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Grasping at Straws

October 31, 2010


Hello again, and welcome to the wonderful world of your friend Conway. I’m a rather blunt, foul-mouthed and opinionated man that has no time for hypocrites, liars or zealots. As a true believer in the equality of man, all of the aforementioned simians disgust me equally. Most are employed in the time-honored professions of politics or the clergy, both groups no more respectable than the oldest profession, prostitution. Regarding them and occasionally other examples, I have an ingrained habit of calling things as I see them, and if any reader doesn’t my harsh and jaded viewpoint; the reader is free to leave anytime. The close button is by default located in the upper right corner, unless you are one of those types who fuck around with screen settings.

I’ve noticed since my last post that traffic has dropped off to practically nil, which was expected, considering those who actually live in remote places like Borneo, China or Madagascar have no fucking reason at all to peruse a terse and unforgiving blog exclusively devoted to the corrupt, dying insane asylum called the United States. Go figure, I suppose I’m no fun anymore for the overpaid, stoic, brainwashed automatons lurking at the FBI and NSA. I wager those conscienceless, zealous, squared-away freaks of nature would immediately rape and murder their own mothers if the head junglebunny ordered them to; they make past amateur psychopaths like Lavrenti Beria look like fucking jolly old Saint Nick.

Anyway, the pack of drooling, simianesque dimwits collectively called the human race never ceases to amaze me – when I think they have reached the ultimate low, they prove me wrong, time after time. Prince or pauper, gook, nigger or whitey, young or old, male or female, straight or gay, people never fail to sink to further lows when it comes to subjective, self-serving, argumentative rhetoric, even when such arguments fly in the face of glaring, indisputable facts, or are so utterly ridiculous that it is beyond comprehension.

For example, the sub-species of talking hominids usually referred to as spics are now calling the flaky Nevadan Tea Party twat Sharron Angle and her latest campaign commercial “racist”, due to the ad depicting undocumented wetbacks flooding in from Mexico as common criminals. Okay, let’s face the facts, people: Illegal aliens, whether they be spics, limeys, ragheads or anything else ARE indeed CRIMINALS. Therefore, the adjective “illegal” placed before the common noun “alien” is a proper and accurate phrase used to describe those foreign individuals who disobey American immigration laws. Further, most of them get away with it, as the US Federal government absolutely refuses to enforce immigration laws. They are doing that for three reasons, as follows:

1) Politicians (laughingly) claim they want to broaden the tax base, even though most illegal aliens pay little or no taxes, let alone make any goddamned Social Security contributions. They laugh even louder at us, knowing firsthand that many American voters are too damn stupid to even begin to comprehend the contradictory nature of such absurd statements. You don’t believe this? Well, I’ve conversed with several nitwits from both sexes who voted for a particular candidate because they were cute and nothing more.

2) Each major political party (Democrat, Republican) panders to these invading, illiterate, destructive beaners, so their legal allies and relatives here will vote for their party and put or keep them in power. Sitting outside a polling place and buying votes for hard cash would be more honest, though the pigs, acting on direct orders from the very politicians who bought the votes, would probably confiscate it from the voter as “drug proceeds” shortly afterward.

3) Politicians want the population of drones born here to be completely alienated and disgusted, and not vote at all. Cynically, they take into account that half of the population, like yours truly, don’t even bother to vote, as they realize their votes are as worthless as tits on a boar. Voters these days are little more than glorified rubber stamps voting in rigged elections, used to facilitate the personal agendas of a loathsome cadre of lying, crooked, power mad bastards who do as they please once elected anyway. Incidentally, the politicians and their devoted minions don’t care in the least if you show up to vote; they simply arrange to have someone vote for you, which in any other universe is called FRAUD.

It is plainly evident that politicians, just like illegal aliens, are criminals too; this observation includes “Tea Partiers”. That’s why I don’t bother to vote and haven’t bothered to for decades; I’d spend my time better pissing up against a fucking brick wall. Believe me, it doesn’t matter who wins, Democrat or Republican, “conservative” or “liberal”; none of them are any good, for the country or the people. All of them are the same, egotistical, greedy, power mad megalomaniacs; it seems that one of the most important qualifications for elective office is expert proficiency at unscrupulous lying. Once elected, regardless of any irrelevant, bothersome campaign promises, politicians do as they goddamn well please, filling their pockets while ignoring their constituency, fucking the very people who elected them.

Hey folks, I’m very sorry to tell you this, but that’s the way it is. So get over it, we are the lowly peons and serfs; they are our betters and masters. Digressing for a moment, it must be noted that one benefit gained by voting for and electing a maverick newcomer is that they haven’t yet forged the connections of corruption that makes being a long term incumbent so damn lucrative.

That brings us to the annoying, empty-headed asshole Keith Olbermann, spin doctor par excellence. He replayed Sharron Angle’s accurate commercial on his program, and afterward harangued viewers with his usual editorializing propaganda, stating that Angle’s ad depicted privileged, racist whiteys under siege by harmless, fun-loving spics that only want a better life for themselves. Frowning, squinty-eyed Olbermann then promoted the idea that Angle was “picking on underprivileged minorities” to win an election. Really Keith, what is so goddamned, motherfucking hard to understand about the word illegal when it comes to undocumented interlopers entering surreptitiously from a foreign nation like Mexico? As they are breaking immigration laws, illegal aliens of ANY type ARE criminals, period, just like politicians. There is no fucking way around it; such people enter the US by stealth (usually from Mexico), without visas, permission, or any sort of documentation. It goes on to follow that most illegal aliens entering the United States from Mexico are spics, and if that obtuse, pandering, four-eyed shit-for-brains Olbermann can’t see that, I reckon he should get himself another pair of goddamned spectacles. Conversely, in all fairness, perhaps Sharron Angle is picking on the wetbacks for some sort of kicks, though she is actually telling the truth and making others aware of the very big issue of illegal immigration and the problems it causes.

All that horseshit aside, none of it alters the fact that illegal aliens from Mexico, and Christ knows where else, are heading to Nevada and elsewhere in the United States, squatting, taking jobs and appropriating state benefits from those born in this nation. Or even worse, some wetback scofflaws and those like them are taking their already evident criminality to new heights, joining murderous, racist gangs like MS-13. Why? Why the hell not, there is strength in numbers you know; the money and perks are lucrative too. Gang recruits even get their own illegal automatic weapons, which are used to mow down rival gang members, rival drug dealers, nosy pigs, and the occasional innocent bystander. Other, more entrepreneurial illegals, once they blunder in, strike out on their own, employing themselves in the fine professions of dope dealer, home invader, fence, extortionist, car thief or pimp. When times grow tough for greaser crooks, some of them actually moonlight at making an honest living, disguised as construction workers, gas station attendants, stockboys or roofers, though they never pay any income taxes, which is also considered a crime. Still others, the “unskilled” among them, not knowing what to do, wander about the country aimlessly, raping, murdering, pillaging and plundering hapless people encountered along the way. Further, the vast majority of illegal aliens are spics; there is no way around that glaring fact either.

So, to any objective, detached observer, the above atrocious actions committed by the hordes of illegal aliens make the smirking mestizos referenced to in the commercial fair game indeed. Really people, Angle would have nothing to use against them if they simply stayed down Mexico way where they were born, rather than coming to the United States and fucking it up for the folks living here. Hell, the US has enough problems already (murders, rapes, robberies, no jobs, etc), without importing arrogant criminal interlopers from a shithole third world country. Putting the shoe on the other foot, Americans living in Mexico illegally are apprehended by the pigs, jailed, and (if they live through the ordeal) are deported back to the US. The government of Mexico, with all its myriad faults, does not tolerate its borders being violated by unwelcome invaders. That’s something the US Federal government should emulate, but never will, as long as corrupt, power mad crooks selling out for beaner votes have anything to say about it.

