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Cops are PIGS

July 31, 2010

Conway here.

I have finished digesting the facts of an unfortunate incident that occurred nearly two years back when a whitey pig shot a nigger in the back, evidently due to the fact that the pig was a sadistic, criminal bastard, like most pigs are. Yes, the nigger was shot in his BACK, while lying prone on the pavement. This particular incident lends a hint of credibility to the assertion that, in many cases, niggers get the shit end of the stick. I’ll be the first to agree with them when it comes to the courts and the pigs, but it stops there when the niggers bleat that the world and every honky owes them a fucking living because some of their dead ancestors were slaves, held by slaveholders who died long ago.

That said, if niggers would ever study the goddamned history of the world, they would find that people of every color of the fucking rainbow, of all ages and both genders, have been slaves at some point in time. Romans (read Wops) held greasy greeks, frogs, pale limeys, swarthy kikes and redheaded krauts, along with the occasional nappy headed nigger, whereas Ragheads held other ragheads, whiteys of several varieties and niggers. Believe it or not, there were even Niggers who held niggers, and slant-eyed Chinks who held chinks, along with savage Redskins who held other redskins. I’ll save further commentary on that terrible fact for some other post, if I get around to bothering.

Anyway, once upon a time, some nigger named Oscar Grant, 22, a budding career criminal, having already been convicted of two felonies, and having served time in prison for crimes such as drug dealing, had been out partying, drinking, and doing drugs with his friends. Later, Grant is alleged to have been fighting with several others on a BART train rolling through San Francisco, on January 1, 2009. The pigs arrived, and arrested several of the perpetrators, which ultimately concluded when a pig named Johannes Mehserle (a whitey, probably of the kraut subspecies) shot the unarmed nigger Grant in his back as he lay on the pavement.

Then the pig Mehserle, like all pigs caught with their pants down, immediately began lying, offering the weak-kneed excuse that he thought he was using his taser rather than his gun, and that shooting the nigger in the back was an “accident”. Yeah, sure, in a pig’s ass it was an accident, if that oinking Hun swine couldn’t tell the difference between a handgun and a taser, he didn’t belong in a fucking police uniform. Indeed, why in the fuck did pig Mehserle think he needed to taser the nigger, as he was already prone on the ground and subdued? I’ll tell you why, because Mehserle was, and is, a sadistic pig that enjoyed harming others, period, I’ve seen it before.

Now for those who may be thinking so, the bullshit canard of “racism” had nothing to do with it; Mehserle was simply enjoying being a pig, i.e., a pirate with a badge. He was drunk with his power, and he was going to assert his authority over the nigger Grant, by ultimately shooting and killing him. I have no fucking idea what killing Grant was supposed to prove to Grant, as corpses are incapable of learning anything, but that is exactly what Mehserle did. Hell, a swift kick to the nigger’s head would have sufficed if Mehserle needed to prove how “powerful” he was.

Further, it is alleged by several witnesses (read other pigs) that the nigger Grant was calling cracker Mehserle and other pigs “names”, or was “using foul and abusive language” to quote esoteric “pig” jargon. I’ve seen that cunning ploy used several times. In order to exonerate themselves from any possible liability, or to bolster a case in court, pigs will claim that the suspect was “disturbing the peace” or was “resisting arrest”, or was “cursing at officers”, et cetera, et cetera, ad nauseum. I won’t get into the silly First Amendment implications with regard to “cursing”, as the goddamn First Amendment is crock of bullshit anyway, along with all our other supposed “rights”.

How do I know all this, you may ask. I am old, and I have witnessed such obfuscations in court myself, though luckily only as a witness to proceedings, not as the subject of said proceedings. When jackbooted, tight-lipped pigs fuck with me, it usually has to do with goofy shit like minor traffic violations, i.e., a bad headlight, thirty-two in a 25, perhaps running stop signs in my old junker or forgetting to signal, or other such money making bullshit utilized to fatten the state’s coffers.

Now, nigger Grant was no saint by any measure of the fucking word; he was an obvious piece of shit, a two-time felon at the tender age of 22, anyone who possesses a functioning brain can see the logic of that observation. Grant, a criminal, would have probably been incarcerated or killed sooner or later anyway. However, the pig that killed him for no fucking reason at all is a depraved, vicious, sadistic piece of vermin who got his kicks by harming or killing others. In other words, a typical pig.

