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News, Conway Style

November 30, 2010


Conway here, once again presenting politically incorrect, epithet strewn, foulmouthed commentary on current events, with special emphasis on the latest insanities occurring in the United States of America and the world at large. I imagine if I received compensation for writing this horseshit I might entertain the idea of employing a different approach. However, I don’t get paid for this crap and I never will, so I compose it using my own brutally honest fashion, which is virtually certain to offend someone, though I truly don’t give a shit if it does.

That out of the way, this harangue begins with a jaded look at foreign news, starting with the Koreas, the southern part of that Far Eastern peninsula occupied with wealthy, industrious, upwardly mobile gooks, and the northern part, apparently occupied with starving gook serfs who wish to flee by any means available, including wading out to the open sea using only a fucking patched inner tube for buoyancy. That would explain why so many North Korean slopes now reside in countries like China, South Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. You see, the northern part of the Korean peninsula is more like the ninth layer of hell than any sort of “Democratic People’s Republic”, as it is so called by those members of the “Korean Worker’s Party”, an exclusive clique of specially favored political douche bags more akin to jackbooted left-wing nazis than any sort of workers. Members of the KWP, like most soft-palmed politicians, actually do very little work of any kind, other than bullying, subjugating and occasionally killing the lesser peons in this literal torture dungeon of a society. When performing “work” assigned to them by upper echelon KWP gooks, they go out of their way to be utterly vicious bastards, competing with each other in behaving like the most sadistic of inquisitors. Party members do this in an effort earn brownie points from superiors, and to appear powerful before their peers in the party. Perquisites gained by joining the KWP include the filling of pockets, eating actual food, fucking the best sex partners taken from villages, and living in the best housing, rather like what current politicians running the United States would love to emulate, but cannot, as of yet. Just give them time.

This literal festering boil on the face of the world, North Korea, is a country about the size of Pennsylvania, but the similarity abruptly ends there. It is ruled by a weird looking, paranoid, four-eyed despotic slope ironically called “Dear Leader” by his inner circle of brown nosed, terrified sycophants. Dear Leader is known to the rest of the planet as Kim Jong-Il. Mr. Kim/Dear Leader is the deranged offspring of an earlier “Dear Leader”, who was yet another four-eyed, Stalinesque, megalomaniacal Communist gook named Kim Il-Sung. Interestingly, the elder Kim’s rotting, putrescent corpse is considered the “Eternal President” of North Korea, though it is unclear if the presidential cadaver is required or called upon to perform any state functions. Talk about state-sponsored necrophilia – I thought Lenin’s tomb was bad enough, but these gooks take the prize when it comes to the ridiculous deification of deceased “leaders”. Anyway, Kim Jong Il, who according to NK media always gets a hole-in-one when playing golf, is actually a nuclear armed madman who makes the now cadaverous chink Chairman Mao of China look like a rank amateur by comparison. Last week, on orders from this psychotic, diabetic zipperhead, the North Korean army shelled an island in South Korea, apparently in a determined attempt to start Korean War II by destroying infrastructure and sending four South Korean gooks to their graves. Who the fuck knows what will happen next; the USS George Washington, on orders from the nigger, has headed at flank speed to the Yellow Sea, apparently to see if head slope Kim will try to lob an atomic bomb at it or something. I reckon the shit the fan if that happens, but such a conflict should be very good for a welcome price rise in hard commodities like gold, silver, copper and oil. As for the narcissistic eightball in the White House doing anything if presented with 6500 naval bodies and the twisted remains of a glowing, sunken, radioactive aircraft carrier, courtesy of gook Kim – don’t hold your goddamn breath; Obama’s wife, the banana-lipped, appearance challenged moolie Michelle, is more of a man than he could ever be.

In Russia, members of their legislative body, the Duma, have finally admitted that Marshal Joseph Stalin of the USSR personally authorized the Katyn massacre. No shit Sherlock, it only comes 70 fucking years too late. As it turns out, good old “Uncle Joe” and his sadistic gremlins from the Kremlin, rather than Hitler’s kike killing, goose-stepping Waffen SS, committed that particular atrocity, when Stalin’s fun-loving Soviet NKVD summarily exterminated 20,000 hapless polacks in the Katyn Forest in 1940. That dubious fact doesn’t make the dead blockheads executed any less dead, but it does seem to open new opportunities for the current crop of polacks running Poland. Now, after the official admission of Stalin’s guilt, the polacks want “compensation” from the russkis, ostensibly to be paid to the victim’s families. Considering that the Katyn massacre occurred nearly three quarters of a fucking century ago, I seriously doubt there are any aggrieved immediate relatives looking for dough, as they are likely all DEAD. I wager the “families” are just opportunistic collateral descendants who could have never even known the victims, all bleary eyed with hands out, looking for a windfall. How cynical of me, but I idly wonder how much loot they have already extracted from Germany over the now ancient Katyn affair.

That’s the problem with the race of man, everyone is looking for free money; it’s like the American niggers who want compensation for slavery that occurred 150 fucking years ago. All the cash in the world won’t help the now dead and decomposed coons that were enslaved one iota, but it sure as hell can fatten the bank accounts of living jigs today that never saw slavery, at taxpayer expense, of course. Hell, the kikes have been occupied suing Germany for decades over what the Nazis did; even sheenies who were never anywhere near a goddamn concentration camp, or fucking Germany for that matter. I guess hebes, like proverbial Shylocks, have set the precedent for extracting either pounds of flesh or literal blood money – now everyone feeling wronged by life can join in for a slice of the pie! By the same token, why don’t the descendants of the slaughtered frog Huguenots sue the current beadrattlers occupying the Vatican for what their mackerel smacking faithful did in France during the late 1500’s? Or, why don’t the limeys, krauts and frogs get together and sue the wops for what the fucking Romans did to them two millennia ago? Further, why don’t the relatives of yankees who died at the Boston massacre sue the limeys for what the goddamned redcoats did in 1770? Why don’t the drunken micks in Ireland sue the limeys over what fucking Oliver Cromwell did 400 years ago? Really, it all makes about as much sense as what the greedy polacks want to do – extract FREE MONEY from Russian taxpayers who didn’t have one motherfucking thing to do with the goddamned Katyn massacre, as atrocious as it was. Justice for those abused or slaughtered by their fellow psychotic simians does not come out of an ATM via court order, as there IS NO justice, at least none that man can perceive.

To put it simply, and bluntly: For most humanoids throughout history, and even those yet to be born the future, life was, is or will be a goddamned shitbrick, a meaningless existence and struggle for survival hardly even worth experiencing. All humanoids die, whether by infectious disease, old age, cancer, accident, or expiring by the score in fucking slit trenches with bullets in their heads, while a sadistic bastard holding a smoking Tommy gun laughs at them. Conversely, even for those rare fortunates who have money falling out of their assholes, fuck prom queens, and die peacefully in their sleep, death is still death. Distant relatives making a buck off the abuse or slaughter of their forebears only cheapens a disgusting situation further, reducing people to mere lucre, and does nothing for those who died.

In other foreign news, Canadian pigs, hailing from Ottawa, in her Majesty the Queen’s service, strip searched a nigger broad named Stacy Bonds on September 28, 2008, apparently for some kind of power trip or sexual kicks. I sit here idly wondering what took so fucking long for this incident to come to the surface; the phrases “cover up” and “whitewash” come to mind. First, the pigs arrested her for “public intoxication” in the name of the law and dragged her off to their sty, over the protests of an allegedly SOBER Ms. Bonds. If that wasn’t enough, then a sow kicked Ms. Bonds to the floor, after which a sadistic male pig cut off her blouse and bra, apparently because he wanted to see some titties. Then the pigs had the audacity to toss her half naked into a cell, afterward charging Bonds with “assaulting” the pigs, probably while Mr. Sharp Scissors jerked off in the can. Fast forward to the present; a judge named Richard Lajoie threw the entire case out, and called the incident a “travesty” upon the person of Ms. Bonds. No shit, I wonder why it took two fucking years to adjudicate the prosecution persecution of an innocent jig with no prior criminal record who should have never been arrested anyway. Mr. Matthew Webber, Bonds’ mouthpiece, says his client’s confidence in the police has been shaken and that she is considering filing a lawsuit against the pigs that fucked with her. Now this IS INDEED a situation where a whole shitload of bucks are definitely due to an innocent VICTIM of pigs, though I wager those jackbooted chinook sons of bitches will try to figure some way out of the mess they’re in – probably by LYING, as is usual for power-mad, sadistic PIGS from any country.

Now on to domestic news; beginning with an evidently senile cracker from South Carolina that allegedly threatened to bump off the head jig running this bankrupt, terminal dump. Get this – a silly old fart going by the name of Michael Stephen Bowden, 78 (note the standard three-name “weirdo” identification), told a bemused nurse at a local VA hospital that he wanted to shoot the narcissistic, arrogant eightball, and then himself, because the arrogant eightball wasn’t doing enough for all the other coons. Yeah, he said that, and now this geriatric honky simian is in the capable though sadistic hands of the Federal pigs, probably being tasered, waterboarded or god only knows what else. Honestly, Mr. Bowden must have severe brain damage; I have already submitted that nothing can be done to save this place, and especially so if a drooling idiot like Joseph Biden was left in charge of the fucking United States! For Christ’s sake, why the hell do you think Barack Obama picked his simpering, plugheaded puss for VP? He needed an effective insurance policy against going the way of William McKinley, that’s why! Obama may be an arrogant, egotistical, grade-A asshole with pathological delusions of grandeur, that’s a given, but Biden is even WORSE; a pathetic creature so goddamn utterly brain-dead that it’s amazing he can even breathe, let alone speak coherently. Really folks, no self respecting would-be assassin, when confronted with the utter disaster of Joseph Biden becoming President, would even consider the idea of kicking Obama in the balls, let alone taking him out; the cost to what’s left of this nation would be too fucking much!

In Portland, Oregon, a misanthropic, interloping, foreign Moslem spearchucker laid plans to “make jihad” and blow up a fucking Christmas tree lighting ceremony, apparently because he hated Americans like Major Nidal Malik Hasan did, despised Christmas, like Ebenezer Scrooge did, and loathed Christians, like most Moslems seemingly do. Mr. Mohamed Osman Mohamud (ALERT: three-name “weirdo” identification), an imported, bushy haired nigger kid of 19, hailing from the bad joke of a “nation” called Somalia, wanted to kill perhaps hundreds of people attending and celebrating the tree lighting ceremony. Strangely, Mohamud’s draconian though unsuccessful attempt on the lives of innocent people is NOT considered a “hate crime” by our friends at the FBI. However, the torching of a fucking eyesore of a Mosque in apparent retaliation IS considered a “hate crime” by the FBI, though their quixotic reasoning pattern on these issues eludes me. You know what I mean, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and so forth. Anyway, as a rare plus for the Feds, the only reason this hateful, intolerant ape slaughtered no one is that Mohamud was a boastful, inept fool, and first attempted to contact an Al Qaeda network in Pakistan via email, wanting to die a “martyr” in the name of shitkicker Allah. I wager those missives set off myriad alarm bells at the NSA, who probably monitor every fucking email sent on the entire goddamned planet, they in turn contacting the FBI pigs to monitor, and then collar, the vengeful and intolerant jig. Now cooling his heels in the hoosegow, probably for life, Mohamud, a young and very stupid eightball, was an utter failure as a budding terrorist, and was so fucking clueless that he relied on FBI instructions and materials for the creation of his “bomb” – a truly laughable situation. Oh well, I reckon Mohamed will have plenty of time to reflect on those gigantic blunders while he is regularly beat senseless by sapper wielding screws, between getting passed around among jailhouse queers and getting fucked in his ass. Incidentally, can someone, somewhere, please tell me WHY practically every goddamned, motherfucking Koran toting male humanoid is named “Mohammed” or a variation thereof?