Anyway, a silly, beady eyed kike twat named Rachel Maddow stuck her hooked nose into the fray too, stating that Angle is a racist, and that she supports the concept of “conservatives” (whatever they actually are) taking up guns if the Tea Partiers fail to be elected. Yes, you read it right the first time, a cunning Maddow paints with a very wide brush, shrilly implying that “conservatives” were planning to take up arms against the head nigger Obama and his coterie of crooked cronies smelling up the White House. Her absurd synthesis: Angle supports the idea of armed insurrection against the powers that be, and therefore supports the concept of “illegal revolution”. So did President Thomas Jefferson of the United States, so I guess Sharron Angle is in good company. Guess what, you stupid hymie cunt, ALL revolutions start out as illegal actions, that is until they succeed, by forcefully removing the incumbent “illegal” regime. I guess it all depends one one’s point of view. Then, the “illegal revolution” magically becomes “legal” for whatever reason, and the former traitors who conducted said revolution are now identified as brave heroes for the masses to admire. Simply recall folks like George Washington, Maximilien Robespierre, or Vladimir Lenin. All of those men started “illegal” revolutions that ultimately succeeded, paid for with a lot of death, blood and destruction, for good or ill.

Even that fat, talentless wop piece of shit Joy Behar from “the View” had the gall to add her inane squawkings to the cacophony of bleating liberal voices, calling Angle a “bitch” and telling her to go to hell. Really, who the fuck does that ugly old bitch think she is? It’s none of her goddamned business, as she’s nothing but an ignorant, overpaid court jester loudmouth, and about as funny as a fucking rubber crutch.

Next up is a dead honky guy named Jeffrey Landrigan, a career criminal executed in Arizona last Tuesday. He and his mouthpieces, grasping at straws for anything to keep his sorry ass from being bumped off, questioned the efficacy of a dose of thiopental sodium procured from Britain, which was used to knock his murderous ass out before they killed him. Guilty of double murder, Landrigan’s unscrupulous attorneys whimpered like fucking sissies that if the barbiturate (thiopental sodium) was ineffective, he might feel pain from the potassium chloride used to stop his depraved heart or the pancuronium bromide used to paralyze his diaphragm. I sit here, idly wondering if Landrigan paused to think, even for the tiniest moment, about the pain he was causing while he coldly murdered his innocent victims. No, I think not, he was only interested in whatever twisted pleasure he obtained by slaughtering people, along with feeling sorry for himself when he was caught by the pigs, tried before a jury of his peers and sentenced to death by a judge.

The obtuse argument alleging that FDA unapproved foreign sodium thiopental may be “unsafe” is a clear example of his attorney’s employment of any method, no matter how ridiculous, to avert the inevitable, Landrigan’s deserved execution for felony murder. One, Great Britain is not a goddamned third world shithole that uses tap water for anesthesia, and two; the laws of physics are no different in Britain than anywhere else in the goddamn universe. Thiopental sodium is fucking thiopental sodium, everywhere, even in the Andromeda galaxy – should there be intelligent creatures there that employ it as an anesthetic or perhaps as a mixer for cocktails. Further, why in the fuck was this idiot Landrigan worried if it was “safe” – they were using it to sedate his ass before killing him! Even if it didn’t work properly, who gives a shit, no one would know but him and he was being executed anyway, in a much more merciful method than he used to murder his victims, I might add.

Jesus Christ, how corrupt the legal profession is when comes to the cunning legerdemain used to thwart the execution of a goddamned fiend. If there is an afterlife of sorts, Jeffrey Landrigan should consider himself very lucky that he died quietly in such a wimpy fashion, as this decadent pigsty doesn’t even have the cunt lips to execute people properly anymore. Lethal injection has too much detail involved in it – I’m of the old school, the electric chair, a firing squad, the gas chamber or hanging by the neck until dead is the proper way to get bumped off for capital offenses. Were I running this fucking joint, I’d have dealt with Landrigan severely, like having his miserable, screaming ass guillotined face up while fully conscious, or maybe by having him thrown feet first into a running jet engine. I wonder how he would have liked those fucking apples!

Now for a short redux on Juan Williams, the nigger fired from NPR simply because he uttered his opinion of Moslems on dipshit O’Reilly’s show. A blogger at the “Atlantic” did a hatchet piece on him, admonishing him for being “bigoted toward Moslems”. Well, guess what folks, Moslems are bigoted toward anyone who is not Moslem, specifically, “infidels”. Infidels are those individuals that do not adhere to a misogynistic, 7th century worldview, don’t believe in shitkicker Allah, or Mohammed’s prophethood, and wish to live their lives as they see fit, with or without other religious bullshit. Just ask any Moslem; if Islam’s hateful, mean spirited opinion of “infidels” and how to deal with them isn’t the very goddamned poster child for absolute BIGOTRY, I don’t know what the fuck is.

Oh yes, and a group of peace loving Somali Moslem fundamentalist swine executed a pair of teenaged nigger girls last week, allegedly for the crime of “spying”, slaughtered mercilessly by zeal driven psychotics, in the name of a non-existent thing named Allah.




Interesting "Stats"

October 25, 2010


Yeah, right.

Conway here, which shouldn’t surprise you at all, as I’m the only motherfucker who tends to this blog, a little island of utter political incorrectness, racial epithets, foul language, total irreverence, blasphemy, and bitter sarcasm. I sincerely hope that you find it refreshing or at least amusing, and if you don’t, well, you know what to do, as the fucking close button is located in the upper right corner. I really don’t care if superstitious, talking simians, usually referred to as people, find any of my remarks offensive, as no one asked anyone to come here.

I’ve noticed lately that every time I make a new post, I receive a nearly instantaneous burst of hits from the most disparate of places, e.g., China, Ireland, Russia, Kenya, Poland; a veritable plethora of non-sequitur viewers that make no sense to most people, that is unless you are paranoid, like me. I have a fairly good idea of whom it actually is, as proxies are readily available to anyone with even a remote knowledge of how the Internet works.

Considering that this blog is devoted en toto to incidents occurring in the insane asylum called United States of America, it would make very little sense for individuals from countries like Indonesia to rack up 40 hits, back to back, within 5 minutes. Same goes for countries like China, Kenya, Russia, Germany, Denmark, Finland, and South Africa.

That said, enjoy yourselves clowns, keep a watchful eye on little old me while your real enemies plot your destruction, right underneath your overpaid, obtuse, blind, brainwashed, politically correct noses.

Joseph Stalin and his NKVD would have loved you stupid bastards.

Disclaimer: The preceding message does not apply to those who just fall in thanks to an errant search engine, or repeat visitors who find this sarcastic shit entertaining.



Another LIE: America’s Supposed "Freedom"

October 24, 2010


Yeah, I’m here again, running my ancient, jaded, politically incorrect, filthy fucking mouth, sure to arouse the ire of most, the agreement of some, and the laughter of a few.

I read on Slate or some other such site that the Federal pigs are now monitoring sites like Facebook, My Space and Twitter, apparently because they have nothing better to do with their time, like say, fighting crime and real criminals. Remember folks, real criminals have no compunction about putting bullets in anyone who fucks with them, especially when it comes to pigs, and it’s much easier for the FBI to harass people who can’t or won’t fight back. That’s nothing new, as those stoic, monkey suited busybodies have been monitoring private telephone conversations for years, with or without warrants.