Well, the nigger Grant was dead, and the kraut pig Mehserle knew he was in very deep shit for blowing him away. Like any pig caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he immediately switched from “pig” to “liar” mode, in a feeble attempt to cover his swinelike ass.

As an aside, lying seems to be one of the necessary qualities required for the profession of pigdom; a while back a pig took my license and registration from my hand after pulling me over. He afterward proceeded to scream at me on a rural road and then reached for his gun, as I had committed the terrible crime of having a bad tag light on the old junker that I drive around. I, naturally surprised at the pig’s aggressive stance, made no overt moves and kept my hands in plain sight, because the pig was completely crazy and out of control – a frothing mouthed, maniacal nut that belonged in a fucking rubber room.

I guess you had to be there.

Anyway, I suppose if the pig had shot and killed me, he would have then planted one of his “throwaway” weapons on my deceased and unspeaking person, and would have afterward “Sworn to God and Jesus Christ” before all who would hear that he was only defending his life as they planted my “criminal” ancient ass in the fucking ground for eternity. Like any hypocrite, he would probably attend church on the following Sunday, perhaps taking Holy Communion at the altar to show everyone how goddamn good he was.

Luckily, the insane pig paused after his idiotic peroration and seemed to realize the incredible stupidity of his actions. He quickly handed back my license and registration to me, grumbled “Have a good one”, and then sent me down the road without so much as a written warning. Who the hell knows why he behaved in that fashion – maybe he was passed over for a promotion at the pigsty, or maybe his cunt wife didn’t fuck him the evening before he punched in, or whatever pigs actually do when they “log on” as pigs. I have no idea; regardless of how they may do it, they seem to leave their goddamn brains at the fucking door before heading out on patrol.

Back to the nigger – Oscar Grant died from his wound at a hospital and was then planted in a graveyard, while pig Mehserle kept repeating that he had thought he was only using his taser. If anyone believes that, they’ll believe anything – you know, like believing in Santa Claus, or the Easter Bunny, or God, or the fucking Tooth Fairy. Anyhow, authorities tried this swinelike piece of shit for his crime on July 10, finding him guilty of involuntary manslaughter, and he will be sentenced to serve time in the big house come August 6. You see, they even grind up their own when it serves their agenda, as in “this pig went out of bounds, and he must be made an example of”.

Whatever, it’s all a crock of shit anyway, peons like us will never know the real truth of this or any other case, as in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

Hopefully, authorities will make a mistake at the hoosegow and put pig Mehserle in general population. There, he will be savagely beaten, passed around and fucked up his ass for a bit by musclebound jailhouse queers, and afterward killed, probably for the good of all involved.

Alas, herein lies the rub; you may think I am defending the nigger Grant. Not at all, he, Grant, due to his criminality, would have been killed or probably would have killed someone, eventually. Then he would have been incarcerated for life, dealing drugs in prison between fucking other men in the ass, and possibly getting fucked in the ass as well, who really knows? Grant’s death is no loss to mankind at all; in fact, his death probably saved other lives. Conversely, what makes me think that the pig Mehserle is lying, and that he killed an unarmed nigger in cold blood? Answer: His constantly changing story; an endless parade of lies, crafted to suit the situation, look it up for yourself.

I believe that kraut pig Mehserle is nothing but a common murderer who should be hanged for deliberately and coldly slaughtering an unarmed nigger, but the jury doesn’t agree with my observation. Call me hard-nosed, but that is how I see it, and I admit that I may be wrong in my judgment. However, now the goddamned Federal Government is getting into the act, wanting to charge the convicted pig with “civil rights” violations, filed under the dubious rule of “separate sovereigns” thus putting the pig Mehserle in double jeopardy, regardless of what those assholes may say. So much for the fucking “Bill of Rights”, I guess.

Regarding “sovereignty”, why is it that when the Federal Government chooses to, they can enforce clearly politically correct horseshit like this, but when Arizona, a supposedly “sovereign state”, tries to rein in some illegal criminal spics due to the Feds not enforcing laws already on the books, the totalitarian Federal Government sides with the illegal spics in the name of “civil rights”?