As an aside, if the reader happens to be a follower of Christianity, don’t feel singled out by these fanatical, murderous Islamic cocksuckers – Moslems hate anyone who isn’t Moslem and declines to kiss their collective raghead asses to boot. Hell, Moslems hate hook-nosed Jews, polytheistic, dot-headed Hindus and Allah-denying, blasphemous atheists even more than they hate fucking Christians. I should know, as I’m an avowed atheist and I think shitkicker Allah, as revealed by “prophet” Mohammed, was a drug-induced figment of a carrot-topped bedouin sandnigger’s vivid imagination. Further, several Moslems have told me they hate me, and that I should be killed like Theo Van Gogh was, due to my zealous embracement of life as an “infidel”, along with my observation that Mohammed was an epileptic, power-mad control freak, and my occasional comparisons of their silly god to the likes of common swine. I guess threats made against the life of a sludge drinking, atheistic equity trader are unimportant to the American Federal Government and their overpaid legions of jackbooted, stoic pigs, who are so concerned with the “civil rights” of destructive, imported religious fanatics, sworn on their non-existent god, shitkicker Allah, to make the entire goddamned world a Moslem shithole.

In Oklahoma, their duly passed statute against Moslem Sharia law has been precluded from being implemented thanks to a Federal judge named Vicki Miles-LaGrange, her adjudication regarding this matter made on behalf of an interloping, four-eyed sandnigger named Muneer Awad, a member of the Council on American Islamic Relations, or CAIR. This organization, CAIR, is composed of a fanatical cadre of raghead troublemakers dedicated to using our OWN LAWS against us. Yes, it is also the same CAIR that is alleged to be involved in funneling money to Moslem terrorists, in the name of “religious freedom”, of course, CAIR expertly shoving our First Amendment up our collective asses sideways. Don’t you just love how the Federal government is literally going out of it’s way to undo anything the states are trying to do to defend themselves against camel jockeys, spics and other interlopers who utterly detest the American way of life? Just look at fucking Arizona, which is hip-deep in illegal beaners; they pass a statute where pigs can actually do something useful for a change, i.e., ferreting out illegal aliens, and the Federal government, not enforcing its own laws against illegal aliens mind you, sticks its nose in and sets aside parts of the Arizona statute, with the arrogant, narcissistic nigger in the White House calling the law “misguided”. Like I have written before, the United States Federal Government, not to mention most of the state and municipal legislatures, is now controlled by absolutely crazy people, dedicated from top to bottom to the complete destruction of this nation. Further, these reckless, lunatic “leaders” evidently don’t give a flying fuck if they too are destroyed in the easily predictable conflagration that will occur sometime in the future, which, as history has shown, eventually happens to EVERY NATION that EVER EXISTED on Earth. What can I say; history has proven it conclusively: the hairless, talking creatures comprising the race of man are, sadly, for the most part, fools.

Turning to other “religious news” in these wacky United States, a 52 year old, cocksucking, bead-rattling, pedophile priest (which seems to be most of them) named “reverend” John M. Fiala, of Dallas, Texas, tried to hire a hit man so he could forever silence his now 18 year old accuser, an unnamed Texas man who was 16 at the time of Fiala’s unwanted and unsolicited homosexual advances. After enduring the vile depredations and homicidal/suicidal threats of Father Fagala, sorry, I mean Fiala, for two fucking long years, the teenager finally got up the cojones and went off to see a guidance counselor. Then, evidently urged on by the counselor, he went off to see the pigs, which, doing something good for a change, arrested and dragged the perverted, bead-rattling bastard off to the hoosegow for sucking the cocks of teenaged boys. Anyway, this wasn’t enough for evil Father Fag, who, while out on bail, added insult to injury and attempted to solicit the boy’s murder.

This is a new one for pedophile priests; usually they take their punishment and end up getting murdered in jail, which happened to another queer priest named John J. Geoghan (pronounced gay-gan, it fucking figures). Father Gayguy – sorry, I mean Geoghan, got his just desserts from a vengeful dude who despised queers, named Joseph Druce. Call me different if you like; I submit Mr. Druce should have been given a fucking gold medal and released from prison, but alas, my recommendation carries no weight in this case. Perhaps I’m missing something, though I consider myself familiar with due process, and I do know there are many laws on the books prohibiting murder, but I am unaware of any statute anywhere in the United States that specifically prohibits the killing of a queer priest. Unfortunately, for his service of dispatching a homosexual pedophile priest RAPIST, Joseph Druce was unjustly sentenced to “life in prison”, for whatever reason. Yeah, as if it actually mattered to Mr. Druce – he was already sentenced to life in prison for killing another limp-wristed, cocksucking son of a bitch who fucked with him while hitchhiking. The reader, if interested, can watch a great video of Father Geoghan being bumped off by Mr. Druce on YouTube. Highlights include guards vainly attempting to get into the cell where faggot Geoghan is receiving non-adjudicated justice from Mr. Druce, who eventually strangled and stomped the queer bastard to death.

Back to “reverend” Fiala, now languishing in custody. Now everyone can watch the State of Texas waste a pile of taxpayer money by trying this disgusting, predatory fag priest in court, when they could solve the entire problem quickly and easily by simply locking the queer bastard in a cell, and handing him a rope. After all, Faggy Fiala did say that he wanted to commit suicide; an appropriate length of rope in a locked cell would make this possible. Perhaps I’m being a little callous here, but I think the Justice Department of Texas should give him the chance to kill himself – just think of all the taxpayer money saved that could be put to better use in these hard times.

In other news, professional agitator and nigger Al Sharpton wants the FCC to ban Rush Limbaugh from the airwaves. Highlighted below is some of the nonsense this troublemaking loudmouth said on his radio show regarding Mr. Limbaugh.

“You’ve got to remember that those stations that Rush Limbaugh is on and others are regulated by FCC, granted by FCC; they go back to them to get waivers. They go back to them to get consolidation. They have the right to set standards. That does not impair your right to speak what you believe, but it does say that you are not going to do that to offend groups of Americans based on their race, their gender, their sexual status – none of that.”

Now this blue-gum wants the FCC to make life easier by letting he and those in his corner lie through their fucking teeth – literally telling others what to THINK, with no opportunity for opponents like Rush Limbaugh to provide rebuttal from the other end of the spectrum. Typical, predictable liberal rhetoric; I wonder what part of the phrase “free speech” this semi-articulate eightball doesn’t understand. Free speech is and can be OFFENSIVE speech, especially political speech, which liberals like Mr. Sharpton will defend to the death – as long as it’s speech they personally AGREE with. Otherwise, such unapproved, mean-spirited “hate speech” is taboo for liberals, especially if it contains non-politically correct references to Bsrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, jigs, feminist twats, queers, wetbacks, and so forth. I happen to find much of Mr. Sharpton’s speech offensive, considering that he can barely put coherent sentences together – you should watch on YouTube when this out-of-his-league jackass in humanoid skin attempts to “debate” religion with atheist Christopher Hitchens. Fractured pronunciations, misused words, straw man arguments that a child could slap down; this obtuse, inarticulate clod defeats HIMSELF whenever he opens his goddamned mouth. Mr. Hitchens only adds icing to the cake, destroying Mr. Sharpton effortlessly, and with much more civility and finesse than I’d ever use if forced into debating this stupid, fraudulent, superstitious junglebunny.

Well, that’s the news folks, if you liked it, that’s fine. If you don’t like it, well, the close button is always available for immediate use, don’t let me stop you.




Bureaucrats, Bankrupt Banks, Biased Broadcasters and Boofers

November 25, 2010


Conway here.

Really, who the hell else did you expect to be here, Gaius Caligula?

Anyway, I got yet another hair up my ass over the endless streams of propagandistic flotsam drifting over the Google news feeds like so many bodies floating down the Kigara River. So, I figured I would once again catharsize myself by posting more terse, politically incorrect, vitriol laced diatribe and cynical observations, naturally strewn with insensitive stereotypes, offensive racial epithets, foul language and utterly blasphemous remarks directed toward various non-existent deities worshipped by billions of fools on this benighted globe. In other words, typical Conway, the ancient, rotten toothed, sludge drinking, equity trading, vicious, mean bastard you have all come to know and love, or perhaps know and utterly despise.

Not that my blunt observations or jaded opinions mean one goddamned, motherfucking thing, at least in this dark universe, perhaps in others my counterpart is a market analyst, a salty seafarer, or perhaps was never even born, dying in the womb due to an undetected sludge deficiency. Here, as a bewildered prisoner of this insane reality, I don’t matter at all in the scheme of things, except that my buy or sell orders usually go through if the price is right. Hell, my “readership”, if you can call it that, has dropped off to practically nothing since I candidly called the Federal goons in a preceding post, regarding their obsessive-compulsive quest to monitor the screeds of anyone deemed an Internet dissident or who pokes fun at crooked Democrats, amoral Republicans and other such corrupt, hypocritical simians, not to mention the clueless, fan eared, lying, narcissistic head eightball, Barack Obama. I can see it all now, once alerted to the bitter, sarcastic, invective filled polemics of your friend Conway, a wog “supervisor” with the likely name of Patel was roused from his torpor and was summoned to a nearby cubicle. Alarmed, one of the Prozac medicated drones had blundered across my terse screeds between munching Doritos and amusing himself ogling porn sites. Staring at the screen for a moment, Patel, a bored, GS-15 cog in the American governmental machinery of total insanity, summarily dismissed my diatribes as little more than the scrawlings of a foulmouthed, insensitive, paranoid “crank” or “crackpot”.

Whatever, I don’t really fucking care what anyone thinks of what I write, or what anyone thinks of me, for that matter. This artificial construct of a nation, the United States, is rapidly heading to its downfall, and seemingly deserves it, due to a programmed and now ingrained fear of not “offending” anyone – no matter how fucking offensive the legally protected offender may actually be. For example, America’s “intelligence agencies” are but a pale shadow of what they once were – now staffed by politically correct, mindless brainwashed honkys, incompetent affirmative action niggers, assorted first-generation gooks, spics, limp-wristed queers and silly cunts sporting “liberal arts” degrees that immediately file “sexual harassment” lawsuits if someone accidentally opens a door for them, smiles when greeting them or perhaps compliments their attire.