Regardless if a clueless, narcissistic, half-breed Marxist coon is currently sitting in the Oval Office, for the past few decades a totalitarian, security mad neo-McCarthyism has permeated the entire government, determined to keep the people under total control. Those behind this are foolish if they think they can actually preserve this dying mess, as all governments are eventually overthrown by those they seek to subjugate, one only needs to study history. Usually, insurrection is a rather bloody affair, with myriad casualties and atrocities inflicted on both sides. Often it becomes a war of attrition, complete with the accompanying destruction of infrastructure.

I imagine that the dutiful clowns at the FBI are obsessed with monitoring blogs as well, so if they are, they can deeply french kiss my asshole. What I write is what I fucking think, and it is based on the obvious truth of a totally appalling situation, though in some other dying countries the truth is no defense at all, namely Germany, France, and the Netherlands. In those places a man can go to prison for simply “offending” someone; the goddamn hand wringing faggots. Just ask a dude named Geert Wilders; he’s on trial for offending ragheads and “inciting racial hatred” in the Netherlands. It doesn’t matter if the interloping Moslem sandnigger cocksuckers are destroying Amsterdam and the rest of Western Europe by raping children, killing people and demanding Sharia law, the native inhabitants are legally forced to tolerate these savage pieces of foreign shit and not “offend” them. The same goes for the cowardly traitors running France, once lovely Brigitte Bardot has been arrested and fined for simply saying that France should be for fucking French people. And those yellow bastards running France have the unmitigated GALL to call Marshal Pétain a goddamned traitor!

What really gets me about all this shit is that America (and the Western World in general) is fast becoming more like something out of George Orwell’s 1984, on steroids mind you, only with a “smiley face” plastered over all of the draconian abuses, complete with hackneyed, propagandistic bullshit bleated by the controlled media about how “free” clueless Americans are.

Free? Sure, I’m free, these days I’m free to be a limp-wristed queer if I want, and blow on some dude’s meat whistle, though I wouldn’t make a very good gay guy because I happen to exclusively prefer women. Silly me, go figure, I like pussy – sue me. I’m free to have another fag’s boner stuck up my ass for a while too, but again, my hateful, bigoted, inflexible heterosexuality gets in the way of someone’s pleasure. Hell, I don’t even know how women can stand men, let alone other men; it must be one of those female things. Then again, if I were in fact a liberated cunt I could be a mannish lezzie, and I’d also be free to rip a fetus from my twat on demand if I became pregnant and didn’t like the idea. What wonderful freedoms I have; I’m free to have interloping foreigners who refuse to assimilate shoved down my goddamned throat constantly in the name of “multicultural diversity” and “tolerance”. I’m free to be a totally annoying asshole if I like and demand special privileges – for queers, or for militant atheists, or for fanatical Moslem shitheads, or for other such misfits simply out to cause nothing but trouble for everyone. I’m also free to fuck up other’s traditional holidays by stating that I despise Christmas, hate Santa Claus and loathe nativity scenes, like some sort of a latter-day Ebenezer fucking Scrooge.

Sorry Uncle Sam, but I don’t WANT any of those “freedoms”. Thank you anyway, but take them away and shove them up your ass sideways while you’re at it.

But, on the other hand, am I free to pursue everyday activities like perhaps smoking dope occasionally or snorting some coke if I like, on my own time, on my own fucking property? After all, it is MY body and my life, and my home is supposedly my fucking “castle”, so if I want to pollute it with drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or even fucking potassium cyanide, it should be my own goddamned business and no one else’s, period. Too bad they want to tell me how to live my own life in so many ways, and then tell me to tolerate other’s actions that are so goddamned bizarre you’d think such creatures belong in a fucking freak show.

That said, anyone who has read my terse diatribes before already knows how much I despise Moslems and religion in general, not to mention crooked politicians, but when the FBI begins tracking a Moslem raghead that was born here, who was not suspected of any fucking crime, even my eyebrows raise. For the record, his name is Yassir Afifi, and he found a GPS tracking device attached to his vehicle by the stealthy swine from the FBI. He then posted a picture of it on the Internet, not knowing what it was and looking for info on the device. Catching on fast and caught with their pants down, the Federal pigs confronted Afifi two days later, and demanded the return of the tracking device. Yassir Afifi was a better man than I am; if those cocksuckers put such a device on my beat up old clunker, they’d get it back for sure – in little fucking pieces.

Isn’t that nice, we now have the freedom to be spied on by the pigs and possibly arrested for no goddamned reason at all, other than for being “suspicious”, I suppose. No warrants are needed either, just ask the doddering old fools sitting on the Supreme Court. Remember Kathy Parker? I do, she was the honky broad who was accosted and persecuted in an airport last summer for the “crime” of having $8,000 in checks in her pocket, harassed for hours by jackbooted TSA pigs who had nothing better to do other than cause trouble for someone. When Parker protested about the pigs taking her checks, a smart mouthed pig replied, “It’s not your money”. Anyway, after the rubber hose goon squad was finished with harassing her, the checks were returned without apology and she went about her business, while the pigs went on to harass their next hapless victim. I sincerely hope with all my heart that smart mouthed, vicious, nazi pig bastard catches a hot bullet in his sadistic head from a real criminal. Further, I hope he survives the ordeal and is left a conscious, drooling, unspeaking, diaper-clad vegetable that lives to be 110 years old. I say fuck the TSA, fuck their unreasonable searches, fuck the airports and fuck their goddamned 30-year-old junk airplanes. If I ever have to go anywhere far from my hovel, I’ll drive my beat up old clunker, climb on a bus, or take a goddamned boat.

I can truly empathize with Ms. Parker’s reaction to a typical infuriating pig’s remark, as pigs attempted to confiscate my hard earned cash years ago during a traffic stop for a fucking burnt out tail light. For the terrible “crime” of having cash on my person, I was arrested by a smiling, abusive pig that accused me of being a “drug dealer”, after which they held me in a cell for twelve hours. It took me a fucking year and a pair of hook-nosed kike shyster lawyers to get my dough back, and only after I signed a document stating that I would not sue them for false arrest. Oh yes, and I had the pay the hook-nosed kikes a grand for their “services” – getting MY money back from the government sanctioned thieves who stole it from me. Hey, I’m not the only motherfucker ensnared by these modern day highwaymen with badges; this phenomenon has been occurring for at least the past twenty years or so. The Federal and State governments now employ freebooter tactics to literally steal money and valuables from people, due to the glaring fact that the government is quite literally going bankrupt. Oh well, so much for the fucking Fourth Amendment, yet another goddamned LIE.

Here’s a little background for the reader on the preceding noted abuses by the pigs, i.e., STEALING PEOPLE’S MONEY – incidents like these began to escalate when a goddamned piece of shit Republican millionaire President named George H.W. Bush decreed that any of we lowly peons found with more than $5,000 on their persons can be arrested and held for being a “drug dealer”, a “money launderer”, a “smuggler”, or whatever the pigs can dream up so they can steal money for the government – some of them even get a cut of the loot. It doesn’t fucking matter if the money was obtained honestly, the judge will cut you loose on a recog without formal charges and then the government will KEEP the money they took from you! They tried to do it to me, telling my shyster that my money was “abandoned funds” unless I signed a document waiving my supposed RIGHT to sue those cocksuckers for false arrest! As a consequence of that vexing affair, I now despise pigs and laugh when any of them are killed. I don’t vote anymore and I never will again, I rarely socialize outside those I truly know and I’m generally a stock trading, paranoid recluse who absolutely loathes what this goddamned place has become – a FUCKING JAIL, sans the bars. Don’t believe my words – use your fucking head and look any of it up. Sadly, most people choose not to fight these duly sworn, oinking pirates and they lose their confiscated valuables, e.g., their money, their automobiles, sometimes even their fucking domiciles. All of these abuses are sanctioned by an organized kleptocracy that makes criminals of people for simply existing, and creates a very lucrative method for the crooked pigs to line their pockets with LEGAL GRAFT. I swear to fucking Christ, if there is a god out there to pray to, I pray on bended knee that George H.W. Bush dies slowly of an excruciatingly painful brain hemorrhage.

