctor” Gosnell got away with running his clandestine human slaughterhouse for well over three goddamned decades, apparently because the State of Pennsylvania didn’t give one flying fuck about what he did, as long as he paid his taxes, which apparently he didn’t do very well either, considering that nearly a quarter of a million dollars was found stashed away, in cash, at his residence. I wager the hidden cash is actually “drug proceeds”, which the crooked pigs will confiscate and split among themselves – isn’t America a wonderful place?

As for the murder allegations, I submit, in the interest of justice, that charges in relation to the patient’s demise should be reduced to involuntary manslaughter, as it is highly doubtful that Kermit Gosnell actually intended for Ms. Mongar to expire. On the other hand, charges in relation to the murdered “viable fetal material units” seem to be in order, as Dr. Mengele, sorry, I mean “Doctor” Gosnell, deliberately severed the spinal cords of said “viable fetal material units” with scissors, in order to “dispose” of them after delivering them alive and breathing. Yes, you read it correctly, they were living, viable human babies, referred to as “fetuses” in this instance for the sake of semantical convenience, arrived at by employing the “William J. Clinton” method of variable meaning. Not using standard procedures for “late term” abortions, which are, by the way, illegal after 24 weeks gestation in Pennsylvania, Gosnell would simply induce labor in his “patient”, deliver the unwanted “fetal material”, in some cases as late as 32 weeks gestation, and then kill the “fetus” by severing the spinal cord. Kindly old Dr. Mengele/Gosnell sure sounds like a really nice guy, doesn’t he? And I thought I was a heartless old bastard; this vicious, greedy, amoral nigger murderer makes past creatures like Vlad Dracula or Elizabeth Báthory seem like motherfucking saints by comparison.

In addition, this monstrous mulatto butcher who masqueraded as a physician is also accused of literally forcing some women to have abortions against their express orders, namely, one Robyn Reid, and another, Davida Johnson, who also acquired a venereal disease thanks to Gosnell’s rather, shall I say, unorthodox methods of “therapeutic abortion care”. Others are coming forward as of this writing, so much for the “right to choose”, I guess. It seems that the “Women’s Medical Society” was more like a “Hotel California” for unfortunate fetuses – judging from the grisly evidence obtained, fetuses could check out any time they liked, via the good “doctor”, but they could NEVER LEAVE. Further, Gosnell’s “bedside manner” consisted of treating his low income patients like absolute dirt, with this tactless, obnoxious nigger monster yelling at them, assaulting them, tearing their clothing from their persons, tying them down, sedating them, with he and his “assistants” gleefully butchering their bodies like ignorant barbers or midwives from the fucking middle ages.

Nine of “Doctor” Gosnell’s fellow monsters at the “Women’s Medical Society” facility have also been collared by the pigs, one dour arrestee being his loving wife, Pearl Gosnell, this evil, murderous wench apparently the reincarnation of the vicious Bitch of Buchenwald. She and other employees of Gosnell assisted this unqualified, uncertified, hairless simian moolie in his barbaric “procedures”, some of which resulted in the spread of venereal diseases due to using improperly sterilized, or perhaps even unsterilized, surgical instruments. In addition, at least two “patient” deaths occurred while being “cared” for by butcher Gosnell, one victim from sepsis and another from a drug overdose arising from blatant incompetence by an ignorant amateur “nurse” hired by Kermit Gosnell. Not content with killing only seven “viable fetal material units”, it is said this greedy ape and his cadre of bloodthirsty ghouls may be responsible for the grisly slaughter of thousands of viable infants over a period spanning 31 years. I wager it’s only the tip of the iceberg, Christ only fucking knows how many of his “patients” died over the years and simply disappeared from the face of the earth, quietly disposed of using a variety of ingenious methods. Alas, none of us will ever know the true death toll of this malevolent, inhuman bastard.