This incredible, destructive phenomenon began to unfold at various American intelligence agencies at least 20 years ago, illustrated by the following summary:

Greedy, power mad politicians and their devious henchmen systematically began retiring qualified, trained, patriotic American individuals, regardless of value or skills, for whatever reason, replacing them with legally enforced, unqualified morons with the collective intellectual capacity of a field of goddamn sweet potatoes.

Such a damning account of the past is validated by an account of what occurred shortly thereafter:

Federal employees charged with the security of the nation were so goddamned stupid that they couldn’t intercept or even detect 19 fucking fanatical Moslem camel jockeys flying 3 jets into a pair of skyscrapers and the Pentagon until it was much too late. Thanks to good old-fashioned American incompetence, said ragheads managed to slaughter nearly 3000 innocent people on September 11, 2001.

Drooling incompetents such as they are running this dump from top to bottom today – legions of determined, destructive idiots, marching in lockstep, all seemingly dedicated to obliterating everything that has been built. Now, on to a colorful analysis of selected news from the past few weeks, some graphically illustrating for the reader the latest lunatic actions of those leaders and bureaucrats so unflatteringly described in the preceding sentence.

In California, the land of fruits, nuts, and a place where queers of either variety can “marry” each other, their Supreme Court, apparently composed of a slackjawed coterie of brain-dead nitwits that don’t even have the combined IQ of the fucking Three Stooges, decided that it was perfectly alright to provide illegal aliens with in-state tuition preferential treatment. Yes, you read it correctly – illegal aliens – mainly composed of interloping, greasy scofflaws from down Mexico way that shouldn’t even be in the motherfucking United States, but are, nevertheless, for whatever reason. Next they’ll say they have the right to vote – just watch, it WILL happen, I assure you, probably just before this bad joke of a nation collapses completely, at first financially, then into anarchy – which will turn into a bloodbath.

What can I say – the inmates are literally running the insane asylum, it’s the only goddamned explanation that fits. You see, crazy people don’t care if their actions are destructive, or even if it includes their own destruction. I suppose that’s why they’re called crazy, or perhaps, in a more PC vein, “reality challenged”.

Even more bullshit is coming out about the foreclosure mess, politicians and talking heads blaming banks that were literally forced by greedy, pandering, power-mad politicians in the Federal Government to grant loans to “minorities”, regardless if they could afford them or not. Note how when times were good, everyone in the media complained about discrimination and “redlining”, that is, banks, looking out for their own self-interest, would arbitrarily refuse to grant loans to individuals looking to purchase real estate in a given area. That means that Darnell nigger, Raul the spic, or Jimbo the white-trash honky would be turned down for a loan due to several disqualifying conditions:

1) Any one of the above three humanoids was trying to buy an abandoned crackhouse in the absolute worst section of town, sitting on a postage stamp lot strewn with assorted junk, fallen trees, and bramble. Abandoned crackhouse comes complete with leaking roof, fallen plaster, no windows, termites, mice, rats, a flooded basement, and has three added features – it is totally bereft of heating, plumbing or wiring. Abandoned crackhouse is a steal, priced to sell by Shylock Realty for say, $250,000.

2) Though the applicant, smartly dressed in the best duds the Salvation Army has to offer, tries to put his best foot forward when consulting with the loan officer, it quickly becomes apparent to all involved that nigger Darnell, spic Raul or whitey Jimbo has a credit score of -300, hasn’t held any kind of job for over twenty years, collects welfare, is wanted for various crimes in five states, and is addicted to methamphetamine.

As expected in any normal universe, Darnell, Raul, or Jimbo is turned down, due to being a bad risk. Angry remarks, dependant on the individual, are then hurled like ballista bolts at the offending loan officer:

Darnell: This bank is run by racist hymie discriminators!

Raul: Racist kike discriminators run this bank!

Jimbo: Fuck you, banks hate poor people – you hebes discriminate against the poor! Note that the “racist” canard is ineffective when it comes to crackers, especially in this scenario, considering that sheenie Christkillers are usually considered demographically as a variety of honky.

Anyway, those in power, folks like Barney Fag, sorry, I mean Frank, didn’t like that, and insisted the banks were discriminating (which they must do, to stay in business) and even promoted the ludicrous idea that people, regardless if they can afford one or not, have the “right” to own a fucking home. Now that the shit has hit the fan, with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac down at the head and their sterns rising toward the sky, it’s all the bank’s fault.

I recall receiving a telephone call from the now-defunct Countrywide Financial a few years back. A clown with a singsong voice began squawking in my ear, interrupting my morning coffee and my trading of the bourses. He excitedly told me Countrywide Financial could beat the interest rate on my current mortgage. I replied, “Oh really?” and allowed the wog or paki drone to continue for a moment, attempting to play with him. As he continued with his idiotic peroration, I interrupted and said, “I don’t have a job, guy.” He immediately replied, “We don’t care, we’ll give you a loan anyway.” My jaw dropped at his obtuse statement. Realizing I could continue no further in this unentertaining farce of a call, I simply hung up the phone and went back to work. Now everyone knows why the current foreclosure “crisis” occurred, THESE JOKERS DIDN’T EVEN FUCKING CARE if loans they made could be paid back, as they already had plan in their pocket for such a contingency. There was a very interesting reason for this total lack of concern; technical analysts working for Countrywide and other firms optimistically figured they could always foreclose on defaulted properties, as they would theoretically appreciate in value due to the ongoing housing bubble. Therefore, Countrywide Financial and others sowed bad loans so they could later, theoretically, make an absolute killing, reaping gigantic profits for themselves by selling off said foreclosures to other speculating fools.

Alas, bubbles, whether real estate, antique vehicles or tulips, don’t go on forever, and today Countrywide Financial is dead and gone, due to wanton FRAUD perpetrated by a certain wop CEO named Angelo R. Mozilo, together with millions of dollars in bad loans coming home to roost, which were literally given to scheming crooks, unqualified crackheads, and probably even rotting corpses in fucking graveyards for all anyone knows. This wanton fraud was accomplished with the blessings of “honorable” politicians like Senators Christopher Dolt Dodd and Cunt Kent Conrad, who were two of the many “friends” of Mr. Angelo Mozilo. They, and many other politicians as well, had received special “discounted” loans from good old Angelo and his loaded buddies at Countrywide Financial. Talk about “buying someone off”, these crooked, greedy bastards were absolutely brazen, and this financial carbuncle finally came to a head when the housing bubble burst. After being collared for his part in the collapse of Countrywide Financial, Angelo “moneybags” Mozilo, whose fraudulent antics make Charles Ponzi look like a goddamned saint, was fined 67.5 million dollars by the SEC, making the Federal Government some money, apparently so they could pay the wages of corrupt Congressmen like Mr. Dodd and Mr. Conrad. Defrauded investors, of course, received NOTHING, as seems to be par for the course, considering examples of other swindles in history. Just ask sheenie Bernard Madoff, self-crowned King of Swindlers, now doing time in a Federal pen in North Carolina. Time went on, and the bankrupt carcass of Countrywide Financial was swallowed up by the nearly bankrupt Bank of America, for the sum of 4 billion dollars in US funny money, printed of course by the crooked, never-audited Federal Reserve, this mysterious entity headed by chief counterfeiter Benjamin Bernanke. Yes, none of this makes any sense to anyone thinking rationally; it isn’t supposed to make sense – it’s fucking Keynesian economics, for Christ’s sake! Quite simply: It’s little more than a complicated shell game; the money made, used, fined or defrauded is worthless fiat currency anyway, backed by NOTHING AT ALL, so no one really loses anything and everyone wins, or at least it’s supposed to appear that way to brain-dead American observers. Don’t blame me people – I’m only the messenger; I didn’t create the system.

Incidentally, Mr. Mozilo, guinea fraudster, is still worth some 500 million dollars, so he’s still set for a life of leisure. At 72, if he can still get a hardon, he could buy different thousand dollar whores, every night, for the rest of his crooked goddamned life and still have lots of dough left over to leave to whatever family he has. In addition, Mozilo will serve no time as the SEC lawsuit was a “civil” matter, and the terms of his settlement guarantee that he will not be prosecuted for any criminal wrongdoing in relation to the wreck of Countrywide Financial.

What a cushy deal; off scot free with a tiny fine and lots of bucks left in the bank to boot! Seems to me Bernie Madoff should have used Mozilo’s shyster mouthpieces to get a better “settlement” for himself, considering he’s rotting in the hoosegow while Mozilo is probably sipping martinis and getting massages from tightassed rent-a-sluts. You know, maybe Mr. Madoff should try to appeal on the grounds that Mozilo was a greasy crooked wop fraudster who got off with a wrist slap, whereas he is a swarthy kike fraudster who got railroaded for 150 FUCKING YEARS by an apparently anti-Semitic, imported chink Federal judge with the ironic name of Chin, who originally hails from the environs of Hong Kong, for Christ’s sake! Talk about a raw deal, though Madoff’s 65 billion dollar swindle makes Mozilo’s little game look like penny-ante poker by comparison. Madoff, however, swindled mostly his fellow hebes, and everyone knows how pissed off kikes get when someone fucks with their dough; perhaps that is the underlying difference. Olivepicker Mozilo targeted most anybody, while hooknose Madoff specifically targeted already greedy Christkillers looking to make even more dough. Who knows, everyone, including myself, could be complicating the entire matter needlessly, perhaps all of this horseshit only has to do with the Federal Government selectively persecuting individuals in the financial sector whose surnames begin with “M”. I’m sure Michael Milken would find that hypothesis interesting.

Moving on, Alfred E. Neumanesque hebe Ted Koppel did a brilliant piece about the death of real news; now all the cable simians, from four-eyes Olbermann to mick O’Reilly, are deriding the man as if he were the reincarnation of Julius Streicher. I say the contemporary talking heads doth protest too fucking much – Koppel hit the nail right on the head; today’s “journalists” wouldn’t make a good pimple on Edward R. Murrow’s face, let alone his buttocks. These days, whether they are left or right leaning, every goddamn overpaid, under worked media hack editorializes out the ass and put their own spins on nearly every fucking news item they “report”. Even a flaming liberal like Walter Cronkite would spin in his goddamned grave if he knew of the blatant bias and clumsy editorializing that endlessly comes from CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, CNBC, Reuters, AP, and a host of other, lesser-known Goebbelsian propaganda masters.

On another note, while wading through Internet news flotsam I paused to peruse several articles referring to a study recently released by The Council of the Great City Schools, founded in 1956. It relates that school aged niggers of the male variety weren’t doing as well in their studies as female jigs, or crackers of either sex. They were also compared to either sex of assorted gooks, spics, kikes, and maybe even red skinned injun brats too, and they still didn’t fare as well as those examples of young, humanoid simians, either. That leads individuals capable of critical thinking to come to one of two conclusions, illustrated in the following dialectic:

Thesis: Either male coons are simply born morons, or there is a factor in their physical or social environment that makes them seem, on the surface to any given observer, to be born morons.