Why? Because, from what I have seen, their mission is to destroy the United States, by turning the population into controlled serfs. Flooding the nation with unskilled, uneducated, alien people from a different culture is the perfect method to achieve those aims. It is happening before your very fucking eyes, open them up. Really, those elitist bastards running this pathetic farce don’t care about niggers, or whiteys, or spics, or gooks, or queers, or the young or the old – they only care about themselves, along with their POWER and privilege.

I submit to you, the reader, that those soft palmed, parasitic fuckers occupying government at all levels are corrupt from top to bottom, and they should be removed from power by the people, using any means at their disposal. Hey, don’t think I came up with that idea; Thomas Fucking Jefferson did, so blame him if you like. Too bad the cowards in this dying society won’t do anything about the parasites running this place, hell, they won’t wake up until this goddamned joke of a nation is in complete anarchy.

Continuing with the case of nigger Grant, his relatives are hungry for lucre, out to have their palms greased, so to speak, to the tune of thirty million dollars or so. Yeah, they want to make some bucks from his death, and so does their greedy lawyer, licking his chops at a gigantic payout. Their lawyer, a clown named Burris, will get a quarter of the proceeds if the case is settled out of court, and a third of the dough if it goes to court. Everybody wins, you see, except for the dead nigger Oscar. Sure, they deserve something for their loss, but not that kind of money. Five million would do. Yes, the convicted pig Mehserle loses too, but he brought that egregious loss upon himself, by coldly killing a restrained, unarmed nigger lying prone on the ground.

Whatever they get, thirty million or five million, I submit bucks won’t help the dead nigger Oscar though, as he quietly rots in his grave, forever, now will it?

Really, what the hell kind of name is Oscar, anyway?




Everyone has the right to be a racist part 2

July 23, 2010

Conway here.

Last time I wrote of a bunch of silly niggers in the NAACP that were pissed off at a bunch of whiteys in the fucking useless Tea Party, the niggers of NAACP calling the Tea Party whiteys “racists” in order to intimidate them. Their cunning tactic seems to have worked, as whiteys these days are sniveling cowards and are getting exactly what they deserve. Teapartiers are little more than hand-wringing, guilt-ridden honky faggots who refuse to stand up for their rights. Evolution will deal with crackers, an absolute failure of natural selection, as those who refuse to defend and promote their kind will die out, and deservedly so.

Example: Rather than telling the NAACP niggers to fuck off and die, the Teapartiers immediately turned on their own kind, and threw out several other whiteys for the unforgivable crime of voicing their true opinions. So much for the fucking First Amendment, I guess. What about “tolerance of dissent”? Oh, I’m sorry, that only works for those who want “diversity”, another code word to disarm guilt ridden, stupid crackers.

Yeah, right, diversity is our strength, and I’m the fucking Pope.

I’ll bet the NAACP coons laughed their black asses off at the stupid infighting Tea Party whiteys, having sent hapless crackers at each other’s throats, which was exactly what the niggers intended to accomplish. I laughed with them; a brilliant ploy; it paid off handsomely. A lot of folks say niggers are stupid; I say whiteys are stupid, for falling for such a contrived ruse, the canard of “racism”.

All that aside, I recall having written of a Congressional asshole years back who said that he looked forward to a time when the race of man was a “delightful shade of tan” or words to that effect. Alright, let us assume that all humans in a future time will be a delightful shade of tan, or maybe even fucking green. Reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode starring Walter Matthau, but I’ll leave that for another time.

Okay, for the sake of argument, everybody on the entire fucking planet looks like Walter Matthau, male or female, young or old, gay or straight, religious or irreligious, liberal or conservative. In other words, all humans look like a dour, cynical, big nosed kike, excepting that their skin is green or maybe even fucking purple. Everyone will now get along and love one another, right?


Captain Kirk and Mister Spock couldn’t tell Bele or Loki from each other, until Bele said at a conference, “I am white on the right side.” Hell, it barely dawned on them then. I guess Kirk and Spock were fucking stupid, or Gene Roddenberry was an idealistic dreamer, his head in the clouds. Both needed a better scriptwriter if you ask me, someone to balance the opposing points of view; in the end I agreed with Bele’s position, which I am loathe to admit, but the episode left me no choice.