So, reader, you still think you have freedom after all that? Well then – here’s some fucking freedom for you, or should I say “negative freedoms”.

Get this: You don’t have the fucking freedom to choose what kind of light bulbs to buy anymore, thanks to the control freaks in the Federal Government, and you don’t have the freedom to purchase an automobile that isn’t already fitted with federally mandated garbage to “protect” you. For your information, there is another “standard feature” that current vehicles come equipped with but they never tell you about: an onboard computer that informs the pigs as to whether you were driving recklessly or speeding when one of the tiny, ugly pieces of shit that pass for cars these days hits a fucking tree or something. In addition, you don’t have the freedom to ride your motorcycle without a fucking helmet, hell, they are now arresting children for not wearing a “safety helmet” when they pedal a simple motherfucking bicycle down the street! What’s next, you can’t walk down the street without full armor so you don’t skin your knees? Further, you don’t have the freedom to associate or not associate with people of your own goddamned choosing, and if you run any sort of business you can’t discriminate against whatever piece of disgusting shit decides to blunder in through your door. Freedom my ass; the cocksuckers running this place don’t even know the meaning of the fucking word.

Hey, don’t feel bad; normal freedom (like the right to be left the hell alone to live your life as you see fit) in the US is a thing of the past, thanks to the dimwitted American electorate’s utter stupidity – by repeatedly sending lying, power mad control freaks into office. For example, some FOX news nigger named Juan Williams doesn’t even have the goddamned freedom to express his opinion on the fucking fanatical ragheads, as this nation is apparently run by a pack of cringing cowards that don’t want to offend Moslems or their silly shit eating god! For the record, National Propaganda Radio, or NPR for short, decided to fire the jig Williams last week for talking with that idiotic mick Bill O’Reilly on FOX news about how he is unnerved when around sandniggers wearing their silly looking Mohammedan garb. No fucking shit; Williams has a BRAIN in his head, and he uses his reasoning to feel trepidation whenever he sees Moslem shitheads. Every time I see one of those fanatical bastards I expect a fucking bomb to go off in the name of that impotent, non-existent shitkicker Allah.

Hey folks, it wasn’t fucking Laplanders or goddamned Hottentots that destroyed the World Trade Centers in NYC, it was fucking MOSLEMS!

Back to Williams, you see, “freedom of speech” is a goddamned lie too. Go ahead, try to speak your true feelings on nearly any fucking topic and see how far you get. These days, it’s more like “You have freedom of speech as long as you agree with the contemporary mainstream politically correct line”. Or, when debating with brainwashed lemmings that swallow anything the government tells them, “You have freedom of speech as long as you agree with us”. I submit to the reader that the United States is becoming more like fucking Mao’s China or Stalin’s Russia every day, with the populace literally afraid to express their true views out of fear of being ostracized, fired or even worse.

That’s not the way this goddamned, bankrupt shithole of a nation was supposed to be, but that’s the way it is now. A few years back a dumb, potato nosed polock acquaintance had the utter stupidity to state that calling a nigger a nigger was against the fucking law! He also tried to admonish me that the common noun “nigger” was a racist term, and that “racism” was against the law because it hurt people’s itty-bitty shitty feelings. Stunned, I asked him where he had heard such obtuse nonsense. He stammered and said, “Well, it’s going to be against the law soon”, or words to that effect. That simple minded, idiotic ski blockhead was a typical, garden-variety, dumbed down, brainwashed American clown; no wonder this place is so fucked up.

See how much goddamned freedom you have when you try to defend yourself against an assailant. Five will get you ten that the pigs will arrest you for assaulting your assailant! I should know – I’ve been there. This place is BEYOND insane – five year olds are being arrested for “sexual harassment”, for the terrible crime of kissing another kindergartener.

End of diatribe, hope you enjoyed it. If you didn’t, oh well, click the fucking close button and move on, I don’t care.



Lies, all LIES!

October 20, 2010


Kindly old Conway here, once again posting my personal view of the world at large, complete with jaded and colorful commentary, guaranteed to piss off nearly everyone, and perhaps entertain a few.

I pass my time trading the bourses, and like to invest in oil, gold, silver, copper, uranium, and of course, sludge. In other words, REAL, tangible items that everyone wants for whatever reason, perhaps excepting for sludge, which, it must be admitted, has limited market value to most people. Looking at gold for a moment, why is it considered valuable? Who the fuck knows, but Karl Marx wrote that gold was the universal symbol of value in his book “Das Capital”. I guess I’ll have to take his word for it, and as long as everyone else on this tiny ball of rock thinks gold is valuable, I’ll consider it valuable too.

Anyway, the DJIA swerved, broke a ball joint, went out of control and hit a pole yesterday, closing down 165 fucking points, when panicked investors trading on emotions discovered that those sneaky, evil slant-eyed chinks upped their interest rates by a quarter of a point. “How dare they!” everyone shouted in unison, not stopping for a moment to think that the chinks do have a right to protect their interests. That small event led to a knee-jerk reaction in the FOREX market, with the dollar gaining like a running greased pig against the Euro. That in turn caused gold, silver, copper and oil to go over like a lead balloon, which in turn battered every fucking sort of equity that had anything to do with the above listed commodities. The precipitous drop in the Dow had the effect of sadistically adding salt to an open wound, causing BEXP to fall nearly a buck and SLW to fall two bucks. ANV lost a buck and a half. A pile of others fell on their asses too, copper producer SCCO lost well over a buck, various ETFs fell and small caps like EXK, UXG, KOG, TGB and HL all went into the shitter for the duration. I read yesterday that calls on Hecla Mining were way up on Monday; if anyone was stupid enough to hold calls on them today they got royally fucked, in spades.

Not to worry, the American dollar has been taking a gigantic shit for the past few months, which is a good thing for anyone who holds practically any position in the hard commodity market – or any fucking commodity for that matter, from sugar to sludge. With what’s looming next month, courtesy of our friends at the Federal Reserve, I venture the dollar’s newfound strength will be a rather short lived affair, and commodities will again embark on their collective quest for the moon and beyond. That is, with the odd exception of last Friday, when the dollar gained 100 or so pips against the Euro, moving like a bat out of hell, right after head sheenie Benjamin Bernanke stated that the Fed would begin a second attempt at “quantitative easement”. Usually, his obtuse and cryptic mutterings tank the Dow, and drive the dollar ever deeper into the ground; this time it didn’t. It’s supposed to work the other way around in a normal universe you see, the Fed gets involved in the market, the dollar tanks, and hard commodities rise like a bat out of hell. Go figure, the market does whatever it wants to sometimes, fundamentals, technicals, crystal balls and tea leaves notwithstanding.

