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Fishing for fairies who can’t fly in the Hudson

September 30, 2010


I just read on the Google news feeds that Kojak and his fellow pigs finally dredged up the mortal remains of Tyler Clementi from its watery abode in the Hudson River. It’s been a week since he offed himself by jumping from the George Washington Bridge, you see. I swear to Christ, his bloated, waterlogged carcass must look like an overripe melon and smell like two-month old hamburger sitting forlorn in a broken refrigerator!

That graphic depiction aside, can you imagine an open coffin memorial service in this case? The stench alone would be absolutely atrocious, not to mention the horrific visage of a pale, rotting, formaldehyde filled, partially crab-eaten and fish nibbled carcass, laid out for all to gawk at. Face it people, there ain’t any mortician, anywhere on this entire goddamned Earth, no matter how talented they may be, that are ever gonna be able to even remotely fix up the spoiled and disfigured remains of Tyler Clementi for mournful viewing at the local parlor. Take my word for it – he’s too far gone, as the old saying goes. That is, unless they go all out and create a waxwork dummy at the morgue, and then exchange it for a bloated, decaying, putrescent mound of partially consumed, rotting flesh that is in fact the mortal remains of Tyler Clementi. All that said, with regard to a future memorial service for Clementi, it’s hermetically sealed, closed coffin city, that’s for damn sure!

As you know, Tyler Clementi was outed as a limp-wristed fag by his playful, comedic roommate Dhaurn Ravi and his wacky sidekick Molly Wei. They, in their myopic, childish interpretation of “good clean American fun”, apparently posted an explicit video of Tyler sexually frolicking with another fairy, sending it out over the Internet for the entertainment of all. Really, I sit here wondering how funny Dhaurn and Molly thought it was when they learned that bashful, four-eyed, violin playing, skin flute tooting Tyler had leapt from a New York city bridge? I also wonder how funny they thought it was when his rotting carcass turned up today floating facedown in the Hudson, deader than bleached driftwood?

The damage done, I submit that young Tyler wasn’t man enough to stand up for “Gay Pride”, whatever that actually is, so he killed himself rather than face the off-key music of his budding queerdom. I can see it all now – “Tyler and Tony sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. First comes love, then comes blah blah blah…” Oh well, I guess Tyler didn’t remember the old aphorism: “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” I wager photos and videos don’t physically hurt anyone either, hell, all kinds of porn, bestiality, sex acts and nude videos, both consensual and non-consensual, are all over the fucking Internet, just ask Erin Andrews. Kindly note that she hasn’t killed herself over what a goofy perverted masturbator named Michael David Barrett did for kicks: playing with himself while filming her surreptitiously in a hotel room, parading about totally nude. Then the twisted bastard Barrett went even further, and had the unmitigated gall to post the video on the Internet. No, Erin didn’t kill herself for being humiliated before the entire world; she took the matter into her hands, called the authorities, and prosecuted the clown for invasion of privacy, getting her well-deserved revenge. I think gayguy Tyler Clementi should have taken the cue from Erin, and prosecuted Ravi and Wei for their stupid actions, rather than bumping himself off, which was pointless. Pardon me for stating the obvious, but I do feel that revenge is a much better alternative than suicide could ever be, as suicide is so deeply personal, not to mention absolutely final.

Good lord, what a whining, overemotional, immature pansy man this Tyler Clementi was, and yes, according to the law he WAS in fact a man. Get the fuck over it folks, eighteen year old males are considered adult men. My misanthropic heart of stone truly pumps gallons of purple panther piss for Tyler Clementi, or should I say his corpse; he should have tried being a goddamned adult rather than a whimpering boy in a cruel and uncaring world. I’ve been shot at and missed, shit at and hit, the pigs have fucked with me for years on end, and I’ve been called every fucking name in the book by my fellow man, and woman, mind you. Call me a thick skinned bastard, but I couldn’t care less about what anyone says or thinks about me, including any readers who may disapprove of my blunt vitriol spewed forth here.

Moving on, this dead, bloated, rotting, potato-nosed, four-eyed closet queen is enough to make a fucking maggot barf up its guts, as, judging from his actions, in my humble opinion, he was a sniveling coward and a common hypocrite to boot. Further, I’ll bet he used to schmooze about making girls with his friends in the dorm, all the while bed hopping with other gay guys between attending classes. Hell, look on the bright side people, if there is an afterlife of sorts, he’s in the loving arms of Jeebus, and has also removed his harmful, destructive carbon footprint from our tiny, overpopulated, polluted planet.

Anyway, according to current statistics from wherever, young queers (i.e., gays, lezzies, trannys, and other assorted oddballs) are four times as likely to bump themselves off than straight kids, probably due to the fact that they haven’t the guts to get it over with, come out and say they are in fact queers. So, rather than blaming themselves, queers, a de-facto oddity in a world filled to the brim with heterosexuals, instead shift the blame to “straights”, apparently so they can be a fucking annoying pain in the ass to the rest of the goddamned population. Really people, how can queers like this faint-hearted clown ever hope to be truly “accepted” by anyone when they skulk around stealthily, blowing folks on the side, and don’t even have the common balls to look in the mirror and admit they are in fact gay?

Now don’t be a politically correct, hateful bigot and think I’m picking on queers for even a second. I don’t give one fuck about them in the least, other than writing about this current dead fairy, as they’re evidently born that way. I candidly submit that nothing can ever be done about homosexuality, other than perhaps identifying and aborting fetuses so afflicted in the future, that is if a woman carrying such a creature chooses to do so, of course.

What my point is on this lengthy rant is that people of any stripe should simply be themselves, rather than pretending they are someone they are not. Such obfuscations are the very essence of blatant, all too human hypocrisy; something the apelike race of man has been expertly adroit at for untold millennia. Just look at our fucking clergy and politicians for starters, you know, the pious, queer, boy loving pedophile priests, along with the ever present, smiling, cap-toothed garden-variety elected liars, both Democrat and Republican, running this benighted dump like the anarchic insane asylum it truly is. As a citizen of this ongoing farce, the United States, always remember that they, our betters, are so much more worthy than we common, smelly, callous handed peons could ever be. Just ask Harry Reid, he’ll tell you so to your face.