Antithesis: If the first part of the above thesis is true, one would expect that female niggers should be as just as dopey and ignorant as male spooks, or perhaps even dumber, but that isn’t the case according to the study. This wide statistical variation in learning accomplishment between male and female junglebunnies inevitably leads to the obvious synthesis:

Synthesis: There is some factor in either the physical or social environment of school aged male niggers which is turning the vast majority of them into illiterate dolts, or is causing the cohort of young male eightballs to appear to observers as illiterate dolts. Considering that female porchmonkeys generally live in the same physical environment as their male nigger counterparts, this factor cancels out. Therefore, having eliminated all other variables, it must be an underlying social factor.

Putting aside the “all hairless simians are created equal” horseshit for a moment, there are obvious differences between groups, and even within groups; no one on this entire goddamned planet is “equal” to another, except, theoretically, with regard to the law, and the “created” part is at best conjectural. Most people have met individuals of low intelligence from every race and both sexes, and have more than likely met individuals from every race and either sex who are highly intelligent.

All of this disconcerting information begs the question:

What is, then, causing the terrible problem of dumb male niggers across the entire fucking nation?

Answer: A persistent, ingrained sub-culture among male darkies that values STUPIDITY as a virtue, along with a deliberately learned ability for vocalizing speech in the most unintelligible mumbling possible, making the afflicted individual, regardless of any possible underlying intelligence, appear to an observer as a complete fucking idiot with the brain of a goddamned cabbage. Further, this persistent, destructive, ingrained sub-culture also values criminality, mysogyny, and brute force strength as virtues, along with a persistent predilection for blaming others for perceived wrongs, real or imagined, like whitey keeping him down, or slavery from 150 motherfucking years ago.

In addition, any male nigger who may try to excel at their studies, or protests that it may be wrong to steal cars, rape women, kill people or sell crack, is immediately castigated and ostracized by their peers (if they are very lucky) or are beaten senseless or even dead by their fellows, probably while being called bookworm, egghead, Uncle Tom, Oreo, etc. If the ostracized male subject survives the beating(s), he may be forced to reconsider his position in the world. Utilizing his remaining intellect, he realizes that bookworms get their asses kicked, learning anything is futile, and survival is the key to continued existence. He will then become more inclined to abandon his studies, start talking like an idiot, and go on to be a general fucking nuisance in the attempt to fit in and identify with his peer group. Yes, a mind is a terrible thing to waste, and the persistent, self-defeating, nigger subculture is creating yet another generation of criminal coons for the nation’s prisons.

Now don’t be a prejudicial, bigoted ass and think I’m the motherfucker who came to these obvious conclusions. Suspending my epithet-strewn prose for a moment, this observation has been voiced by several intelligent, successful members of the “Black Community”, as it is so called. Don’t believe a goddamn word I write, use your fucking BRAIN and look it up, several black observers have said much the same thing, though a bit more eloquently, and without foul language too. For this, such black individuals have been called Uncle Toms, Oreos, and race traitors, by their black brothers mind you, due to the unfortunate fact (for them at least) they do NOT embrace utter STUPIDITY as a goddamned virtue.

That said, until the majority of the male niggers decide to hit the fucking books, talk correctly, and not look forward with misty eyes to exciting careers selling crack, pimping whores, or being gangbangers, they will continue to be perceived by much of the population as a cadre of STUPID GODDAMNED FOOLS or BORN CRIMINALS.

Such is my take on the news, for good or ill. If you find it troubling, welcome to the group. This entire mess called America makes me want to throw my guts up, but there isn’t a goddamn thing I can do about it.

Oh yeah, and Happy Fucking Thanksgiving.



Sarah Seltzer – Yenta Propagandist at Large

November 20, 2010


This post is a lengthy departure from my usual diatribes, devoted to the analysis of a screed I found on AlterNet entitled “16 of the Dumbest Things Americans Believe — And the Right-Wing Lies Behind Them”, written by an upcoming young kikette named Ms. Sarah Seltzer, apparently a liberal legend in her own mind. She is also labeled by the media as an “expert” in “pop culture”, which apparently means she is little more than an observer of trendy fads among the young and is paid by networks to run her mouth about what she observes. Judging from her arrogant, slanted, sanctimonious remarks, she apparently loves to pontificate about how brilliant she is, and how stupid everyone else is. Ms. Seltzer also enjoys calling other people liars, when she too takes mendacious liberties when putting her thoughts to paper. Such an attitude is called hypocrisy, a dark virtue of which most humans are very adept. For your reading pleasure, posted below are selected excerpts taken from her latest self-congratulating, pseudo-intellectual, left-wing propaganda, posted together with jaded, insensitive, foul-mouthed commentary from me, an ancient nobody that thinks Sarah Seltzer is little more than a homely cunt looking for attention and admiration from other left-wing liberals. If you want to read her entire screed for comparison it’s all over the Internet, this terse diatribe is long enough without adding the rest of her sophomoric claptrap.

That’s the real problem on this tiny ball of dust in the middle of nowhere, circa late 2010 CE. Both liberal and conservative hairless simians “preach to the choir”, so to speak, and then believe, thanks to worshipful hominid sycophants who hang on their every word and extol their virtues via flattering missives, that their views are validated or even popular among the citizenry. I know my views are not popular by any measure of the word, and I don’t give a good goddamn if they are; I write this shit for myself. If someone wants to agree that’s fine with me, and if they don’t, that’s fine with me too; the close button is always available for use. Writing and telling me I’m a motherfucker, a Commie-Nazi or other such silliness won’t bother me in the least; by now that should be obvious.

I do wish fucking people would give perhaps a cursory examination of any given issue and actually learn to think for themselves, at least on occasion, rather than let others do their thinking for them, but alas, they never will. I would even consider the idea of praying that folks would learn to think for themselves, but, judging from the available evidence, there is nothing out there to hear such a humble supplication, so I won’t waste my time.

So, here goes. I will cut to the chase and shall address, one by one, sheenie Seltzer’s sixteen “dumbest things that Americans believe”. Now don’t be a bigoted ass and think I will disagree with everything this appearance-challenged yenta says, as even broken clocks can be correct twice a day, excepting, of course, for 24 hour clocks, and in that case only once.

1) Polling data during and after last week’s midterm elections suggested that many Americans genuinely believe President Obama has raised their taxes — even though the reality is that our president actually lowered them for most of us.

Conway: Sure, a lot of dimwitted Americans believe that, but Ms. Seltzer is plainly obfuscating with regard to the head eightball lowering taxes. Blue gum Obama has done absolutely fucking nothing to lower any taxes, and did in fact raise taxes on tobacco and tobacco products. I guess that in Seltzer’s world, not raising taxes is lowering them. Silly me for thinking differently.

2) Half of new Congressmen don’t believe in the reality of global warming. It’s not that they don’t just disagree on the source or the severity of the problem. They flat out don’t think the world is getting warmer–despite the evidence outside their windows.

Conway: I don’t give a flying fuck what asshole Congressmen, Democrat or Republican, think or do not think about “global warming”, or it’s ugly sister “climate change”. Sure, the Earth is getting warmer, but so are planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and fucking Pluto, not to mention a little moon revolving about Saturn, called Titan. All of these planets, along with Earth, reside in what is dubbed “The Solar System”, and revolve around a central star called Sol, a type G2 yellow dwarf, presently blundering through the “Orion Spur” of the Milky Way Galaxy for no fucking reason at all other than inertia and momentum. So, why is Earth warming, not to mention the other planets? Either the star Sol is becoming more luminous, or the Solar System has exited a dust cloud that protected Earth and other planets from the full brunt of Sol’s radiation. What can man or his megalomaniacal, power mad political leaders do about the above noted problem? Not one goddamned, motherfucking thing, that’s what. Ms. Seltzer, an unqualified know-it-all, swallowed the bald-faced LIES of anthropogenic global warming, voiced and promoted by a latter day Elmer Gantry named Albert Gore, a power mad, non-scientist multimillionaire who is after even MORE money and power. As one of Gore’s many brainwashed acolytes, Ms. Seltzer “has seen the light”, so to speak, and is helping to spread the dark “Gospel” of Albert Gore’s BAD News for Modern Man. Again, Ms. Seltzer is restating only rhetorical half-truths (the planet is indeed warming, but there is no REAL proof man is causing it), while obfuscating or even ignoring the real truth – this phenomenon is occurring on ALL the planets in the Solar System. Really, how the hell can whoremonger Gore or his devoted minions like Seltzer blame man’s emissions, burps, farts or whatever for every other fucking planet in the Solar System warming up too? Riddle me that one, Batman.

3) The new Congress will probably try to restore millions of dollars of funding for scientifically inaccurate, largely disastrous abstinence-only curriculum in schools, many of which have been shown to spread lies like “condoms don’t work” and “abortion causes cancer.”

Conway: That is only Ms. Seltzer’s “learned” opinion; there is no proof that Congress will even introduce bills with regard to the above, and the odds of the nigger signing such a bill into law, even if introduced and passed, are absolutely nil. As far as “abstinence” is concerned, Ms. Seltzer is deliberately splitting hairs and is painting with a very wide brush. Abstinence IS a scientifically accurate method for preventing conception – i.e., if you don’t fuck, you won’t get pregnant or if male, be a father, and if you don’t muff dive or suck cock you won’t spread STD’s like chlamydia, HPV or herpes to anyone and everyone. That IS the truth, but politicians or teachers telling kids not to fuck each other is like telling them not to eat, shit, piss or breathe. Everybody does it; it has to do with the sex drive and it feels good; those who deny such facts are fucking mongoloid idiots with IQs of blooming petunias. As far as condoms go, I’ve used them, and they have indeed busted when I was occupied busting a nut, so they may be right there. There are also indications that women who have not borne children are more susceptible to breast cancer, so they may be right there too. Nevertheless, if Ms. Seltzer meant to imply that “abstinence programs” do not work for the most part (and they don’t, I totally agree with her there), she should have just fucking said that, and not couched her opinion is propagandistic bombast like some kind of female Joseph Goebbels!

4) News outlets picked up a wildly inflated and completely outlandish claim from an Indian blog that Obama’s trip abroad cost $200 million a day–and listeners have swallowed it. (In this case, the White House flat-out denied it.)

Conway: Whether the nigger and his entourage of Secret Service, yes-men and other hangers-on are blowing 200 million bucks a day is not the real issue, though I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it were in fact true, White House denials notwithstanding. The question is why that coon needed to go to India in the first place, which was disguised as a “friendly visit” of sorts. Friendly visit my ass; Obama needs to con the wogs into buying our debt (bonds) due to the fact that the japs, gooks and chinks have had a bellyful of buying virtually worthless US securitized debt in whatever form. In order to stave off a bloody revolution, the head jig has to kiss sahib ass and promise more American JOBS to yet another Asian nation with nearly a billion living in fucking squalor, in the vain hope that currency (rupees) earned by India via exporting cheap goods to the US will be used to service our LITERAL BANKRUPTCY as a nation. That’s the REAL reason behind the fan-eared ape’s globetrotting, he has hat in hand, BEGGING for anyone besides sheenie Bernanke to purchase our Treasury securities and other assorted packages of “junk bonds”, which are just about as valuable as fucking radioactive waste in reality.

