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May 29, 2010

Conway here.

I make my living in this insane world via investing. I just read James Howard Kunstler’s latest take on the economic state of the world, and I cannot say that I disagree with him.

There we diverge.

I believe in the survival of the fittest, and I don’t give one good goddamn if my next-door neighbor dies of starvation, or from getting fucked up the ass by martians, as long as those called mine do not suffer the same ignomineous fate. Call me a callous bastard, but the survival of my progeny is the paramount issue, as dictated by Darwinian evolution.

My advice: Bluntly, fuck those who have no bearing in your personal worldwiew. Think only of yourself.




Interesting words that Conway uses

May 26, 2010

Hello all,

When perusing my continuing jaded look at this ridiculous world and the hairless, dim-witted apes infesting it, the reader will quickly find that I have absolutely no problem with employing “foul” language in my posts. The reader will also notice as time goes on that I include occasional “blasphemous” remarks regarding mythical deities and other inane superstitions, along with a liberal use of ethnic slurs – directed toward individuals of every color and shade. The young or the old are not spared either, neither are males or females. If they annoy me for any reason, they are referred to by using either foul, or “ethnically insensitive” descriptions.

Examples of my use of “foul” or “insensitive” language include the following: Ass, asshole, bastard, bitch, cock, cocksucker, cunt, cuntlicker, dick, dyke, fag, fuck, fucker, fucking, goddamn, hell, motherfucker, piss, prick, pussy, queer, shit, shithead, son of a bitch/bastard, tits, turd, twat.

As far as blasphemous or “religiously insensitive” remarks go, my pet beef is with the desert dwelling fanatics occupying the Middle East, though I confess that I have no use for any other religions either. Problem is, the hairless ape called man turns EVERYTHING under the fucking sun into a religion; this includes secular humanism, created equality, global warming, “civil” rights, hell, even atheism is being turned into a religion of sorts by zealous atheists. Stay tuned to see what I have to say about the preceding subjects, I guarantee it won’t be pretty.

Examples of my use of ethnic slurs include the following: Abe, ape, beaner, blockhead, bohunk, camel jockey, chink, coolie, coon, dago, darkie, eightball, english pig, frog, gook, greaser, groid, hans, hebe, hottentot, hun, injun, jig, jap, kike, kraut, limey, mick, moolie, mongo, nigger, olaf, olivepicker, oreo, paki, pieface, polack, russkie, raghead, redskin, sandnigger, ski, sheenie, slope, spearchucker, spic, tarbaby, tightwad, toad, towelhead, uncle tom, voon, wetback, wigger, wog, wop, yid, zambo, zipperhead.

If you notice, I have all ethnicities covered – Asians (chinks, gooks, and japs, not to mention injuns), Caucasians, (bohunks, krauts, limeys and tightwads) and Negroids (apes, coons, jigs, and niggers). I don’t leave out the mixed ones either, whether they are beaners, pakis, sheenies, spics, ragheads, wogs or zambos. I’m an equal oppourtunity offender.

If such words and references as noted above bother your itty-bitty sensitive feelings, that’s just too fucking bad. Grow up, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you leave; I don’t give a fuck if I hurt anyone’s silly feelings.

Live long like Conway!

Korean War II

May 25, 2010

Hi, it’s Conway.

I’ve been reading the news on the Korean conflict, and I’m convinced that it’s all smoke and mirrors designed to keep the silly masses occupied while the world elite grabs profits at the expense of investors. In the old days, news of conflicts drove hard commodity prices up, these days, it drives them down. Gold, silver and oil are taking shits, and the major bourses are falling through the floor.

Go fucking figure.

Back to the phony Korea conflict, I’ll bet that Kim Jong-il and Lee Myung-bak get drunk together on weekends while whoring the red-light district of Seoul for cute Korean gals who sell their asses. Really, the entire world stage is an endless parade of fraudulent bullshit like the WWF (World Wrestling Federation). Our supposed “world leaders” are nothing but a pack of bad actors – smiling, cap toothed, gladhanding con men and criminal gangsters who repeatedly fuck the people at their leisure. Just look at the smiling assholes that run the United States for proof of this charge.

Anyway, don’t worry folks; active “war” won’t come to the Koreas because it’s too goddamn expensive these days. All of those silly A bombs and H bombs are simply make work to provide needed jobs for the populace, and if they were actually used – well, let’s just say it would be a very messy business.

Till next time,

Live Longer, Live Better!


Live long like Conway!

May 25, 2010

I’m 193 years old, a pilot, and my eyes blink sideways. I love filth and drink sludge. I haven’t bathed in 153 years. All my teeth fell out 159 years ago. Brushing them wasn’t healthy, you see. Live longer, live better! Live long like Conway!

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