Even nationally famous dyke Ellen DeGeneres is getting involved in this utterly ridiculous situation, running her mannish looking face on the boob tube. Strange, all the dykes I’ve ever met loathe men, be they gay or straight. Anyway, DeGeneres shrilly stated that four or so homos have bumped themselves off across the country in September, and that something must be done about it. Like what woman, suicide is already illegal, yet folks still kill themselves. Who in the fuck is actually paid good money to note and record such worthless statistics for the lemminglike masses to peruse? I say big fucking deal, people die everyday from self inflicted trauma, and if one chooses to be an outcast they are literally asking for trouble – human nature being as it is – herd mentality, plain and simple. The Japs have a saying: “The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.” I know the score, I venture this degenerate dyke DeGeneres wants to legislate fucking morality, whatever that actually is, in a dubious attempt to force people to “accept” faggotry and dykedom.

I wish you luck, vagina breath Ellen – your vision will never happen in any universe, specifically, the “acceptance” part of your obtuse and completely subjective “reasoning”. I submit that such draconian legislation (granting special elevated status and “rights” to queers, perverts and other assorted oddballs), if eventually passed, along with the other inane social tinkering promoted during the past fifty years, will ultimately lead to a vicious bloodbath such as the world has never seen.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I plan to sit back and laugh my ancient ass off when it happens, as I could have told all of you so beforehand.


So much for Gay Pride

September 30, 2010

Conway here, noting that current events and the reporting thereof have now reached the height of the ridiculous.

According to the endless, idiotic drivel drifting across the Internet like so many floating turds, disguised as actual news mind you, an alleged peter puffer with the likely name of Tyler Clementi bumped himself off over being exposed as a closet cocksucker via U-tube or some other such video site. This wop fairy, Clementi, was apparently a limp-wristed closet case, ashamed before his laughing peers that he was a young male who had an acquired taste for stiff seven-inch tube steaks, that is, he was a girly-boy that went for the dudes. Big deal, is this actually news? Really people, who motherfucking cares if the guy was queer; though nothing disgusts me more than a goddamned hypocrite.

Two idiotic, merry pranksters, Dhaurn Ravi and Molly Wei, set up a webcam surreptitiously so they could enjoy watching roommate Clementi moan in ecstacy while swapping spit, and god knows only what else, with another man. Kinda sick really, who the fuck would actually want to watch such a disgusting spectacle? It certainly says something for the voyeurs involved, Ravi and Wei, doesn’t it? Regardless of that, in a decadent, dying society where no one takes responsibility for their own actions, i.e., suicide, as “bullies”, Ravi and Wei will be literally crucified because a silly, despondent closet fag took a flyer from a bridge.

Looking at the scenario from another angle, if being queer is so fucking “normal”, why then was Tyler Clementi so mortified to be depicted “making out” with another man? Why didn’t he stand up proudly, throw back his shoulders, walk out of the dorm with a rainbow flag, and shout before all, “I’m gay and proud of it!”

Why didn’t he do that?

Why? Because queers and their allies make up perhaps 10% of the population at best, and society at large across the entire goddamned planet will never embrace homosexuality as typical, no matter how much propaganda masters state otherwise while trying to promote faggotry as a normative lifestyle. It would be very different indeed if 50% of the population was queer; I wager my one rotten tooth that no one would even fucking notice them. Alas, this unfortunate state of affairs will never change until Sol becomes a red giant and sears Earth to the bone, destroying all life.

So much for gay pride, I guess.

Oh yes, and actor Tony Curtis dropped dead yesterday, at 85 years young. My humble condolences go out to his wife and family.



Christine O’Donnell, Carl Rove, Bill Maher and a nation of fucking hypocrites

September 20, 2010

Conway here.

To say I am a mean, old jaded bastard is the understatement of the goddamned millennium, but current events are causing even me to take notice. I sit at my monitor, viewing current events via Google, amazed at the utter stupidity and blatant hypocrisy of my fellow man; seemingly a collective insanity is overwhelming the United States and much of the Western world.

The primary election victory of honky Catholic Christine O’Donnell in Delaware is a prime example of this phenomenon. Again, don’t try to get ahead of me or prejudge my stance like a typical bigoted asshole, though I do honestly believe the lady is a few cards short of a full deck.

Her opponent, an ancient whitey joker named Mike Castle, a “moderate” Republican (meaning in truth he is a liberal) has the unmitigated gall to be a sore loser and refuses to congratulate Ms. O’Donnell on her victory. What can I say; the man is an absolute shithead.

Which brings us to Carl Rove, an unrepentant, unscrupulous Republican with the ethical outlook of Machiavelli, and Bill Maher, a court jester, Moslem apologist and atheist kike. Taking Rove first, this hypocritical pile of shit states that O’Donnell is “unqualified” to be a candidate for the Senate, or perhaps any political office. Really, so Carl, how does one become fucking “qualified” for a political office? If they pass your subjective tests, I imagine – who the fuck do you think you are, some sort of god? In the past, all that was required is for the people (i.e. voters) to approve those seeking office via the ballot box. In other words, the fucking PEOPLE were the ones who decided who was qualified for public office, not a group of soft-palmed, sedentary, elitist swine like Rove.

Honestly, how qualified is that incompetent, malignantly narcissistic, nigger president occupying the Oval Office? Judging from the available evidence, and the absolute lack of progress Obama has made while in office, coupled with the widening racial divide occurring in this nation, thanks to him, I submit that Obama is no more qualified for office than O’Donnell, or perhaps even a fucking mongoloid idiot with an IQ of forty-two. That said, public office, and the election to such, is nothing but on-the-job training, with the attendant trial and error. Obama himself is proof of this assertion. Further, there is no field of study nor is there an internship program which can prepare any individual for “leadership” – not a fucking Master’s or even a Doctorate in “political science” from Harvard can prepare anyone for the responsibilities, and the pitfalls, of governance.