I will now address the remaining twelve items that our self-impressed freelance writer, Ms. Sarah Seltzer, handily borrowed from Newsweek, with credit of course, as she apparently ran out of biased bullshit she could personally author for the credulous drones to peruse.

5) Nearly one-fifth of Americans think Obama is a Muslim. Thanks, Fox news, for acting like this was a matter of opinion, not fact.

Conway: Again, Ms. Seltzer is either obfuscating, or is so fucking clueless with regard to Islamic culture that it strains credulity. For a short moment I will cease with pejorative references to both ragheads and hebes, referring to each using “formal” nomenclature, i.e., Moslem and Jew. That noted, according to Islam, a child born of a Moslem father is in fact born Moslem, a sort of patrilineal inheritance, just as to be considered Jewish, one’s mother must be a Jewess, a sort of matrilineal inheritance. In Islam, the mother means nothing with regard to “Islamic inheritance”, and in the culture and traditions of Judaism, the father means nothing when it comes to being considered ethnically Jewish. Both views are utter bullshit, yes, but hey, I didn’t invent the views, Moslems and Jews did, so blame them if you like. Ms. Seltzer, if she is half the Jew she claims to be, should at least know that if she has a Jewish mother, she is in fact a Jew, but if she has only a Jewish father, and say, a German mother, she is nothing but a common Shiksa, masquerading as a Jewess. Same goes for the current occupant of the White House; he had no choice in the matter, he was born Moslem, due to his father being Moslem, and remains one in the eyes of Moslems, period. So, the insinuation that Obama is a Moslem is indeed accurate, to a degree, based on Islamic culture and tradition.

Do I personally think Barack Hussein Obama is a Moslem? Absolutely not, and I never have. Obama wouldn’t make a good bump on a Moslem’s ass. Neither is he any sort of Christian; he is a pragmatic atheist, like myself, but, for appearance, he will feign being a Christian or a Moslem when the situation warrants it. That, of course, makes him a hypocrite, but no one is keeping score on the hypocrisy of politicians, other than myself, apparently. I submit Obama’s stance may be comparable to a statement allegedly said by Napoleon Bonaparte: “When in France, I am Catholic, when in Egypt, I am Mohammedan.” I further suppose that when visiting India, Obama was a Hindu, or a Sikh, or whatever faith those in his immediate presence were – Obama being a “religious chameleon”, for lack of a better definition. That is my unvarnished, personal view with regard to the “faith” of that interloping, arrogant, pseudo-intellectual, narcissistic nigger currently running this dying nation – he’s really just a cynical atheist, like I am, albeit a disguised one.

6) 25 percent of Americans don’t believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution while less than 40 percent do. Consider the fact that several of our newly elected officials, specifically newly elected Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, share that belief.

Conway: Who cares, according to the First Amendment, people are entitled to believe in whatever the fuck they want to believe in, or not believe in, as such the case may apply. Further, there is no religious or non-religious qualification for election to public office in the United States of America. I’m sure Ms. Seltzer, she citing the totally unbiased biased Newsweek rag for her screed, knows this fact, but as she is only penning subtle, slanted propaganda for liberal consumption, I suppose she can ignore that particular aspect of the United States Constitution, like the plainly evident, paid Goebbelsian propagandist that she is.

7) Earlier this year, nearly 40 percent of Americans still believed the Sarah Palin-supported lie about “death panels” being included in health care reform.

Conway: As socialized healthcare, judging from the history of other nations, is often rationed, I will not be surprised if patients in the near future are “triaged”, due to their age, advancement of pathological condition, and so forth. Not death panels per se, but how would you feel if a medical quack said it was not “cost effective” to treat you or save your fucking life? I wager you would be a tad upset, to say the least, and so would Ms. Seltzer if she were in the same situation, though she would deny such at the present stage of the game.

8) As of just a few years ago, about half of Americans still suspected a connection between Saddam Hussein and the attacks of September 11, a lie that was reinforced by none other than Dick Cheney.

Conway: I cannot argue with this observation at all, it is the truth.

9) While a hefty amount of this demonstrable cluelessness gets better as the respondents get younger, all is not well in the below-30 demographic. A majority of “young Americans” cannot identify Iraq or Afghanistan–the places their peers are fighting and dying–on a map.

Conway: I cannot argue with much of this observation either. Sadly, most young Americans I’ve met are utterly fucking stupid; I give them no credit for being smarter or more informed than their stupid elders, which was insinuated in the above example. Many young Americans can’t read beyond a fifth grade level, know nothing at all of history and algebra may as well be a foreign language to them. I submit they are perfect, drone like citizens for propagandists like Ms. Seltzer; they will swallow anything she says hook, line and sinker. Get this: a humanoid male of 25 or so had no idea of how to change a motherfucking car battery, or how to top off a goddamned master cylinder. So, I did it for him; I pity the idiot if he ever gets a flat tire. He was real good at video games though, and knows the complete dialogue of “Phantasm” verbatim! How any of that will help him get along in life is beyond me, but I’m an old bastard, so maybe I just don’t understand the importance of such “skills”.

10) Two out of five Americans, despite the whole separation of church and state being a foundation of our democracy thing, think teachers should be able to lead prayer in classrooms. So it seems those right-wingers clamoring to tear down the wall between church and state aren’t the only ones who don’t know their constitutional principles.

Conway: Little argument from me on this point, though I have met liberal religious nuts who have told me they see nothing wrong with prayer in schools either, so it ain’t just the fuckin’ right-wingers, baby! Superstitious morons come in every color, and with every stance, liberal or conservative and all in between. Further, if separation of church and state is so fucking sacred to the left-wingers, why have students in various areas of the country been instructed to read Korans, or visit Mosques to “understand” Islam? Don’t believe my words reader – use your goddamn BRAIN, type in keywords and look it up, it is a FACT, non-Moslem students have been FORCED by schoolteachers to study the silly Koran and to attend Mosques, in the FUCKING UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, where “separation of church and state” is supposedly so goddamned important.

11) Many Americans still believe in witchcraft, ESP and other supernatural phenomena. Does that explain why Christine O’Donnell was so quick to deny her “dabbling”?

Conway: So fucking what, many Americans still believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and UFOs, so why not witches, ESP, ghosts, goblins, demons or pointed-eared Vulcans for that matter? I personally believe that most folks are fucking looney tunes, that there is no god and when we die we rot in the ground and that’s it, but who am I – nobody. Many Jewesses like Ms. Seltzer still believe in a supernatural thing they call YHVH, or Elohim, or at least she pretended to when celebrating her fucking Bat Mitzvah, which I am assuming she did when she turned twelve. Or perhaps, as a feminist, Ms. Seltzer believes in a “Mother Goddess” or other such nonsensical horseshit that there is ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE of, just like all the other mythical crap handed down to us by our ancestors. As for Christine O’Donnell, who gives a goddamn what she believes in – I’d give my rotten eyeteeth to fuck that hot mick/wop witch/bitch, but she’d spoil it all and say no.

12) Speaking of antiquated religious beliefs, about a decade ago, 20 percent of Americans still believed that the sun revolves around the earth. That’s just sad, considering that even the Vatican has let Galileo off the hook for being right.

Conway: At this point in history I find that a little difficult to believe, but if true, it simply proves how ignorant 20 percent of the American population is, or should I say was, considering it was “about” a decade ago. I guess they’re all dead now, or were perhaps reeducated with regard to the Earth’s motion about Sol by dedicated teachers who sought them out and freed them from their woeful ignorance of our meaningless place in the universe. Incidentally, friends at Newsweek, it was Nicolaus Copernicus who was the first person to develop the heliocentric explanation for the motion of the planets, not Galileo Galilei, though he did agree with Copernicus, and the Catholic Church did in fact persecute Galileo for his belief in the heliocentric system of planet motion. Kindly GET YOUR FUCKING HISTORICAL FACTS STRAIGHT, for Christ’s sake!

13) Only about half of Americans realize that Judaism is the oldest of the three monotheistic religions. Other examples of wild misunderstanding about religion and the separation of church and state can be found in this fall’s Pew survey on Americans’ religious knowledge.

Conway: Religious “knowledge” they say? The terms are mutually exclusive. Anyway, who fucking cares, most Americans are simple, drooling morons, just look at what they continually elect for leaders. For the record, Judaism is in fact the oldest of the three current monotheistic religions, i.e., Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, in that order, but Judaism is not the oldest “monotheistic” religion. For example, an Egyptian dude named Akhenaten beat the Hebrews on that particular worldview by a few decades or so, with his “Aten” – the sun god, taking heliocentrism to heights never before seen. No doubt countless others during the past 100,000 years or so theorized and promoted that there was only one “maker”, or “god”, their gods, presented to the faithful in the form of the sun, or the moon, or perhaps even a boulder or whatever, lost to history forever. Alas, the introduction of Akhenaten’s monotheistic Aten construct went over like a fucking lead balloon among the clergy of ancient Egypt, and after he dropped dead and flew up to Aten or whatever, the old gods were restored and the dead Pharaoh Akhenaten’s name was stricken from all tablets and obelisks. You see, the ancient game of power politics never changes, usually following the Golden Rule – they who have the gold, RULE, and in doing so become drunk with POWER, making everyone else’s life miserable, e.g., what the devoted Aten worshippers left behind probably experienced after their apostate leader, Pharaoh Akhenaten, croaked off. I suspect they were all killed, violently, in the name of the gods of course, as often happens to terrible heretics. This draconian sentence was strictly enforced, to the last blasphemous apostate, to maintain utter terror, and complete conformity.

Incidentally, Egyptians also invented circumcision, where Egyptian humanoid males chopped off the prepuces of their dicks to “please” a god in their pantheon, like maybe that goofy jackal-headed motherfucker Anubis. Contrary to contemporary theological propaganda, that’s where circumcision originated, and has nothing to do with a delusional Semitic fool from Ur named Abraham, who also hallucinated he had to kill his own son, probably while tripping on Psilocybin mushrooms. How appallingly barbaric a “tradition” like the chopping of human cocks is; remember folks, circumcision is considered an honored part of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. However, circumcision is not considered absolutely essential for Christians, as explained by a Benjaminite guy named Paul, a reference to the unnecessity of genital mutilation with regard to Christianity written in his epistle to the Galatians, I believe.

14) This one made a huge splash when it appeared. In 2006 more Americans were able to name two of the “seven dwarves” than two of the Supreme Court justices. And that was before Kagan and Sotomayor showed up. To be fair, Happy and Sleepy are easy to remember.

Conway: No argument here; I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that is in fact true. I wager not one of them remembered Bashful or Doc though.

15) More Americans can identify the Three Stooges than the three branches of government–you know, the ones who are jockeying over our welfare.

Conway: Again, no argument on this point, as most Americans these days are stooges themselves – Three HUNDRED MILLION Stooges, that is.