What should be done with this greedy, corrupt, arrogant, obnoxious, murderous nigger medicine man? I suppose it depends on the individual’s point of view; I’d throw him headfirst into a vat of molten steel if I had any say in it, which unfortunately I don’t. I’m sure eightball Obama sees nothing at all wrong with what Gosnell did, considering he supports the idea of infanticide and has bluntly stated so, even voting against the idea of saving living infants that survived abortion, evidently preferring that they DIE instead, apparently in the name of freedom or something. That’s what is running this dying place, arrogant, elitist things, disguised as people, who have no more fucking regard for their fellow man than a goddamned crocodile does for an errant wildebeest snatched from a motherfucking riverbank. Feminist dykes of the militant type more than likely completely agree with Barack Obama, employing hackneyed phrases like “the right to choose”, and other such propagandistic bullshit like “unborn children aren’t human”. Well folks, if unborn human children are not human, I’d love to know what the fuck they really are – perhaps they are actually DUCKS that magically become human beings at birth? Further, with regard to “choice”, two named patients of this barbaric, murderous bastard, one Robyn Reid, and a Davida Johnson, attempted to exercise their supposed “right to choose”. After all, they changed their minds with regard to terminating their pregnancies at the “Women’s Medical Society”, a lot of fucking good that did them. Their choice didn’t matter to the maniac “Doctor” Gosnell, that greedy, monstrous butcher stripped them, tied them down, sedated them and slaughtered their brats anyway, and evidently sent both broads a goddamned bill for doing so.

Welcome, subject, to the decadent, dying, bankrupt United States of America that we all helped to create, by continually electing greedy, power mad, arrogant, two faced, amoral lying bastards who care about no one except themselves, who care nothing for the culture or traditions of those born here, who care nothing for the Constitution and view it as an annoying obstacle to be overcome by sheer force of will, who gleefully promote chaos, rather than order, and who above all, embrace death, rather than life. I may be a avowed godless atheist bastard who despises the very concept of idiotic religious superstition, but I do seem to have something that our supposedly “religious Christian” leaders lack entirely – an apparent inborn sense of right and wrong.



NEWSFLASH! Uncle Fester Shoots Congresswoman

January 11, 2011


In the continuing saga of abject insanity now occurring with alarming regularity in what is left of the United States, it has now been revealed that none other than Uncle Fester, his disembodied spirit having taken over the mortal body of Jared Lee Loughner, is indeed the man responsible for putting a hole in the head of Gabrielle Giffords. Fester/Loughner, now in custody of jackbooted pigs, shot Ms. Giffords through her noggin at 10:00 AM Saturday, along with killing six other hapless simians while blundering around a Safeway parking lot in Tucson, Arizona. Mr. Gomez Addams, speaking for members of the Addams Family, said, “We always knew Fester was sort of fucked up, we just didn’t realize how fucked up – cousin Itt warned us about him for years.”

All humor aside, the preceding paragraph makes just about as much fucking sense as what far left liberals are shrieking – that Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and perhaps even the ghost of Emperor Nero are responsible, and thus complicit in the carnage accomplished by a lone fucking nut named Jared Loughner. Again I ask, where is the motherfucking responsibility here? Loughner alone made the arrogant, zealous decision to start shooting and killing people. Considering that he self-identified as left wing and liberal, it is obtuse to blame conservatives, right wingers and what have you for his draconian actions. That said, the same Goebbelsian propagandists who continually bleat that Islam is a religion of peace and that the Koran does not contain commands to murder infidels are now doing an instant about face with regard to Loughner, stating that “offensive” right wing rhetoric or propaganda is responsible for the actions of an obviously deranged fucking maniac who killed six people and wounded over a dozen others.

One cannot have it both ways, or perhaps, here in the US insane asylum, they can; I have stated before that the loonies running this place, along with their paid talking heads, seem to have some sort of death wish, evidently wishing for all to be slaughtered by fanatical Moslem maniacs in the name of shitkicker Allah, while those who oppose their self-destructive desires are derided as “intolerant”, “mean spirited” and “racist”. The same goes for the idiotic linkage being employed in a pathetic attempt to connect a maladjusted, friendless loner and murderer to right wingers, tea partiers, militias, or what the hell ever. It makes no fucking sense at all to a critically thinking observer, but then again, critical thinking does not seem to be in the program of those of the radical left, or to be absolutely fair, the radical right.

