Korean War II

Hi, it’s Conway.

I’ve been reading the news on the Korean conflict, and I’m convinced that it’s all smoke and mirrors designed to keep the silly masses occupied while the world elite grabs profits at the expense of investors. In the old days, news of conflicts drove hard commodity prices up, these days, it drives them down. Gold, silver and oil are taking shits, and the major bourses are falling through the floor.

Go fucking figure.

Back to the phony Korea conflict, I’ll bet that Kim Jong-il and Lee Myung-bak get drunk together on weekends while whoring the red-light district of Seoul for cute Korean gals who sell their asses. Really, the entire world stage is an endless parade of fraudulent bullshit like the WWF (World Wrestling Federation). Our supposed “world leaders” are nothing but a pack of bad actors – smiling, cap toothed, gladhanding con men and criminal gangsters who repeatedly fuck the people at their leisure. Just look at the smiling assholes that run the United States for proof of this charge.

Anyway, don’t worry folks; active “war” won’t come to the Koreas because it’s too goddamn expensive these days. All of those silly A bombs and H bombs are simply make work to provide needed jobs for the populace, and if they were actually used – well, let’s just say it would be a very messy business.

Till next time,

Live Longer, Live Better!



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