16) So what to do in a political and cultural landscape in which well-told lies have more validity than fact-based truth? Perlstein explained how this environment gets created by explaining what happened on Election Day this year:

“…by a two-to-one margin likely voters thought their taxes had gone up, when, for almost all of them, they had actually gone down. Republican politicians, and conservative commentators, told them Barack Obama was a tax-mad lunatic. They lied. The mainstream media did not do their job and correct them. The White House was too polite—”civil,” just like Obama promised—to say much. So people believed the lie.”

Conway: This passive-voice trainwreck is NOT a sixteenth example; it’s not even a fucking twelfth example; I guess young Sarah is not very adept at counting, or writing for that matter, and critical thinking is not her strong suit. Example number sixteen is nothing but a verbose rehash of her first example, with Newsweek evidently quoting another sheenie named Perlstein. Being charitable, perhaps Ms. Seltzer wished to include the remarks of Joe Wilson as the first example and fucked up, you know, the honky Congressman who called the nigger a liar, which he is to anyone capable of critical thinking. Simply listen to Obama’s campaign rhetoric and then compare those LIES to what he has done. It’s that simple – Barack Obama doesn’t have a truthful bone in his entire goddamned body, and he’s as slippery as a bucket of eels. Anyway, even if she accidentally omitted Wilson, Ms. Seltzer still doesn’t know how to fucking count, as she stated Newsweek offered twelve examples and only eleven are cogently presented. That noted, she is either taking credit for her first example, the “tax” myth, or she was simply so caught up in writing her propagandistic bullshit that she felt compelled to post the “tax” example as an opening volley, like a female version of a latter-day Goebbels. Either way, it only adds up to fifteen examples, counting hers, or counting Newsweek’s.

Or – perhaps Ms. Seltzer is one hell of a lot smarter than anyone gives her credit for, cunningly realizing her usual readers are so goddamned stupid and clueless that they would miss it, and laughed demonically to herself when it went to press.

That’s my fucking wager.



Elizabeth Smart and True Justice

November 14, 2010



Conway here, again presenting jaded commentary on the follies of the superstitious, ignorant, savage, apelike creature that calls itself man. Though I am a cynical, mean, callous old bastard with a heart of basalt, there are times when even I am surprised at the continuing bad behavior of my fellow hairless simians, otherwise known as humans, living on this tiny ball of rock in the middle of nowhere, otherwise known as Earth.

That blunt observation brings us to the utterly dreadful case of Ms. Elizabeth Smart, a plainly superstitious, though not altogether bad looking white bread Mormon broad of 23, who was kidnapped from her own fucking bedroom at age 14 by a bearded, drunken cracker piece of shit named Brian David Mitchell. It seems to be an unwritten rule that nearly all weirdoes of whatever type are identified by police and media using three names, i.e., “Christian name”, middle and last name, this odd trend apparently having started in late 1963 with Mr. Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who allegedly blew away JFK. Notable exceptions to the above stated rule include the queer Milwaukee murderer/cannibal/necrophiliac Jeffrey Dahmer, and rapist/murderer/necrophiliac Theodore “Ted” Bundy.

Mr. Mitchell, evidently a Mormon of sorts, known by some in Salt Lake City as “prophet” Emmanuel, had an accomplice – his loving wife, a honky creature named Wanda Barzee. Wanda is an utterly disgusting, wrinkled, ugly old cunt whose hideous face would probably gag maggots if they were capable of perceiving such a revolting countenance. Fucking mud fences are much more attractive to look at; perhaps being a complete human failure and having to look at Barzee’s horrific visage day in and day out drove Brian Mitchell to commit the atrocious acts perpetrated on the person of Ms. Smart, but I guess that’s another story. Anyway, this fanatical misfit abducted Ms. Smart, which was only the beginning of a grueling, nine-month ordeal for the abductee. Duly noted horrors include a forced “marriage” of Smart to Mitchell, that grotesque farce conducted by the drooling, stiff pricked psychopath himself, probably as a dubious excuse to rationalize and self-legitimize his later plans for her. Clad in only a simple robe he forced her to wear for the “marriage ceremony”, Ms. Smart then had to endure repeated forcible rapes by Mitchell, a depraved, drunken, babbling freak old enough to be her goddamned father.

Mitchell, you see, was a self-styled Mormon “prophet”, a latter day Mohammed so it seems, who evidently never read his Book of Mormon, or perhaps conveniently forgot what he read in it. Same goes for the Bible apparently, considering the despicable bastard seemingly went out of his way to violate many of the tenets put forth in the aforementioned books. Brian Mitchell was and is a thief, a liar, a rapist and yes, an adulterer; these acts violate several of the Ten Commandments so revered by Mormons, Christians and Jews. Mr. Mitchell also liberally employed foul language when conversing with his fellows and swore like a goddamned, motherfucking sailor. Oh well, I submit he is a typical hypocrite, which is a very common quality indeed among those who consider themselves religious people – I’ve met scores of them in my travels. Mitchell, threatening Ms. Smart and her family with death, also forced her to get drunk and view pornographic movies, along with forcing her and his cunt wife Wanda to live like filthy, homeless street urchins outside Salt Lake City. All of these distasteful events were punctuated by rambling, self-promoting, nonsensical homilies from Mitchell, who never seemed to tire of talking about himself.

Elizabeth Smart was abducted at knifepoint by “prophet” Brian Mitchell on June 5, 2002, and was finally freed from the clutches of that depraved, psychotic bastard on March 12, 2003. Naturally, as usual with all pigs, when initially informed of the situation, the Salt Lake City pigs immediately suspected her father, Ed Smart, wasting valuable time, taxpayer money and effort, not to mention defaming the man’s name before the entire fucking nation. You see, the pigs were trying to pin his daughter Elizabeth’s disappearance on him so they could be seen by the drone like masses as doing their job, when in reality they were just a pack of lazy, donut munching bastards who wanted to “solve” the crime in the easiest way possible – by frying her goddamned father. When that carefully laid, draconian plan didn’t work, as old man Smart passed the interrogations, polygraphs, and probable rubber hose threats with flying colors, the pigs went on to plan B.

Like the fucking Keystone Kops, they pursued a silly 26 year old dope fiend named Bret Michael Edmunds across the country to West Virginia; where said dope fiend Edmunds was languishing in a hospital due to a drug overdose – please note the “weirdo” three-name identification. After wasting more time and many thousands of dollars in taxpayer funds, which included paying stoic, robot like FBI agents to tow off and search a clunker Saturn, plan B proved a red herring. So, undaunted by their latest failure, the Salt Lake City pigs went on to plan C, turning their attentions to a known criminal named Richard Ricci, who was being held in the local hoosegow on felony burglary charges. Where the pigs got the lame brained idea that a common thief was also a moonlighter in the field of kidnapping, I’ll never know, but that turned out to be a dead end as well, as Ricci, no matter how hard they tried, would not confess that he had done anything when it came to the missing person of Elizabeth Smart.

Regardless of his steadfast denials, even the ugly bitch Nancy Grace of CNN got involved in the situation, haranguing in her utterly arrogant, know-it-all, snide way that Ricci was the culprit and had in fact murdered her! Mr. Ricci conveniently died of a cerebral hemorrhage while in prison and was summarily crossed off the “active” list of suspects, apparently due to his being dead, though the pigs and Nancy Grace still figured he was their man, dead or not, as he was a thief, so why not a kidnapper too? How Ricci managed to have his brain hemorrhage while in jail is a matter of speculation; I suppose he “fell down” and hit his head or something. Still speculating, rubber hoses are not known for causing strokes, though batons, or perhaps being thrown repeatedly against concrete walls by hard nosed pigs and sadistic jailhouse screws can cause such a life-threatening life-extinguishing condition. After all, Richard Ricci had been convicted years earlier for attempting to kill a pig named Mike Hill, so I imagine the boys in blue may have been getting some “payback”, so to speak. His widow, Angela Ricci, did get 150 grand from the Utah Department of Corrections, so there is definitely something amiss with regard to Ricci’s untimely demise. She tried to sue the pigs too, but was thwarted in her attempt by a Federal Judge.

Anyway, the pigs shrugged, threw up their hands and went back to writing tickets, harassing people, drinking coffee and eating donuts. Perhaps the Smart case was becoming boring for them and they found better, more interesting cases to pursue. Who the fuck knows, but the ordeal of Elizabeth Smart, the pigs totally clueless of her predicament, continued for nine long months, she a prisoner at the hands of the depraved, unsought, religion-babbling rapist Brian David Mitchell.

Time went on, and in October of 2002, Smart’s younger sister Mary Katherine suddenly remembered that the voice of the kidnapper sounded much like the voice of a sometime laborer, panhandler and religious nut case she knew as “Emmanuel”. Short on “social skills”, the callous pigs dismissed her remarks as the fantasies of a stupid child that missed her sister. This arrogant determination of course infuriated Elizabeth’s parents, and rightfully so I might add, who then accused the pigs of dragging their feet, which they, judging from the evidence, in fact were. Apparently getting only condescending lip service from the lazy pigs, the elder Smarts decided to take matters into their own hands, employing a sketch artist to depict suspected abductor “Emmanuel”. This sketch was then shown to the public on “America’s Most Wanted”, a television program hosted by a dude named Mr. John Walsh, whose six year old son was murdered in 1981 by a vicious bastard named Ottis Toole, the sidekick of another one-eyed, toothless, murderous fucking freak named Henry Lee Lucas.

What a wonderful society we live in; would you believe that, as a dark harbinger of the future, the pigs too suspected John Walsh was involved in the disappearance of his child? And I thought I was a cynical bastard – it’s enough to make you fucking puke. Jackbooted, sadistic pigs of the past 40 years or thereabouts are so goddamned lazy, arrogant, stupid and clueless that it boggles the fucking mind. Every time someone shows up dead or missing – the pigs nearly always initially accuse elder male family members as the perpetrators, some pigs literally going out of their goddamned way to do so.

Recall John Ramsey, father of JonBenét Ramsey. Mr. Ramsey was, for years, the number one suspect by most of the pigs occupying their donut strewn pigsty in Boulder, Colorado. Only after DNA evidence conclusively PROVED that Mr. Ramsey (and his deceased wife Patricia) had nothing to do with the death of his daughter, did they relent, without apology, of course – the lousy fucking bastards.

So much for the bullshit of “innocent until proven guilty” and other window dressing for the American police state. On a tangent, if a suspected individual in a crime is so goddamned “innocent until proven guilty” why then do the authorities JAIL practically all the supposed “innocent” suspects until their trial, in lieu of bail they cannot afford in most cases? Why, because innocent until proven guilty is a fucking lie, plain and simple. It’s time people realize that in any supposed infraction the pigs accuse an individual of, they are GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT, period. Conversely, if a crooked pig, or their facilitators, crooked, power mad, wealthy politicians, or perhaps rich Hollywood trash or famous sports figures commit any crime, it is often covered up, or the blame is conveniently moved to a lesser “patsy” type individual who cannot defend themselves. That is, unless the fucking bastards are literally caught with the blood on their hands, or perhaps not even then, as in the cases of dead, drunken, rich mick Senator Edward Moore Kennedy, or the sports figure/actor/nigger/armed robber OJ Simpson.