Now don’t be a goddamned, prejudicial fucking bigot and think I am at all defending any right wing commentators or pundits, especially since I don’t bother listening to their plainly slanted right wing viewpoints any more than I listen to the likes of blatant left wing propagandists like four-eyed Keith Olbermann or Obama sycophant Chris Matthews. They, to an individual, are ALL determined, focused assholes with an agenda, the agenda being the clumsy attempt to tell me what to fucking THINK. I take the time between trading the bourses to study current events and I explore both sides of any issue, and then make my own determinations without the “help” of overpaid Goebbelsian rhetoricians. Anyone who has read my other diatribes should already be aware that I have no use for the fucking media or politicians at all, left or right, and that I think Sarah Palin is an overexposed attention whore who is truthfully about as useless as tits on a goddamned boar. Glenn Beck is no better; he’s nothing but a whining, phony crybaby who makes about as much fucking sense as two oblivious fools engaged in a fist fight while a house burns down around them. Rush Limbaugh is an arrogant, overpaid, deaf as a post, loudmouthed clown, not to mention all of the other verbalizing cocksuckers of any stripe, such as the left wing hooknosed sheenie Al Franken or that dogfaced, toothy cunt Randi Rhodes. The entire aforementioned group, whether left or right leaning, doesn’t really give a shit about anything other than their bank accounts, entertaining people with shrill rhetoric while making truckloads of money off this idiotic, Balkanized, dissolving farce calling itself America. As for Emperor Nero, he’s been dead since 68CE, so I seriously doubt he has anything to do with this mess, other than to illustrate for the reader of what a typical, garden variety politician actually IS.

The head simian running this bankrupt dump, the narcissistic eightball, President Barack H. Obama, said, “Obviously, all of us are still grieving and in shock from the tragedy that took place.” Really? Kindly speak for yourself you arrogant nigger. I couldn’t care less what happens to Gabrielle Giffords, or any of the other hapless fucks that were blown away by Loughner. I wasn’t there, I don’t and never did know any of those clowns, I didn’t cause Loughner to kill anyone, and I don’t give one shit if they take Loughner out and crucify his malevolent ass, or perhaps roast him alive on a spit with broadcasts and commentary carried over pay-per-view television. This idiotic fiasco has nothing to do with me personally, other than my being inundated with constant news reports and I am not afraid to say that I DON’T CARE about the fate of any of them, at all. However, in the sense of fairness and giving credit where it is due, one small, lucid remark made by the megalomaniacal moolie in the White House actually made sense, he calling Loughner’s killing spree “mindless violence”. I concede without prejudice that Mr. Obama is absolutely correct in this particular instance, which simply proves, once again, that even broken clocks are correct twice a day. I submit he should have said only that, which would at least have given him the appearance of intelligence, and dispensed with the quasi-empathical, contrived bullshit with regards to Giffords and company.

Another soft palmed, cap toothed, overpaid elected crook, crybaby Speaker of the House, Republican John Boehner, had this syrupy horseshit to say: “…On this Sabbath day, that we keep Gabby and her staff in our thoughts and prayers…Public service is a high honor, but these tragic events remind us that all of us in our roles in service to our fellow citizens comes with a risk. This inhuman act should not, and will not, deter us from our calling to represent our constituents and to fulfill our oaths of office. No act, no matter how heinous, must be allowed to stop us from our duty.”

I cannot believe this contrived, verbal excrement; public service he says? I think I want to vomit. Mr. Boehner and all the rest of those arrogant bastards in Congress are little more than greedy, lying cutthroats only out to serve THEMSELVES, not the PUBLIC, like a cadre of fat hogs posturing for position at a goddamned trough, filling their pockets with taxpayer dollars while fucking the average American citizen in spades. Calling? He must be kidding me; yeah sure, they’re called all right, called to make fistfuls of cash though sweet backroom deals, called to get secret payoffs and conduct LEGAL insider trading, the latter denied to the rest of the lowly citizens of this dying nation. Just ask fucking Martha Stewart or Michael Milken if you doubt my veracity on that issue. Further, Mr. Boehner, take your god, you blatant hypocrite, and shove him up your ass sideways, don’t even try to speak for me or anyone else – I wager you don’t believe that patently unbelievable shit any more than I do. Further, anyone having an even partially functioning brain knows that politicians of any stripe worship only one god: POWER.

Back to Loughner, the malevolent, smiling, left wing marxist, right wing nazi, flaming anarchist, or whatever he really is, if anything other than a psychotic, murderous bastard. At his arraignment, the Magistrate Judge of Pima County, a Lawrence Anderson, said what must be the fucking understatement of the decade – “Mr. Loughner is a danger to the community.” No fucking shit; I wonder how much brainpower that robed, adjudicating jackass had to employ to arrive at that obvious conclusion; stating the obvious seems to be the hallmark of a dying society.