So, what coming events will cause the dollar to fall further? Take your pick, unless the rest of the world decides to hurl their fiat currencies into the sea or the batshit crazy ragheads start World War Three in the name of a non-existent thing called Allah, the dollar is doomed. It’s this simple folks: The United States of America is very close to fucking BANKRUPTCY, and after that, inevitable default on our obligations, you know, like paying interest with worthless money on worthless US Treasury bills and such. When that occurs, any dollars held in your hand might as well be toilet paper, though they will not be very effective for wiping your ass. I wouldn’t put anything like dollars next to my ancient prolapsed asshole anyway, as I prefer to use pages torn from old phone books.

Why is the dollar in trouble, the reader may wonder? The blunt answer: Stupid, no, insane fiscal blunders by the Federal Reserve are exacerbating the decline of our currency. Sure, government deficits and trade deficits are a large part of the debacle too, but good old fractional reserve banking will cause the dollar to founder completely; it’s as if those stooge like nitwits at the Fed are drilling holes in the bottom of a fucking ship to let the water out!

I repeat: The dollar will sink, and commodities of all types will go through the fucking roof. Quantitative easing 2.0 is nothing but a fancy euphemism used to describe the odious task of “printing more money”, which is then used by the Fed to provide banks with liquidity, and to prop up the market by buying selected equities of whatever type. In other words, quantitative easing is literally legalized counterfeiting, with head counterfeiter Bernanke using the Fed’s endless amounts of paper funny money to keep insolvent banks open, and to purchase “valuable” derivatives like CDOs, CDSs, CMOs, ABCs, PDQs, and fucking XYZs, along with other worthless garbage like FMCC and FNMA, and maybe even goofy shit like MTLQQ or CCTYQ, all of which make fucking junk bonds seem like shares of Apple, Exxon or Google by comparison. After all, our good friend Ben Bernanke and his moronic cronies at the Federal Reserve only have to PRINT the money and PRESTO – they instantly have the capital required for any transaction, no matter how expensive or foolish! The best part is that no actual work, other than loading ink, paper and pushing the “ON” button to run the printing presses, has to be done.

Oh well, back to reality; those silly maneuvers will do nothing to solve the looming problem of US bankruptcy; at best it will only stave off the inevitable for a short time, eventually resulting in an inglorious depression that will make October 1929 look like campfire circle jerk. Once the shit hits the fan, the boys at the good old Fed will simply rev up the presses to redline and pour even more fiat currency into the economy, with the greenback finally becoming just about as valuable as a dollar from Zimbabwe. In case readers do not know, just 1 debased, copper plated zinc US cent will buy you $126,177,901.87 Zimbabwean dollars at the time of this post. Christ, the dimwitted eight balls running Zimbabwe make the krauts of Weimar Germany look like rank amateurs – in 1923 it was cheaper to burn paper German currency (the mark) than it was to purchase fucking firewood!

Unfortunately, the above scenario is inevitable, default and utter chaos, especially since the Federal and even the State governments apparently don’t give a shit if the US economy is destroyed, in fact, they are too damn stupid to realize the destruction they are causing. George Santayana once wrote that those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it, and I submit that he was absolutely correct in that observation.

Moving on, the latest Presidential idiot and his dog-faced paramour blundered their way into Ohio, evidently to propagandize their dour, demoralized Democrat troops. Obama, his malignantly narcissistic ego bigger than fucking Paul Bunyan’s blue ox Babe, condescendingly advised his awed, empty-eyed worshippers to “embrace change”, between repetitive bleats of “yes we can” from his audience of lemming like, dimwitted automatons. This megalomaniacal, fan eared eight ball sounds like a broken record – after stating that voters were “scared”, and “not thinking clearly”, he harangued them to do their very best to thwart the GOP (I suppose by voting twice if they can), so he can continue with his draconian task of destroying what is left of the economy. Really, who in the fuck does this aloof nigger half-breed think he is, Sigmund Freud or something?

Judging from his record and the evidence, I’d say the electorate is thinking very clearly indeed, and they see this inept jig for who and what he is, a Manchurian candidate so far to the left that he makes FDR look like a goddamn Nazi. This interloping shithead has had two years to show his true colors to the people, proving conclusively that he is no moderate by any measure of the word. Obama and his hairy knuckled goons have done nothing but make the economic situation worse; along with promoting a reckless, socialistic agenda that the people no longer want and probably never did anyway. Not that the Republicans can do anything better mind you, as they are as clueless as the Democrats are, just look at the dolt George Bush; it would take a goddamned, motherfucking miracle to save this dying nation from what is destroying it, as noted in the preceding post. Believe me, the RMS Titanic had a better chance against the iceberg, and anyone with an IQ over 75 knows what happened to it.



The Utter Absurdity that IS America

October 16, 2010

Conway here.

I’ve been rather busy with trading the bourses as of late, but have no fear, I’ve been keeping abreast of the inane dreck endlessly coursing past on the Google news feeds like so much raw sewage.

Where to start.

Well, a gray haired old kike named Lee Abrams resigned from the Tribune Company today over a silly email, with an attached “Onion” video, apparently sent in jest. Hell, I thought it was funny, but that’s me. Unfortunately, it seems that Mr. Abrams’ rather ribald missive hurt everyone’s itty-bitty-shitty feelings, due to some cunt in the video playing with her bare tits, so the powers that be cut off his pay and told him to resign. Really people, as if he gives a shit – I don’t think it will hurt Abrams one iota, as he is obviously well heeled when it comes to bucks, and he can be himself without a bunch of hypocritical prudes fucking with him. So, fuck them, he shouldn’t be around sourpuss assholes that have no sense of fucking humor anyway.

For the record, the “Tribune Company” is a bankrupt, lumbering, anachronistic media dinosaur, (print, TV, and so forth) wallowing in debt to the tune of 13 BILLION dollars or so. This outmoded, “employee owned” now useless failure of a business is supposedly “reorganizing”, for whatever fucking good that will do. Tribune has about as much of a chance of surviving as Underwood Typewriter or Baldwin Locomotive did. Due to that, I submit that the Tribune Company should face the music, dispense with Chapter 11, go directly to Chapter 7 and be done with it. In other words, they should simply roll over and drop dead due to the fact that no one in their right mind reads their politically correct, propagandistic newspapers anymore; people use the Internet today and know of current events before Tribune Company and other dying dodo birds like them can even put it to print. Hell, even television is becoming obsolete and is on its way out, unless it’s goddamn R rated, high definition cable pay-per-view. I swear, I wouldn’t invest in that festering pile of dogshit if they gave me the shares for fucking free, they’d have to pay me to take them!

On to other things. The laughable “elections” are coming up, so the stupid masses can believe they actually have a choice in what happens to this dying nation, when in reality they are simply exchanging one greedy, lying political criminal for another. Candidates, both Democrat and Republican, are dragging out every fucking skeleton they can and throwing mud everywhere. The Democrats are in really deep shit, thanks to the head eight ball Obama’s endless fuck ups. That obtuse, narcissistic nigger couldn’t run a goddamned lemonade stand, let alone an entire fucking nation; the evidence presented by history has proven that conclusively to anyone capable of rational thinking.

As an aside, HL Mencken said that one day Americans would elect a President they DESERVED and I submit they finally have, by electing an inept fool who is driving this nation into the ground. That dubious fact noted for good or ill, Democrats are taking the offensive when it comes to cunning lies and ad hominem attacks on their electoral opponents. Three glaring examples come to mind, Ex-Governor Moonbeam Brown calls his opponent Whitman a whore, arrogant Harry Reid calls his opponent Angle a “radical”, and Chris Coons calls airhead Christine O’Donnell a witch. Those examples simply prove that Democrats are much better at throwing mud and character assassination than Republicans could ever be, though when the tables are turned, Democrats whimper like schoolyard sissies and cry their opponents are “hateful” and “mean-spirited”. What a fucking joke, there is no difference between these bastards beneath the surface facade; all they are after is money and power.