Returning to the scenario, though future humans may look like Walter Matthau and appear the same to an outside observer – everyone is still different. I will now dispense with the Walter Matthau analogy, as it is becoming fucking tedious for me, and quickly would for the reader; hence, I will use the word “human” to describe the future talking simian assholes who look alike and are of the same physical appearance and color.

Aside from appearing alike, human nature would be the same; there would be a myriad of differences below the physical level that would continue to cause conflict. There would be male and female humans, a source of conflict in gender, as there would be young and old humans, another source of conflict with regard to age. There would be gay humans, and straight ones, as well as “switchhitters”, with conflicts between all. There would be religious humans, and irreligious humans, yet another source of conflict, as there would be conservative and liberal humans, adding even more fuel to the fire.

There would even be bizarre combinations based on the above – like an old, male, gay, conservative, religious human, or a young, female, gay, conservative, irreligious human. Or even a young, male, straight, liberal, religious human, or the converse, and so forth, as so the theory goes, ad infinitum. All differences would cause conflict, i.e., hatred, murder, war, destruction, atrocities, genocide, et cetera.

And all participants would all appear the same to an outside, objective observer. I needn’t give examples other than the following:

Subject one, an old, male, gay, conservative human, is running the beautiful country of Shitland, founded by his father’s father’s fathers. He, Shitland’s Glorious Leader, is very religious, and worships wax fruit and the attending god of said wax fruit. Subject one is appalled that Subject Two, a young, female, straight, liberal human President of the nation of Pissland, the daughter of a whore, made a speech insulting Shitland yesterday, calling glorious leader’s wax fruit god a farce, and that there is no such thing as fucking god anyway.

Remember, everyone looks the same; there are no crackers, niggers, gooks, spicks or injuns. Both powers, Shitland and Pissland, are nuclear armed, with missiles facing each other. The people of Pissland, unlike today’s whiteys, are proud of their nation and don’t give a flying fuck what the lowly inhabitants of Shitland think of them, and vice-versa.

Shitland’s ambassador demands an apology from the leader of Pissland. Pissland’s angry leader says, during thunderous applause from her followers, “Fuck off Shitland, your god and your leader licks my pussy.”

Glorious Leader responds with, “Fuck her, I’m gay and I like to suck dicks, and fuck that homophobic racist facist, capitalist communist bitch, and I would never lick her disgusting pussy if she were the last sex partner on earth!” His remarks are also greeted by thunderous applause in the Hall of Shitland.

Ambassadors from both nations are recalled immediately, and the world waits in apprehension. The controlled media of both nations give their spin, in a clumsy attempt to mobilize the stupid citizenry.

Days later, their world, a world where everyone is the same color, is annihilated in a nuclear holocaust, due to politics and religion; the conflict has nothing to do with race.

Does the reader now see how fucking stupid humans are, of any color?



Live long like Conway!

Everyone has the right to be a racist

July 21, 2010

Conway here.

I’ve been busy fucking around with my garden of weeds and other summertime horseshit like mowing grass, while ruminating on the latest propaganda coming from the media over the one eyed bitchbox. FOX, MSNBC or CNN, they are all the same, just like Democrats, Republicans, and now, Teapartiers.

The Teapartiers don’t seem to like things as they are, and I don’t really blame them, as the entire fucking country is in a shambles, there are no jobs, the nation is bankrupt and is heading toward a civil war. Nevertheless, Teapartiers are just about as useless as the tits on a boar when it actually comes to promoting ideas that could at least slow down the inevitable, which is the dissolution of the United States via civil war and revolution.

Anyway, a bunch of loudmouthed niggers over at NAACP are busy calling the silly Teapartiers racists, apparently because they don’t agree with NAACP and won’t kiss their black asses. That upsets the NAACP niggers, and the best way to silence a cowardly, sniveling cracker these days is to loudly cry “racist”.

If the racist canard doesn’t work to undermine the Tea Party, get ready to hear the niggers call the Teapartiers nazis, to up the ante, so to speak. Funny, from what history I’ve read, of National Socialist Germany that is, the Teapartiers wouldn’t make a good bump on a nazi’s ass, as nazis so accused would have simply marched over to NAACP headquarters, killed all the niggers with Sturmgewehr 44 automatic rifles, and burned their fucking building down, ironically proving NAACP’s point.