This brings us to Bill Maher, a word-twisting, smart mouthed, dwarfish, Moslem fearing, atheist kike “comedian”, who, in all honesty, is about as funny as a fucking turd in a punch bowl. This simpering creature, a glaring example of the non-plus-ultra definition of the term liberal, is determined to make O’Donnell appear as a fool (which she may in fact be), but the fact remains that it is none of his fucking business. It is the business of the voters of Delaware, and no one else. Anyway, dipshit Maher is doing his very best to fuck up her campaign by replaying some rather inane remarks she made on his utterly boring television show; especially regarding “witchcraft”, or as it is now called, “Wicca”. I wonder why this supposed atheist kike has such a problem with “witchcraft”. He claims to despise all religion, as I do; yet he sucks the ass of Moslems like the sniveling coward that he is, though will never admit. I wonder how he’d feel to have his head sawed off as an infidel like Daniel Pearl experienced, mercilessly killed by a group of bloodthirsty, chanting, masked Moslem savages? Really people, why is this dwarf kike Maher ranking on this dumb bitch?

According to him, O’Donnell is “unqualified”, whatever the hell that actually means.

Again, I ask, as with Carl Rove, who the fuck is Bill Maher to be any kind of arbiter for “Congressional qualification”? The true answer is that Maher disagrees with her politics, nothing more, and is using his constant exposure via the media to character assassinate her. Further, O’Donnell publicly states that she was interested in that particular form of superstition when she was a teenager. She’s 41 now and has returned to being a beadrattler who eschews masturbation. Why? Who knows, and who cares? So, what the fuck does her past “witchcraft” interests or personal views have to do with today, or her platform? Nothing at all, and even if she was still into Wicca or paganism, big fucking deal, the First Amendment specifically states that all Americans have freedom of religion.

Besides all that, Congress is already filled with an appalling roster of wasps, kikes, niggers, beadrattlers, silly Mormons, Mohammedans, lezzies, gangsters, cocksuckers, whoremongers, drunks, crooks, Prozac freaks and cokeheads. It runs the gamut – what possible threat could a lone witch be in a legislative body filled with egotistical, power-mad loonies?

Would I vote for Christine O’Donnell? Nope, as I gave up voting for anyone when Teddy Roosevelt lost his “Bull Moose Party” bid for President.

The Paper Tiger and the Tea Party

September 17, 2010

Kindly old Conway here, forlornly wishing there actually was fucking peace in the world, even though there isn’t and never will be, that is until the apelike human race finally dies out for the good of the rest of the universe, taking their silly, imaginary gods with them.

I’ve had enough of writing about cowardly Christian pretenders in Florida and militant Islamic cocksuckers in New York for the time being, so I’ll devote this hate-filled rant to the cowardly United States and the idiotic Tea Party – a group which is wasting their time in trying to save this culturally, morally and fiscally bankrupt dump of a nation.

Once upon a time there were three stupid American hikers, who apparently have much more money than fucking brains. They should have stayed home, or at least known better than to blunder about the blood-drenched, war-torn Moslem Middle East; their names Sarah Shourd, her fiancé, Shane Bauer, and mutual friend Josh Fattal. According to their story, they were hiking through Iraqi Kurdistan or some other shitty, religious fanatic filled, arid place, when they were captured and then accused of crossing into Iranian territory as American “spies”. Yeah sure, as if Iran has any fucking real “secrets” to keep. The backward Mohammedan motherfuckers state that the three fools were in the employ of the CIA or other such nonsense.

EARTH TO IRAN: You have no secrets, fools, atomic or otherwise, as Enrico Fermi, Robert Oppenheimer and Edward Teller INVENTED the goddamned atomic bomb in the United States 65 FUCKING YEARS AGO, before most of you assholes were even born! Physics is physics, Moslem dipshits, whether in Iran or fucking Borneo; you are so far behind the times that you may as well be fielding a ’47 Chevy against a 2010 Ford Mustang. You idiots may be fucking around with nuclear weapons like the silly gooks in North Korea, but the United States, Russia, China, France, Britain and Israel have and are capable of delivering much more powerful THERMONUCLEAR weapons upon your sorry, backward, raghead asses.

Anyway, for fourteen months these idiotic hikers have been detained by the “religious authorities” of Iran, which actually means “head Moslem group of thugs”, an ugly, rat-faced fanatical monster named Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the exalted leader of the aforementioned thugs.

As usual, the head nigger in the White House, Barack Obama, a malignant narcissistic pig who always has something to say about everything, licked Muslim asshole once again and said, “While Sarah has been released, Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal remain prisoners in Iran who have committed no crime. We remain hopeful that Iran will demonstrate renewed compassion by ensuring the return of Shane, Josh and all the other missing or detained Americans in Iran.” What a spineless, posturing, faggy clown, those Mohammedan bastards had better thank their non-existent god Allah that I’m not running this fucking place, as a very interesting thing would happen if I were.

Let’s have a look at what I would do.

The scenario would unfold with Dickhead Ahmadinejad having idiots Sarah, Shane and Josh in custody, stating to the world that they were “American spies”. I, smirking, would drop a dime and give Moslem thug Ahmadinejad a phone call. I would then proceed to tell this idiotic shithead of a “President” that if he did not release the trio of American idiots within 24 hours and see to it that they are escorted alive out of Iran, I would personally give an order that a 10-megaton hydrogen bomb would be dropped on Tehran, killing 8.5 million people instantly. You see, I’m a vicious bastard, and I don’t give a fuck, either. Death is death, whether by H-bomb or natural causes; we all die.