Just open your eyes and take a damn good long look at what actually is IN Congress these days. There are crooks, cheats and undesirables of all kinds, scheming scoundrels who take payoffs, pass pork and write bad checks, dozens of drunks, coke fiends, cocksuckers, dykes, sodomites and assorted perverts, but I’ll bet not one of them smokes, uh, tobacco, that is. In other words, Congress is composed of a cadre of greedy, power-mad amoral bastards who honestly believe that following the blunt words of Niccolò Machiavelli is a virtuous act. Apparently, for them, “The Prince” is their version of the Bible. Further, these detached elitist clowns in Congress have their priorities so fucked up that they spend valuable time on frivolous issues like banning the use of “retard” for describing drooling mongoloid retards in Federal documents, rather than focusing on truly important issues like saving the nation and its citizens from utter destruction and chaos.

Now as far as amorality goes for the elitist swine ruling this dump, Republican or Democrat affiliation makes absolutely no goddamn difference at all. Examining our esteemed “leaders” sexual proclivities for a moment (those who have been caught, that is), insatiable whoremonger Bill Clinton was a Democrat Governor and President who fucked anything that walked, as long as it was female that is, and Governor Rudy Giuliani was a stiff-pricked hypocritical Republican schemer who fucked around on his wives. Yes, wives. Newt Gingrich was yet another Republican hypocrite with a roving eye who fucked around on his wives as well. The same goes for dripping dick Democrat John Edwards. Thanks to an uncontrollable hardon in his pants, he knocked up some dizzy broad named Rielle Hunter with a bastard child – while his wife was dying of fucking cancer! Some guy he is, real Presidential material indeed. Smiling hypocrite John Edwards has bad taste in women too; I’ve seen better heads in a bar – on a glass of beer. Further, when it comes to utter sexual perversity, both Democrats and Republicans are running neck and neck for the prize of “Cocksucker of the Year”. Just look at Barney Fag, uh, I mean Frank, a southpaw kike peterpuffing cocksucker whose live-in “boyfriend” ran a gay whorehouse out of his residence. And they refer to these overpaid, soft-palmed unethical creatures as “honorable”. Then we have Mark “holey” Foley, a queer Republican bastard who wanted to cornhole Congressional pages, in fact, he wanted to buttfuck a whole bunch of them according to the news. Oh yes, he claims to be a good Roman Catholic, as do several of the aforementioned hypocrites contained in this paragraph. And let’s not forget Republican Larry “the fairy” Craig, who played footsies with a pig, sitting on a public john while taking a shit – and he was collared for it.

In contrast, we now have the optimistic Tea Partiers, claiming they alone can fix this decadent, forsaken monument to abject insanity. An utterly impossible job, America’s too damn far gone, sort of like Ted Kennedy’s welcome glioma was. Try as he might, wasting hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of the taxpayer’s dollars on fancy surgical procedures, while pursuing a futile attempt to save his despicable fat ass, Ted Kennedy still croaked off from his glioma, chemo and gamma knives notwithstanding. I must say if there is a god out there, I should pause and thank it for removing that vile hypocrite from our collective presence, sending him to the bowels of hell where he belongs. That said, even if the Tea Party has good intentions, there is nothing they can do about the terminal case called the USA.

EARTH TO TEA PARTY: The United States of America is an utterly bankrupt entity, a gigantic, multi trillion-dollar version of Tribune Company, and it can’t be saved, period. It is like Ted Kennedy was – terminal. Please realize this and note the following insurmountable and undeniable facts.

1) Our manufacturing base is, for the most part, gonesville, and those left are outsourcing jobs to Mexico, China or anywhere else where the cost of labor is at least conducive to making a profit. They are resorting to such remedies out of sheer necessity, rather than going bankrupt from paying under worked, overpaid, drunken and stoned American union slobs $75.00 an hour to screw fucking lug nuts on with an impact wrench.

2) The nation has been fragmented and Balkanized due to insane immigration policies, for which we can thank dead assholes like Ted Kennedy, may he rot in his silly grave for all eternity. Certain areas in major cities are no-go areas for the pigs, as they are filled with interloping people who refuse to assimilate, and expect those born here to kiss their foreign asses. Examples are: Murderous spic gangs like MS-13, Koran toting Moslem ragheads who are “offended” if you even look at them wrong, foreign niggers who look down their broad noses at American niggers and everyone else too, along with pakis, gypsies, gooks from Southeast Asia, and who knows what the hell else.

3) There are no real jobs to be had, skilled or professional, nor will there be any in the foreseeable future, that is unless you feel like being a menial peon, working for a petty subsistence wage, slinging burgers for McDonald’s or stocking shelves at the fucking neighborhood Wal-Mart.

4) People are losing their homes everyday, and are destined to live in the streets, as they cannot afford to rent any domicile, because they have no jobs and no fucking money. Many are already in the streets mind you, though some of the “wealthier” ones are living in their cars, at least for the time being, until the pigs arrest them for being vagrants, or disturbing the peace, or picking their noses, or whatever else pigs use to harass those folks that have no defense against power mad, jackbooted thugs with badges.

5) Every goddamned malcontent with an agenda, from atheists to zoophiles, are clamoring for special fucking “rights” and preferential treatment over those comprising the majority.

That noted, the silly Tea Party hopefuls CAN FIX NONE OF THESE PROBLEMS, even if they actually wanted to. Only insurrection and a blood-drenched civil war will, if one wants to call the slaughter of millions and the destruction of infrastructure fixing a problem.

Oh yes, and some good news – the Chilean miners were rescued.

Fred Phelps, Funerals, Faggots and Free Speech

October 8, 2010


Conway here, hello to you.

Perusing the nauseating flotsam over the Google News feeds this evening, I scrolled along, stumbling across the “news” of an absolutely ridiculous case I have been following on and off for several years. After meandering through lower courts that reversed each other, it is finally being presented before nine old doddering, simianesque fools sitting on the US Supreme Court. I cannot believe that such an idiotic, open and shut case that would have been dismissed on presentation years ago has made it as far as it has.

What am I saying, considering that everyone has their fucking feelings on their shoulders these days, and are so easily offended by most anything, I shouldn’t be surprised at such utter nonsense coming from the gigantic lunatic asylum that has become the United States. The case has to do with the now endlessly changing concept of the right of free speech, and what constitutes said free speech in late 2010, CE. A clown named Albert Snyder and Fred Phelps, head religious idiot of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, are the litigants; Snyder the Appellant/Plaintiff and Phelps the Defendant. Now don’t jump to conclusions like a bigoted asshole and think I agree with Phelps or his idiotic religious fanaticism, but free speech is fucking free speech, period. This liberal concept is defined in writing, contained within the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, which guarantees the unfettered right of Phelps and company to utter their delusional dogmatic babblings, for good or ill. The First Amendment also guarantees the right to display the silly signs carried by Mr. Phelps and his moronic coterie of fanatical Christian loonies picketing military funerals, whether such placards like “God Hates Fags” or “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” are considered “offensive” by the simple-minded masses or not. Regardless of all that happy horseshit, the current crop of robed adjudicators, together with their their smart mouthed, monkey-suited shyster rhetoricians are now effectively splitting hairs, cunningly attempting to differentiate free speech directed at “public” individuals, from that free speech supposedly directed toward “private” individuals.