Racism? What utter bullshit, everything on the entire goddamned planet is racist, from amoebas to zebras, which is a natural product of factual Darwinian evolution; i.e., antipathy to those “not of your kind”. Humans are no goddamned different than ants, bees, or a colony of chimpanzees when it comes to “racism”, and it’s about fucking time that people get over the idea of being above the “lower animals” due to the fact that humans of all stripes behave exactly like animals, excepting for the ability to talk, because they are in fact animals. Dumb fuckers of all colors don’t realize it though, claiming that humans are different, and they they have souls given by a god, and other unprovable nonsense.

Keeping that in mind, I will now refer to that idiotic, worthless, toilet paper screed stored in an argon atmosphere in Washington DC, the Constitution of the good old USA, a document that has no more relevance to today than the fucking Bible does. For example, the First Amendment of the “Bill of Rights”, part of the US Constitution (rights supposedly given to man by some ethereal god or whatever) guarantees that all people have the fucking rights of free speech, assembly, and association. That means, quite simply, that you, the reader, have the right to utter your opinions as to what you may like or dislike, you have the right to assemble and tell others of said likes and dislikes, and you have the right to exclusively associate with those allied to your worldview. Hence, the First Amendment guarantees the right of anyone to discriminate, and be racist, if they so desire.


1) Niggers have the right to be racists and many join the NAACP, shout that they hate whitey, and evidently make lots of money from “discrimination”, whatever that is, by suing anyone who even looks at them wrong. They also have the right to join the Black Panthers, and shout kill whitey, while being obnoxious children at voting locations. Niggers also want to steal even more money from the Federal government and others by claiming “reparations” for their nigger ancestors being enslaved. Now don’t me wrong, I’m all for reparations being given to every still living nigger slave in the US, to be paid out by any still living cracker master, if there are any, otherwise it is just opportunistic extortion by some clever jigs.

2) Injuns have the right to be racists as well, to assemble with others of their respective tribes and cry racism, extort money via lawsuits from the Federal Government for alleged wrongdoing, much of the allegations justified, and shout that they hate whiteys, niggers and spicks, and maybe even kikes, if they are so inclined to do so.

3) Chinks, japs and gooks have the right to be racists too, and to join with and to assemble into political groups for whatever reason, and make money for themselves too, while hating crackers, niggers, injuns, kikes and anyone else not considered asian. In fact, japs interred during WWII banded together a while back and managed to extract tax dollars from the Federal government, and probably deservedly so, considering that they were dragged from their hovels by jackbooted thugs, literally imprisoned in internment camps, and never charged with a motherfucking thing, other than being japs, that is.

4) Though whiteys today are too damn cowardly to be “racist” and stand up for their rights, and hence are deserving what they are getting, they also have the right to join the goddamned Republicans, the Tea Party, the Ku Klux Klan, the White Citizen’s Council, or even the fucking Nazis if they want to, for the purpose of promoting their own interests and making money, of course. They also have the right to hate anyone they wish to.

5) The same goes for kikes and sheenies, though ostensibly of Caucasian extraction, they have a “religious” difference from the rest of the talking simians of this tiny planet and have created groups like the Anti-defamation League and the JDL, to promote their interests and, of course, to make money.

Note that each of the preceding examples have two things in common – the right to promote the interests of the respective group, and to make money. Each has its roots in Darwinian evolution, which all those considered human are absolute prisoners of.

Comparing humans to chimps, as they are man’s closest relative, the chimpanzee is a clannish creature who rarely associates outside his own group, and resorts to stealing, rape and murder of other chimpanzee bands to achieve his aims. Hence, the murderous chimps are only promoting their own interests and are making money, albeit in the form of coconuts, females and bananas. Humans are no goddamned different, and it is about time that they face the fucking facts of their respective existences, the fact being that all humans will never get along.

Even if limp-wristed dreamers manage to make the entire world a “delightful shade of tan” to quote an asshole from years ago in the US Congress, there would still be myriad differences between humans in outlook, belief systems, and general worldview.

Yes, I’m talking about politics and religion, examples are literally everywhere; humans are just like common chimpanzees, except they have less hair and can talk.

I’ll put up a diatribe about that fact of life next time, and if you don’t like what you’ve read, well, don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you leave.

Live long like Conway!

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