Regardless of the obviously anarchic, literally Satanic bent of Mr. Loughner, nearly everyone of the far left are resorting to the most cunning subterfuge I have ever witnessed in their determined effort to silence those who oppose them. Like ghouls, they ignore the horrific maimings and stench of death all around them, and are capitalizing on an already atrocious situation and making it even worse, calling for limits on political speech, even more gun control, and are even calling for “investigations” of alleged “racist” or “separatist” groups that don’t have one goddamned, motherfucking thing to do with Jared Lee Loughner or his actions. Indeed, liberals are using the slaughter of innocents by a lone maniac to further their agenda of absolute CONTROL, which must first begin with the silencing of those who dissent from their zealous, arrogant, one size fits all, intrusive, socialist, fucking nanny state worldview.

Enough, I have to check the bourses; gold’s been in the shitter for days and oil is down as well. Commodities and the trading thereof are much more important than a crazy cracker gunman or a posturing political kikette getting her head blown off. Really, if Gabrielle Giffords had simply stuck with working for Price Waterhouse and hadn’t been so obsessed with the trappings of power, perhaps she wouldn’t have had her skull ventilated by a fucking gun wielding, maniac loser.



A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Safeway

January 9, 2011


Conway here, your favorite misanthropic, foulmouthed, offensive, heartless bastard, posting jaded, insensitive observations once again, like a vicious Edward R. Murrow clone, broadcasting live, vitriolic content from the flaming bowels of hell.

Yesterday, in Tucson, Arizona, at approximately 10:00 AM, a 22 year old cracker oddball named Jared Lee Loughner decided he was fed up with most fucking everything and would solve all his problems by shooting and killing people outside a Safeway supermarket. Not a very good plan in my opinion, but then again, I’m not him; perhaps, at the time, the plan seemed brilliant to Loughner. Please note the standard three-name “weirdo” identification of the suspect, i.e., his “christian” name, middle name, and surname, this method employed at least since the time of the JFK assassination. Why did Mr. Loughner decide to shoot people? Who the fuck knows, I’m only reporting this insane horseshit to the reader; I’m not a goddamned psychiatrist.

Anyway, this batshit crazy, honky assassin arrived at a Safeway parking lot, packing heat in the form of a Glock, and started taking potshots, killing a Federal judge, a nine year old girl, and several others, also shooting a kike Congressman named Gabrielle Giffords through her head, at the temple. OUCH! That must have hurt like a motherfucker, talk about an Excedrin headache. Curiously, Ms. Giffords has survived the ordeal so far, considering her injuries; she should be dead and would probably be better off if she were dead, in my opinion. Yes, the reader may find that blunt remark very offensive, but I make it not out of malice, but out of logic. Should she survive her extensive BRAIN damage she can look forward to continuing life as a gorked out, babbling freak, a female version of James Brady, occasionally drooling, smiling vacantly and staring into space while being paraded around in a fucking wheelchair by a bored orderly. That isn’t a life I’d want to have – tell me, would you?

Elaborating, like most people that have only seen images of Gabrielle Giffords via the media, I couldn’t care less what happens to her, for good or ill, as I don’t know her, I never did, and I never will. If anything, I view the entire situation candidly as “better her than me”, and I’m not afraid to admit that at all. Anyone reading this who states they do care about Ms. Giffords, without ever having met her and conversed with her, at length, in person, is either a bare-faced liar, parroting what sounds good to other simians, or, if truly serious, should reflect on that stance, abandon it, and then seriously consider getting a real life. Normal people care about people they actually fucking KNOW, the “care” part comprising either affinity or enmity toward the known individual or perhaps group of individuals, e.g., families, as such the case may be. Anyone outside that sphere of personal experience is an unfamiliar quantity, and are not valid candidates for such emotional considerations. I can easily say, “It’s a shame Gabrielle Giffords had a hole put in her head by a fucking nut”, but that statement does not even begin to imply “caring” about her personally. That’s the difference, and people needlessly confuse the issue, taking simple observation and unconsciously replacing it with pseudo-empathy.

That said, I may be a callous old bastard who disdains much about the human race, for example, their hypocrisy, arrogance and zeal, but I find it truly unfathomable that malevolent individuals wake up in the morning and state to themselves with firm resolve: “Today I will solve all my problems by – ”

A) Killing a person or people with guns/bombs/poisons.