Returning to the subject of this diatribe, to make this long horror story a bit shorter, Elizabeth Smart, after having been held and continually raped for nine months at the hands of Brian David Mitchell, was finally freed from her captor Mitchell on March 12, 2003. This happened thanks to the determined actions of her parents and the laudable efforts of John Walsh, not the pigs, who simply sat there like drooling Mongoloid idiots with their fingers stuck up their asses. Christ only knows what Ms. Smart had to endure with regard to possible venereal and reproductive consequences of her ordeal; these facts have never been revealed, but one can assume they were graphic, harrowing and mentally destructive to the psyche of Ms. Smart. Nevertheless, in a rare positive observation on my part, Elizabeth Smart is either the strongest woman I have ever seen, or a goddamned good actress; only she knows.

With the two miscreants, Mitchell and Barzee, in custody, then began the farcical “mental evaluations” of these contemptible pieces of shit, when they should have simply been thrown naked into a pit containing several large, vicious, starving dogs, letting nature take its course. Alas, that did not happen, so, for years, millions of taxpayer dollars were wasted in the vain attempt to shepherd these supposedly delusional freaks back to some sort of condition to stand trial. Ugly Wanda Barzee, finally, after six fucking years of worthless “psychological tests”, forced medication and idiotic legal maneuvers on the part of her attorneys, was sentenced to 15 years for being an accomplice in the kidnapping of Ms. Smart. I reckon harpy Wanda should consider her circumstances and reinvent herself as a carpet munching jailhouse dyke, considering the only cock she’ll be getting will be in her dreams.

Moving on, the idiotic trial of clearly guilty Brian David Mitchell is still being conducted, for what reason, who the fuck knows. While his shyster attorneys attempt cunning legal legerdemain, e.g., changes of venue, mistrials, and other maneuvers simply meant to postpone the inevitable, Mitchell occupies himself signing hymns to his non-existent god, occasionally yelling at judges, feigning delusional states and other annoying antics too numerous to mention. Ms. Elizabeth Smart, Brian David Mitchell’s victim, is, of course, repeatedly forced to relive her horrible ordeal each time she is subpoenaed and again dragged into these torturous mockeries of justice, having had to record graphic testimony at depositions, along with attending competency hearings, the trial of dogface Barzee, shithead Mitchell’s ongoing trial, etc. How she can stand all this horseshit is totally beyond me; the broad must be fucking Wonder Woman, or perhaps has a vengeful streak a mile wide; if she does, my hat’s off to her. If she were able to smuggle a .44 Magnum into the proceedings and blow Mitchell’s goddamned head off with it, I would be the first to demand the case be treated as justifiable homicide, and that she be given a gold medal for removing that depraved piece of shit rapist from our collective presence.

All that said, if there were any semblance of true justice in this dying madhouse called the United States, such farces would not be tolerated – placing victims of horrendous crimes in situations where they have to relive the experience. Using a now politically correct term constantly uttered by hand wringing liberals like Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and programmed talking heads like Keith Olbermann and Katie Couric, I find such situations “offensive”. Further, if I had any say in the dispensing of justice for depraved bastard Mitchell and his ugly cunt wife Wanda, I would refer to the past penalties employed in the US for forcible rape and kidnapping, which was DEATH. Not simply wanting to dispose of them by simple execution, I would then refer to and take a literalistic view from the ancient Code of Hammurabi, and sentence both of them to death, using the same punishments that they put Elizabeth Smart through.

Let’s see how such a scenario would unfold.

Considering that both pieces of shit are obviously guilty of destroying Elizabeth Smart’s childhood, not to mention her fucking life, regardless of the probable facade that Ms. Smart publicly exhibits, no appeals would be considered, on the grounds of such appeals being a waste of the court’s time. Therefore, after sentencing, Mitchell and Barzee would be conducted, dragged or carried to the place of execution, say a 30 foot by 30 foot steel cage, like those used in a circus for lions, tigers, leopards or dancing bears. They would be unceremoniously dumped in the cage before a hand picked quartet of sadistic jailhouse rapists; a pair of musclebound homosexual butch john queers for Mitchell, and a pair of typical, garden variety heterosexual rapists for Barzee. The cage would be locked by guards; each pair of executioner/rapists would be instructed to slowly rape the condemned to death, in every way possible, without any penalty being assessed by the State against them for their duly instructed actions. After execution, the bodies of Mitchell and Barzee would be hauled away in a pickup truck, taken to a local pig farm and dumped into a mud, slop and shit filled pigpen, their disgusting remains to be used as sustenance for ravenous hogs.

That would be true justice for rape victim Elizabeth Smart; I’ll be back when something else about the insane asylum called the US rouses my ire.



Our Esteemed "Betters"

November 7, 2010


I will never cease to be amazed at the elitist arrogance of the contemporary “leaders” ruling this decadent, bankrupt pigsty called the United States. Not that earlier soft-palmed hominids were any fucking better, but some of these megalomaniacs make their predecessors look like the most benevolent leaders that ever lived. Such is the focus of this terse and vitriolic diatribe; while perusing the virtual dumpster of the Google news feeds over the past weeks, I recall several articles illustrating the detached, malignant narcissism and utter arrogance of the top-dog eightball, otherwise known as Barack Obama.

This inexperienced, condescending, fan-eared, smooth talking porchmonkey is so goddamned impressed with his own delusional self-importance and pseudo-intellect that it is beyond fucking belief. I’ve seen legions of conceited, self-absorbed assholes in my day, but I’ve never seen anyone more aloof and utterly in love with himself than Barack Hussein Obama. Rather than admit that he, like everyone else, is fallible, he chastises and berates his lowly “subjects”, claiming they simply don’t understand his grandiose, perfect vision of the world, blaming everyone, other than himself, for his utter failure and obvious unsuitability as a leader.

Case in point: Obama had the unmitigated audacity before the election to cynically pontificate that voters had become “irrational” out of “fear” and that they were more inclined to vote for Republicans because they were “scared”. Notice that not one bit of blame goes to him or his obtuse policies, as he is so much more intelligent, visionary and logical that the rest of we lowly, ignorant mortals. Evidently, according to this arrogant jig, the people should abandon their principles and embrace him as their true and only messiah – who will lead us to the promised land of milk and honey total bankruptcy. Really, who the fuck does this delusional, motherfucking bastard think he is – a fusion of Jesus Christ and Sigmund Freud?

Obama, the infallible, diarrhea-mouthed eightball, is never at a loss for words, even blurting out such lead balloons like, “We don’t mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back.” What a clueless, self-serving, verbalizing simian; not only is he a condescending sack of shit, without his teleprompter, most everything he utters is a complete fuck up, with worshipful sycophants in the media immediately going to “damage control” mode, telling everyone that Dumbo the top coon didn’t say what he actually SAID. I swear to fucking Christ, if I didn’t know better, I’d think today’s “journalists” graduated from the University of Goebbels!

That brings to mind an aging cracker broad named Kellyanne Conway (no relation, her clan hates sludge, even the mention of it). Not a bad looking bitch either. I’d drill her, but she’d say no, so I guess I’d just jerk off to a photo of her instead. That would be a chore in itself, considering I have arthritis and chronic gonorrhea. Anyway, in 2008, she was virtually crucified by the left-wing media as a “racist” for remarking, “This is what he’s (asshole McCain) doing behind the scenes now while Hillary and Obama argue about whether she should let him sit on the back of the bus of her presidential ticket, or he argues whether or not she lied us into war in 2002.” That aside for a moment, have you ever noticed that John McCain looks like the human personification of a gerbil?

Everybody and anybody in all forms of media vilified Kellyanne Conway as an “insensitive racist” for comparing the nigger politician Obama to the jigs ordered to “the back of the bus”, before the “civil rights” horseshit of the 1960’s. In another brief tangent, we never needed divisive “civil rights” legislation, that is if the governments of the various states actually followed what was already written in the fucking Constitution! Take time to READ the First through Fourteenth Amendments. I candidly submit that the tools were already there for use, without any further, pandering legislation being necessary.

Not that I have any real use for Republicans, which I don’t, but the glaring double standards Democrats have employed for at least the past two decades proves they feel exempt from their own implemented politically correct line, and dismiss the American electorate as a drooling cadre of fucking simpletons who will swallow anything these amoral, power mad rhetoricians say. On the last point Democrats are probably correct, sad to say, that’s what gives them the advantage over the silly, delusional fools who call themselves Republicans. Further, the ever so polite, idiotic Republicans never fight fire with fire, as I would do in taking them on, pointing out obvious corrupt, two-faced, lying charlatans like Obama, Biden, Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, and of course, the ever-entertaining, lisping cocksucker Barney Fag, oh, sorry, I mean Barney Frank.

Then we have Obama’s simpering, dimwitted sidekick, Joseph Biden, a brain-dead cracker loudmouth who looks just as fucking stupid as he sounds. When told of the disaffection of his party with the reckless policies of the head ape, this baldheaded white bread piece of shit told his lesser charges to “stop whining”. I don’t know how the fuck that pathetically ignorant, tactless, grade-A asshole was ever elected to anything; let alone making it to the goddamned Vice-Presidency. Go figure; I’ve seen turds often float to the top of a commode, I suppose that simple fact explains Biden’s success as a politician.

Whitey Joseph Biden’s clearly insulting remark toward his supporters simply proves the American people of any stripe are no more important to these elitist bastards, both Democrat and Republican, than common serfs – to be used, lied to, or even killed if any of us get in their way. Get over it, that is exactly how all of them look at the “common subjects” of this now terminal nation. Just ask Harry Reid of Nevada; the very people he loves to insult just returned his arrogant, elitist ass to the Senate, where he can continue to fuck the people and line his pockets with more lucre.

Sadly, reader, I submit that the United States of America, judging from the apparently incurable stupidity of the overall electorate, is getting exactly what it DESERVES.

Utter Goebbelsian Propaganda, Now Direct to You Via the Internet

November 3, 2010


Conway here. Gold, silver and oil are up, so is the Dow, the dollar’s wallowing at 1.40 and a bit versus the Euro. Just wait until the head sheenie Bernanke rolls out QE 2.0, after that, who fucking knows?

Wading through pools of hip deep bullshit on the Google news feeds, I happened upon a laughable article entitled “Six Terrorists Inspired by Fox News and Glenn Beck”, written by a hand wringing, four-eyed honky humanoid named Jim Edwards of BNET, an individual who seems more a legend in his own mind than anything else. I had never even fucking heard of this joker until I read his silly article, which was little more than supercharged liberal spin; his screed actually attempting to blame Glenn Beck and FOX news for the actions of a group of misanthropic criminals, some of them fiendish murderers, others simply having threatened mayhem, for which they too were prosecuted.

