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Chevys Fucking SUCK

June 16, 2010

A Goebbelsian advertisment from the United Socialist States of America states the Chevrolet Camaro is technologically superior over the current Ford Mustang or Dodge Challenger.

In a pig’s ass it is, says my 193 year old, cancer ridden asshole.

All three clunker pretenders are propelled by gasoline powered internal combustion engines; how high tech is that, people? No warp drive, huh?

Aside from that, Chevys are little more than fucking ugly, failure ridden pieces of shit, at least since 1985, worthless junk produced by Motors Liquidation Corporation, ticker: MTLQQ. Or, if you like, Government Motors Corporation, courtesy of a STUPID nigger named Obama. No IPO as of yet, though I’d never buy such garbage.


I’d say buy a MoPar in some other fucking universe, but those assholes at Chrysler in this particular universe haven’t produced a decent vehicle since perhaps 1978. Big-block 400 powered Aspen R/Ts were cool; they made six of them and they are priceless. I saw one in the early eighties; the owner chopped off the cat converters, put a steel crank in the 400 and replaced the “new process” tranny with an iron ’67 four speed. It ran low twelves on the street; high elevens on the track.

Cool as hell.

Remember a 1969 426 Hemi A-833 4-speed Plymouth GTX coupe with a sure-grip Dana 60 differential? I do, 425 horsepower V-8 engine, chrome plated oval air cleaner, dual Carter AFB four-barrels and dual exhaust. I wrapped one around a cedar tree, drunk as a fucking skunk. Damn cool car, orange, decals, air grabber hood, too bad it slid on ice as I rounded a turn in late December 1979.

America was dying even then, it is nearly DEAD now.

Live longer, live better!

Live like Conway!


More Observations

June 9, 2010

I spent much of the past few hours reading about a stupid, clueless, fucking nigger president named Obama, a hilarious oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, courtesy of BP, moral relativism, applied ethics, and ridiculous Christianity, the pitiful legacy of a Hebrew clown named Jesus Christ, a good man who managed to get himself killed due to telling people, id est, Pharisees and Sadducees, the truth about themselves. That is, they were hypocritical cunts of the first degree. So, the Hebrew heirarchy had him killed, the man Jesus, by the Romans. Oh yes, and nigger Gary Coleman dropped dead a few days ago. The only man, though a dwarf simian, who had the motherfucking common decency to tell his sycophantic enemies to fuck off and die – albeit after he was dead, in his will.

I give nigger Gary Coleman some credit for that, though I tell my myriad enemies to fuck off to their faces while they are alive, so they can feel and enjoy my vicious enmity for them, awaiting their woeful destruction at my hand. Some I knew for much of my 193 year life, others were interloping, smoothtalking cocksuckers over the past century or so who thought they could use me for fun and profit, laughing behind my back. They were wrong – I destroyed them one by one.


Sure, morality, whatever it may actually be, is what one makes it, as there is, in truth, no such fucking thing as morality or ethics. All of it, like god, is a bunch of fucking shit, as there is only personal survival; years ago I was beaten nearly to death by drunken bastards, led by a smiling, gap-toothed spic. A good while back I paid a pair of thugs to find and fuck up the very same dude who fucked with me back then.

Go ahead; call the jackbooted nazi pigs: county, state or federal – see what they can do with no fucking evidence. Every time a goddamned pig catches a hot slug in his brainwashed head and dies, I fall on my back and laugh like a hyena.

Citing others for reference, cannibal Jeff Dahmer was a fine example of a moral relativist, as is most everyone in reality; he thought that eating people was a good thing. It was a good thing for him, it gave him pleasure, until he got caught, then the shit hit the fan. He even ate a man’s diced balls with angel hair spaghetti in marinara sauce; the queer bastard, and he pickled human penises in mason jars.

Jeffrey Dahmer ate a peck of pickled penises.

Disgusting yes, but what the fuck, the leaders of our wonderful “free” country, the United States, have slaughtered their enemies, though they didn’t eat them, as far as I know, at least from November 22, 1963, when the megalomanical, totalitarian cocksucker, Vice-President Lyndon Baines Johnson, ordered President John Fitzgerald Kennedy dead. Jack’s brains were spattered on Jackie’s clothes, as dutiful Lyndon was sworn in on Air Force One. When Lyndon died of heart failure in Texas, I hope he died in exquisite pain, his cunt Ladybird at his despicable side.


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