B) Raping someone (male or female, or perhaps even both, depending on the situation, gender and sexual preference of the perpetrator).

C) Robbing a bank (to pay bills, buy drugs, or whatever).

D) All of the above, or variations of the above.

You see, any of those “solutions” only make the situation WORSE for the individual contemplating such actions, usually leading to death by the pigs, life in the hoosegow, or even a death sentence, administered decades after the crime, after the condemned has years to sit on death row and contemplate his gross stupidity. Really, if I ever found that I needed to kill someone, I would immediately consult a psychiatric professional; if I needed a piece of ass, I would never rape, I’d simply jerk off or purchase the services of a whore, and if I needed money to pay bills, I’d either get a job, or simply go bankrupt and start over. Incidentally, I don’t need drugs, as I exclusively employ sludge, and sludge is so goddamned cheap that it’s free nearly everywhere.

Moving on, I believe it is safe to say that Mr. Loughner has even more problems now than he ever had earlier, considering six people are dead and several others still languish in the hospital, courtesy of Loughner’s rather draconian emotional needs. Now in the custody of the jackbooted pigs, he can look forward to the myriad wonders of living what is left of his miserable, empty life in a Federal prison, where he can enjoy being beaten by guards, fellow inmates, and getting fucked in his ass, that is, before he is executed by lethal injection, which he may come to prefer having happen to him, rather than experiencing the former three items, repeatedly, for years on end.

Further, it is alleged by Goebbelsian media that Jared Lee Loughner stated he “Can’t trust the current government”, in a clumsy attempt to pigeonhole him with those charging the Federal government has gone too far in its grab for absolute power. No shit Sherlock, you can’t trust ANY government, Federal, State, Local, past, present, or future, that is NOT news, nor a revelation, it is a goddamned FACT. Consult history; governments of all sizes are run by power mad, criminally inclined megalomaniacs, preening narcissists who stare into a mirror, impressed by their self-accessed godlike qualities. Just look at prime examples like George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Lyndon Johnson, Adolf Hitler, Louis XIV or Caligula.

After perusing his disjointed, nonsensical YouTube posts, I submit Mr. Loughner is a bit young and very, very ignorant indeed, regardless if he read fucking Plato or not. He claims that everyone around him is “brainwashed”, and that only he knows what is best. Yeah, and I’m Charles de Gaulle; most folks aren’t brainwashed, they’re simply stupid and credulous drones. Loughner’s pronouncements sound like delusions of grandeur to me, sort of like the adlibbed utterances occasionally coming from the fan eared eightball occupying the White House. Apparently, Loughner is also a 2012 apocalypse believer and a CommieNazi to boot, the latter idiocy possibly caused by watching of too goddamn many episodes of “The Simpsons”, or not possessing the fucking intelligence to realize that communism and nazism are mutually exclusive worldviews.

Naturally, rabid liberals, upon learning of the shooting, instantly began blaming Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Jesus Christ, and the Tea Party for Giffords getting her skull ventilated by a delusional, armed, paranoid maniac. If they want to blame anything, they should try blaming themselves for the idiocy they are fomenting; Loughner has been clearly identified as left wing and liberal. I swear to Christ, people of all stripes are madder than fucking hatters now; such absurd statements are what starts civil wars.

Occurrences like the Tucson shootings are happening because many people, left or right leaning, in the United States, and indeed, the world, feel like cornered rats with no way out. Everyone knows that cornered rats will take on a goddamned lion if they have to, as they have nothing to lose and everything to win.

I sincerely apologize to the reader for not using enough foul language, blasphemous remarks and racial epithets in this post; I must be slipping.



Please Ask And Do Tell

January 7, 2011


Conway here, Happy fucking New Year and all that trite, superficial shit that has no real meaning at all.

I have jaded commentary regarding other items waiting in the wings, but the recent removal of Captain Owen Honors from the command of the USS Enterprise must take precedent above all else. By the way, the Enterprise is a fucking aircraft carrier, not a mythical starship, to those drooling simians unfamiliar with current naval nomenclature. Alas, Captain Honors’ exemplary career in the military has been ruined, due to the fact that he simply told the TRUTH about the realities of military life in a rather blunt fashion. Sad, yes, but I have no such constraints fettering me; therefore, I call things as I see them, regardless of what any reader’s opinion of my observations may be or if their itty bitty feelings may be offended. A reader may agree with my obnoxious screeds, or disagree with my obnoxious screeds; it makes not one bit of difference to me personally. There is little or nothing anyone can do about what I choose to post, or about the fashion in which I present such posts to the reader, other than to agree or disagree with my views, and that’s the way it is.