I suppose Dickhead Ahmadinejad, feigning bravery, would either dare me to drop a H-bomb on Tehran, or he would feign conciliation and attempt to proselytize to me about Allah and Mohammed, to either of which I would yawn and reply, “You have 24 hours to do as I request, Moslem asshole, fail to comply with my instructions and Tehran will become a radioactive glob of green glass; shove Allah up your ass.” Then I would hang up on him. The world would hold it’s breath, and liberals in congress would denounce me as something worse than Hitler.

Guess what – they’re right. I’d tell Congress to fuck off too, acting within the bounds of the Constitution, and 24 hours later a thermonuclear armed ICBM would be activated and leave its comforting silo in South Dakota or thereabouts, programmed to fly mercilessly toward Tehran, Iran. I’d call dickhead thug Ahmadinejad again, and state, “Alright, clown, a H-bomb is heading your way pallie, you have 15 minutes to comply with my demands. Give them up or I will annihilate your fucking nation.” Dipshit Grand Ayatollah Ali Hoseyni Khamenei would state that Allah (whatever that is) will grab the rocket with his “mighty hands”, and save Tehran. Sure – I think the Ayatollah has watched way too many Cecil B. DeMille films.

Anyway, thanks to intransigent religious fanatics, the city of Tehran would be wiped from the face of the goddamned earth, forever, thanks to me. Yeah, the prisoners would be annihilated by the H-bomb too, who fucking cares? Chinks and Russkis would call, and demand an explanation, to which I would reply, “If you want to start world war three, I don’t care. Launch your weapons, and I’ll launch mine, motherfucker, I assure you.” The Chinks and Russkis would back down in fear of a remorseless maniac like me, and Conway would be re-elected in a landslide in the next poll.

I really would do that; have no doubt whatsoever in your mind.

Moving on to the Tea Party, it seems that several candidates are making headway in their determined assault on the establishment goons currently running this dump. Some, though they have been winning primaries, don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of going to the House or the Senate, mainly due to the American electorate being so fucking stupid that it boggles the mind. Democratic doomsayers will run slanderous campaigns comparing say, Christine O’Donnell to Adolf Hitler, and other such tripe, which stupid Americans will swallow hook, line and sinker. If that doesn’t work, and those like her are elected to office, look for the inevitable “investigations of impropriety”, mysterious, out of the blue tax audits, or perhaps even assassinations, just watch.

Who knows, perhaps the head nigger will state there is a “crisis” of sorts, and call off the elections in the name of freedom, though all that will accomplish is to lead to a welcome civil war. You see folks, America is run from top to bottom by elected criminals, Democrat and Republican, at least for the past 50 years, and they will stop at nothing in their obsessive quest to control the population and turn the United States of America into a gigantic jail.

America: A Nation of FUCKING COWARDS

September 11, 2010

Hi, it’s Conway, the vicious, ancient, hateful atheist bastard who doesn’t give a motherfucking shit about what anyone thinks of what I write.

Turning to current events, doddering, dopey, moustached whitey Christian Terry Jones is currently blundering about the environs of New York City for whatever silly reason, probably a ruse to cover his cowardly, loudmouthed ass, as he hasn’t the rosy cunt lips to have a Koran bonfire down in Gainesville, Florida. I said he was a fucking liar in my last post, along with the two sandnigger ragheads, and it’s turning out exactly as I predicted it would, excepting for the interesting anomaly that Pastor Terry is not already dead from “suicide”, or words to that effect. At least not yet; give it time, perhaps he’ll jump off the fucking Brooklyn Bridge for the interest and benefit of all involved.

As an aside to the abject hilarity, nigger “Chief Ape” Obama continues to grovel and suck smelly Moslem asshole, stating that the ground zero Mosque “must be built”. What a cocksucker, that stupid nigger makes Bible-beating Jimmy Carter look like a fucking genius of epic proportions. Adding even more inane rhetoric to an ever-growing mountain of absolute, incredible absurdity, on and off dyke Hillary Clinton says that burning worthless Korans is “unamerican”, her words echoed by cowardly traitors Ron Paul and the feckless, plastic, media whore cunt Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin: Open your eyes and READ MY BLUNT WORDS, WOMAN – you are a cute, though absolutely idiotic goddamned MORON twat equipped with a very pretty smile, nice tits, and great hips; that said, shut the motherfuck up, you clueless, aging Alaskan bitch, and go take care of your drooling Mongoloid child for Christ’s sake! IT needs you! Hell, Palin’s drooling, genetic throwback trisomic Mongoloid offspring is probably more intelligent than she is, or ever could be.

You know, I actually considered voting for Ron Paul in the last election, though I ultimately said fuck it and stayed home, as a soft-spoken, uncharismatic jerk like Paul could never be elected in any fucking universe – even if the United States had been founded communist by an ancestor of Lenin. I must confess that I did like Ron Paul and his earlier message, but thanks to his latest utterings I resigned from his useless “Campaign for Liberty”, and I wouldn’t vote for that senile cocksucker even if he was the only goddamned option on the ballot.

Do any of you cowardly bastards really remember 9/11, you know, folks like Kevin Cosgrove, a devoted father and husband who met his horrifying fucking death on a telephone when the towers collapsed, or pretty Barbara Olson who died at the Pentagon, or the other 3000 unnamed goddamned motherfucking people who DIED thanks to that fucking piece of shit desert god Allah and his blood-drenched Religion of Peace, otherwise known as Islam?

Apparently not, I wager.