Now don’t be a bigoted ass and think I have any use for simpering Glenn Beck or the goddamned FOX News channel. Glenn Beck is a boring, fraudulent, “conservative” ACTOR who whines, cries and blubbers on cue, and FOX is a thinly disguised outlet for blatant right wing propaganda, albeit with damn good looking broads cast as reporters of a sort. However, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC, along with good old NPR, are government-sanctioned outlets for blatant LEFT wing propaganda, complete with woefully ugly broads cast as reporters of a sort. Further, like a distorted mirror of Glenn Beck, the old, wrinkled ugly cunts babbling on “The View” are programmed rhetoricians who constantly BLEAT the left wing line without respite.

As you can see, this invective filled diatribe isn’t even remotely starting off in the way you imagined. I have no use for fucking television at all and I avoid it as much as possible, due to TV being nothing but an electronic propaganda machine promoted by the all invasive government at large; a one-eyed, 24 hour bitchbox used to jam their slanted, subjective worldview down the people’s goddamned throats. Television, originally a device intended for the entertainment and education of the masses, has evolved into an Orwellian telescreen – totally devoted to brainwashing the addled populace with senseless, unimportant garbage like sports figures, the lives of airheaded Hollywood whores, their latest stiff pricked paramours, drunken, drug addicted, annoying “socialites”, and propagandistic cartoons for conditioning the kiddies. All of this trash is punctuated on occasion by slanted, editorialized “news” commentary made by overwhelmingly liberal talking heads like the dogfaced old cunt Katie Couric, stoic automatons like Keith Olbermann or self impressed shitheads like Chris Matthews, each mindlessly speaking the current government approved line in unison.

Have you ever wondered why the Federal government was so goddamned concerned that everyone procure a RF converter box so they could continue to watch TV after the digital switchover? They went out of their goddamn way to offer discount coupons for everyone, so their devoted lemmings could continue to be hypnotized by the idiotic flotsam floating across the boob-tube – with the head junglebunny Obama even extending analog television broadcasts for several months via executive fucking order!

Back to the obvious liberal hack named Jim Edwards, he claims that six “terrorists”, i.e., Charles Wilson, Byron Williams, Jim David Adkisson, Richard Poplawski, James W. Von Brunn and Greg Lee Giusti were inspired by joker Beck and the hot dripping twats on FOX news. I imagine the simple bastard doesn’t realize that everyone is responsible for his or her own actions; no, who am I kidding, he knows that all too well. He simply wanted to pull six loser cracker misanthropes out of a bag and depict them as “outcast whitey males brainwashed by shithead Beck and evil FOX news”. Yeah right; I submit to the reader that Mr. Edwards is little more than an amateur Goebbelsian propagandist intent on promoting the left wing worldview at ANY COST, even if it appears obtuse. Any motherfucker with an IQ over 85 should be able to see through such reaching, contrived horseshit; problem is, when the media endlessly repeats the same line, fools will undoubtedly become convinced of the validity of the lie, if only because they are fucking tired of hearing it.

Illustrating just how damn clumsy Edwards’ ludicrous thesis is, I can just as easily come up with six brainwashed individuals who were apparently inspired by the endless left wing propaganda uttered by Barack Obama, Albert Gore, William Clinton, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and NPR. Get this, these liberal inspired loonies and murderers slaughtered 31 fucking people, and wounded at least 32 more, a lot more than the paltry six killed and two wounded mentioned in Edwards’ inane, beyond the pale hatchet piece.

For your perusal, my examples:

1) Omar Thornton, a blue-gummed, nigger truck driver, blamed evil, monkey-suited crackers for his sorry lot in life, as is constantly repeated, endlessly, by left-wing media hacks on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and NPR. Omar, convinced of the utter validity of their heart wrenching reports, took matters into his own hands, killing eight unarmed honky “racists” and wounding two others in a fit of childish rage. He told the pigs over the horn that the “raciss” whiteys called him a nigger, so that gave him the right to kill all those terrible fucking crackers. Alas, the pigs disagreed with Omar’s observation, which probably offended Omar’s itty-bitty shitty feelings, but that’s another story. Mr. Thornton actually slaughtered all those hapless whiteys because his bosses caught him with his hand in the cookie jar, so to speak; he having stolen a case of beer, recorded on CAMERA, for Christ’s sake! Perhaps he stole the beer to impress his honky girlfriend that he must have hated so much, considering she was a “raciss” whitey and so forth, but that’s another story too. Luckily, this piece of craven, murderous humanoid shit killed himself after the pigs said they were coming to take out his murderous black ass, saving Connecticut taxpayers millions of dollars, not to mention saving the pigs some ammunition and bothersome paperwork.

2) James J. Lee, a crazy environmentalist gook that tried to kill a bunch of people with a fucking bomb at Discovery Channel’s headquarters in Maryland. Lee, originally an annoying, albeit harmless Jehovah’s Witness, had heard the dark Gospel of charlatan Albert Gore, a professional liar, whoremonger and non-scientist who thinks he knows everything about how to “save” Earth – by forcing people to pay HIM billions of dollars for his miraculous “carbon tax” credits. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and NPR evangelize the airwaves with the Good News of Gore’s Old Time Gospel Show, telling everyone the sky is falling, day in and day out. Anyway, the “scales were removed” from Lee’s formerly blind eyes and he saw the light, making himself at first an royal pain in the ass for the folks at Discovery Channel HQ, and later a delusional, brainwashed maniac who endangered the lives of innocent people there. All of this terror occurred thanks to that wealthy, silver tongued, baldheaded FRAUD Albert Gore and his flock of true believers at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and NPR, that constantly promote his unqualified babblings as truth. Luckily, the pigs actually did something good for a change and blew that crazy, dour, slant-eyed motherfucker away, with no harm coming to his hapless hostages. His rapid removal from our inexplicable existence also saved Maryland taxpayers millions of dollars, though Lee’s antics did cost them the time, fuel and resources of the pigs sent there to kill him, together with the cost of one bullet.

3) Major Nidal Malik Hasan of the US Army, a batshit crazy Moslem raghead who worships shitkicker Allah, a non-existent “god” invented in the seventh century CE by a murderous, sandnigger child molester by the name of Mohammed. Shouting Allāhu Akbar and blundering around like the fucking Terminator at Fort Hood, Texas, Hasan killed 13 people and wounded 30 others, most of them unarmed due to a stupid goddamned rule on military bases (enacted under perjerous whoremonger Clinton’s watch) prohibiting servicemen from carrying sidearms on military bases. Anyway, this loony fucking raghead slaughtered whiteys, gooks, pregnant spics, and even wounded some jigs; it seemed that he didn’t give a fuck who he shot, as they were all “infidels” anyway, scheming, evil kafirs working for the “Great Satan” to defeat Allah’s minions. As the cyborglike Terminator/Hasan was occupied pumping slugs into another unarmed, fleeing soldier, a lady pig named Sergeant Kimberly D. Munley arrived and pumped a slug into Hasan, who in turn pumped three slugs into Munley. Then another pig, Sergeant Mark Todd walked in; together he and the wounded Munley filled Hasan’s rotten falafel munching ass full of holes. Unfortunately, the fanatical Islamic bastard didn’t die, but he is paralyzed from the waist down. As another example of pigs actually doing something good for a change, they did manage to stop Hasan’s murder spree, though I would reprimand them severely for not killing that sandnigger piece of shit, and my damning report of their combined dereliction of duty would go on their permanent records.

You know, I’ll bet that Moslem cocksucker would try to sue the pigs for injuring him if he could actually find a willing shyster to file the briefs. Major Hasan has yet to be tried via court-martial, though I don’t for the fucking life of me know why they are even bothering. Hasan the Fanatical Moslem Terminator is guilty as all hell; they should dispense with the court martial, tie an anchor to his paralyzed Moslem ass and throw him off a fucking bridge to drown.

Oh yes, and always remember, slackjawed lemming: Moslems are kind, peaceful folks that have red blood too, and only want to practice their peaceful, innocuous religion of Islam, as duly reported, constantly, by our truthful friends at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and NPR. Silly me, I guess that’s why Moslems kill people in the name of shitkicker Allah, because they are so goddamned, motherfucking peaceful.

4) Harlan James Drake, an utterly stupid looking, bearded, tattooed, fat tub of shit left-wing cracker from Michigan. He got a hair up his ass and slaughtered two people, one an anti abortion activist and another a businessman. Drake was “offended” by anti-abortion literature, you see; I suppose successful businessmen offended him, too. He was hunting for a third victim but the pigs collared him and dragged his lily-white ass off in a paddy wagon to the local hoosegow. Wasting the time of judges, jurors, bailiffs and lawyers, Mr. Drake was later tried and sentenced to life in prison, which is one hell of a lot better than the cold blooded executions he sentenced his murdered victims to. I say the pigs should have simply killed his worthless, fat, tattooed ass to save time and effort, but go figure.

Oh well, as people are evidently easily “inspired” by whatever they watch or hear, I submit that Mr. Drake learned to be offended and kill people for his being offended by watching endless hours of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC, or perhaps spent his spare time listening to NPR. These caring, left wing networks always tell the absolute truth you see, unlike the evil, uncaring FOX News, airing the tragic news of kindly, devoted abortion physicians and scores of nurses slaughtered every day in the United States by hateful, mean spirited, intolerant abortion protesters.

5) Reginald and Jonathan Carr, a pair of loathsome eight balls who coldly murdered five white-bread honkys of both sexes in Kansas. They raped, beat, tortured, robbed, and finally slaughtered their defenseless victims, apparently because Reggie and Jon were so motherfucking underprivileged, according to the empty talking heads depicted on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and NPR. These talking hominid savages are now enjoying their lives in quiet solitude on death row, which means we’ll be feeding and clothing their evil black asses for free – for at least 20 fucking years. I’ll tell you this, those murderous, monstrous moolies are getting a lot better than I’d give ’em – my duly adjudicated sentence for both would have been immediate DEATH by “justified buttfucking”, courtesy of triple life, musclebound jailhouse queers.

6) Rodolfo Godinez, an illegal alien mestizo greaser and MS-13 gang member, who, along with 5 other spics, murdered three hapless niggers who were simply minding their own fucking business at a schoolyard in New Jersey. This talking simian got 200 years for his manly act of hacking and shooting a trio of unarmed coons, which means we’ll be clothing and feeding his spic ass for free, for the rest of his worthless goddamned life. As he more then likely couldn’t speak English worth a shit, he probably only listened to NPR – in SPANISH, of course!

Liberals and their facilitators spend a lot of time intimating that conservatives are evil, jackbooted nazis, trigger happy gun nuts and honky racists from the fucking Ku Klux Klan, who are going to kill the wonderful liberals, spooks, spics and slopes, after taking them away to concentration camps at gunpoint. The devoted viewers of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and NPR are the gunmen WHO HAVE KILLED those with whom they disagree, 31 in all from the five murderers listed above. The silly gook Lee doesn’t count, as he only terrorized people, though he did threaten to kill them, much like several listed in Mr. Edwards’ article. (And note how it’s servicemen/women and monkey-suited crackers who are mostly taking bullets from the liberal media’s viewers.)

I’m not saying CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and NPR support cold blooded, self pitying, fanatical TERRORIST KILLERS, I’m saying CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and NPR INSPIRE them.



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