That said, the fact that the United States of America is a decadent, bankrupt, dying nation, run from top to bottom by arrogant, amoral, power mad criminals, should be evident to anyone capable of critical thinking. Now that the armed forces have been ordered (by the courts!) to allow queers of all stripes to serve openly should fill those having even mediocre intelligence with alarm. The problem of flaming queers serving has to do with needed qualities like camaraderie and especially morale, the latter of which is rapidly vanishing from the military like a fart in the wind, considering what they are forced to tolerate already. That dubious fact does not bide well for any future military successes by American armed forces; that is if one can actually call the obliterated ruins of Iraq or the continuing debacle in Afghanistan past successes. I, for one, certainly don’t call them successes by any measure of the word, considering Iraq is now plagued by fanatical, ragheaded Mohammedan suicide bombers, and is on the verge of civil war. Afghanistan has been bombed into the stone age for nearly four goddamned decades and is bordering on anarchy, run in places by factions of looney Moslem zealots who slaughter each other at the drop of a hat, while executing children for being “infidels”.

Those presently serving, or for those possibly conscripted by force in the future, have to serve this multicultural, fragmented dump, the United States, with absolutely no consideration on the part of authorities for their personal preferences or worldviews, most of which are incompatible with the concept of uncloseted queers operating at their sides. Try ASKING them. I have, and they tell me that queers no more belong in the service than atheists belong in a goddamned church. Christ, they have enough problems already, from their families having to exist as fucking paupers in dumpy base housing while living on food stamps, to possibly getting their asses killed in needless wars started by wealthy, soft-palmed, megalomaniacal politicians, living in luxury far from the fray. Hell, most of the current crop of arrogant bastards running this nation never served anyone other than themselves; just ask cowardly clowns like Richard Cheney, William Clinton or Barack Obama.

Now male servicemen will have to worry about cocksucking faggots groping their dicks while they try to catch a few winks in the sack, or they will have to endure the prospect of leering gayguys trying to fuck them up the ass while they bathe together in communal showers. They will have to helplessly watch from bunkers or trenches as Captain Cocksucker goes to pieces and cries like a fucking baby when his lover, Sergeant Sorehole, is blown away by an errant hand grenade, when he should be focused on the situation, stoically giving orders to save the rest of their beleaguered asses from the enemy. As for heterosexual, female military personnel, they will have to be constantly on the watch for predatory, mannish, dildo wielding butch dykes who get turned on by ogling bush and a pair of tits in the shower, with the media covering up lewd NCO lezzies who rape hapless enlistees with fucking toilet plungers.

Such scenarios WILL indeed happen, regardless of all the obtuse, politically correct politicians and adjudicators thinking that queers can control themselves when in the company of members of the same sex, especially those they find physically attractive. You see, those idiotic simians calling themselves human beings, whether they be straight or gay, male or female, are little more than hormone-driven, irrational, talking ANIMALS equipped with a voracious libido. Regardless of a facade of “military discipline”, when confronted with sexually compelling situations, most people are quite literally UNABLE TO CONTROL THEMSELVES. Kindly review your own sexual history for proof of that blunt assertion, that is, unless you are a fucking eunuch or enjoy lying to yourself. It’s like the old saying, 95% of all people masturbate, and the remaining 5% that deny masturbating are liars. Former candidate Ms. Christine O’Donnell should make a note of that statement, and reflect on the gross stupidity of her past utterances.

Like it or not, those are the facts of human existence, and coupled with the political correctness of giving unfit individuals like open homosexuals the option of entering military service will do nothing but court disaster for those trolling queers. In a peacetime setting, the military may be able to get away with having fairies and dykes in the ranks; in a wartime setting, flaming queers will experience the same treatment that disliked or overbearing officers received in Vietnam – they will be remorselessly KILLED by their own troops, the slaughter of flagrant homosexuals disguised, of course, as “friendly fire”. That will happen too, as homosexuality, regardless of current propaganda, will never be considered a normative by the vast majority of those simians inhabiting this tiny planet, and they will correct the situation accordingly.



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