Yeah, I wonder what part of the phrase “free speech” is so goddamned difficult for these addle-brained, Harvard educated simpletons to understand? Free speech is and can be offensive speech, it also can be libelous or slanderous speech. Free speech can and does contain foul language or ethnic/racial slurs; it can even reflect hatred for someone or something, but is still free speech. Free speech is “Piss Christ”, and a picture of the Virgin Mary painted with elephant shit, as is an oil paint depiction of Prophet Mohammed sucking someone’s stiff dick, or a watercolor of Pandava Arjuna fucking his mother. Free speech and the exercise thereof can also hurt people’s little bitty fucking feelings, as when Bibles, Korans, effegys of Elvis Presley, or US flags are burned. Tough shit people, people have the right to their opinions, and to express them in whatever fashion they deem suitable, so grow up get over it.

I now submit to the reader that the United States of America is so completely fucked up that it boggles the mind. Whatever happened to the lofty concept of judicial impartiality? It went out the fucking window, perhaps 25 years ago or so, and subjective emotionalism went in, that’s what happened. These days, in such instances, idiotic judges make completely subjective, emotional, lame brained determinations regarding what they personally find offensive, their determinations glaringly contrasted against the concept of free and unfettered speech and the exercise thereof. The fact that an arrogant, superstitious, fanatical jackass clergyman like Phelps takes it upon himself to be an annoying shithead 1000 feet or so from some jarhead stiff being planted doesn’t mean that his fucking speech should be limited because someone’s little bitty “feelings” were hurt or offended by his obtuse remarks. That said, I reckon that Albert Snyder should grow the fuck up, dismiss Phelps as the Grade-A asshole that he is and be done with it. Snyder should be a man and consider the source, rather than trying to make some bucks off his late son’s demise by by suing a pack of annoying religious fanatics who don’t like limp-wristed queers, genuflecting beadrattlers, yarmulke wearing kikes and most everything else. Face it, the world will never get rid of annoying people of every type until the last human dies and the species goes extinct – it is time we realize that terrible truth and go on.

Anyway, over the past two decades or so the concept of free speech as defined by the First Amendment has been under assault by cunning bastards wishing to further their personal agendas and turn what is left of this nation into a fucking politically correct prison where all have to watch what they may utter. Such individuals, usually politicians and/or lawyers, employ nebulous terms like “offensive”, “mean-spirited” and “hate speech”, along with other shrill propaganda cleverly used to limit the exercise of the people’s right to express their opinions, and the right to speak out with regard to their opinions in whatever fashion deemed suitable.

A glaring example of this dreadful phenomenon is the now ancient case of Mike Diana of Florida, a man who simply drew various depictions of, shall I say, graphically unpleasant situations, to say the least, and distributed them in an self-produced comic book called “Boiled Angel”. For the terrible “crime” of drawing gory and disgusting pictures, Mr. Diana was first harassed by the pigs for whatever reason, and was then charged with “obscenity” by a prudish assistant state’s attorney named Stuart Baggish, apparently trying to make a name for himself. Adding insult to injury, Diana was actually convicted in a courtroom of “obscenity” by a totally subjective judicial shithead or shitheads; I have been unable to determine if the trial was conducted before a jury. On June 4, 1996, the conviction was appealed, and another adjudicating, subjective shithead named Douglas Baird of the Circuit Court upheld the conviction, he finding Diana’s drawings “patently offensive”. Hell, I’ve seen worse in old copies of MAD magazine or Sex to Sexty; such “convictions” set a very bad precedent for the future by limiting what someone can depict, using artwork penned or painted by one’s own hands. Don’t believe my words, read about this fucking guy, Mike Diana, he was simply an artist who drew pictures that a power-mad, judicial maniac, Douglas Baird, found personally disturbing. Mr. Diana’s appeal was rejected by this arrogant, zealous prick simply because he was “offended” while looking at them; in my opinion Baird isn’t fit to judge a fucking dog show, let alone another human being. Anyway, the robed megalomaniacs sitting on the US Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from Mr. Diana and the ACLU, and the conviction was allowed to stand.

Isn’t modern “justice” wonderful? Sure it is, and I’m the fucking pope.

In an upside-down world where words can mean anything the authorities want them to mean (just ask ex-President whoremonger Bill Clinton and his evasive sophistry on the meaning of the word “is”), it is not surprising that such occurrences are becoming commonplace in this dying nation. As another example of “subjective ruling”, according to the brain dead, drooling geriatrics sitting on the Supreme Court, it is now illegal to create drawn or painted pictures of nude individuals identified as “children” with identified depictions of such now defined as “child pornography”. That ruling is, to put it bluntly, insane, as they are only pictures or similar artwork created by one’s own hand, though I do agree (Michelangelo aside, of course) that those interested in creating or viewing such depictions are a few eggs short of a dozen. So what, everyone is fucked up in one way or another, it seems to be a necessary requirement for being considered human.

That idiotic ruling now in effect, I suppose the pigs, between beating prisoners, selling stolen drugs and taking payoffs, are now diligently searching the Internet for terrible websites containing stick figures labeled as “nude kiddies” and Japanese hentai anime porn, rather then going after real pedophiles, peeping toms, and other assorted perverts. You see, some of those folks shoot back, and they couldn’t care less if they shoot politicians, priests or pigs during the course of their insatiable sexual depredations. Further, it is much easier to arrest a 120 pound, 30 year old virgin geek sitting before a monitor in his parent’s basement, wearing coke bottle bottoms for spectacles, than it is to take down a horny, murderous, six foot four butch john pedophile armed with a .357 magnum revolver.

Even more ridiculous in the latest example of laws gone mad, i.e., the arrest, prosecution and conviction of children found guilty of the terrible crime of “sexting” each other, in which they send photos of themselves in the buff to their significant other (boyfriend or girlfriend, as such the case may apply) after which they are labeled for life as “child pornographers” and “sex offenders”. Don’t believe my words, look it up, apparently, the power-mad bastards running this fucking place are determined to turn the United States into a gigantic jail, and everyone, other than themselves, into felonious prisoners.

Hell, I remember years ago when a drunken, amoral, ex-FBI lawyer tried to convince me that money could commit a crime (see an earlier post in which I noted this). I said to him then he was fucking crazy, and he was crazy as hell, but if compared to the demented, power-mad loonies running this forsaken dump today, he would be the absolute epitome of sanity.



Advice for the Reader from Your Friend Conway

October 5, 2010

If I do have any regular readers remains to be seen, not that I really give a shit, as my terse diatribes about the folly of stupid, apelike humanity are my own; each one a seeming catharsis, posted for my own dark reasons. If any reader is amused or dismayed by what I have written, what the fuck, at least it has shocked you from your ennui and gotten you to think. If you enjoy what you read, that’s good; if you didn’t like it, I don’t really motherfucking care what you may think, and that’s the way it is.

That said, I intend to present on this, and perhaps other posts, a few of Conway’s tried and true methods for surviving (perhaps even living longer, and living better) in an insane world filled with hairless, mumbling, self-centered, superstitious, lying chimpanzees who collectively have no more intelligence than god gave a fucking goose, that is if something like god even exists, which it probably doesn’t, judging from the available evidence.