Moving on, now that bizarre, idiotic Mohammedan troll, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, duly sworn jackass of the country of Iran, is putting his goddamned simple, distorted, woefully ugly, weird looking face into the arena, uttering the abject stupidity that burning fucking worthless Korans is a “Zionist plot”, and that the swarthy kikes in Israel will pay for their “crimes” of “inciting Koran burning”, I suppose. What an asshole; the Hebes have hydrogen bombs, buddy – if this babbling Persian shithead decides to drop a primitive, 10 kiloton uranium fission bomb on Tel Aviv, simply for the hell of it, a pissed-off Bibi Netanyahu and his cronies will respond with a swiftly flying pair of 10 megaton “continent buster” style fission-fusion bombs, direct express from Dimona, which will proceed to erase the beautiful country of Iran from the face of the Earth. A fucking shame, but that’s the future, folks. Who knows, perhaps Israel will decide to be be merciful and simply drop 20 or so Samuel Cohen designed neutron bombs on their fanatical Moslem asses, killing all the people, animals and plants, but, on the “bright” side, at least sparing the usable land from being completely poisoned by radiation for centuries.

Goddamned, fucking stupid Moslem FOOLS – if I weren’t an atheist I’d swear that Islam came DIRECTLY from the flaming bowels of Hell, with compliments from Satan himself.



Who knows, perhaps you American idiots like the idea of your young daughters being FUCKED before puberty by PERVERTED OLD MEN.

Bad Comedy

September 8, 2010

In the ongoing, rapidly becoming completely banal, Koran burning horseshit story, I have been waiting on the edge of my seat with baited breath for loony Christian fundamentalist Terry Jones to put his money where his mouth is, and burn those fucking silly Korans he has amassed and get it over with. I wager he can’t and he won’t, as he hasn’t the cunt lips to do it, and the whole stunt was for publicity.

I must confess that it would give me immense pleasure to see Korans burn, as I thoroughly detest Islam, much more than I detest other religions, though I do detest all religions, from Animism to Zoroastrianism and any in between. Why, you may ask? I have several reasons, first and foremost of which is: Because none of them are true; this personal deduction arrived at by using Occam’s razor and simple logic. Further, man hasn’t the mental ability or capacity to envision such a theoretical being, or beings. As noted earlier, and from the available scientific evidence so far observed, catalogued and published, there is not one shred of credible evidence that any god exists, nor is there any evidence that angels, demons, or ghosts exist. Fact is folks, we live in an indifferent universe, sans god and his little helpers. No one fucking cares, no one ever fucking did, and no one ever fucking will – so, fuck it, get over it, live and enjoy your life. That’s what I do; hell, maybe Nietzsche’s eternal recurrence is the answer, who the fuck knows – I suggest you ask Stephen Hawking for his input.

Back to the debacle – supposedly, some interloping, Floridian imam sandnigger was making a deal with a fanatical imam sandnigger raghead residing in NYC, the stipulation of the “agreement” being that if Jones wouldn’t burn the stupid fucking Korans, they would move the ground-zero Mosque, hopefully to Venus, Mars or perhaps Alpha-Centauri. Pastor Terry Jones apparently bought this pathetic ruse like the gullible, foolish, doddering simpleton he seems to be, just like most modern day Americans are – dumbed-down, endlessly consuming, taxpaying, mindless lemmings. At any rate, Pastor Terry said he’d call off the Burn-A-Koran rally, only to retract that statement hours later, as the sandnigger in NYC pulled the prayer rug out from under him and said he would never agree to such a thing, and that Jones was an silly old fool, and that he’d better not burn any Korans on the pain of death. He also probably said, “Death to America”, and “Kill all Jews”, and “Freedom go to Hell,” and “God Bless Hitler”, etc, etc, etc… Typical, obfuscating, labyrinthine Moslem rhetoric – fucking Moslems are absolute crazy people, and they should be dealt with as such. Perhaps sedation with thiopental sodium and electro-shock therapy are in order for those misanthropic, misogynistic, childish bastards.

Now it comes to pass at this late hour that the Floridian imam bluntly states that Jones is lying about the “deal”, and Jones says both imams are lying about the “deal”. My take on the situation: They are ALL lying, Jones being the lesser guilty of the three obvious liars as he is not sufficiently educated or cunning to be considered credible before Joe Six-Pack and his hordes of empty-eyed, slackjawed American television viewers. That’s what Christianity does to you, I guess; I’ve witnessed myriad examples. “The Three Liars” – Moe, Larry and Curly. I submit that Pastor Terry is a fucking idiot: he’s been fooled by experts and caught with his pants down and his cock in his hand. He’ll either burn the silly fucking Korans on Saturday, or kill himself over the weekend (or perhaps he will be killed by someone employed by somebody high up – take a guess as to whom) and afterward dutifully reported as a “suicide” by the smiling media – my wager is on the latter.

Incidentally, one little item about Islam that feckless American nitwits like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Ron Paul, gormless twat Sarah Palin and a score of other “leaders” do not realize, is that, according to the Koran, it is perfectly alright for Moslems to LIE to “infidels” in the name of Allah, whatever that actually is. There you are – Moslems are born and sanctioned liars; I have had the opportunity to debate many of them from my atheist viewpoint, easily destroying their idiotic, superstitious assertions, finally having them get pissed at me and trudging off in anger. One told me that I HAD to believe in Allah. I responded to this fanatical, frothing-mouthed prick that I didn’t have to to anything at all, except for breathing, eating, and dying. Well, maybe getting fucked by a comely wench occasionally is a necessity as well; jury’s still out on that one. Anyway, the delusional Moslem idiot then had the unmitigated audacity to ask me what would happen to me after inevitable death, implying that I would be tormented for eternity in “hell” with Satan, whatever that is, and whoever the fuck Satan is. I smirked in disgust, narrowed my eyes and quoted Bertrand Russell to his astonished sandnigger face.

I’ll be back to add to this terse, hate-filled rant later; the bourses are calling.

Burn the Koran and fuck Allah!

September 7, 2010

Conway here.

In a hilarious example of a fragmented, dying America, a bunch of loony Christian religious fanatics hailing from Dove Outreach Church have decided to designate September 11, 2010 as “Burn the Koran Day”. Terry Jones, their pastor, is leader of the merry band of “Holy” Koran burners, for whom a permit for a Koran bonfire was denied by cowardly, politically correct assholes controlling Gainesville, Florida. The authorities there publicly state that such an event would be a “fire hazard”, or would “harm the little-bitty environment”.

Yeah, right, just how fucking stupid do you think I am? For instance, a Koran, like any other book, is made of paper, or perhaps parchment on occasion, and is no more a goddamned fire hazard or a threat to the fucking environment than smoldering charcoal briquettes with a pair of charred Porterhouse steaks, sitting on a Sunday afternoon barbeque in Jacksonville. That said; the REAL REASON for the authorities wanting to ban such a spectacle has NOTHING to do with ANY of the above. In reality, it seems glaringly apparent that our esteemed leaders are such wanton COWARDS that they cringe at the threats of a pack of loudmouthed foreign sandniggers, while attempting to deny the civil rights of their fellow Americans.

Typical, George W. Bush’s draconian “Homeland Security” Gestapo and the jackbooted nazi pigs residing at goddamned airports do it everyday, go figure. You know, drooling “security personnel” with protruding hardons feeling cute broads up and licking their fingers afterward. Not to mention their penchant for accusing certain folks who pass by with cash, or even CHECKS on their persons of being “drug dealers” or “money launderers”, along with other despotic horseshit cunningly designed to relieve American citizens of only one thing – their hard-earned MONEY. As a dying nation, the United States of America’s Federal Government has lately begun to resort to literal STEALING in order to finance their unbridled tyranny, in the name of freedom, of course. These days, they seize entire farms for one fucking pot plant, and steal expensive cars from johns who want to buy whores on the local strip.

I should know, I was once “arrested” for the crime of simply carrying MONEY in the 1990’s. A drunken, ex FBI lawyer told me that MONEY, an inanimate object, could actually commit a crime, even though I didn’t. I replied that he was fucking insane, and told him to go fuck himself and his cunt mother. Perhaps I’ll reveal more on that Kafkaesque debacle in another post; back to the matter at hand.

Now don’t get me wrong here regarding Dove Outreach Church. As an atheist, I despise all religions, especially Islam, though I must say that Terry Jones has more courage in his little fucking pinky toe than many of the hairless apes occupying America, and I greatly respect what he is doing – standing up for free speech, his beliefs, and the First fucking Amendment. I do think he is delusional for embracing idiotic Christianity, but I admire him for exercising his personal right to display his disdain and loathing for the ALIEN, blood-drenched cult called Islam. Go ahead; keep it up, elected American assholes. Feel powerful over your SUBJECTS, nay, invincible over them, and fuck with a tiny group of silly Christians in Florida, who, at least for the present, won’t fight back. Can’t say the same thing for the rioting raghead sandniggers you so fear, can we, you cowardly bastards?

Just give Pastor Terry and his friends time. They’ll see the politically correct faggots running this place as they really are, quickly change their Jesus loving minds and then it’s fucking curtains for such skulking traitors who appease Moslem barbarians like a goddamned latter-day Neville Chamberlain. I submit our entire goddamned leadership has proven conclusively that they have no fucking guts at all when it comes to the possibility of REAL violence – and they are literally asking for insurrection and civil war. I certainly hope they get and enjoy it; as for myself, like the mythical Satan, I will sit back and LAUGH at them!

Anyway, that’s the entire fucking problem with present-day America – it is led from top to bottom by cringing, limp wristed, cowardly pussies that don’t even have the motherfucking guts to defend their own culture and traditions. Even the U.S. military is getting involved now, with an obvious dhimmi coward named General David Petraeus warning that the batshit crazy Afghani Taliban will be provoked to attacking emplaced troops, apparently thanks to Jones and his cohorts burning worthless fucking “Holy” Korans, better used for wrapping fish than reading.

As if they aren’t already attacking you, you simple motherfucker; hell, they hang six-year-old Afghani kids as “American spies”, for Christ’s motherfucking sake, in the name of Allah! Hey Petraeus, you dhimmi asshole, why the fuck don’t you try to be a LEADER for a change and respond to their aggression by KILLING OFF those Moslem bastards, General DICKHEAD? Then you won’t have to worry about attacks, or is that too goddamned simple for you to understand? Come on, why don’t you grow a fucking pair, Petraeus, and start dropping lard bombs on those fanatical cocksuckers, and burying them afterward with hog entrails? That would wise them up fast! Oh, I forgot, according to the head nigger, you have to “respect” their little bitty SHITTY fucking “beliefs”! Ask any of them if they respect your beliefs, Mister Sensitive. I swear, current “generals” like Petraeus wouldn’t make a good bump on George S. Patton’s ASS, let alone Bull Halsey’s!

Even that ugly old fucking bitch, ex-hippie Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has come out against poor Terry Jones and his harmless, merry band of Floridian Koran-burners. I say fuck her and the horse she rode in on, the wrinkled dyke. No goddamned wonder Bill had that fat kikette Monica Lewinsky blow him as he sat moaning and cumming in a leather chair in the Oval Office. I swear, if I had the misfortune to be married to such a disgusting twat like Hillary Clinton, I’d fuck around on her too, with practically anything female, not limited to but yes, including lower animals! Just see how long Hillary would last under the Islamic Taliban! Not long, I assure you. The Koran says queers, infidels, atheists like me, twat-sucking dykes like Hillary, smart-mouthed cunts, and women who disobey their husbands can and should be killed. Maybe Bill should have made her WATCH as Monica did her thing! Hell, what am I fucking saying – she probably did.

Not to be outdone in the disgusting parade of pathetic examples of groveling dhimmitude before Islam, the ancient two-faced Janus residing in the Vatican, head pedophile Joseph Ratzinger, has also come out against burning the “Holy” fucking Koran. Some “christian” Catholic Pope he is, if he devoted more time to ferreting out child molesting queer priests among his flock, rather than kissing the asses of those whom Catholics usually view as Mohammedan heathens, he may garner some respectability.