For example, tonight I decided to drive my beat-up old clunker into town to pick up some sludge for myself, along with a tank of gas for the thirsty clunker. As I was fueling my faded, dented, rusted out wreck, I was accosted by a wrinkled old honky bag who had a bizarre yarn to tell me. Detached and aloof when about town, I usually deliberately ignore most any bipedal shit factory who even tries to speak to me, but she was a persistent old bitch, her squeaky voice becoming louder. Finally getting my attention, this dumb, bothersome battleaxe stated that she had no funds available for gasoline and that her son was languishing in the hospital, adding that she needed to get there to visit him. I was told this obtuse fairy tale at 10:45 PM local time, long after visiting hours are over at any normal hospital in this fucking universe. Momentarily glancing at my timepiece, I surmised that her story was a bald-faced lie and she was simply trying to shake me down for some dough, probably so she could buy herself a pint of cheap booze at the liquor store just down the street. I stood there, eyes glazed, half-listening to her inane bullshit, and afterward responded that I carry no cash; whether true or not, that was enough to get rid of her annoying presence. Honestly people, what sort of dim-witted idiot that requires fuel for their vehicle drives to a fucking gas station with no money or credit cards on their person?

A cunning, lying panhandler too goddamn lazy to work for a living, that’s who. Hell, I’ve seen tons of ’em – red-eyed crackheads, strung-out whores needing a fix, drunken niggers loitering at a local 7-11 looking for another 40oz, all of them with hands out, asking for money – ostensibly for gasoline. I once asked a falling down, drunken jig with liquor on his breath where his vehicle was – he, barely able to keep his balance, replied it was at home!

This concludes lesson number one – on how to keep YOUR money for YOURSELF, and yourself only.

More friendly advice will be posted later, that is if I get around to actually bothering.

Tyler Clementi and Tolerating the Intolerable in the Name of Tolerance

October 3, 2010

Kindly old Conway here, composing yet another politically incorrect diatribe for the amusement of all, and the dismay of some.

Oswald Spengler once wrote that any culture has a lifespan, from birth and adolescence, to adulthood, decline, and eventual death. I submit that the United States is currently in the “decline” phase, rapidly heading toward the oblivion of death, and deservedly so. Either this bankrupt, decadent, police state mobocracy will perish by civil war, or its enemies will easily conquer it, as it is no longer worth defending by anyone even remotely capable of objective, rational thinking.

That brings us once again to the utterly ridiculous case of Tyler Clementi, a deceased, rotting, overly sensitive, budding fag. His case is a glaring example of the continuing, vexing phenomenon of virtually bankrupt cultural decadence, with talking heads from New York to Los Angeles bleating in unison that new laws are needed to keep poor little outcast queers from being “bullied” by their peers. For motherfucking Christ’s sake people, we already have enough fucking laws on the books, and all the goddamn laws in the universe are never going to stop people from teasing each other, hating each other, or even killing each other.

Please take note that limp-wristed Tyler Clementi apparently bears no responsibility for any of his reckless actions, from being stupid enough to allow himself to be viewed sucking dicks or getting his asshole reamed via webcam, to murdering himself via suicide, and that all the blame is apparently to be placed on a pair of teenaged pranksters named Dhaurn Ravi and his fun-loving partner Molly Wei. Really, if Clementi was so damn technologically challenged that he didn’t have the mental alacrity to turn off or cover the lens of a fucking webcam, he deserved what he got, even if the prank of Ravi and Wei was in incredibly poor taste. Adding insult to injury, this silly fairy then decided, “Nobody likes me, everybody hates me – I’m going out and jump off a bridge!” All because he wasn’t man enough to look at himself squarely in the mirror, admit he was a cocksucking gay guy, and then perhaps poke Dhaurn Ravi in the mouth with his fist and knock out a few of his teeth for fucking with him.

No, instead of a fairy standing up for himself, he took the easy way out and bumped himself off. Thanks to him, we now have a idiotic parade of opportunistic, pandering politicians, some of them queers as well, hand-wringing liberal commentators, overpaid and underworked Hollywood celebrities, and assorted faggots, dykes and other loudmouths all vying for their turn in the spotlight of absurdity that has become the United States. All are demanding that perhaps 10% of the population now receive privileged legal status (read special “rights”) over the rest of the population, all due to their clearly abnormal “sexual preference”, which will never be accepted as normative, ever, by the vast majority of those hairless apes inhabiting planet Earth. Most people are heterosexual, you see, and there seems to be in inborn revulsion of collective humanity to deviance from whatever norm evolution has established, for whatever reason. For example, most people don’t fuck their siblings, their parents, their children or other close relatives, evidently due to an unwritten evolutionary rule against inbreeding. The same rule goes for same-sex encounters. Such couplings, when viewed from a simple reproductive standpoint, produce nothing (other than the occasional orgasm), and are viewed by the majority either with silent, jaded derision or by a smaller subset of the majority with utter horror. Why horror? Who the fuck knows, that’s just the way it is.

Some political loudmouths are even calling for the prosecution of Ravi and Wei for “hate crimes” or for possibly violating girly-boy Tyler’s “civil rights”, whatever they actually are, which is now used as a legal catch-all for “When we can’t get them for anything else, let’s say they violated his civil rights.” Typical modern day, cunning subterfuge from a pack of amoral, power mad gangsters who are determined to turn the United States into a fucking jail, even if they have to slaughter every goddamned dissenting citizen to accomplish their draconian task.

Now don’t be a bigoted ass and get me wrong, I’m not and never have said that Ravi and Wei deserve to go scot free for their idiotic actions, as there are already laws on the books with regard to invasion of privacy. Therefore, for invading Clementi’s privacy, that is, viewing and posting a video on the Internet of him sucking dicks and getting fucked up the ass, they deserve to be prosecuted on that charge, i.e., invasion of privacy, and nothing more. The maximum penalty for this offense is five years in prison, and if that isn’t enough for the bastards running this forsaken dump to exact their pound of flesh, I don’t know what is. Hell, I wager those bastards would try to enact retroactive legislation against Ravi and Wei; trouble is, that silly US Constitution is in the way. Just give them time.

All that horseshit aside, the United States was originally founded on the principles of liberty, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Yes, somehow folks like Jefferson and Madison managed to overlook the rights of niggers, injuns, broads and crackers who were not landowners, but hey, no one is fucking perfect, are they, and if anyone reading this can write a better Declaration of Independence, Constitution or Bill of Rights, I invite them to take pen in hand and do so.

Anyway, the supposed interpretation of the Bill of Rights, at least for the past 140 years or so, is that all those residing within the United States have the same rights under the law as everyone else, regardless of station, race, sex, or belief. That may be the idealistic interpretation, but in reality, some folks have far more rights than others, especially if they are wealthy, and others have far less rights than others.

Examples of those who have more rights are those like the dead and decaying, coffinbound amoral mick, former Senator Edward Moore Kennedy, and currently incarcerated nigger O.J. Simpson. Other worthless garbage like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are also so much better then we common trash, as are the unprincipled criminals governing this dying pigsty. Those who apparently have less rights overall are those who use their hands for a living, which includes but is not limited to poor honkys of all ethnicities, niggers, spics and polygamous Mormons.

Yes, polygamous Mormons who fuck several women within their own domicile are definitely a group who have less rights than the rest of Americans, as they are constantly accused of the terrible crime of “bigamy”, you know, a man married to a bunch of broads. In a society where queers can marry, and the illegitimacy rate is well over 50%, why in the fuck is the US government bothering people who are happy within their arrangements of polygamy? Hell, there are whiteys, spics, gooks and nigger men who have ten kids by ten different cunts of every color, and no one says a fucking word, but due to the fact certain Mormon males are “married” to several broads makes it a “crime”, in fact, a felony.

I have always despised fucking double standards, even though they have been the norm throughout history. Enough of this, I must tend to more important things, like eating, sleeping, taking a shit or checking the bourses.



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