As for Islam, I am sick and fucking tired of watching those seventh-century, murderous, superstitious, animalistic cocksuckers fuck the rest of this world up for others who simply want to live their own goddamned lives the way they see fit. Right now, the assholes in Iran have decided to stone some ugly raghead broad for getting herself fucked, after beating the shit out of her for allegedly showing her face in a photograph. What a pack of barbaric, misogynistic shitheads, those Moslems. Get this; a few months back in Iran they hanged a pair of queers in the name of their non-existent piece of shit Allah and his pedophile prophet Mohammed, for simply being queers! Now I may not think queers should be married mind you, but neither do I think they should be killed for sucking dicks, or lezzies for eating pussies; for Christ’s sake, queers are probably born that way! Whatever turns you on turns you on – who the fuck am I to say folks can’t be queers, let alone some dour Moslem shithead Mullah in Saudi Arabia with an agenda from his non-existent piece of shit Allah? Oh well, what else can be expected from a religion that was founded by a devious, murderous pedophile that fucked a nine-year-old girl? Goofy “prophet” Mohammed was nuttier than a goddamned Christmas fruitcake, hallucinating on shrooms, hash and god only knows what else, along with having constant epileptic seizures while babbling utter nonsense about a delusional creature he called Allah, floating up somewhere in the sky like the Flying Dutchman. Fuck Mohammed’s drug-addled delusions; like all gods, Allah, a creation of MAN (Mohammed, that is), is always invisible, and totally impotent to boot. I dare that piece of non-existent shit Allah to strike me dead right now; come on you impotent cocksucker! What are you so afraid of Allah – that little old me says you’re a fucking fraud who hasn’t the power to pull a sick whore off a goddamned piss pot? Oh well, I’m still here and writing viciously – I guess old egomaniacal Allah ain’t half as powerful as stupid, superstitious ragheads say he is – I could have told you that without even fucking looking. In fact, I’ll go further in this terse diatribe. If there actually is a piece of shit named Allah out there (which there isn’t) I’d rather go to hell when I finally croak off at oh, say 310 years old, rather than even be in the presence of such a disgusting pretender of a god; I would become severely nauseated in such a creature’s presence; Allah a literal supernatural syrup of ipecac – and then vomit up my entire gastrointestinal tract violently in his loathsome fucking face. After that, I’d whip out my cock and slowly fuck prophet Mohammed in his moneymaking mouth.

Meanwhile, the head nigger Obama, another dhimmi, has his broad nose stuck up an Imam’s ass, smelling his colon, ignoring the will of 75% of the citizens in this dying country, giving support to the ragheads who want to build a fucking mosque in the area of Ground Zero, as a SLAP IN THE FACE to America, and the 3000 Americans who died as a result of the fucking death loving “Religion of Peace”. Peace my cancer riddled asshole – read the fucking “Holy” Koran. Holy they say; they must be kidding. I have read that tedious, bullshit filled screed from cover to cover, all 114 Suras – the Koran is a disjointed book written by MEN, not any sort of god, filled with blatant contradiction, and not even worth the fucking paper it is written on. The Koran is littered throughout with hatred of outsiders, intolerance of other belief systems, misogyny, slavery, death for the most trivial of offenses; in other words, an all around hatred instruction manual – demanding as a point of faith the utter detestation and destruction for anyone not Moslem.

I cannot believe how stupid fucking people are today, especially Moslems – there is no such thing as god and there never was – at least not a “god” that man can perceive. We are too goddamned stupid to understand such things; it is absolutely beyond our ability to reason – for example, a theoretical entity or group of entities who actually created a 156 BILLION light-year wide universe, 13.7 BILLION fucking years ago. So, get real, get off the silly panacea of useless religion of any kind and get into horrible, disgusting filth; people might live longer, like me! I say fuck Islam, fuck Allah, fuck Mohammed, fuck the Koran, and especially FUCK AMERICAN TRAITORS!



Live Long Like Conway!

What a STUPID motherfucker

September 3, 2010

Conway here.

The day before yesterday I wrote of a clueless, socially maladjusted, antisocial, Jehovah’s Witness gook named James J. Lee, who was so goddamned motherfucking stupid that he actually believed Al Gore’s cynical, moneymaking lies. Lee’s dead – and he’s old news, though asshole Al Gore isn’t. Gore reminds me of Paris fucking Hilton, or Michael Jackoff, or fucking Sarah Palin and her silly slut daughter. Can’t get rid of them, ever, no matter how hard one may try.


Well, Al, if anthropogenic global warming is so fucking true – then why in hell are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and even fucking Pluto warming up? Same goes for Titan, a little moon revolving about Saturn.

Why, Al?

Pardon me, I momentarily forgot that you are NOT a fucking scientist, and have no knowledge of physics, and are generally an all-around, self-serving, smiling, politician jackass with absolutely NO credentials regarding science.

Oh well, Al, according to the learned postulations of accredited individuals who are much more qualified than you or I could EVER FUCKING be, our silly, garden variety, insignificant Solar System has left the comforting, insulating blanket of an errant dust cloud revolving about the goddamned Milky Way, exposing Earth and all other planets in our system to the full radiation from our star, Sol. Makes sense to me – in fact, it is the only explanation that fits the situation.

Don’t like that, do you Al?

Never mind that horny old asshole, Al Gore, a latter-day Elmer Gantry, disagrees with me and others – especially since all he is after is money, power, and CONTROL of other people, as all politicians, clergy, and PIGS are. I submit that Al Gore should have been a common, jackbooted pig, that way he could have satisfied his perverse desires by simply fucking with people at roadside stops or jail cells, and left the rest of we common trash untouched by his power-mad, abject insanity.

Alternatively, perhaps Gore should have been a goddamned Catholic priest, and simply fucked little altar boys up the ass, leaving the remainder of humanity to our fates, unaltered by his megalomaniacal desire for “greatness”. Nah – not horny, heterosexual Al, he would have fucked the nuns – have you ever wondered why the orphanages were between the monastery and the convent?

Did you know that one day, our mindless, type G2 star Sol will destroy all life on Earth, due to Sol’s increasing luminosity, perhaps a billion or so years from this moment? That is, unless Jeebus or some other mythical clown decides to come back and turn down the fucking thermostat, or, through the power of his mighty will, moves Earth further from the Sun.

I won’t hold my goddamned breath.

CRAZY ENVIRONMENTALIST GOOK James J. Lee dropped by pigs

September 2, 2010

Holy motherfucking Christ!

Seems the pigs actually did something useful for a change. That simply proves that even broken clocks are right twice a day – unless such devices are 24 hour clocks, and in that case only once.

You know, the above depicted cocksucker wouldn’t make a good bump on Wo Fats’ ass.

That said, this slanty-eyed, chink goofball, James J. Lee, was a shooting star of the first degree – seems he took Al Gore’s lies to heart and died for it, thanks to the pigs. You see, failed lawyer and non-scientist Al Gore doesn’t give one good goddamn about the fucking Earth, Global Warming, or anyone else except himself, just ask his estranged cunt Tipper – all he gives a shit about is fucking money and power, and apparently, feeling up young cunts in massage parlors. Stupid really, considering he’s a burned out old man who is going to croak off in a few years, leaving his ill-gotten gains to a bunch of greedy heirs who will fight over his remains like a pack of fucking vultures.

As a man, though I can’t say for other men, I’d love to feel up and lick off my slimy, cooze covered fingers after touching the tight, fragrant, juicy cunt of a fresh young horny bitch, she nude, spreadlegged and drooling for my attentions, id est, my stiff, dripping prick. However, unlike pitiful CHILD Al Gore – I know I’m too fucking old for such to ever happen. Al Gore reminds me of George Soudini without the bullets – the stupid balding bastard thinks he can fuck twenty year olds; just wait until he finally realizes that he can’t, and that his beloved Tipper is now fucking nigger Al Sharpton while laughing at him. Al will go off if he lives a few years more – perhaps killing a pack of young, smartmouthed twats at a club who told him to fuck off and die, as young females of any stripe are completely fucking disgusted by stupid old horny men who have the audacity to think they can get a piece.

Evolution has instructed them so, young ladies need hot, young, virile male seed from stupid young men to produce the next generation, so they can sue them for child support later. Humans are animals – if we weren’t, the species would die out in one fucking generation.

Hey – returning to horny Al – at least Tipper can cry out Al, while fucking nigger Al Sharpton, without being accused of fantisizing. Name’s the same, so what the fuck.

I’ll laugh, fuck you Gore, you lying, unqualified FRAUD. I’ll write of the misanthropic Chink Lee some more later today, or possibly tomorrow, or perhaps fucking never, as I have better things to do as of the moment.



"Pigdom" Redux

September 2, 2010

“Proud, Intelligent Guardians of Society”.

That’s what “police” (read pigs) like to call themselves, the cocksucking bastards, when they are actually “Perverse, Intransigent Ghouls and Sadists”. Pink Floyd put it best with regard to pigs in their album “Animals”, but I’ll leave that for some other time.

We now focus a pig named Alfonso Mendez, evidently a spic, employed by the NYPD, the most corrupt police force known to man, caught with his pants down and his dick in his hand, figuratively. Just ask Frank Fucking Serpico of the NYPD, pigs tried to kill him decades ago, due to the fact that his fellow pigs were even more criminal that the criminal offenders they pursued. Or did they, as payoffs were so fucking lucrative?

Anyway, seems that spic pig Alfonso, in his callous disregard for human life and insatiable love for power, allowed and apparently enjoyed watching a little girl, named Briana Ojeda, another spic mind you, die from a goddamned asthma attack. What a callous, criminal bastard, quite typical of pigs. I’ll bet he’s a good Catholic and goes to fucking church every Sunday too, praying to his non-existent god for dispensation. Get this – the debacle all started out when Briana’s loving mother, Carmen Ojeda, discovered that her daughter was dying of SUFFOCATION and needed to go to the hospital. Hence, she took it in her own hands to drive her offspring there, resorting to some, uh, shall I say, unorthodox maneuvers on her part, resulting in the sideswiping of a common fucking automobile. Who cares, life is more important than a fucking car. Dutiful pig Mendez noted this vexing situation while gassing up his pig cruiser, and went into full “pig” mode, sirens and lights blazing, afterward pulling Carmen over for terrible crimes, real or imagined.

Carmen attempted to tell pig Mendez that her daughter was in a life-threatening situation (read DYING) and asked him to perform CPR on her daughter Briana. Mr. Alfonso PIG refused, stating he did not know how to perform CPR, apparently enjoying the pain and suffering he was causing. It’s a goddamned wonder that he didn’t pull his dick out and start masturbating at the thought of another human suffering, like a typical hardnosed PIG. As a result, young Briana DIED, and supposedly is now in the loving arms of Jeebus, that is if you believe in such nonsensical garbage.

The dutiful NYPD has stated that pig Mendez will not be criminally charged, and has been placed on “suspension”. Typical – pigs can get away with anything, as they are the “good guys”. If today’s pigs are the good guys, I’d hate to see who the fucking bad guys are!

All that written, THIS GODDAMNED, MOTHERFUCKING, COCKSUCKING PIG ALFONSO MENDEZ SHOULD NOT ONLY BE FIRED, HE SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE! A young girl died due to his love for power, and desire to control other people. After conviction, he should be sent to prison so he can be fucked in his ass by jailhouse queers until he dies. I swear to goddamned motherfucking Christ, every time one of those jackbooted thug PIGS catches a bullet in their rotten, criminal heads, and dies from their injuries, regardless if the assailant is a criminal or not – I laugh like a goddamned jackal!




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